Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 23

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Cuckolded by Her Mother

Chapter Twenty-Three

“Harder! Fuck me haaarrrdeeerrr!

Groaning, Fyr pressed the pillow down over her head, although it, of course, did little to block out the sound of her mother and Scott going at it like rabbits. Only, they weren’t rabbits but a dragoness and a stoat who really shouldn’t have ever come into one another’s lives and yet there they were fucking rampantly day in and day out. Fyr hissed through her teeth, a little spittle clinging to her lips that she couldn’t find the energy to wipe off. Just what did she care anyway? There was no one there that bothered to see her or wanted anything to do with her.

Not even Scott.

And that was probably the betrayal that hurt most of all, even more so than the first time she’d realised her husband was, actually, drifting away from her into the arms of a dragoness better suited for him. The stoat had been supposed to be pure and he was sweet… Well, he had been sweet. Kind of. In hindsight, Fyr did not know at what point the dragoness demon had snapped him up, stealing him right out from under Fyr’s nose with a mocking squeal of abject glee, snatching away everything that made her life just that little bit warmer and lighter than it may otherwise have been.

For she could dote on them as much as she liked and throw herself into work on the ranch while they enjoyed their lusts but there would always be that sliver of companionship missing for the cuckold wife. And it wasn’t just sex that she missed, the yearning ache churning through her gut as if something had been dug in there, twisting violently, but the leaning against her husband’s shoulder too, his musky, oaky scent. It was that aftershave she’d bought him one Christmas too that retained his intrinsic smell but she couldn’t even steal that away to remember their closeness, as he’d finished the bottle and she simply couldn’t find another to soothe her broken heart.

Broken? Ah, she could not have said if it was truly all that broken. Everyone would have said that she was broken, if she’d opened up about her relationship to anyone, but she would have lied and said that she was happy and whole and well. If she was truthful, most of the time she was, in fact, happy and whole and well but it was those other times, the times where she dampened her pillow with tears as their moans and roars echoed through the house, that cut her the most deeply and made her feel like she might actually be broken beyond all repair.

She did not give the egg all that much attention anymore, her longing for even that part of her life wavering sadly, the flame of a candle dimming as it burned the wick into the wax. It was hard to think about another life in there when it was cold, hard and unyielding, much like the hearts of those around her. When it hatched, she’d do the duty that Sasha could not or would not but, until then, she had it nestled safely into a dragon’s nest she’s managed to purchase online, the nursery set up for either a drake or a dragoness to spill out of the egg. She tried not to think that the hatchling would be too much like a cougar – too much like Ropes, that was. For that was something that may have broken her entirely and she wasn’t sure she could face putting herself back together for the umpteenth time.

“Oh, Fyr…”

The dragoness stiffened, bent over the round kitchen table in the kitchen that was very nearly put into place just as she wanted it, although the tiles around the sink and counters needed to be sealed into place still. It was mostly useable but the mess of work and dust clinging to her hind paws and clothes made it necessary to clean and keep on top of things rather more than she would have liked but at least it was something that kept her busy. And being busy was good when Scott’s car was parked outside.

She frowned, casting her mother what she hoped was a quizzical look and not a full-on scowl back over her shoulder. What? What could you possibly want with me now? The dragoness, of course, was nude from head to toe, as she had taken to being when at home on the ranch, although Fyr doubted very much that she spent all that much of her time otherwise in any manner of clothing at all when she was out and about too. There was still, after all, that running tally on the whiteboard in the hallway as to which of them (Ropes and Sasha that was) had fucked the most, who had had the most conquests.

Smiling pleasantly, although it was more of a wolf’s grin before the kill than anything else, Sasha crooked her finger at her daughter.

“Fyr… Come here.”

Her legs jerked to obey before her mind caught up with what her body was doing, cheeks heating up and legs buckling at the smallest batman escort gesture from her mother. A flick of the older dragoness’ fingers was all it took these days to get her to crumple to her knees, the cloth in her paws and bottle of spray-on cleaning fluid forgotten and dropped to one side. With a moan, Sasha hitched a leg up over Fyr’s shoulder, comfortably settling her hefty weight in place as she pressed her daughter’s nose up into her crotch.

Only then did Fyr shudder, even if she did not have the strength of will to pull back. Semen. There was semen trickling from her pussy – rather more than a single dose of it too. Fyr trembled. Was it Scott’s or Ropes’? She couldn’t tell. Their tastes merged into one delectable cocktail as she was forced to slurp it up, Sasha pinching one of her ear-frills just to make sure she stayed right where she was put. Not that she would ever have dared go against the demoness’ will but Sasha just liked to have that extra little bit of control over her, which was made obvious whenever she dug in her claws, sending a spike of pain through Fyr’s frill.

“There’s a good draggie,” she cooed, putting on a sickeningly sweet tone even as her daughter twisted beneath her, nose buried in her cunt. “Isn’t that better now? Don’t you feel so much better right where you are now? You never really wanted that silly stoat anyway.”

Oh, but she had. Fyr groaned into her mother’s sex, twisting her tongue around the dragoness’ clit in an effort to distract her. Could Sasha still talk if she was moaning? Probably not… The crimson dragon doubled her efforts, nose grinding up over Sasha’s clit as she drove her tongue all the way up into her sex, stretching and straining to reach her cervix with the very tip.

“Oooh, now aren’t you an eager, girl!”

What was with the saccharinely sweet baby talk? Fyr growled to herself, trying everything she could to make her mother shut up even as the dragoness’ scales heated up, warmth searing through her from the inside out. Snapping her jaws, Sasha dug her heel painfully into Fyr’s back, dragging her in harder as she hopped and shuffled, wanting more and yet not quite in a position to haul her daughter in against her even more than she already had.

But the truth of it was that her mother could completely and utterly control her however she wanted to, whether that was simply through brute force or treating her like the daughter, the hatchling, she had been oh so very many years ago. Fyr groaned, beaten down as her mother’s words washed over her, a flood of condescending humiliation twisting and turning her broken mind down a track as yet untested. The dragoness moaned against herself, semen slipping down her throat like water, but there was nothing she could do to escape the clasp of her mother’s too strong thighs until the dragon above her screamed and hissed out her orgasm, flapping her wings hard enough to buffet her.

“Yes! Oh, fuck yes, my whore of a daughterrrr-ahhh!”

What should have been simply mocking turned into a cry of pleasure, her juices flooding Fyr’s muzzle as the dragoness desperately tried to lap up all that she could, just so that she didn’t have to later clean it from her scales. At least, that was what she told herself as she moaned into her mother’s soaked pussy, folds soft and dripping against her lips. Fyr twisted her tongue into the dragoness’ sex, driving her on and on and on to as much pleasure as she was physically possible of delivering, giving all that she had until she had nothing left but her own heaving, panting breaths.

But her mother had no intention of using her further even as Fyr drew back tiredly, eyes half-lidded and her mind already resigned to being used and abused for orgasm after orgasm, the taste of cum thick in her muzzle. It seemed like it didn’t matter how much she washed out her mouth after being forced to serve, the taste of cum and her mother’s slick arousal still lingered, colouring and seeping into every last part of her day.

Done with her, at least for the moment, Sasha dismounted and gave a satisfied sigh, juices trickling down her inner thighs as if her body was trying to ready her for a much larger partner.

“Thanks for warming me up again, sugar,” she murmured, blowing a kiss to her daughter as she turned her back. “That stoat you picked out for me sure is a fine one! He goes all night long and more with a little encouragement.”

Fyr’s heart skipped a beat but for all the wrong reasons. She hadn’t picked him out for Sasha! He had been for her! Well, no, that wasn’t right either but she certainly hadn’t done anything of the sort that involved him and Sasha doing anything together! Not even her and him but that had, well… The dragoness blushed and leapt to her feet, heart tightening in the lump in her throat. That had just kind of happened and happened very badly too.

But she had to say something.


The dragoness didn’t stop, halfway up the stairs by the time that Fyr caught up to her, her bayburt escort buttocks in full view with the creamy mixture of cum and feminine juices stark on her inner thighs. Without even throwing her a second glance, her mother hummed a sultry tune to herself, adding the sway of her hips into the beat and drive of it.

“Mom – wait!”

That got her attention, but only barely.

“What is it?” Sasha frowned, folding her arms. “You should know better than to interrupt me like this!”

“I…” Oh, why was she suddenly so tongue-tied? “I… No, I never put Scott there for you! Don’t say that!”

Sasha raised an eyebrow.

“Did you forget our little agreement, daughter? I won’t tell your husband if you keep your mouth shut here and be a good little dragoness slut for me and my cougar.”

Fyr growled, snapping her jaws, although she was not truly trying to be threatening; it was more of a reflex than anything else.

“Yeah, I remember. But what more are you going to do with me? What more can you do to me?”

Laughing, Fyr spread her paws apart, no sense of humour in her tone.

“You’ve taken everything and then what I wanted to have for my own, a little bit of fun? Was that so bad? Was that really something you needed to thieve from me too? He was nice, mom… Nicer to me than you or my husband have been!”

The last utterance was laced with more venom than intended and she knew, instantly, that she’d taken things a step too far. She hadn’t meant it, she tried to say, it was all just words, nothing serious really. But Sasha moved like a flash, advancing on her with a thundering growl that sent tremors through her body, tail lashing and slamming into the wall in her terror to get away.

“Oh, is that what you think, daughter?” Sasha hissed. “Maybe you should come up for a taste then! If you think that that stoat would have ever done anything with you!”


But Sasha whipped her tail out, the flexible tip securing itself around her wrist as Fyr cried out, ear-frills caught and pinched between two punishing claws. Against her will – as if she could have fought off a demoness – she was hauled up the stairs to the bedrooms as if she didn’t weigh anything at all, squealing and crying out in pain all the while. The burning pinch of her mother’s claws seemed to sear through her skull but she could not relieve either the pain or pressure in the slightest as Sasha cruelly did with her just as she willed. It was always just as she willed.

It had been hard enough to take his cock into her mouth the first time Sasha had forced her to her knees before Scott, the stoat not even saying a word to her as she pleased him, almost woodenly. Of course, Fyr had known just what to do and she noted what made him moan the loudest but it was all very clinical in comparison to the soft, loving, tender sex she’d imagined having with him. And it was only to be more of the same as Sasha hurled her daughter into the master bedroom, Scott splayed out on the bed with his paws tied to the wooden bars of the headboard.


The stoat flinched as Fyr stumbled onto the bed, knee crashing into the side of it, the mattress she’d picked out but never slept on herself. She couldn’t meet his eyes but her mother had other plans in mind as she sliced through Fyr’s clothing, using her claws and teeth to shred every last piece of fabric from her body. The dragoness should have been used to such treatment by that point but she still shrieked as she was disrobed, heart pounding as cold air brushed her scales, perking up her nipples. She was all too aware too of the stoat’s eyes on her, devouring her form as he had not before, and she blushed against her will, trying to stroke the heat from her cheeks and neck to no avail.

Her mother scooted up behind her, breasts pressing to her back. Fyr’s breath caught. Oh, things could have been so different… Things were gentler back when they started, softer. But did she like the harshness too, slicing through all inhibitions she may have previously held to launch herself completely and utterly into the control of one who sought to use every last inch of it.

“She wanted to see you sooo badly, Scott,” she murmured, rubbing Fyr’s shoulders in an almost painful fashion, fingers digging in rather than massaging. “I’m sure you won’t mind getting your nuts drained from my lovely whore of a daughter now? You need a break from a big, strong dragoness like me sometimes too!”

“Ma’am, I’ve…” The stoat rolled his head from one shoulder to the other, groaning softly. “I’m cum so many times, ma’am, oh my…”

But he was not complaining, only stating the tension and tiredness seeping through his limbs, even if he had a few more goes still left in him. He was not tied down all that tightly, his legs still free, but the silk scarf wrapped around his wrists reminded Fyr of something that her mother would have had in her wardrobe a long time back, although she could not possibly imagine the rock and roll dragoness bebek escort daring to don it now. Sighing heavily, Fyr barely had a moment in which to drag breath back into her lungs before she was forced down over the stoat on the bed, breasts pulled down under their own weight as she caught herself on all fours.

At any other time, she may have languished and luxuriated in his eyes on her but there was something far seedier and more sordid about it when her mother stood over them hungrily, wings tucked in tight to her back, her arms folded and eyes narrowed to glowing, green slits. Shuddering, Fyr ducked her head down, striving to maintain some sense of composure with the stoat’s throbbing cock drooling before her nose.

The dragoness whimpered. How could something that should have been so right turn out so wrong? She knew what was expected of her and, trying not to close her eyes and irritate her mother even more, she took his cock slowly between her lips.

“There you go, sugar, take him nice and deep now. He’s only had my pussy for so long that that stoat’ll be forgetting what a slut’s maw feels like!”

Fyr suppressed a shiver, trying to concentrate on the task before her. For that was all it felt like: a task that she had to complete. But it was an enjoyable task too if she didn’t think all that much about it. Groaning around his smooth-skinned shaft, she took him as deep as her mother had directed her, doing her best to ignore the flow of direction streaming at her, battering down at her defences while she so desperately tried to lose herself in the moment. Although she had only sucked his cock once before (and that had been humiliating enough), the dragoness felt as if she already understood all the little nuances in his body, just how the veins pulsed on his cock as he squirmed beneath her. It was even a little bit of a thrill to be blowing a bound male, Scott at her mercy as much as she was at theirs.

The rush of power was intoxicating, flooding her system as she flushed hot and sucked harder, even moaning around his cock, although her pleasure was mostly muffled. Pleased, Sasha unfolded her arms and spread her wings, letting out a long, rolling hiss.

“Now, that’s more like it, honey…”

But Fyr wasn’t paying attention to her as she moaned and cupped his balls, rolling the softly furred orbs between her fingers as she dove down on his cock with ever-increasing urgency. The dragoness whimpered around his fat length and trembled to take him deeper and harder, the tip grinding just about into the back of her throat when she shoved her nose all the way down, crushed into his crotch and barely able to breathe. Dimly, she was aware of the stoat panting but she couldn’t think, just had to keep doing, following her lust to the inevitable end.

Just how many times already had he cum, Sasha enticing him on with her sultry ways and something more too that Fyr was only just beginning to catch onto? The dragoness demon had a way about her that coaxed load after load out of a male’s balls and she had no doubt too in her mind that Sasha would have also been fully capable of making her orgasm over and over again, if she’d so chosen. But pleasing her daughter wasn’t part of the deal unless it was a way to show off her control over her, which Sasha was more than happy to do as she perched surprisingly delicately on the edge of the bed, mattress bowing lightly beneath her weight.

Fyr jumped and automatically juddered away from a paw that was far too cold on her buttocks but Sasha wasn’t taking no for an answer, sliding a lubricated finger into her pussy where it was swiftly joined by a second. The slick rub of lube over her backside should have given her some kind of warning as to what was going to happen next but Fyr still squealed as another finger pushed into her tail hole without warning or ceremony, cold and slender like a finger of ice.


Her squeal could have woken the head and she ripped her muzzle away from Scott’s cock, luckily retaining enough control over herself that she didn’t cut up his shaft with her sharp teeth, always a problem for those of the predator furry species. The stoat blinked at her but could not voice any concerns, if he even had any left for her, leaving Fyr hissing and shakily returning to sucking his length while Sasha plunged her fingers into both her pussy and tail hole.

“Such a slut…”

It was wrong to be spoken to like that by her mother, her very own mother who should have loved her and cherished her and, above all else, supported her, but Fyr had no say in the matter as she was demeaned and sodomised, the older dragoness’ driving fingers pressing against one another through the thin barrier between the two passages. Of course, her body could not help but react and Fyr panted heavily, hot breath washing over the stoat’s cock, as she ground back without thinking, needing something more as her pussy juices flowed.

“Getting into it now, aren’t you, my little dragoness?” Sasha mocked, her tail curling around to prod Fyr in the side as if she thought that her daughter wasn’t quite paying her enough attention. “This is the place you always needed to be in. And trust me when I say that one such as you is going to get just what you deserve…”

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