Crescents and Crosses

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“Don’t tease me baby, let’s do it now.”

“Are you mad Hamza? Keep it in your pants!”

“Sarah you are killing me…..”

The tuition season was in full swing as the dreaded A level exams approached nearer and nearer. Sarah was a topper of her class, and in no particular need of the Chemistry past paper session since she had already rote learned the marksheets. But Hamza generously paid her fees and also offered to pick and drop her from her home. There isn’t much a horny teenager won’t do to get some action.

“Just drop me home and call it a day.”

“Acha I am sorry, let’s attend the class at least.”

“I don’t need to attend and you clearly have your mind on another type of chemistry.”

“Okay. Let’s go to the front.”

Hamza’s Honda Civic was parked in a secluded street near the Main Market of Gulberg. The sounds of Azaan echoed in the air as the pair of 18 year olds got out from the back seats after their routine petting and kissing session. Fondling of her ass and a fair amount of groping of Sarah’s sizable breasts was the extent of Hamza’s inquisition. But his attempts to reach under Sarah’s panties were met with a swift swatting away with karate chop hands. And a deterioration of Sarah’s mood from an intimate lover to a pissed off girlfriend.

“I just don’t get why you are so worked up about saving your virginity. Nearly everyone in our class has done the deed.”

” I am not getting my cherry popped in the back of a car.”

“The PC Hotel-“

“Send your parents over with a proposal.”

This discussion had become a well rehearsed recital between the highschool lovebirds as they got stuck in the afternoon rush at Sherpao Bridge leading to Cantt. Sarah had been forewarned by her mother (“The one who has sex with you is never going to marry you”) and knew not to jeopardize her marriage prospects.


Her bonus veren siteler mother had risen up the ranks of the Army Nursing Corps to become a Brigadier, the highest rank, and inevitably a source of envy for many female doctors who despised the superior benefits given to the ‘sister’. The cause is obvious: many of those recruited to become nurses belong to the Christian faith and come from the lower class of society. The strata of society that provides sweepers and garbage handlers, “choorhey”.

Robina, Sarah’s mother, was a go-getter and ambitious. 5’8, light brown complexion, 34 B breasts and a firm globular ass that wiggles side from side when she sways from the OT to the staff room. The hot nurse was more than willing to be bent over and be under the weight of the lumbering horny doctors who found Robina to be the perfect receptacle of their pent up sexual frustrations. No remorse or loss of morality when fucking a woman outside the fold of Islam. No hesitation in getting Robina to be on her knees to suck cock and swallow their loads. What they couldn’t hope to initiate with their mostly doctor spouses or chaste housewives, was fair game with Robina.

To be fair, Robina enjoyed being the station mistress wherever she was posted. She had divorced her loser husband, an insurance salesman for State Life who was destined to be stuck on his Vespa, and loved to open her legs for the classified medical specialists and surgeons. But no one was going to marry her: a doctor marrying a nurse was a rare occurrence in Pakistan and usually an aftermath of a scandal becoming well known. No matter, Robina was content in advancing her career through her pussy and being a doting single mother to Sarah, her only child.

Sarah was a ditto copy of her mother albeit with a fairer complexion, which was always a magnet for the white obsessed bedava bahis male psyche of Pakistanis. Hamza had been enamored with Sarah for some time and they became an ‘item’ this year. The only objection was from Hamza’s mother.

Colonel Sajda was a gynecologist and wife of the reputable General Surgeon Brigadier Salman. Multiple ectopic pregnancies after the birth of Hamza meant their family was to remain a family of three. Hamza was a prized horse as the only beneficiary of multiple commercial and residential plots to be inherited from his parents (allotted as extremely valuable fringe benefits to the armed forces personnel and increasing with rank status). The last thing Sajda wanted was for Hamza to get tangled up with a Christian girl when ‘rishtas’ of eligible daughters of businessmen and Generals were knocking at the door. But Hamza had the support of his father and had the requisite blessing. Infact, it was Salman’s idea for Hamza to get Sarah to go for tuition and had forked over the tuition money needed, a bit too eagerly…..


Pulling up at Sarah’s residence, Hamza tried to maneuver a departing kiss but was met with thin air. His puppy dog eyes served as kryptonite to her foul temper.

“Come inside, at least drink some lemonade before going,” a familiar grin appearing on Sarah’s lips.

Parking the car and hands clasped together, Sarah and Hamza made their way inside. A long corridor stretched from the entrance to the bedrooms at the end. Sarah made her way to the kitchen to fetch some glasses when she was stopped by Hamza grip on her wrist.

“What gives-“

“Sushh. Listen!”

Faint whimpers and moans were emanating from down the corridor. Mimicking their best spy movements, they sneaked closer to the main bedroom from where the sounds became more audible and clear. Sneaking a glance deneme bonus at an angle through the open door, both of their hands were quickly drawn to their gaping mouths to stifle their respective screams at the sight reflected from the mirror facing the king sized bed.

Salman, pot belly and a hairy chest framed within a V of slender toned legs, was humping away at the foot end of the bed. His eyes were fixated at the jiggling pair of melons below two butt cheeks smothering the face of the hapless woman in throes of sexual fulfilment. The lady, whose vagina was being lapped up a spread eagled Robina, was none other than Sajda! currently bobbing up and down along with grinding to and fro. A ‘U’ shape of Sajda and Salman at either end with a horizontal Robina in between. Salman’s hands were gripping the love handles as he ground out tempered thrusts of his pelvis into Robina’s groin. One hand of Robina was busy in rubbing her own clit while the other extended upwards near Sajda’s face where the fingers were being sucked deliriously by the slobbering mouth.

Enchanted and amazed at the ensuing carnival, Sarah was stunned by what she was witnessing. A wetness was developing below her as her rear was poked by what could only be Hamza’s erection. Wasting no time, his left hand encircled Sarah’s body to grab forcefully at her right boob with the other hand reaching into the trouser and panties to enter her slit with two fingers.

A sharp gasp escaped Sarah’s mouth that gladly went unnoticed by their parents, who were too engaged in their own act. Hamza dragged Sarah into her own bedroom and threw her onto the bed, collapsing on top of her. Limbs entangled and mouths united as efforts were made to be divested of their earthly garments. With Hamza naked and on his knees upright, Sarah unhooked her bra as her boyfriend slithered the cotton white panties off her legs. The only thing that remained between them was a cross necklace nestled between Sarah’s heaving bosom.

Hamza leaned down and faced Sarah as he cocked his penile head into her damp lovenest.

“Let me crucify you”


(Dedicated to Isabella)

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