Covert Pervert Ch. 02

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After the unexpected of sight of Martin peeing yesterday, Lexi had struggled to concentrate on anything else throughout most of the day.

Arriving for work that evening, she wondered if she’d be able to look the chemistry teacher in the eye whilst remaining composed. In bed last night she’d masturbated so intensely – almost burning out the motor of her rabbit vibrator.

On her way to the college library as usual, she walked past one of the science laboratories, glancing through the glass panel of the door.

Martin was in there as usual, but he was sat at his desk, rapidly typing away on his laptop. He didn’t notice as she passed by.

Lexi took a deep breath and entered the library.

“Hi Janine,” she said to the other librarian as she headed for the staff room to hang up her coat.

“Hello Lexi! Everything ok with you?”

“Yep, fine!” came her reply. “You?”

“Mustn’t grumble. This labelling machine is playing up again. Oh before I forget, could you do me a favour?”

“Sure Janine, what is it?”

“Could you dig out that textbook Series 5 on Aromatic Hydrocarbons, number 547? It’s for Martin Hargrove, you know him don’t you? He popped in a few minutes ago and asked for it. He said you’d know which book he wanted. Could you take it for him? I would’ve done it myself but he said he could see how busy I was labelling these books.”

Lexi felt her cheeks flush red as she took in this request. It seemed like an obvious ploy by Martin to get her to go and see him.

“No problem!” she replied, her heart rate starting to increase. “I’ll dig it out now.”

“Thanks!” Janine shouted back.

Lexi smiled as she headed out of the library with the book.


Martin Hargrove was supposed to be typing up a set of mid-term students’ reports, but in reality he was just wasting time reading memos on the college intranet. Upon hearing footsteps outside, he glanced at the door panel and noticed the attractive new library assistant Lexi Hamilton walk past. His mind wasn’t fully on his job due to an unusual incident yesterday evening. Martin recalled what had happened. He’d been busy in his lab working late as usual, and had drunk several cups of coffee. Now the problem with coffee was that it went straight to his bladder, and before he knew it, he’d started to get the urge to pee.

Unfortunately, the nearest male staff toilets were right down the end of the main corridor and up some stairs on the left, a several minute walk away. So he’d decided to hold it a bit longer to save the walk. That turned out to be a bad decision, for twenty minutes later, he was absolutely bursting for a piss and doubt he could’ve made it to the toilets in time. In desperation, he’d headed out of the fire door just outside his lab, which fortunately wasn’t alarmed and rarely locked until late. There was a convenient row of bushes and some trees straight ahead from the door. He’d never had to take a piss bahçelievler escort outside in the college grounds before, but he had no choice. The grounds by the science block were nicely landscaped and in summer it was pleasant to stroll around in peace, as few students or staff hung round that area.

Martin shook his head and smiled as he remembered what had happened next. If he’d waited any longer he would’ve wet his pants. Anyways he’d walked up to the bushes and begun to relieve himself, but soon had the overwhelming feeling he was being watched. No-one had followed him outside, so that meant there had to be someone already lurking behind the trees. He was proved right when a second or so later, he heard faint moans – from a female voice. In the darkness, he glimpsed a furtive shape hiding behind the oak tree in front of him. Whoever the woman was, she trying hard to remain hidden, but struggling – because as his stream began to ease, he heard her breathless words “Oh Martin, if only you knew…” he was pretty sure that’s what she’d said.

Now probably most men would be angry at the thought of someone spying whilst they took a piss, regardless of gender. Martin however was intrigued. What was the woman doing lurking in the dark to begin with? Had she been hoping to meet a lover in secret? From her words and the moans she’d been making, it seemed liked she’d got turned on watching him pee and had been pleasuring herself. Not wanting to embarrass his mysterious voyeur, he calmly zipped up his fly and headed back to the building. In his lab, he half-closed the vertical blinds at the window, which allowed a view of the grounds and the fire escape path, hoping to catch a glimpse of the woman. He was rewarded about two minutes or so later, when Lexi Hamilton appeared out of the darkness.

Martin couldn’t believe his eyes. The innocent-looking new library assistant of all people! He’d only had brief conversation with Lexi but had found himself instantly drawn to her. Some women just had that effect, whether they were aware of it or not. He scolded himself for his feelings, remembering that he was a divorced guy weeks away from hitting forty, and she looked to be barely into her twenties, possibly with her eye on much younger, more attractive men, not a mad scientist lookalike. All the same, he couldn’t stop imagining himself pissing whilst Lexi watched him. He was quite partial to seeing a woman pissing come to think of it. Fetishes came in all kinds of weird and wonderful forms. His cousin Alan, had been into wearing women’s underwear most of his life. His ex-wife had a thing for having her feet licked. If seeing a man take a leak was a fetish for Lexi, he approved – and felt a stirring in his groin as proof. How to take things further and entice her into watching…without letting her know that he was aware she liked watching? Hmm…

“Easy tiger,” he muttered, shifting in his chair and adjusting bakırköy escort his labcoat. It had been a while since he’d been blessed with such a raging hard-on.


Lexi calmly knocked on the door of the lab.

“Come in.”

She smiled to herself as she noticed that he was wearing another one of his crazy ties. This one bore images of the Muppet characters Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker.

“Hi Martin,” she said. “I have that hydrocarbons book that you asked for. I’m surprised you still need to use textbooks in 2014, what with the Internet and everything.”

“Ah the humble textbook still has its place Lexi!” he grinned, grateful that his buttoned-up labcoat hid the bulge in his trousers. “Whilst it’s true that a wealth of information can be found online, it’s not always a reliable source. Too many students think they can just copy and paste from Wikipedia. I can always tell. It’s good to use reference from several different sources to get a balanced viewpoint.”

“Oh yes, you’re right,” she replied.

“A printed book can’t fall victim to powercuts or hacking either!” Martin added, picking up a mug of coffee. You know something? I drink too much coffee. The problem is that it goes straight through me, if you get what I mean.”

“Ha, yep I know that feeling!”

He noted the subtle excitement creep across her face. Martin was an expert at reading body language. The mad scientist persona was a front really, just to amuse the students and make his lectures more interesting.

He finished his coffee. “Oh well, I’ll suffer for this later,” he smiled. “Oh, I’m sorry, I must apologise for keeping you from your work. I always go off at a tangent, rabbiting on to people.”

“That’s okay Martin, I enjoy listening to you.”

His face lit up and his dick throbbed. “Really? Well that’s nice of you to say. I enjoy talking to you too!”

“If you’d been my science teacher at high school, I would’ve enjoyed chemistry for sure.” she added with a wink, before leaving the lab.


Later, Lexi was busy in the library. Her chat with Martin had gone better than expected. He seemed to enjoy her company, and she had to admit, even something as boring as organic chemistry would sound amazing, were Martin teaching it to her in his soothing voice. She kept thinking about all the coffee he’d been drinking too. He was certain to be in need of a pee sooner or later.

“I bet he’s sitting in that lab right now with a full bladder. Wish I could be there to see him relieve himself again. like last night.”

She sighed and told herself that was a one-off. There was no way she’d be fortunate enough to be that again. She felt her pussy moistening.

“Shit Lexi, gotta calm down, girl. This fetish is getting out of control and could become an obsession.”

An hour later, she was due a short break. It was time for another cigarette…


Martin balgat escort found himself in exactly the same position as yesterday. His bladder was painfully making him aware that he urgently needed to take a piss. As he’d said earlier, he was paying the price for drinking too much coffee again. He headed out of his lab and through the fire door. As he approached the bushes, he wondered if his young observer was lurking nearby.

He gave a deliberate cough and fumbled with his zipper. It took him some time to get it undone , but at last he had his cock in his hand and relief beckoned. Martin had only just started peeing, when he noticed movement from the corner of his right eye. He realised at once who it was. Standing not two feet away was Lexi. It was obvious that she had been waiting for him. Martin had the sudden urge to expose himself and give her a real eyeful. Carefully, he let his hand fall away whilst keeping his head down, leaving his large cock exposed for her to see.

“Ah, that feels good,” he muttered, his piss stream growing stronger.

Lexi uttered a gasp. Knowing that her eager eyes were on his manhood turned Martin on immensely, and he had to fight to stop himself becoming erect. now, how to proceed? He decided to take a risk and see if Lexi would react favourably to him letting her know she was watching.

Lexi stood, enthralled at the impressive arc of urine that was shooting from Martin’s cock. He turned to meet her gaze.

“Hello Lexi,” he smiled. “I knew that coffee would go straight through me!”

She froze. “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to watch you…I…”

He quickly intervened to let her know he wasn’t offended, lest she turn and run back to the building, ruining the moment. It could have ended there and then, but things went better than expected.

“Do you like seeing a man relieving himself? I figured that you did.”

“Oh?” Lexi stammered.

He explained about last night.

“Yes I do like to watch,” she admitted after a long pause. “It’s a fetish I’ve had all my life. I don’t know why it turns me on so much. I just love it I feel perverted. Y-you won’t tell…”

“You’re not perverted, Lexi. Everyone has a fetish of some kind. Don’t worry, this is just between us. I’m flattered that I can arouse you in such a way though! I don’t think a woman has ever been turned on by me doing something as mundane as peeing I am a bit like the Niagra Falls though. There’s going to be a flood here if this doesn’t end soon!”

When he’d finally emptied his bladder, Martin shook the last few drops from his cock.

“What a relief!” he smiled, zipping up his trousers. He turned to Lexi. “Did that bring you some relief too?”

“I loved seeing you pee,” she replied breathlessly. “It…it was wonderful.”

“We can do this again sometime if you’d like,” Martin added, hoping this would lead to something more than just voyeurism.

“Oh my God, yes!” Lexi replied. “You’d really let me?”

“I’d love to,” the chemistry teacher replied, walking over a planting a kiss on her cheek which made her blush. “Tomorrow then. But somewhere nicer than here perhaps? Like my flat?”

Lexi couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Yes!”

They walked back to the college in silence…

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