Could I Do Your Ass?

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“Nice ass!”

I was just toweling off from my shower and as I turned my head I noticed my wife staring at my rear end.

“How about you show me your dick too?”

“Proper language! Please!”

“Abe…. um, Abraham, would you please do me the honor of showing your lovely penis?”

I turned around.

“Oh! And chubby too.”

Instinctively, my hands went to my stomach.

“Not that!” Ava giggled. “You’ve got a chubbie Abe-y!” She stared at it.

“Body part flattery makes that happen.”

She cut me off by whispering in my ear. “Bet you can’t wait to put that old chub where the sun don’t shine.”

Ah, maybe anal today? “If you’re ready, I’ll be there.”

“We’ll see, won’t we?”


That’s the way it was with Ava and me. Starting the next morning after a great night of fucking the night before, the sexy foreplay begins.

And what a night it was. As usual, she’d teased me unmercifully for days, which was worse –appreciably– because we were in lockdown. Even while I was working upstairs the sexy texts would come in. By the time we’d gotten down to it I’d received come ons, coy nudes, rude nudes. Ruder nudes. Even an audio of a moaning, screaming orgasm that was obviously hers. When did she record that?!

That night, getting ready for bed Ava was flouncing around, flopping her breasts around, bending over to grab something from the floor. I wasn’t sure if it was more goading or what.

“Like what you see babe?”

“Always, like you don’t know.”

“Want a taste?”

“Pussy or tushy?” I had to know what her intentions were.

“Dirty! You are such a dirty old man.”

“Just how you like me. So, put up or shut up. Pussy or tushy?!”

She stood up, and held her tits up, nipples clearly at the ready.

“Let’s start here and work our way down. May the licking begin.”

We did, and called it a night.


Coming downstairs from work for lunch –I was still getting used to that– she was busy at the counter. I went up and put my arms around from the back and nestled myself in.

“Abraham, you are still hard,” she pushed back against me and shook a little. “You must really want my bum.”

I just hummed in her ear.

“But you just had your way with me last night. You can’t be ready again?”

“I didn’t have it that way.”

“And you won’t again if you don’t let me finish what I’m doing.”

She turned around in my arms.

“If your balls are that blue baby…” she reached down and rubbed against my jeans.

“Ava! I’m ready to burst!”

“Uh huh, I can tell.” She kept massaging me.


“What is it sweetheart? Your little dick is getting too full?”

“Baby! Please! What are you doing?!”

“I’m just helping my sweetie with his problem. My honey is all hot and bothered thinking about my ass and whether his chubby dick will get to empty itself in there someday. Is that right?”

“Yes.” I nodded as she kept kneading my pants.

“You really like my ass, don’t you?” She was murmuring in that way that gets to me. “Do you like it when I’m bent over and you can see my pussy hair?”

I nodded again.

“Or when I’m naked on my back and pull knees to my head like a happy baby? And you can see both my holes opened up?”

She was rubbing a little harder and a little faster.

“Oh I know. You like it when I’m on my knees…”

“Uh huh.”

“…and my head’s down…”


“…and I reach back and spread my cheek…”

I couldn’t talk anymore. I just moaned.

“…and then I spread the other one…”


“…and I invite you into my asshole. ‘Ohhh. Please Abe! Please baby!! Fuck me!!! I have to have it there. I have to! Fuck me up my big fat ass and fill it with cum! Come on!'”

“Oooooohhhh! Goooddd!” Now my underwear was a mess and neither of us was even naked.

“There there baby.” She was patting the front of my pants. “Feel better now Abe-y? Think you can have your lunch now without any further distractions?”

I sighed. Ava is a total… I don’t know, nothing I can say can really sum up my sexy darling.

We sat down to our lunch like nothing happened.


I don’t know whether it was her constant teasing, or the winter lockdown, or what, but I was in a continual state of arousal all the time that week. I’m at the age where I’m better than OK if I can do it more than once a week, but already I’d let loose twice and I seemed to be ready for more.

Maybe it was because Ava was too.


I mean like anyone else in new love we’d done it like crazy for the first couple of years, a longer honeymoon period than most. Even after we’d had kids when she was less randy we fucked pretty often, if a little less acrobatically. And more quietly.

Ava was an open woman. Sexually that is. Open in the sense that while not as close to her kinks as me, when we got together she wasn’t close minded about most of the things I brought to our sex lives.

When I started whispering dirties in her ear when we made love, she moaned gratefully in response, and little by Amazon prime izle little she started whispering back.

If I pushed her up against the wall, holding her wrists together over her head, she nodded vigorously, and her underpants would get sopping wet. Occasionally, that could lead us to tying her hands up in bed, though I never ended up tying her legs open like I promised. But whenever I mentioned it she started wiggling her bottom. She was really eager for it.

I could never get her to piss on my erection while we were sexing, and it took a while before she’d let me even lick her ass, but that developed to her craving a sporadic, but athletic butt fuck. All in all we were progressing delightfully to a wanton, but private couples fuck life.


The rest of that day was pretty quiet. I finished the last Zoom, came downstairs just as she was taking her bra off for the evening.

“Ahh. Men will never know how amazing that feels.” She shook her boobs at me. “My girls really needed to be released.”

I never understood why she even wore a bra, but she insisted her breasts were much too large to hang loose all the time.

“I can’t go out if people can see my nipples.” They were pretty big. “Besides, how could I feel so good taking it off if it’s never on?”

A logic I guess I’d have to agree with.

But even after the sex events of the last couple of days when we were getting ready for bed she couldn’t help herself.

“God, your ass is amazing.” She whistled at me.

“Nothing amazing about it.”

“It’s so tight and skinny. Not like my fat old rear.”

“As I don’t have to tell you, I love your rear end. And it’s just wide enough to hold on tightly.”

“You just like to fuck it Abe. You can’t really like to look at it, it’s too big.” And she jiggled it at me. “It’s too fucking big to look at.”

“Are you trying to get me going again?!”

“No mister Abe, it’s time to sleep.”


The next day was pretty quiet. I was on my computer all day long, even through lunch, when around 3 o’clock a text came through.

“Which one should we get?” A website came up. Sex toys. A lot of sex toys.

“Do you know which one you want?”

“A lot of them.”

“Buy the three you like most. We’ll see whether we love them or not.”


The day after that. The usual tit shimmies, ass twitches, sexy flirty talk. But nothing out of the ordinary.


“I love the weekend!” Ava shouted. Ava wakes up fast. Me? It takes about three hours before I’m compos mentis.

“I do too. Can we get some caffeine, please?”

Her pj’s were tight around her backside, and her top buttons were open enough that I could see the rounds of her breasts. But she didn’t obviously flaunt any of her body at me. At least, not yet.

That started later when we went out to do our errands.

“You like?” she said in a store aisle, as she pulled her t-shirt neck band down enough to expose her see through red bra. Red was always Ava’s signal that the action would be unfolding.

“Red looks good to me!”

As she giggled and turned down the aisle I noticed she was wearing the yoga pants that really made her buns look like… uh, super buns. Another signal. I hoped.

When she squatted down to pick something off a bottom shelf, something else became clear.

“Are you wearing a thong?”

“Uh, no. Why?”

“No panty line.”

“No underwear. Which feels amazing. I just hope I don’t leak through.” She grinned wantonly.

Things were looking good. Especially as her nipples became clear under her shirt.

“High beams,” I said.

Ava looked down and gave them a wide smile.

By the time we got home my cock was raging again and we’d barely put our packages down when I jumped on her.

“Whoa boy! Whoa! What’s got into you?”

“I haven’t gotten into you yet.”

“Oh cheesy! That’s beneath even you.”

“You’re not beneath me yet.”

“Shut up before you turn me off completely.” She reached underneath her shirt and struggled a bit.

“Oh shit, my tits are stuck. Help me.”

By the time I got across the room she’d pulled off her t-shirt and one of her nipples was out over her brassiere and she was pulling the other one out.

“Just how you want ’em.” Both her breasts were being held up by the shelf of her bra, sticking out obscenely. I leaned down.

“Mmmm, your nipple is so hard.”

“I would hope so, mister! After you were leering and slobbering all through the market. I could hardly concentrate. My pants are drenched, I must have stunk of sex to everyone around us.” She moaned when I sucked her other nipple. “Bite it more Abe. But, gently.”

“Your wish is my command.” I nipped her breast.

“Ah, yes,” she cooed. “Take me to bed Abraham. I want to get naked with you. Now.”

I took her hand and pulled her along, with her alluring melons merrily bouncing along beside me. I sat down at the edge of our bed and looked up at her.

“You are beautiful baby, I’m the luckiest man alive.”

“You got that right Mr. Lucky. You’ve blutv izle got my tits, now show me that hard cock you like poking me with.”

So much for romance. I unbuttoned and unzipped.

“Come one, whip it out!”

“It’s stuck in my underpants.”

“Just like my titties. Here, let me do it,” she ordered, and stretched out the band over my erection. “That’s it, there’s my long dong. Come to Mama!”

She grabbed on to my hard-on and put her mouth on the head.

“Mmmmm. You’ve been waiting for me, I can tell.”

She stood up to unhook her bra.

“Ah, freedom!” She was ready to suck me again.

“Hold it Ava!”

She froze.

“Undress for me Ava.”

“Yessir!” She stood ramrod straight. “How do you want to strip for you, my master?” She smirked.

“Girl’s choice. Just get on with it.”

The band on her yoga pants was tight around her waist, but she stretched it enough that she could slowly push it over her hips. The pants came down –faster please!– and before her pubic hair was exposed she turned around in time for me to see the top of her ass crack. She turned again, sideways so I could see her saggy big tits but not her pussy or naked ass.

“I’m getting a whiff of your sex Ava.”

She drew her breath in. “Me too. Is it too stinky? Do you still want me?” she whimpered, but not in a serious way.

“More, I want to smell you more,” and I took a deep sniff in.

Her pants kept coming down. “Oh my God! It’s good we got home, my cunt juices are really running.” She would never say ‘cunt’ in public, but she totally loved getting vulgar during sex. Or, I suppose, on our way to sex.

“Come closer skanky, let me taste that leaking snatch.”

She stepped out of her pants completely, naked as the day she was born, and stuck herself into my face.

“How’s my hairy coochie smell baby? Good enough to eat?”

My tongue shot out. “Hairy cooch, good!”

“Gentle baby. Be gentle with my clit,” she sighed. “Yesssss, that’s it. Slow, hmmm. Slower, slow-er, sslloowwww. Eeeeeeeeee!”

It felt like I was sucking her entire pussy in my mouth.

“Ooohh Abe-y, you lick me so good, I’m leaking even more. Yessss, ooohhh. Deeper, put you tongue in dee….. Oh Gggoddddd, I’m cumming already, yesss!”

Her first orgasm, and she pretty much collapsed on top of me.

“You’re still dressed!” she shouted. “Get out of those clothes now! I want to see my naked man, all ready to get fucked.”

You can be sure I followed those orders, and quickly. Before I knew it Ava was on top of me, rubbing up and down my hard cock.

She sat up and gripped around her breasts, shoving them out at me.

“Do I look sexy to you Abe? Suck my tits baby, make my nipples feel good.”

“I shall obey.”

“Yes, yes, oh that makes my kitty feel so hot. Bite. No! Softer. Yeesss.”

My tongue was slobbering all over her giant bosoms.

“That makes me so wet. Now I can slide so nice over your dick Abe-y.”

“You were pretty wet already.”

“I know! And that was before! But now, my titties are so hard and your dick is so hard that I keep gushing.” She lifted herself off and it started to drop down on me. “I can’t pee on you like you want, but my leaking cum juice is almost as good, right?”


“I can drip it down on your big knob and get it all ready for me.”

“It’s ready, believe it.”

“But it can get more ready, can’t it? I just love sliding over it, getting it ready to pop, maybe I can make it pop all over me?”

“Now? We just got started.”

“No, not now, I want more too. We’ve got all day. But doesn’t it want to pop already? Where do you want it to shoot?”


“Where do you want your cum to shoot? On my pussy, or in my pussy?”

“In. In your hole.”

“In my asshole? Or all over my big ass?”

“In. I want to shoot off in your ass.”

“On my tits? Or in my mouth?”


“In my face?”

“You hate it there.”

“Yeah, it stings. But don’t you want to blast your sperm all over my face,” she licked her lips, “and get it in my hair, have it drip down over my chin like the total porny slut you’ve turned me into?”

All the while Ava was rocking harder and faster over my cock, working herself up. A warm, wooden pole probably would have been enough for her right then.

“I’m your total cum slut, aren’t I? Just how you like me. Slutty, dirty, stinky.” She kept on sliding, up and down. “A fucking pervert girl, flashing my tits for you in the store, showing you my ass and my smelly pussy hair.” Sliding more. “You wanted to fuck me right in the store aisle, didn’t you, you obscene fucker. You wanted to fuck my pussy, my mouth, my ass, you didn’t care who saw me naked as long as your giant hard cock is up my…..ooooooooohhh ffffuuuccckk, I’m cumming again, I’m ccccuuummminggggg!!!! OOOOOhhhheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!”

She crumpled down on me with a giant sigh, completely spent.

“Ohh God! You already made me cum twice. You are a sex God.”

“Oh Ava, baby, I love you.”

“I love you too Abe-y, I….” she exhaled deeply. “I love beIN CONNECT izle cumming with you.”

We hugged each other tightly. I started fingering her pussy.

“God, you’re so wet in there.”

“I love your fingers inside me. Rub me more, I want to cum all over your hand, drench it. Yeeessss, God, it’s happening.”

This cum was almost quiet. But, it was just as sweet. I couldn’t wait to make it happen with my cock.

Suddenly, she started to almost roar.”Now, c’mon, get with it you pecker, you gotta fuck this pony.” She rolled off of me. “I’ve got to feel your stick inside me.”

Ava came more than any woman I’d ever been with.

On her hands and knees now… “Stick it in, fuck my pussy. Now, mister! Pummel me!”

I pushed against her. Slowly. Watching it go in, watching her ass pulsating. Slow. My hand slipped into her crack.

“Oooh! That’s nice. But enough, I need your fucker fucking me.” She tried to bump back. “Pleeeasssse Abe-y!”

Slowly. No matter what she said, or how loud she got, I’d learned that the slower I went, the more wild she got.

“Get it in, you dirty dog! Fuck it deep in my horny cunt!”

“Oh Ava! I love just having the tip in there.”


“But it feels so good right there.” I pushed a little.

“More, come on!”

“I love just rocking in and out, it’s…”

“More, more more! Fuck me Abraham, stick that cock all the way in and fuck it! Fuck my fuck hole, hard! Pound it, pound my fucking cunt hard! “

I fucked her fuck hole. A lot.

“Hmmm baby, that’s it, yessssss.” She paused. “Here, I’m squeezing you.”

Hmmm baby is right. Hmmm.

“If you saw it in and out –yes, like that baby– in and out, keep it up, and I’ll… right in and right out… God, yessss, fuuuuccccckkk I’m cumming again. Yessssss, mmmmmmm.”

“That was another little one.”

“It might have been little, but man… there’s nothing like your baby maker fucking me to a cum.”

Her pussy lips were relaxed, but they held onto my hard cock so good.

“Your penis feels so giant in there after a cum. Doggy is so excellent.”

It was so hot watching my dick go in and out and seeing her butt cheeks squirming. I licked my thumb and padded it over her bum hole again.

“Yeah babe, that’s nice.” Her pussy pushed back on my cock and my thumb popped in her ass. “Uuuh, good.”

That was my cue. I pulled my dick out and headed up.

“No Abe-y. Not now.”



“Pretty please.”

“You’re not attractive when you beg Abraham. You’ll go in my butt hole when I’m ready for it.”

“Why not now? I know you’re ready. I’m so ready.”

“Good things cum to those who wait. Now, put me on my back and pound the living crap out of me.”

Well, that’s an invitation I can get behind. Uh, no pun intended. I pulled out, but before I turned her over…

“Oh baby, your tongue feels so exquisite on my asshole, so sexy, so … indecent.” But, she still pulled away. “That’s it for now, you’ll have to wait.” And she flipped over, spread her arms, opened her legs.

I leaned in and lapped up at her pussy. “Mmmmm, you taste good.”

“You are really my total pervert! I love it. Suck my juices out and kiss me you fool.”

My sloppy mouth covered her and my dick impaled her.

“Hold me down!”

I did.

“Pound that fucker, push it in harder!”

I did and I did.

“Your giant hard pee-pee is inside me. It’s sticking me so deep, I can feel it in my throat. Make me cum with it, make me cum with your fucker, fuuucccckkkmeeeee! Oooooh baby!!!!!!!! Ooooooooooooohhhhhh!!!!! OhGodohGodofmyGod I’m cummmmminnnnggggg!!!!!”

She took in a deep breath. “Now, keep fucking, yes! I’m cumming more you cum too! Dump it baby dump your cum, fill me with it!!! Uhhhh!,” she grunted. “Make my cunt sticky with your stuff.”

I did. Very happily.

“Oh look Abe-y,” she said as my withered penis slipped out. “There’s so much of your nice gooey cum oozing out of my hairy cooze.” She was rubbing it all over herself.

“You must really really like me!”


It seemed like I couldn’t be satisfied. The next day I was still itching for her ass. What was going on with me? It had been a long long time since I’d felt so horny. I guess the loving of a good woman goes a long way.

“Come over and sit next to me.” I was lazing the couch the next afternoon.

“Oh honey, I always love a snuggle with you.”

We sat there arm in arm for a few minutes, I absentmindedly kissed the top of her head.

“Ava, we’re so lucky.”

“Mmmm, yeah. Nice kids, nice house, nice life.” She paused. “Wonderful husband.”

“Better wife.” I pulled her up for a passionate kiss.

“A loving husband.”

“A sexy wife.”

“What? Are you angling for another round?! We are just too goddamn old for that.”

“A week ago I would’ve agreed with you. But something’s gotten into me.”

“Well, you got into me, that is for sure.”

“Oh cheesy! That’s beneath even you, Ava.”

She slapped at my shoulder. I slapped back.

“Baby, you must in heat, I’ve smelling your pussy all this week.”

“You truly are a dirty dog, smelling my lady juice. What’s up with you?”

“Me?! You’ve been teasing me all week. More than usual. Flashing your tits and ass at me, flirting, sending me sex toy websites. You want it more than I do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32