Cookies or Pie Pt. 03

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All participants in sex are 18 or older.

This is a short ending, it was too long for part two, so I made it into part three.


I called Glenda Monday explaining the situation and that Tuesday would be our last time, but, I had talked with Todd and he said he’d be calling her within a week, I could hear excitement in her voice as the call ended. Ceel and I didn’t see each other Monday night, we did text just before bed making plans to see a movie Tuesday evening. I arrived at Glenda’s Tuesday just after nine, she looked amazing, all dolled up, sexy red sheer stockings that I knew would be held in place with garters, a knee length dress that flared outward, tight bodice pushing her tits inward and upward. She’d gone out of her way to look inviting.

My cock responded immediately, smiling as she looked down she moved to me, with one hand behind my neck drawing me in for a kiss the other hand began sliding up and down the front of my jeans. Pulling back she purred into my ear, “Is this all for me Johnny? Glenda has a very hungry pussy today, do you have lots of cream for me?” I nodded. “Good boy, let’s go in the bedroom and take these clothes off, I need your cock inside me.”

In the bedroom she turned for me to unzip her, as the dress fell from her shoulders I cupped the pushup lace bra and squeezed the way she liked, then pinched the nipples as she liked, when the dress hit the floor I was looking over her shoulder into the mirror. Holding up her stockings was a pair of what looked like silk burgundy panties with garters attached, I groaned and pushed my stiff dick against her soft inviting ass.

“I thought you’d like these panties, I’ve had them for years, they did the same thing to my hubby that they’re doing to you, made his cock as hard as steel. Turn around so I can strip you, then get rid of my bra, suck my titties and lick my pussy one last time before you fuck me silly.”

I sat naked on the bed as I opened her bra, her breasts fell slightly, I latched onto one then the other sucking and mauling them with my lips. After opening the clips on her garters I hooked my thumbs in the waist and began to lower her panties, she shimmied and wiggled a little to help as they dropped from her hips. With her bush staring at me I leaned forward for a last kiss, I’d buried my face in that soft downy jungle numerous times over the past months, knowing this would be the last I lingered longer than usual.

Pushing her backward onto the bed I lifted her legs to rest on my shoulders, slid my arms under her thighs, grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy into my face. I loved her smell and hoped Ceel was as fragrant as Glenda, not rank or even strong, it was a mixture of her perfume and natural musk, an aroma that seemed to go directly to my cock. Following her tidal wave orgasm, I rose above her waiting for her to grab my dick and put it inside the hot hungry pussy I knew was awaiting.

She didn’t disappoint, stuffing my cock into her tight folds, pulling her legs up offering me a deeper angle of penetration and then grunting loudly when I was all the way in, she whispered into my face, “I’m going to miss your cock, I hope your friend is half as good as you are.”

After a half hour of three positions, missionary, on her side and finally from behind she screamed as I wailed loudly shooting what seemed like ropes of cum into her battered pussy. Her body shook and she was laughing softly.

“Oh, that was so good Johnny. What a way to end our fucking days, I feel completely used and satisfied, you never disappoint when it comes to cock. Remember to use everything we’ve taught you with your young thing, she’ll have the same needs we did even if she doesn’t know it right away. Lay down and let me suck you one last time.”

It wasn’t a simple goodbye suck, nope, she had me hard again and was riding me cowgirl like there was no tomorrow. After two more climaxes for her and another less fluid orgasm on my part she leaned to the side lying next to me. I asked if she wanted a washcloth.

“No, I want your cum running out of me all day. Thank you Johnny, you’ve woken this old ladies sexual desires. I’m exhausted, you’d better go now.”

I covered her as she slept, washed up, dressed and left Glenda’s bed for the last time. As Ceel and I ate popcorn waiting for the movie to start our conversation drifted to my last time with Glenda. When I inadvertently called her aunt Glenda Cecelia sat bolt upright.

“What? You did your aunt? That’s sick.”

I quickly defused that bomb, “No, no, no, she isn’t my real aunt, she’s a very distant cousin somewhere in my dad’s past, she used to watch me when I was little and I’ve always called her Auntie. My dad says she’s like a third cousin twice removed or something like that. My parents were an only child and I am an only child, I have no aunts or uncles, nor did my folks.”

She gave me a stern look, “If you’re bullshittin me James we’re done.”

“I’m not Ceel, I’ll casino siteleri call Glenda now if you want, I’m trying to not keep anything from you. Please believe me.”

On our way to her apartment she wanted to know about my morning romp with Glenda, when I inquired how descriptive she wanted me to be she told me moderately. I explained that I was a sucker for lingerie, that Glenda knew it and was well prepared to seduce me, how we both enjoyed oral as part of our foreplay, how she loved it in most positions including cowgirl. Ceel looked at me with a cocked eyebrow.

“Cowgirl, at her age? I never would have imagined. Okay, go on, the others.”

“Ceel I don’t feel comfortable talking about all of them, can I just give you the highlights when we get to your place?” She nodded.

I talked about the first time someone had ridden my face to orgasm, how two of them loved it from behind and that I liked au-natural over a shaven haven. She turned red and grinned, when I ask why, she turned a deeper shade of red.

“Because I don’t shave down there, I trim along the sides for my bikini, otherwise it’s a small forest and I have no intention of altering the landscape. The fact that you like it rustic is music to my ears, whether you ever see it or not is another topic, just knowing it wouldn’t gross you out makes me feel better about myself.”

We talked more about my time with the older gals and how I had learned a mountain of information that would have otherwise taken years of experimentation to find out. The more I talked the more interested she seemed to be, before we knew it the clock chimed eleven and it was time to end our evening. At the door she wasted no time sliding into my arms and kissing me.

“Jim, I’m not a virgin, but I’m not very experienced either. I find you interesting and exciting, I’d like our relationship to be more than friends with bennies, what are your thoughts on the subject?”

“My answer may sound goofy, it’s something my dad said when I asked him how he came to marry mom. What he said was, *I was looking for a wife when I found your mom, I didn’t need to look any further*. I’m not saying you’ll marry me, at the same time, I don’t think I need to look any further.”

She smiled as she leaned in for another kiss, “Good answer Jimmie, good answer. Not to sound goofy myself, but I could see us married, we certainly have much to think about, haven’t we? Let’s do supper here again on Thursday, we’ll talk more then, goodnight lover boy.”

Todd called me on Wednesday afternoon telling me he’d set up a date with Glenda and that she had told him there might be one or two other ladies interested, he wondered just what was going on. I explained the situation, I swore I could tell he was smiling on the other end of the line, I told him Glenda would be wearing lingerie and expecting at least two sessions the first time. He laughed and told me he would be primed and ready.

Following supper on Thursday night we settled on the couch talking. When I asked if she’d thought any more about our conversation on Tuesday she nodded yes.

“As a matter of fact, I have, that’s all I’ve thought about if I’m honest with myself. If I’m jumping the gun let me know, but here goes, I can most definitely see myself married to you, I spoke with my mom about you and she said you sounded like a panty dropper. She also told me that when an engagement ring was on my finger I should let you know my heart and body are yours. When I told her about your quote, unquote training, she laughed and called me a lucky girl, apparently she and dad struggled for years before they figured out what each other liked.”

I looked at Cecelia quizzically, “What’s a panty dropper?”

“Got me, you’ll need to ask my mom, apparently it’s a good thing though.”

I had a hard time containing my excitement and emotions as I spoke, “Cecelia, let’s go to Grove City Saturday and pick out your engagement set, when I have that ring in my hand I’ll propose to you properly. In the meantime, Ceel, will you marry me?”

She nodded and moved into my arms, taking my right hand with her left and placing it directly onto her breast squeezing my hand with hers.

“Yes baby, I’ll marry you, I’m not going to let you make love to me until that ring is on my finger, but I sure would like some of that foreplay you talked about.”

Even though she was wearing a sweatshirt it was obvious she had no bra on, I quickly pulled the shirt up over her head exposing her taught breasts, standing high and proud as they say, perfectly cone shaped with pink areolas and slightly darker hard nipples. Not about to be the only one bare chested she took my shirt off and pushed her body against mine as we kissed. My hands could not stay away from her warm soft and yet firm tits, I molded, I formed, I pulled them softly ending with the nipples in between my fingers, I rolled the nipples and worshipped her chest until she pushed my head down sticking güvenilir casino a nipple in my mouth.

As I sucked she was undoing the tie on her sweat pants, lifting slightly to tug them over her ass she settled back onto the couch, I assisted in removing them from her legs. Sitting in a pair of yellow cotton boy shorts with little lady bugs imprinted on them she reached for my belt, we wasted no time getting me completely naked, my cock sticking straight up. Sliding her panties down I realized she hadn’t exaggerated at all, her bush was thick and plentiful, what surprised me was how soft it was, it felt as soft as down.

With her panties on the floor she pulled me back into an embrace. “Jim, you mentioned that one of the ladies sat on your face while you licked her. I’ve always wanted that but never had it happen, will you do that to me now? I’ll make sure you get off before you go home, just not in my pussy, not this time.”

I lay back on the couch, had her place a knee over my shoulder, hold onto the arm of the couch, then put her other knee over my other shoulder and pulled her down until I had her warm wet vulva touching my lips. While my hands played with her tits my tongue slathered around teasing until I sucked her clit softly, she grunted a soft *oh fuck* and jammed her pussy to my face. Between my licking and her grinding across my face she erupted with a howl that could only come from a woman’s mouth, no guy could ever sound like that.

She slumped over the top of me supporting herself on the arm of the couch, breathing heavy, chest rising and falling, sweat trickling down her chest onto her breast. Pushing herself off me she spun and had my dick in her mouth before I could say no.

“Cecelia you don’t have to do that. It can wait for another time a hand job would get the job done.”

She pulled up and smiled, “I want to, it’s the least I can do after what you just did to me. Can we do that again on Saturday night when you claim me?”

I muttered *absolutely* as I lay my head back, eyes closed, a feeling of euphoria slowly spreading throughout my body. I was just about to cum when I felt her shift and opened my eyes to find a pussy above my face, this girl knew more than she had let on. I began licking her, in no time she was climaxing at the same time I did, bucking my hips up into her mouth I ejaculated with such force it made my head hurt, as hard as she tried she had to open her mouth as she ground into my face, my cum running out of her mouth onto my abdomen, her cum flooding my face.

She dashed into the kitchen, grabbed a dishtowel and tried to clean us up, she giggled when she started to dry my face, then bent and licked, “I always wondered what my pussy tasted like.”

With the bulk of the mess cleaned we stepped into the shower for a fast rinse, watching her dry It took every ounce of resistance I had to not fuck her on the spot, and I think she knew it. Putting my hand onto her downy pussy she whispered in my ear, “Saturday night.”

She asked if I might stay the night, I think my response said it all, “If I stay here tonight Cecelia I’m going to fuck you until we’re both raw.”

Smiling and pushing me out the door she said, “You’d better go then. Let’s do fish fry tomorrow night, I’d like to leave for town early on aturday if we can. Say by nine.”

“Nine sounds good, I’ll pick you up about five thirty tomorrow. Oh, by the way, I love you.”

Kissing me quickly she whispered, “I love you too.”

We went to her apartment Friday following fish fry and spent the evening on the couch. We kissed, caressed, pawed one another but kept our clothes on, inside we were both anticipating the following night. The kisses goodnight at the door were quite involved, we couldn’t stop dry humping the other, when one would stop the other would begin. As I opened the door she told me her panties were sopping wet and that tomorrow night couldn’t get here soon enough.

On the drive to the city Saturday I found myself needing to ask a question. “Ceel, we’ve only known each other a short while, do you feel like I’m pushing you into something?”

“Funny you should ask I was wondering the same thing. I don’t feel pressured at all, I want to be with you the rest of my life, why should we wait?”

I smiled, “Me too, I feel the same way.”

Walking out of the jewelers with a ring on her finger she floated down the street holding my hand. After a little more shopping she told me she couldn’t wait until that night, she needed me to make her mine right away. We were no more than in the hotel room when she pushed me to the bed, as the back of my knees hit the mattress I fell backward onto the mattress with her straddling me and knee walking to my head. Lifting her dress she pulled her panties to the side and said, “Eat” as she lowered her pussy to my mouth.

I licked and sucked around the panties a minute and then told her to get rid of them, she quickly complied and sat on canlı casino my face, it was much better without her panties in the way. Her head was back, mouth open and hips convulsing as she exploded onto my face, I lapped and licked for all I was worth to no avail, my face was covered in her nearly clear slippery juices. Lifting her off me and laying her down I began to strip her, once naked I sucked her hard nipples and tried to lick her kitty again, not a chance, she pushed my head away.

As she lay there I undressed, with my dick proudly on display I moved over the top of her, my cock an inch away from her hairy slit, without opening her eyes she reached between us, grabbed my dick and stuffed it in her vagina. The feeling went beyond delightful, it was exquisite, I’d been banging several older ladies for months but none of them had compared to where my cock was buried at the moment. Her eyes never opened as I slowly stroked going a bit deeper with each stroke, when my forest of pubic hair met with hers, she opened her eyes wide and gasp.

“Oh Jimmie that feels so good. You fit inside me perfectly, you’re touching spots I didn’t know I had, you’re so thick and just the right length. Fuck me Jimmie, fuck me slow, then fast, make me cream your cock.”

I did as she asked, we went slow while in missionary, she had cum once when I patted her thigh and said softly hands and knees, ass in the air. With me behind her we put things into high gear, she was pushing back as hard as I was pushing forward as we chased the prize awaiting, a climax, even better, a mutual climax. We were close but no cigar, she went off about ten seconds before I did, ten seconds doesn’t seem long but when you’re stroking and waiting to cum it can be eternity.

With a loud roar I pushed into her one last time spewing my seed deep within her vagina, she was pushing back grinding her sweet ass against my pelvis as spurt after spurt painted her within. Her body was trembling as we slowly relaxed, we were out of breath, I felt weak and wanted to lay down, as I moved she said quickly.

“No, stay inside me Jimmie, stay in me until you fall out, I want to feel you inside me.”

It was another two or three minutes before I literally plopped out with an almost non-existent POP, as that happened cum ran from her swollen vulva, trickling down her leg onto the bed. I wasn’t in much better shape, liquid was dripping off my cock onto my leg, we were a mess, but a happy mess. After cleaning ourselves we lay in bed cuddled tight, she was rubbing her hands across my strong but nearly hairless chest when she looked at me.

“Jimmie, you own me now, you own my pussy … and I own your cock. I don’t ever want another man in me, I’ve waited a long time for someone like you and I’m not letting go.”

Following a light dinner from room service we went back to playing, trying two new positions for her, ankles on shoulders and me flat footed from behind, she especially liked the flat footed, ankles on shoulders was deep, but flat foot was deeper and just as satisfying. After we’d finished, she told me she could feel the head opening her and the sides collapsing tight around my cock with every stroke, she also told me she felt every squirt as I unloaded in her hungry puss.

We had entered the room just after three, we didn’t emerge until the next morning thoroughly bedraggled and spent. With my dick buried in her vagina we made each other ours for life, the sex had been slow and loving, as well as fast and furious, each time we did something new she’d ask who I learned that from. When I would tell her, she would smile and say, “bless her Lord, bless her.”

A week later we ran into Glenda and Todd at the local supper club on a Saturday night, they were dressed up beyond a normal Saturday night meal, Todd had gone to the head, when I enquired as to their dress Glenda smiled and told me they were going dancing and had a room reserved at the La Quinta.

I looked at her, “First time?” She nodded with a huge smile. “Lingerie?” I asked. Looking around she slid her dress up revealing to Ceel and me the top of her silk stockings being held in place by straps. I leaned over and whispered, “Garter panties?” She giggled and nodded.

As we were about to walk away she took Cecelia’s hand and pulled her close, “Silk garter panties honey, those and seamed silk stockings equal an instant hardon. You have a good one sweetheart, keep him wanting more and you’ll never lose him.”

As we sat Ceel looked at me, “Garter panties? What is that?”

When I explained what they were she grinned, “They sound nineteen fifties, I’ll need to look them up and if you like them, I’ll wear them. I fully intend to do as she says, keep you wanting more.”

Three weeks later I moved into her apartment where our love story continued. Our wedding was a big shindig at her home church, her parents are loaded and daddy wasn’t holding back for his one and only girl, with four older brothers he’d been chomping at the bit to walk his baby girl down the aisle. At Cecelia’s insistence we invited every one of my older girlfriends to the wedding, Glenda and Todd along with Lois showed up, it was good to see Glenda and Todd still together after nearly a year.

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