Coming of Age Celebration

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Hello, my name is Frank and I have a story to share with you concerning a most memorable adventure that I had while shopping at a local mall. The reason this particular adventure is so incredible is that it involves two very sexy and incredibly imaginative eighteen-year-old girls.

What makes this so incredible for me is that I am a graying, slightly over weight man in his late forties who still enjoys the company of the ladies. But nothing comparable to the experience that I was treated to several weeks ago.

My Adventure started in a shopping mall near where I live. I was just walking through the mall, when I happened to run into one of my daughter’s friends from High School. Her name is Katy and she is a very attractive eighteen-year-old young woman. Katy has sparkly green eyes and short fiery red hair. I have known her for along time, even before she became such a feisty young lady. Katy used to be a very quiet sort of introverted young girl.

However, when she started High School, she really blossomed into a sexy, fun loving party girl. In fact she became quite the little rebel at her school. Katy began smoking, cigarettes at first, then pot. Then she started dating older guys and experimenting with sex and drinking. She pretty much grew up fast from her freshman year to her senior year.

Physically she matured quickly, from this scrawny, gawky young girl to this extremely sensual, gorgeous babe. Yeah, she was so very hot. I always thought of Katy quite fondly, because basically she was a sweet kid and always had a very friendly way about her. I never thought any less of Katy for her new habits. In fact, I believe that she started smoking pot with her parents, which was cool.

Unfortunately, Katy’s parents began having problems with their relationship while Katy was in high school and I think that was partly to blame for her newly acquired rebellious nature. This is probably why I never thought any less of Katy because of her family situation. I believed that Katy was just acting out in defiance of her parents and perhaps a lack of affection.

When Katy was in high school, she began experimenting with her appearances, like her hair, makeup and clothes. In fact, that is when I first noticed that she was no longer this innocent little shy schoolgirl. Katy was looking quite like the sexy little Lolita that fantasies are made of.

Katy was definitely looking for some much-needed attention and believe me, she was certainly getting it, from all of the guys. This young girl was wearing the sexiest, shortest skirt that she could find. Her makeup was

Was meant to turn heads and Katy had bright red hair that she was constantly changing the style of. To top it off, Katy had a very fine, attractive body for a high school girl.

In fact, whenever she would visit my daughter or a neighbor girl, she would purposely try to get my attention (which was not hard to do) and she deliberately gave me the most memorable panty shots. I will never forget the fabulously sexy panties that she wore. Most of Katy’s panties were some sort of tiger, leopard or other exotic animal print. She would look right at me and smile as she was teasing me.

I was mesmerized by the sexiness that this girl portrayed, she was so hot and she knew it too. I could have been in a lot of trouble if I had acted upon my feelings of pure lust back then. There were times when I could not keep my eyes off of her young tight sexy body and she was fully aware of how excited she made me. In fact, everything about her body language said please fuck me and make me happy.

That was several years ago and I thought about her often, even though Katy and my daughter really did not hang around together very often any more. Then today when I saw her, those same old feelings came to mind.

Today, when I first noticed her I thought wow, Katy has not changed a bit, she is every bit as sexy as I remember her. When she noticed me staring, Katy ran over to me and threw her arms around me and said hello.

I felt a bit ashamed, because as she gave me a huge hug and a big kiss, all I could think of is what a sexy young woman she had become. I commented on how hot she looked and to my surprise, she said do you really think so? And I replied absolutely and before I could comment further, Katy kissed full on the mouth and I could feel her tongue brush across my teeth.

So I figured what the heck and we exchanged passionate kisses right there.

I hugged her tightly and I could feel her small hard breasts searing into my chest. When we broke our kiss, I was blushing like a virgin and I apologized. Katy just took my hands and said apologize, why? I thought that was a great kiss. In fact I haven’t been kissed like that for quite a while.

I was starting to become quit aroused now, and I noticed as Katy smiled at me, her nipples were practically poking through her cute little T-shirt.

Katy looked me straight in the eyes and said I have wanted for you to bonus veren siteler kiss me like that for along, long time. I told her that I have wanted to kiss her like that for a long, long time and she giggled. I said sweetheart, I am old enough to be you father and she said so what. I could not believe that we were even having this conversation. I thought that I was dreaming.

I offered to take her to lunch and she accepted and we talked for quite some time about her life in general and how she was doing. I felt really comfortable now; Katy was sending me signals that she was interested in more than just talk. She kept touching my hand when she spoke and she had one leg crossed over the other and kept rubbing my leg with her foot.

I did feel special sitting in this little restaurant with this absolutely stunning young woman and I noticed that most of the men there were giving me looks of extreme envy. After all, Katie was wearing a light green T-shirt that was cut just above her belly button and showcased her perfectly flat tummy and a sexy piercing that adorned it. Her fiery red hair, pretty green eyes and sinfully short shorts (sexy white short shorts) that showcased her long tan legs beautifully. She is a definitely a ten plus on my scale, and right now she was with me.

In fact, Katy’s shorts were so tight that when she was standing, I could almost see her vaginal lips and my mouth was watering. Her bright smile and her gorgeous red lips mesmerized me. She was so hot that I wanted her right then and now. I knew that she noticed me drooling, so I had to initiate a conversation quickly.

I asked her if she was shopping for some thing in particular or for a special occasion. Katy replied that she was actually doing a little of both.

Then Katy explained that she had come to the mall with her friend Michelle and they got separated during their venture. When Katy mentioned Michelle, I immediately remembered her. She had blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, naturally rosy red cheeks and a she was a little on the heavy side, but very pretty. Michelle was a little wild in her high school days as well and she was popular with the guys too.

I heard rumors about Michelle and Katy, they really liked sex and some of the older guys really took advantage and did not truly appreciate them for their personalities. I often thought that Michelle was probably a real tigress in the back seat of a car or in bed. She always had that flirtatious attitude about her and sexy smile.

I had heard rumors that Katy and Michelle and a few other girls really began to realize their sexual prowess in their Senior year at High School and

Had created quite a reputation for themselves. My understanding was that hey could really give great blowjobs and were great lovers too. I often wondered what it would be like to be a teenager again and experience all of this fantastic sex in high school.

When Katy and Michelle were younger, they were shy and not very confident of themselves. When they got to be high school kids, they really lost their inhibitions and by the way they dressed and applied their makeup, they could quite easily pass for eighteen or nineteen year old girls. I must admit, they were very appealing, but I knew how old they really were.

I am certain that hey knew that on several occasions, when they were in the neighborhood that I was checking them out. They always seemed to wear their most provocative clothing. Katy was especially fond of miniskirts and Michelle was fond of tight jeans and very revealing halter-tops. Michelle really had some nice cleavage to show off.

Katy and I talked about what she has been doing since high school and I told her that I really missed seeing her around. She told me that she really was not interested in going to college and still did not have a regular job. Partly due to the fact that she did not have a driver licenses yet and was dependent upon others to drive her where she needed to go. I told her that I would be more than happy to teach her how to drive and she accepted my offer.

Katy said that would be so cool if I could teach her how to drive, because her parents were divorced and her mom worked a lot. I f she had a drivers license the maybe she could get a steady job and help out her mother more with her younger sister.

Katy also lamented that she did not have a steady boyfriend and if she could get out more, maybe she could meet more guys. She said her and Michelle had a lot of guy friends, but nobody steady. I told her that if I were her age, I would be more than happy to take her out and Michelle too.

She touched my arm and smiled and said I wish we could go out sometime.

Katy said after all, I am legal now and I said yes you are and sexier than ever. She blushed and said that I sure knew how to make a girl feel wanted. If she only knew how badly I wanted her. Then, without warning, Katy got up and sat on the same side of the booth as me in bedava bahis the restaurant.

She said I hope you don’t mind and I was beside myself, I had a half erect cock and this lovely hot young lady sitting next to me.

Within moments, Katy had her slender hand on my lap and brushed her sexy nails against my throbbing cock and I managed to tell her not to start something that she couldn’t finish. To my surprise, Katy grabbed my throbbing cock through my pants and said that she liked what was there and that she would not have a problem finishing at all.

Katy just smiled at me and briefly ran her tongue over her glossy lips and I thought that I would come right there. She relaxed her grip on my cock and asked if I would be interested in having an affair with her. I was caught

Completely off guard and I literally stuttered and said yes, I would love to.

She threw her skinny arms around my big frame and gave me a big hug. Before I could respond, Katy pulled her self close to my face and we kissed passionately for several minutes.

I said wow; I am so glad that we met each other today sweetheart.

Now I felt that it was OK to tell Katy how I felt about her and how sexy she looked. In fact I told her that she looked good enough to eat and she said she would thoroughly enjoy that. And she kissed me again and let her hand lay in my lap, caressing my aching cock.

Katy told me that when I held her, she felt so secure and it felt good to be with a guy who was not trying to climb all over her or begging for a blowjob. I assured her that she deserved to be treated with respect, although the way she was dressed made me horny as hell. However, her wish was my command and I would totally respect her. She squeezed me gently and said that she would love to please me too.

I confessed to Katy that I was completely smitten by her charm and I thought that this would indeed be an affair to remember for both of us.

Katy and I continued to kiss and hug like we were long time lovers. She looked so good and smelled so wonderful, I did not ever want to let her go.

After talking a bit more and finishing our lunch, I asked Katy if she would like to go somewhere a bit more private, where we could be alone and enjoy each other.

Katy said that she had to call Michelle and let her know what she was doing. She called Michelle and explained and Michelle said to tell me hello and asked Katy if she could join us later. I said sure, I have no objections and Katy said that would be great. As we left the mall, Katy and I walked hand in hand and I felt like a young stud again with this gorgeous redhead by my side.

As we walked through the mall, I could not help but admire Kat’s sexy little ass as her hips just naturally swayed back and forth. She was such a sensual young lady and right now she was mine. Katy did confess to me that she had quite a few boyfriends in High School and she loved having sex.

However, the problem is that most of the guys just wanted a quick blowjob or fast sex and they left her frustrated. She said that Michelle and her had compared relationships and Michelle had basically the same bad experiences.

I told her that they just needed to be loved by the right guy and treated like the fine young women that they are. She just squeezed my hand tighter and laid her head against my chest as we walked. By the time we got to my car, I wanted this sweet young girl so badly. Before she got into the car, I turned her towards me, grasped her face in my hands and gave her the deepest, wettest kiss that I could manage and to my delight, she clutched my cock and gasped as she rubbed me.

I was so turned on that I leaned her against my car and put my hands on her ass and managed to work my fingers under the leg band of her shorts and massage her thighs. She squealed with pleasure and as I probed further, I found that the crotch of her shorts was thoroughly drenched.

I took this opportunity to place one hand on her lovely mound through her shorts while still massaging her ass with the other hand. My god was she hot already, her slight frame was quivering against my hand and she gasped oh baby that feels so right. I smothered her with wet kisses as she had a violent orgasm right there on the palm of my hand. I embraced her until her shivering stopped and kissed her neck lovingly and opened the car door and helped her sit down.

When I got into the car, Katy climbed over on top of me and started kissing me madly and telling me that t was one of the most powerful orgasms that she has ever experienced and she was so totally horny now.

I told her that was only the beginning of how mature men treat their women and that I promised her a great experience. We kissed and fondled each other like school kids on their first date. I pushed her T-shirt up and suckled at her firm beautiful breasts, while she unfastened my pants and pulled my cock out.

I knew that we should leave the deneme bonus parking lot, but we were both so horny for one another that we could not wait. I reclined my seat and Katy devoured my cock and was sucking so hard that I had to slow her down.

As she sucked and played with my bloated balls, I grabbed both of her tits and sqeezed gently and she moaned with approval. As she stroked and sucked me, I wanted to explore her hot little body further, So I unbuttoned her skimpy little shorts and started tugging them down her thighs.

As I managed to pull her tight shorts down, Katy was able to rise up a bit and assist, without ever letting my cock slip from her mouth. Once her sorts were around her knees, I rolled her soaking wet panties down past her ass and started playing with her sopping pussy. Almost immediately she began squirming on my hand and the she fiercely clamped her lips on my cock and shuddered uncontrollably and moaned as she experienced another powerful orgasm. I had three fingers in her now, rubbing and pumping furiously and then I tensed up and had an explosive orgasm myself.

Katy sucked every last drop of jism from my cock and when she released me, she commented on how adept I was with my hands and she loved it. I told her that was the absolute best blowjob that I have ever had in my life. We both needed a few minutes to recover from that hot steamy marathon. And when we regained our composure, I asked Katy if she would like to go to my house and she purred absolutely.

Katy asked if Michelle could join us and I said sure, not knowing that Katy had a threesome in mind. By now, my mind was racing wildly thinking about Michelle and Katy. After all the stories that I had hear about these two lovelies while they were in high school, I could only imagine what might be in store for me. Especially intriguing was the fact that Michelle was rumored to be a wild and fantastic girl in bed.

As we were about to leave the parking lot at the mall, Katy called Michelle on her cell phone and explained to her that there has been a change in their plans and told Michelle what we had planned to do.

At first, Michelle was dubious and Katy told her what had transpired already and then Michelle was excited to see me again. In fact, Katy said that Michelle wanted to speak with me on the phone and I talked to her.

When I spoke with Michelle, the first thing that she told me was that she had a secret crush on me for a long time and that she was looking forward to fulfilling her fantasies with me. I was beside myself with glee and I told her that I always thought she was hot. She said we would have a wonderful time.

As Katy and I started driving back to my house, she snuggled up to me and started kissing my neck and rubbing my cock through my pants.

She was so good at getting me aroused; I was rock hard in no time and Katy thought that was cute. She said that my cock seemed to always ready and I replied that she made me horny as hell. Katy giggled at this statement and then she proceeded to pull my cock out of my pants as I was driving down a busy street.

Before I had time to react, Katy had my cock between her lips sucking for all she was worth. Oh God she was so good at giving head, I had to pull over and recline my seat and just let her suck me. I could not just sit there and let her do all the work, I reached around behind her and found a spot under her ass where I could get my fingers under her cute little shorts and I probed her sopping wet pussy. She started sucking like crazy now and I knew she was about to come again and she gushed all over my fingers.

Katy was so hot; she literally humped my fingers while she sucked my cock. In fact her head and ass were bobbing up and down simultaneously.

This girl was incredible and I thanked my lucky stars that we met again.

Katy must have felt me tense up, because she squeezed my balls again as I started to come and I took my free hand and held her head down as she was spasming from her own orgasm.

I finished filling her mouth long before she stopped quivering and when she finally relaxed, I gently slid my fingers out and to her delight, I licked them clean. Katy thought that was kinky and I told her the night was just beginning and I had a lot to show her.

I cleaned Katy up with some tissues and I told her that we had to get home and freshen up before Michelle arrived. Katy agreed and just held me tight all the way home. I kissed her every chance I got on the way home and told her what t a great lover she was.

When we finally arrived at my house, I suggested that she showers first and she could wear one of my old flannel shirts. Katy stepped into the shower and handed me her sexy little top and her tiny shorts. I held them to my face and inhaled her intoxicating scent. She even smelled sexy, unlike no other female that I have ever met.

After Katy and I showered, we sat down on the sofa to listen to some music and enjoy one another. We just cuddled and kissed; I suckled her neck and explored her breasts with my hands, then my mouth. Katy just moaned softly and allowed me to pleasure her. After a while, she told me that Michelle had better hurry up or we were going to start without her.

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