Coed Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons is Coincidental.

I’m Tony B any critique on this story will be very welcome through the link below. If you read this story please let me known what you think of it, how its written etc.

Pam roused after a nice sleep. It was dawn, only just though. Looking around she was a bit confused. Pulling an arm out from under the cover. She realized that she was wearing Rick’s robe, he must have put her in bed. But where was he. Pam sat up and immediately knew she had to pee. Sliding out of bed she padded to the bedroom door. There was her blouse on a hanger. Looking out into the living room there was Richard curled up on the sofa. Pam slipped by him and to the bathroom. After peeing Pam slipped out of her skirt and drooped it over an arm of an easy chair.

Going over to the sleeping Rick she softly kissed him on the forehead. Richard roused and smiled at Pam, who said quietly.

“Come to bed Rick.” She took his hand and gently urged him up. Hand in hand they walked into the bedroom. Pam slipped out of the robe and unzipped Rick’s pants; he pulled his tee shirt over his head. As Pam slipped his pant and jockey shorts over his hips. Pam got out the robe and in bed, as she did she unclasped her bra and tossed it to the bottom of the bed.

Richard slid into the warm bed and pulled the covers over them.

Pam turned on her side and as the covers reached her shoulders, Rick’s arm fell across her and rested against her warm firm yet soft round breasts. Pam reached behind her and pulled Rick’s warm naked body against her. She could feel his erect penus against her buttocks. Pressing into her butt crack. They sighed quietly and fell into a contented sleep.

Richards watch alarm went off and woke them both up with a bit of a start.

“Good morning my sweet man.” Pam said softly, still a bit sleepy. As she rolled over, her breasts bare above the covers.

“Good morning sweet thing. Did you sleep well?” Richard asked as he kissed her ear.

“H-m-m yes I did. You are so thoughtful. I don’t think you could have slept well though, hmm.” Pam said as she turned toward Rick and putting her arms around his neck cuddled up to him. There bare hot bodies skin to skin.

“I could have slept better I guess. My concern was that you were warm and able to sleep, after your studying. You were played out when I came back from the laundry room. Played out and happy. Bed was the place for you.” Rick said, smiling as he playfully licked Pam’s nose.

“I appeared happy. I read for about 15 minutes then lay back and just looked back on the evening.” Pam said. Softly adding. “The images I had were exciting for me. They made me feel good.”

“That’s good. When I came back you were very intimate with yourself. You cast a very sensual picture. I’m very pleased that our time was so enjoyable for you. I enjoyed it as well.” Richard said as he slipped out of bed.

“Hmm that’s right now I remember I did love myself, like I said the evening images had me excited. I had to relieve the passion I was feeling. But how did you know?” Pam asked as she slid out of the bed, coming up close to Rick.

“You fell asleep with a finger still fondling your love lips, and your nectar was dribbling down your thighs, like I said sweet thing a really passionate sensual image.” Rick said brushing the back of his hand over Pam’s breasts. He started walking to the door as he asked her “What would you like for breakfast, cereal, scrambled eggs or an omelette Pam”

“Cereal is fine Rick.”

“God Pam you have no idea how much I want you. You make me feel total sexual, and lewd. Two people lost in each other’s sexuality and sensuality. How are we going to kerb the wanton feeling we have?” Richard said urgently as he turned to face her, her young firm body, all pink and soft to the touch. Her breasts were firm and so proud, topped by dark nipples and spreading areolas. Her flat belly down to the dark pubic curls. So inviting, surrounding the hot tunnel of all creation. All held up by her very shapely legs. He gasped out in a guttural voice. “God Pam you are so beautiful. Oh fuck. Look at you.” He took her hand and pulled her to him.

Pam was still holding his prick. As she stepped in front of him, she rose up on tiptoes and parting her legs. Sliding the erection into her hot cunt, pushing herself right onto it, impaling herself on him.

Pam put her hand around Rick’s buttocks and urged him forward into her. She wriggled her hips, grinding hers against his.

Richard felt his balls pulling up. Richard gasped. “Oh fuck I’m going to cum.” He bent his knees a bit and slid out of the love nest and a couple of second later. One, two, three jets of hot creamy cum shot from his live prick some splashed on her tummy and some dropped on to pubic fur. The rest pooled on the floor.

Putting her hand down on her tummy she scooped up most of Rick’s cream and sucked in into her mouth tasting it then swallowed it.

She ardahan escort gently grasped his erection and slowly turned him as she did she dropped to her knee’s and took him into her open lips and as she stroked his shaft she sucked the last drops of cum out of him.

Standing up she put her hands around Rick’s head and kissed him passionately, they shared some of his creamy jism. As she got up she said in a sultry voice. “You are sex incarnate my lover. I lost my virginity to a ham handed country yokel at a drunken so called party. Yes I was drunk as well. Oh how I wish it would have been you who would take it,” Turning Pam went into the bedroom and came out with her bra on saying. For you I am fully dressed, in fact I’m over dressed.” Pam slid by Rick petting his firm buttocks as she sat at the table.

“Would like a coffee Pam. I guess I’d like to be that guy that popped your cherry. I don’t know what it would feel like. I’ve never made love to a virgin. You are so close to being one though, that’s ok with me sweet thing.” Richard said.

“Yes please Rick. I wish had been you as well not that drunk yokel. I’m darned if I don’t feel like skipping classes today.” Pam said as she poured cereal into her bowl.

“I know the feeling. I’ve done it once and regretted it afterwards.” Richard replied giving Pam her coffee.

“Yeh I guess you are right, in fact I know you are. The day has started out so romantically I just hate for it to stop even for a few hours.”

“Look forward to this evening. Who knows what it’ll bring, right.”

Breakfast over they each showered and dressed and headed off to there classes.

“Will I see you at lunch time.” Richard asked Pam asked kind of sad.

“Sure, lets get what ever and go and sit outside. I have physics then a 30-minute break then chemistry. What do you have Pam?”

“Business management at 10.30 then Math after lunch.”

“Back to the math class, Whoopee.” Richard said.

“I’ll be there as well lover.” Pam chided as they walked hand in hand into the building.

“Hmm that makes it all the better. I’ll you a coffee after your management class ok.” Richard said giving Pam a parting kiss.

Ok sweet thing, you behave in class ok.”

“Yes ma-am.” Richard said grinning.

As Pam was walking into the cafeteria she saw Richard at the cashier paying for their coffees. She went over and whispered. “Hi there sexy. You come here often?”

“Quite often Aphrodite.” Richard replied as he handed Pam her coffee.

“Ohh really. I must come here more often then.” Pam chided Rick as she sat down and patted his knee under the table.

“Did you have a good sleep Pam? You were fast asleep when I got back with our things. You looked so sensual laying there, one hand over your bra. Your other hand had two fingers buried in you love nest.” Richard whispered adding. “I tried to as gentle as I could as I extracted your fingers. Hoping not to wake you. You never even roused bless you.”

“You were very considerate Rick. I was very cosy in your robe and bed. I think I slept like a baby. But later to have you snuggled up behind me in bed was out of this world. The feeling of your erection pressed against my butt, and even pressing between into the crack between the cheeks was so exciting and sensual.” Pam whispered as she slid her hand under the table. She quietly slid it up under her skirt and fondled her love lips and ringed her excited love bud. She dipped her finger into her hot and very wet cunt. Pam said. “Rick just recollecting your apartment and our time there has got me really hot and sticky, wet in fact.” As Pam was whispering she had extracted her wet finger out of her cunt. She whispered as she raised her finger and leaning over the table. “You gentle passionate lover.” Pam put her wet sticky finger on Rick’s lips and he took it between his lips and sucked it tasting her essence of love. She withdrew her finger, biting her bottom lip Pam whispered in a dreamy tone. “See what you do to me lover. You sensual man.”

“Really. I’m a bad influence for you and I love it. Now I guess its back to headache land. See you after class. What do you want for lunch Pam? I’m having a salmon salad sandwich and a fruit juice.” Richard said.

“I’ll have an egg salad sandwich and a Pepsi please Rick.” Pam replied.

“Ok see you in the parking lot.”

Richard picked up their sandwiches and drinks. He headed out to the parking lot. Pam was a few seconds behind him.

“Hi there sexy.” Pam said chuckling.

“Why hello there Aphrodite. Where do you want to have lunch sweet thing?” Richard said.

“Well our math class isn’t till 2.30. How about going to the park?” Pam suggested.

“That sounds a good idea, ok lets go.” Richard replied, getting into the car.

As they drove through town Richard stopped at the drug store, saying. “I’ll be just a minute.” He got out and went into the store. Looking around he found the condom display and the type he wanted. artvin escort He got two packets of life style extra thin condoms. He paid for them and went back to the car. He opened the door and dropped the bag on the front seat. Pam was picking it and one of the packets slipped out and she said. “Why hello. We have Trojan thin condoms ooee. I’d heard of Trojans but not the varieties. You s-e-x-x-y guy you.” Pam looked in the bag and saw the other packet saying. “Am I getting lucky or what.” As she quietly took a foil pouch out of the box in her hand, slipped into the pocket in her skirt and put the other packet back into the bag.

Pam slid her hand over onto Rick’s lap and caressed the bulge in his pants whispering. “I think we are both very horny. How about you sweet man?”

Pam took Rick’s hand and slipped it up under her skirt, as she parted her thighs. She took a finger of Rick’s and slid it into her hot and wet cunt, gasping. “O-h-h Rick O-h-h f-u-c-k.” He had curled a finger and was caressing the inside of her cunt. She clenched thighs together trapping Rick’s finger and hand between them.

Getting to the parking lot Richard parked and they got out and embraced each other. Richard picked up the bag of there lunches and they strolled into the park. After walking a few yards Pam turned and pulled Rick to her and kissed him passionately. Then they continued across the park their arms around each other’s waists.

“Lets go over that way” Richard said indicating the wooded area ahead. They followed the pathway to the trees. Pam noticed a pathway off to the side, saying. “There’s a path that’s not used much Rick.”

“I see what you mean, it’s not well travelled that’s for sure. Lets take a look.” Richard said as he went on in between two large rocks. To go on Richard pushed low branches aside as they entered the shady treed area. Tall Aspen and Poplar trees shaded the mossy grassy area that sloped away in front of them. They walked hand in hand down into a small glen with a stream gurgling its way through the woods. “This looks a nice spot.” Richard said.

“Yes it is a lovely spot, kinda romantic as well.” Pam replied as she turned around.

Rick was taking off his shirt. His finely muscled chest was catching the suns rays.

“That looks a great idea.” Pam said as she pulled her blouse over her head. Her firm breasts were catching the sun as well. When she dressed at Rick’s she had left her bra off intentionally. They sat and had there lunches. When Pam had finished hers she got up and strolled down to the streams edge and dipped a toe into the clear brownish water. Not being too cold she stepped into the water and proceeded to lift her skirt over her head. She screwed it up and threw it up as far as she could toward Rick.

Standing feet apart. Her hips thrust forward. With her deft fingers she parted her love lips and peed into the stream. In a golden arc, it fell splashing into the water and flowed away through the undergrowth. As she strained to loose the last drops a phst escaped from her puckered butt.

She glanced in Rick’s direction blushing a bit, only to see him lying on the mossy grass totally naked. The sun was shining down on his nude torso.

Pam quietly stepped out of the stream and sauntered to where Rick was laying. He had his eyes closed as Pam stood over his chest.

She bent down and put a hand either side of his neck and proceeded to kneel over his upper chest. At the first contact Rick opened his eyes to see a bush of dark brown pubic curls in front of his chin and a heavenly young body above them.

“My cunt wants your very passionate attention lover.” Pam said in a throaty wanton voice.

As Pam was speaking Rick was freeing his arms and wrapping them around Pam. Pulling her love garden to his waiting lips. He could smell the fact that Pam had peed. Pam’s love lips right at his lips. Rick slowly traced the shape of those pink wrinkled lips with the tip of his tongue, up and down, up and down. Pressing his lips around one and then the other. Sucked them into his mouth making them wet with his saliva. Letting them out with a plop. He poked his stiff curled up tongue in between her love lips into her hot wet waiting cunt. Rocking his head back and forth to get his tongue in as far as he could. Extracting his tongue he ringed her clit hood softly, she wriggled at the contact and the sensation it gave her. Richard moved his arms urging Pam to roll off of him.

She rolled over onto her back, her legs bent and wide apart. Richard rolled onto his side. He stopped and admired the thing of great beauty lying at his side. He grasped his erect penus, which he very slowly pumped as Pam watched.

“I have to pee.” Richard said, as he took a step away.

Pam grabbed him by the foot saying. “Right here lover let me taste it, sweet thing.”

Richard turned so he was standing level with her chest. He knelt and holding his erection let loose a fountain of hot golden pee out past her head where ataköy escort it hissed as it fell onto the mossy grass.

As his fountain waned a bit Pam put her hand under the fountain so when it was nearly over her hand would catch some of the hot sexy elixir for her to taste. She put her mouth to her palm and tilted it so her drink could dribble into her waiting mouth. “You taste so sexxy and salty.” Pam said as she licked her lips and hand.

Lying back down Pam pulled Rick on top of her as she clamped her legs around him.

He bent down and French kissed Pam passionately and long.

Pam unclamped her legs letting them fall, her feet flat on the grass, she reached for her skirt, fumbling in its folds she found what she was feeling for. It was the pocket with the foil pouch in it. She took it out and holding it up over Rick’s back she managed to rip it open. Gently she took out the latex condom.

As their French kiss ended Richard rolled over onto his back. His erection was very stiff lying close to his abdomen.

Pam sat up and said in a whisper. “Let me try this on you for size lover.” A she spoke she approached his erection and gently slipped the condom onto it and encased his prick all the way down.

When it was on she swung a leg over his abdomen and proceeded to squat over him. Reaching between them she softly held his prick and slid it in.

Slowly she lowered herself onto it until it was totally immersed in her hot wet cunt.

She leaned back to take Rick in as deeply as she was able. Slowly rocking and raising and lower onto his rampant tool.

Richard reached up and caressed and fondled her succulent breasts. Her areolas had spread wide and became swollen and puffy. Her nipples were stiff and dark with the excitement that she was experiencing.

Richard slipped a hand down to her crotch and gently rubbed the cover for her love bud, her excitement was getting close to a climax. She was thrusting herself on Rick erection faster and faster.

“O-h-h Pam are you cumming yet because I’m all most there. Slow down otherwise I’ll explode.”

“I’m getting there. Wet your finger in my cunt and caress my clit.” Pam said. Richard just managed to slip one finger into her cunt. Then he frigged her clit gently with his wet slippery finger.

After a short while Pam was squirming and wriggling as she neared her orgasm. At the last moment she pumped Rick’s prick hard and fast. Rick could feel her cunt contracting around his prick. This was enough to trigger his shooting wads of hot creamy cum. Pam shuddered a second or two later in an explosive orgasm that made her black out momentarily and perspiration stand out on her brow.

“Oh fuck that was beyond words Pam croaked breathlessly as she collapsed on top of Rick. His prick still immersed in the hot wet folds of Pam’s cunt. She squeezed her thighs together as tightly as she could, holding onto Rick.

“You are incredible Pam. I hope the condom held. When I came it felt like I would have burst it.”


Pam relaxed and raised herself up off of Rick’s stiff prick. They both looked at the condom. It was intact with all of Rick’s cum contained.

Pam gently took his prick in her hand and caressed it. The sensation was enough to make Rick groan.

She wriggled till Rick was back in her hot very wet cunt. Her love juices dribbled down her thighs and over Rick’s balls.

Pam kissed Rick and said softly as she looked into his flashing brown eyes. “You are some lover. I feel like I’ve known you for years. I wish I had. I could become addicted to you. Oh man what an addiction. Beats the drug seen all to heck.

She raised herself up and off of the impaling penus. Getting up she slipped her blouse on. As she was buttoning it up she squatted down and had a pee. As she stood and got her skirt she whispered. “Ah that feels better.

Peter had watched her as he was getting up.

Putting a hand down he rolled off the condom and secreted it under a rock.

He said to Pam as he was putting on his shirt. “Yeh I feel like I’ve known you a long time as well. Watching you peeing just now it was so natural and sensual. I think you had a good idea as well” As he did up his shirt. He peed a small stream and as he finished he remarked. “Yes that does feel a lot better.”

Fully dressed and very contented they strolled across the park their arms around each other.

They arrived back at college and still had 35 minutes till class. Peter suggested that they get a drink at the cafeteria and Pam agreed.

Richard went and got the cold drink and they sat quietly and enjoyed their drinks.

“Oh man that was a great and sexy lunch Rick.” Pam whispered as she put a hand on his leg under the table.

“Yeh it sure was. You are a really sexy girl Pam. I’m amazed that you don’t have a boyfriend. That’s fine by me though because they don’t know what they are missing as I do.

The guys around here have to be blind.

You are a lovely and very sexy girl Pam.” Richard said as he put a hand on Pam’s on his thigh.

There drinks over they headed to their Math class. Pam sat behind Rick so he couldn’t be the voyeur this time. He focussed on the problems set out for the class.

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