Co-worker’s Man Ch. 21

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Big Tits

I spent the rest of the morning working on some various projects. I saw Lori a couple of times as she came by and spoke to some co-workers about different issues. You would never know from looking at her that anything was out of the ordinary. She was in my area only once and gave me knowing smile as she went by.

At break time while others went for a coffee, I snuck another drink of Mr. Wolfe’s piss from the thermos. It was still nice and warm and I relished the hot salty taste as I let the distinct flavor linger on my tongue before swallowing. A little while later I had a craving for it again and took a quick swig straight from the thermos just before lunchtime.

My phone rang and I looked down to see that it was our receptionist calling me. I picked up, “Hello.”

“Yeah, Jon. Can you come to the front please? There’s somebody here to see you.”

“Okay, I’ll be right out.” I wondered who the heck this was. I wasn’t expecting anybody. I looked at my watch on the way to the front; 11:55. Shit, I was just about to go on lunch. I hoped this wouldn’t take too long. As I rounded the corner to our front lobby, I saw Mr. Wolfe leaning on the counter sharing a laugh with our receptionist. She looked over at me as I walked up.

“Oh Jon, your friend is here,” she said with a smile as she gestured towards Mr. Wolfe.

“Uh…..Mr. Wolfe, what are you doing here?” I asked incredulously.

“Jon, my boy. I just thought I’d come by and take you out to lunch,” he said as he half-turned towards me, still leaning on the counter. I watched nervously as he continued to face me and turned one of his hands towards me. With the back of his hand to the receptionist, I could clearly see a photograph in the palm of his cupped hand. It was one of the ones he had taken of me last night with his cock laying on my face and a load of his cum all over me.

“Yeah, I know a great sausage place that I know you’ll love,” he said as he smiled at me and kept the picture pointed straight towards me. “So, what do you say?”


“Okay, I’ve got my van parked right out front. I’ll see you in a couple of minutes,” he said as he slipped the picture back into his pocket, said his goodbyes to our receptionist and walked towards the elevators.

A little rattled by Mr. Wolfe’s unexpected appearance here at work, I went back to my desk and only had a minute of two before I had to join him. I was sure he would have conveniently found a way to accidentally “drop” that picture on the receptionist’s desk if I hadn’t agreed to meet him.

At noon, I left the building and saw his van sitting at the curb. It was a worker’s van, not a family-type van. It had solid panel sides and a couple of small frosted windows in the two back doors. As I opened the door and climbed into the passenger seat, he immediately started the van and pulled away from the curb. I looked into the back from the space between the two front seats. There were compartments and shelves along each wall for storing materials. There were two captain’s chairs bolted to the floor and facing the back just behind the two front seats. There were two pieces of curtains hanging behind each of the front seats that I surmised could be closed to shut off the front from the back. I also spotted a mattress from a single bed on the floor just beyond the captain’s chairs.

“How did you know where I worked?” I asked him.

“Like I said earlier cocksucker, I’ve been keeping my eye on you for quite awhile now. I know lots of stuff about you,” he said as he maneuvered thru traffic. “Hey. Lean over here.” I leaned over towards him from the passenger seat. “Breathe out,” he said. I did as he asked and watched as he sniffed. He let out a hearty laugh as he slapped the steering wheel. “I thought I smelt piss on your breath. So, are you enjoying your thermos, faggot?”

“Yes sir.” I answered. “Where are we going?”

“Like I said, to a place where you can get a good sausage. And we’re almost there,” he said as he pulled into the entrance to a large shopping mall not too far from my work. It was a huge spread out mall with a massive parking lot. At midday on a Monday, it wasn’t too crowded. He swung around to the rear area of the parking lot and drove up towards a lone car parked near the back, far away from any others. As he pulled alongside the other car and stopped, I saw a man get out of the other car and make his way towards the rear of the van. One of the back doors of the van opened and the man got in and made his way forward as he bent over in the back of the van.

“Hey Wolfe, is this the queer?” he said pointing to me.

“Yeah, that’s him. Dutch, meet the cocksucker. Cocksucker….Dutch,” Mr. Wolfe said pointing from one to the other of us. “I was tellin’ my good buddy Dutch here all about your special talents, Jon. And well, he expressed a genuine interest in checking out some of those talents. Right Dutch?”

“Yeah. But hey, I dropped my wife in the mall and told her istanbul escort I had to go down the street for something. So let’s get to it.”

“Okay, faggot. Let’s get in the back and you can take good care of Dutch.”

I seemed to move like a zombie as Mr. Wolfe took me by the shoulder and led me between the seats into the back area. He pushed me to my knees on the mattress as he reached back and drew the two sides of the curtain closed. Mr. Wolfe sat in one of the captain’s chairs and I watched as Dutch kicked off his shoes, undid his belt and pulled off his pants and underwear. He was a man about Mr. Wolfe’s age but he was physically quite different. He was a fair bit shorter and stockier. I figured it was likely that they had been in the service together at some point.

As he threw his pants aside, he sat in the other chair and I got my first good look at his package. His balls hung low and heavy as he sat at the front edge of the seat. His cock was semi-hard and arcing out. It appeared to be a little longer than average but it was incredibly thick.

“C’mon queer, I want to unload in your mouth and I don’t have a lot of time,” he said as his strong muscular legs opened in invitation. I hesitated but kept my eyes on his fat cock.

Mr. Wolfe noticed my hesitation immediately. “Now c’mon cocksucker. You know you want to do it. Just crawl forwards a little bit and he’ll dump a nice hot load into that faggot mouth of yours before you know it.”

With his hypnotic words settling into my brain, I crawled forward until I was right between Dutch’s legs. The thing that hit me first was the surprising smell emanating from his crotch; soap! It unbelievably had a clean, soapy freshness. That made it much easier for me to suck off a man I had met just moments before. Although I think I knew inside that I would have done it anyways even if he was dirty and smelly. I started to reach my hand towards his fat cock.

“Un-uh queer. I can get off with my own hand anytime. I want you just to use your mouth for now. Keep your hands off until I tell you,” Dutch instructed. I moved forward until my face was right in front of his heavy cock. “Okay dickhead, kiss it.”

I pursed my lips and kissed the very end of his cock. I felt the smooth texture of the spongy membranes of his crown against my soft lips. I kissed all around the large head and then smooched my way down the length of his shaft. He was cut and had large protruding veins running up and down his member. As I kissed and nibbled at him, I felt it start to expand. Once I got to the base, I stuck out my tongue and started licking my way back up to the top. It was quickly filling up with blood and by the time I had bathed his whole shaft with my saliva, he had a full erection. As he sat there, it pointed upright at about a forty-five degree angle. It was probably about 7 ½” long but incredibly thick. The opening in the end of his cock was shiny as precum started to ooze forth.

“C’mon cocksucker, show me how you got your name,” Dutch said as he nodded down towards his upright cock. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and started to slip it over his wide head. The girth of his cock was huge, especially at the ridge around the base of the crown. I felt my lips pulling and stretching and I was afraid they would split at the corners. I pulled back slightly and used my tongue to deposit a good layer of saliva on his cockhead to act as a lubricant. I slid my lips forward on the crown again and pressed forward as my lips stretched further and further open. They finally popped over the purple vein around the base of the head and clamped down on his shaft.

“That’s good, faggot. You got the hard part done okay. Now get that head moving.” I didn’t know what to do with my hands so I put them on his husky thighs to help give me leverage as I started to bob my head. His wide cock filled my mouth as I pushed a load of saliva to the front of my mouth and pushed my face further down his cock. I allowed the saliva to run out the sides of my mouth and down his broad shaft. It helped ease the way as I bobbed my head on the top half of his cock.

His wide hot cock felt velvety smooth in my mouth as I got used to the immense girth stretching my lips. I started moaning around his cock as I bobbed my head further and further down his cock. Using my head only, I pulled his whole cock downwards and angled my throat and then pushed my face forwards towards his groin. I saw Dutch look down with wide eyes as his whole fat cock disappeared into my face. His thick pubic hair scratched at my face as my lips pressed against the skin at the base of his throbbing cock.

“Holy fuck Wolfe! He’s got it all!” exclaimed Dutch.

“See, I told you the cocksucker was a natural. C’mon now kid, show old Dutch here what you can do. Make me proud,” Mr. Wolfe said as he reached forward and petted me like a dog.

With Mr. Wolfe’s words ringing in my ears, I wanted to prove to him that I was worthy of his beşiktaş escort praise. I slid my mouth backwards and felt my lips stretch wide open as they drew back over Dutch’s incredibly wide crown. With my lips back just beyond the tip, I took the opportunity to swipe my tongue over his piss-slit and taste his precum. It tasted almost smoky and I wondered if Dutch was a smoker. His flavor was very distinct from any I had before. I took another quick lick at the drooling opening and then powered my face forwards until I slammed my lips against his groin again.

“OH MOTHERFUCKER!” bellowed Dutch as he brought both hands onto my head. We worked together as I thrust my head full length back and forth over his velvety smooth yet rock hard erection. He kept his hands deep in my hair gripping my head, pulling my head back and forth over his cock as we got into a regular rhythm. I could tell the Dutch was so turned on that he wouldn’t take long to ejaculate.

“Oh yeah. That’s so fucking good. Keep going queer. Just a little more and then you’ll get a nice big reward,” he said as he pulled my face back and forth over his pulsating rod.

“You do want a nice big reward, don’t you cocksucker?” Mr. Wolfe asked as he looked down at my head pistoning back and forth.

“Mmmmmmhhhmmmmm,” I moaned in agreement against Dutch’s cock. I saw Dutch’s balls draw up in their sack and I felt his cock get that extra level of hardness. I got ready to pull back so I could capture his load directly into my mouth.

“OH FUCK……I’M CUMMING!” he shouted as he pulled my head forwards against him and kept his cock buried deep in my throat! My eyes bugged open as I felt his cock throbbing as he spewed his load directly into my stomach. He kept a tight grip on my head and his cock kept spitting as I tried to pull back.

“Let him breathe Dutch,” I heard Mr. Wolfe say and I felt Dutch’s hands loosen their grip on my hair. I pulled back immediately until just his broad head remained within my mouth. I drew in some cool air thru my nose as he kept unloading into my mouth. His cum was really thick and tasted like mushroom soup as he kept shooting into me. I let the flavor run over my tastebuds before swallowing. He soon stopped his twitching and his cum diminished until only the last drops oozed forth.

“Holy shit Wolfe! You were right. This faggot is something special. But hey, I gotta go. The old lady’ll be wondering where the fuck I got to,” he said as he pulled his softening cock out of my mouth and quickly pulled on his pants. He reached down to tie up his shoes and then as he got back up he pulled his wallet out of his pocket.

“Twenty bucks, right Wolfe?” he said and I watched as he passed a $20 bill to Mr. Wolfe.

“Yep. That’s it Dutch. Glad to be of service,” he said as he slipped the bill into his pocket.

“Okay, thanks Wolfe. I gotta go,” Dutch replied as he made his way to the back of the van and left. I remained on my knees looking at Mr. Wolfe as I heard Dutch’s car start up and drive away. My lips felt swollen and stretched from the workout Dutch’s tremendous girth had given me.

“You missed a little. And I know you wouldn’t want to waste any,” said Mr. Wolfe as he leaned forward and wiped a gob of cum off my chin and slid his thick finger into my mouth. I sucked lovingly on his finger as I licked it clean of Dutch’s thick semen. He pulled his finger out of my mouth and started undoing his belt. “Get those pants off. We’ve still got plenty of time before you have to be back.”

We each stood half bent over in the back of the van as we took off our pants and underwear. Mr. Wolfe reached into the pocket of his work pants and pulled out a little package. “Here, put this on. I don’t want you to make a mess on my shirt,” he said and tossed it to me. I looked down at a condom package and quickly opened it and rolled it down over my cock. It had been hard the whole time that I’d been sucking off Dutch.

“I’ve got some of your favorite stuff right here,” he said as he pulled out a jar of Vaseline from one of the tool compartments and sat back in the chair. He pulled out a gob and I watched as he smoothed it slowly along the full length of his rock hard cock. My tongue slid out to lick slowly along my lips as my eyes were glued to his glistening hard shaft.

“Is this what you want, cocksucker?” he asked as he continued to slide his hand teasingly back and forth. He was doing it slow and firmly, milking his precum up his shaft and I watched hypnotized as it drooled forth to drip down onto the mattress beneath us.

“Yes sir,” I answered as my eyes never left his magnificent manhood.

“Well then climb up here, faggot,” he said as he took his hand and held it around the base of his cock. It was standing straight up and I moaned with lust as I climbed up onto the chair with my feet on either side of him. I gripped the back of his chair over his shoulders as I lowered myself towards his up-thrust beylikdüzü escort member. He held his cock still as I lowered myself onto his dripping cockhead. As I felt the heat of it against my puckered ring, I slithered my asshole all around his head so his precum and the lube he’d put on his cock was smeared onto my tight hole.

“C’mon asshole, get down on it,” he said impatiently. Not wanting to disappoint him, I centered my hole right over his broad cockhead and pushed myself down.

“Ooohhhhhh,” I groaned as I felt his engorged crown spread my ring and the head slide into me. As I got used to the crimson cap filling me, I relaxed my sphincter and allowed myself to slide down on his hard erection. I let out an audible “Aaaaahhhhh” as his thick cock filled that aching void inside me. I eased myself down slowly as his throbbing dick made its way deeper and deeper inside me. I looked down and watched as the last few inches of his thick base disappeared inside me.

“Oh fuck….yeah,” I said and I threw my head back as I luxuriated in the feeling of that tremendous cock stretching my insides.

“Do you like that big cock in you, faggot?” Mr. Wolfe asked.

“Oh, yes sir. I love it,” I said as I rocked slightly back and forth and ground my ass hard against his groin.

“Well come on then girl, show me what you can do.”

I kept a firm grip on the back of his chair and raised myself off his turgid pole. I looked down and watched inch by inch of his hard glistening shaft come into view. With just the head lodged within me, I let myself drop and his cock thrust up deep within me.

“Oooooohhhh fuuuucckkkkk,” I moaned as I raised myself again and let myself drop. I started to bounce up and down as I kept impaling myself on his full 9 ¾”. My head was flopping from side to side and my cock was drooling precum into the condom I was wearing as I powered myself up and down on his upright cock.

“Atta girl, let ‘er buck,” said Mr. Wolfe as he started to thrust his hips up into me with every downward stroke of mine. He kept his hands gripping my hips as I rode him wildly. My upper body was flopping all around as I felt his upward curve cause his protruding ridge to tear across my prostate.

“C’mon girl, jerk off your clit,” he said. I reached down and wrapped my hand around my cock and started jacking it as I continued to bounce up and down. I gripped the condom tightly so it wouldn’t slide off and milked my hand rapidly back and forth.

“Okay cocksucker, you can cum now,” he said. Within seconds of his words entering my brain, I felt my orgasm starting. I felt the surge of my semen rushing up the shaft of my cock and my hand became a blur as I jerked away at my condom-covered cock. I looked down and saw a white ball fill the reservoir tip and I continued to pump away as my orgasm flowed thru me. I twitched and gyrated on his pulsing shaft as the earth-shattering pleasure washed over me.

“OH YEAH…..GONNA CUM…….FUCK….YEAH….RIGHT IN YOUR PUSSY!” he shouted as I felt him go rigid and he slammed his cock full length into me. I felt his first shot blast against the hot lining of my ass as he started to unload. I gripped his pulsating shaft with the muscles in my ass as he continued to shoot rope after thick hot rope against the walls of my rectum. I used my ass to try and milk every drop of his potent semen out of him, my puckered ring nibbling at the bottom of his thick shaft. I knew he was finished when he eased his grip on my hips.

“Now Jon, what’s a faggot like you gonna do with that condom you have on?” he said as he looked at me with a smile. As I sat with his cock still deep within me, I reached down and carefully slid the condom off my deflating cock. I brought it up to my mouth and put the open end into my mouth and turned it upside down. I closed my eyes and let the flavor of my own hot semen wash over my tongue as it ran into my mouth. I slurped and licked at the condom until I had all of my own cum safe and sound in my stomach.

“That’s a good girl,” he said. “Now a good cocksucker makes sure they clean up afterwards. And you want to be a good cocksucker, don’t you Jon?”

“Yes sir,” I said as I gingerly raised myself off his semi-hard cock. I clamped my asshole closed as his heavy cock slid fully out of me and fell against his thigh. I dropped to my knees between his spread legs and brought my face to his cum spattered cock. I reached out with my tongue and licked up all the precious seed streaking his softening member. After capturing every delicious morsel, I slid the head fully into my mouth and eased it down fully over his deflating cock. It felt spongy and comforting in my mouth. I pressed my tongue against the glistening eye and swiped up the last morsel of his semen.

“Okay Jon, time to get you back to work,” he said as he pulled my mouth off his cock. We climbed back into our clothes and made our way back to the front seat of the van. Mr. Wolfe started the van and we headed out of the mall parking lot back towards my office.

“You did real good there Jon. Not many people can take Dutch’s fat cock like that. I’m proud of you.” I felt like I was glowing under his praise. We arrived in front of my office and I opened the door.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32