Club Exit Ch. 03

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Hours had passed since Kyle had been turned to a statue. The dark, red lit room was silent other than the sound of warm flesh slapping against cold hard stone. Marcus was dripping in sweat emitting enough body heat to melt ice. He had matched the rhythm of his powerful thrusts to the clock hands ticking away on the wall. Marcus was in his office the entire night. He stood totally naked toying with Kyle’s statue. The air was filled with the scent of sex.

Kyle remained suspended in the swing hanging from the ceiling motionless and silent. Marcus slid his right hand up the back of Kyle’s stone thighs, up past his petrified calves to his ankles gripping them as Kyle’s stone feet dangled in the air. Marcus’ dick was still raging hard even after a night of jerking himself off and fucking this statue of a once fine man. With his left hand Marcus traced the head of his dick around the frozen wide opening of Kyle’s ass “Mmm, you like that dick… I’ll bet you’re dying to have it back inside of you.” The smooth surface of Kyle’s rock hard entrance allowed Marcus’ very sensitive, red head to slide comfortably around. Knowing that a reply would never be uttered from Kyle’s lips, Marcus shoved himself back in burying his cock all the way up to the hilt. Marcus groaned loudly as he thrust inward. The interior of Kyle’s petrified tunnel was generously coated from Marcus’ multiple loads and lube.

Kyle could only lay there motionless other than the back and forth motion of the swing he was strapped into. Outward, Kyle was silent and still, an inanimate slab of rock. How could a lively young man full of energy and personality suddenly be reduced to a lifeless collection of minerals arranged to resemble the person he once was? He would become just another piece of erotic art displayed somewhere in the club for the many oblivious fags to unknowingly pass by. They wouldn’t suspect that the very attractive statue with his cock at full mast in their selfies was really a person both trapped in unending sexual pleasure and imprisoned with a barren future he never asked for. Club Exit, the place where young men leave their human lives behind…

Inward, Kyle’s head was spinning. He was caught, helplessly floating in an abyss of pleasure with the world he once knew all around him just out of reach. He was drowning in the sensations his new stone body provided. His body felt fuzzy and numb and his vision was slightly blurred. The sounds of Marcus’ moaning seemed like they were coming from behind a wall, the pounding of Marcus slamming his ass drummed vibrations through his solid form. Kyle felt drunk. So much for the hangover the next morning. Even after an entire night his orgasm was still going full speed. After the initial spurt of his seed was sealed, it remained as one long stream. Kyles dick felt like a water hose left running. Every so often that stream was interrupted by a sudden climax as Marcus brought him to the peak of another orgasm that would never provide him relief.

Behind them, Diego stood watching Marcus’ full round ass flex and pump with each thrust, wanting so bad to feel himself inside of it. Diego knew exactly how to work an ass, especially one as beautiful as Marcus’, which he had the pleasure of watching all night.

Marcus climbed up into the swing and straddled Kyle’s waist. Even as virile as Marcus was, he was exhausted. He hovered his naked body just above Kyle’s stone pillar, teasing the unyielding tip of Kyle’s head against the soft and inviting opening of his own ass. Marcus’ well muscled but exhausted thighs shook as they struggled to support his weight. Marcus spit into his hand and reached back to massage the hard cock, lubricating it. “Can’t wait to get this all inside, you really are a great fuck…” Marcus lowered himself, the solid stone head slipped past the outer ring of Marcus’ entrance and slowly slid further and further in until Marcus’ ass was resting atop Kyle’s swollen rock solid balls. Kyle’s attention was brought back to the present as he felt immense pressure surround his dick. A satisfying warmth spread throughout Kyle’s groin. Kyle tossed his head back in ecstasy as he felt Marcus accept him completely. “Fuuuuuuuu…” Is all Kyle could manage to think as his body felt fully enveloped within Marcus.

Once adjusted to the unexpected size and girth of Kyle’s ten incher, Marcus leaned forward placing his hands to Kyle’s broad stone chest and began riding him. With each thrust the swing began to sway. Marcus soon matched the rhythm and picked up speed. Up and down, back and forth. Marcus reclined back taking hold of the two chains hanging from the ceiling near Kyle’s feet raising his spent muscular body up leaving only the head of Kyle’s dick to barely tease the outer ring of his entrance. With a deep breath he relaxed his grip and he dropped down.

The sudden force of Kyle’s stone member driving right across his prostate stimulated it beyond comprehension. The thick stone stretched Marcus further, and reached deeper than what Marcus was used to. He opened his mouth and exhaled. In a sudden burst string after string of steaming hot semen shot across istanbul escort Kyle’s body and face. Marcus moaned even louder this time Marcus laid back holding onto Kyle’s legs enjoying his hands-free orgasm. Kyle could only lay there helpless wanting to shoot a load of his own. Kyle was unable to scream or yell, unable to grab hold of Marcus’ firm ass in order to guide him up and down milking his balls dry. Kyle was helpless in allowing himself to reach climax.

Catching his breath and composure Marcus pulled himself off and repositioned his body to lay back across Kyle. Rivers of sweat cascaded down from his body, dripping from the stone body beneath him to the floor down below. All the while Marcus’ body reacted as if he was feeding off of Kyle’s statue, gaining some type of energy from him. Soon he regained his strength, looking a little stronger and more youthful than before. Kyle grew tired and the surrounding room seemed to fade, as if the lights were turned off.

That same morning, Dylan woke in his bed. He was still upset with Kyle, but decided maybe it was time to make peace. It was a new day, the sun shined through his curtains, and Kyle was still his best friend. Always has been, and always would be. Dylan had betrayed the advice his mother always gave him, “Never go to bed angry.” Dylan rolled out of bed still in his tee shirt and boxers and shuffled his way across the house to Kyle’s room. Dylan knocked and waited. No answer, so he slowly opened the door. The room was empty, Kyle wasn’t there sleeping off a late night. Kyle was off today and it was too late for him to have gone for a morning run. Dylan left the room and let the door slam shut. With a deep annoyed sigh, “He seriously stayed out all night…” Dylan got ready for work and left.

That evening Dylan drove up to the house, Kyle’s car was still not on the street or in the driveway. “Hey Kyle, I’m sorry I got mad at you. Can we talk?” None of his calls or texts throughout the day had been answered. Grabbing his lunch bag and sweater he walked inside. Tim was in the living room watching tv and eating a sandwich.

“Hey Tim, have you heard from Kyle?”

With his mouth full of food, “Nah man. He probably went home with some chick last night.” Tim was obviously unconcerned. Dylan shook his head, “It’s already getting late…” Tim just looked at him with a blank stare…

“And? He’s an adult. I don’t keep tabs on him dude, and neither should you.” Dylan knew that this isn’t like Kyle to just disappear like this. Something had to be wrong.

After getting out of his work clothes, Dylan decided to call the police. Maybe he was arrested for drunk driving. After being left on hold for half an hour Dylan hung up and decided to drive down to the police station. Police stations made him nervous, whatever the reason for a person to be down there, it was never good. He approached the front counter slowly, “Hi I have a friend that’s missing.”

The officer at the counter looked up from her crossword. She had frizzy gray hair pulled back in a bun. Her skin was rough, and her uniform, while ironed and professional, fit her frumpy body ill. “Name?” and she looked at Dylan like he was bothering her. Her voice was hoarse from years of smoking.

“Kyle, Kyle Miller…” The officer casually typed his name into the computer, “There’s no one by that name in holding…” She looked up at him again.

“Umm, okay. Well he’s gone missing…”

She interrupted Dylan, “Sir, how long has Mr. Miller been missing?”

Dylan paused, knowing what he was about to say may sound dumb. “He went out last night and hasn’t gotten home yet.”

The officer sighed, “…fucking kids…” she said under her breath, “Said person needs to be missing for a full twenty four hours sir. I’m afraid at this time I can’t assist you.”

Dylan’s stomach sank to the floor in both disappointment and embarrassment. He simply thanked her, and left. Dylan finally got home and it was night. He was more upset to get home and see no car parked. “Hey Kyle, please call me when you get this. I’m not mad at you, I’m really worried. Why wont you answer me?” Dylan hit send, hoping his newest text would be answered.

Dylan shuffled his way to the front door and went inside with his head hung low in defeat. Tim was still home walking around the living room wearing only a small towel in between his cam shows. The music from his room echoed throughout the house. The sight caught Dylan by surprise as he immediately saw his well muscled roommate, who by the way looked to be freshly oiled up.

“Hey dude, my viewers keep asking for more. Now they want me to have a friend in the show. Wanna join me?” Tim walked up very close to Dylan in a half joking half serious way. His pumped muscles were tight and rippled. The tattoos across Tim’s upper body accentuated the contours of his masculine build. The smell of his musk filled Dylan’s nostrils. Dylan looked him in the eye as Tim lowered his own taking Dylan’s hand placing it to his bare chest sliding it down his stomach. Dylan’s eyes followed as Tim reached the towel that was to fall. avrupa yakası escort

Dylan tensed up. “Come on bro, it’ll be fun…” Tim pulls on the towel loosening it. “Just jerk me for a bit…” Tim let the towel drop to the floor exposing his semi hard cock. Its thick girth swayed as he lazily stroked himself in front of Dylan.

Tim grinned through the corners of his mouth and looked into Dylan’s eyes. “How long has it been since you fucked? It’ll just be some innocent fun between friends.”

The thought ran through Dylan’s mind as he licked his lips. More than enough times had he seen Tim in his underwear, but now this stud was standing there in front of him totally naked telling him to jerk him off live on cam. Tim’s dick did look delicious as it slowly hardened, Dylan wondered what it would feel like to hold it. He pictured himself stroking the monster between Tim’s legs, and bending over to get a taste of his manhood.

Dylan hesitantly reached out his hand to Tim’s solid body and felt the muscles beneath his inked and tanned skin. Tim smiled and bounced his pecs. His firm muscles moved under Dylan’s fingers. Tim’s nipples became stiff. Dylan inched his fingers across the individual plates of Tim’s six pack to the base of Tim’s tree trunk. Tim’s dick bobbed from the rush of blood filling it up. It had been a while since Dylan had had any fun. Too long in fact. Who was he to turn down a hot straight roommate?

“Tim, as hot as this would be… I’m afraid you’ll have to count me out this time.” With that, Dylan didn’t take a full grasp but made a point to graze his fingers tips across the length of Tim’s now fully hard member. “AWW c’mon bro! Don’t leave me hangin’… literally” Dylan walked to his room while Tim stood there in the middle of the living room in all his nude glory. “Just come in if you want. Surprise me! The viewers will love it!” he called before going back to his own room holding his dick in his hand.

Meanwhile at the club, Spence walked down the hallway to Marcus’ office to go over some more paperwork on the products. He knocked but there was no answer. Spence opened the door to find Marcus still toying with Kyle’s statue. Spence stood there for a moment admiring the beautiful body before him.

“Having fun I see…” Spence said interrupting Marcus who was currently shooting a large load into Kyle’s frozen open mouth.

Marcus turned toward Spence and smiled through the corner of his mouth raising an eyebrow. Breathing deeply and totally spent Marcus walked over to his sofa and reclined. “The energy from his body is unlike the others. I feel stronger and more powerful than the others could ever make me feel.” Marcus loses strength and energy every time he uses his ability, especially when his powers were harvested and transferred to the sex toys which were now in production.

“Is that so Marcus?” Spence asked. Marcus smiled as he approached him. His sweaty nude body glistened in the dim red lights. His dick swayed like a pendulum, and though it was going flaccid it was still quite impressive. Spence stood there. With a swift move Marcus unzipped the fly of Spence’s slacks pulling out his member. With a shimmer of his eyes, Spence’s penis turned to stone. Spence began to panic, but to his surprise the change didn’t sweep across the rest of his body. It was confined to only his penis. Marcus smiled while keeping a firm grip. The weight of it was unbelievable. Spence felt it tugging at his groin. Marcus let go and began to get dressed. Slowly, the effect wore off and Spence’s dick changed back to normal, and suddenly a flood of pre cum oozed out. Caught off guard Spence grabbed a tissue from Marcus’ desk and quickly wiped himself off while zipping his fly.

Regaining a sense of composure, “Sir, I have an idea for a new item, it’s more for precautionary use. It could be quite useful.”

“Honestly Spence, I don’t have the time for that right now. I’m in need of a shower and rest. You can come back later…” Spence hid his annoyance. “Send to have these two prepped for display. I’ve taken enough of their essence, can’t have them dying on me.” Spence nodded in obedience as Marcus continued. “Also, get rid of his car. Can’t have anyone snooping around like last time. Make it look like an accident.” Kyle’s torn clothing was still strewn across the floor in shreds like debris from the torrential sex that had previously taken place. “Clean up this mess.” Marcus ordered before retiring to his private quarters.

Dylan woke the next morning and quickly checked his phone. To his disappointment, nothing but random notifications from his facebook was waiting for him. He jumped out of his bed, and rushed to Kyle’s room. Opening the bedroom door he found the room empty yet again. Everything was still in the state it was yesterday. Now Dylan was convinced something was wrong so he got dressed to head back to the police station. Once there, Dylan approached the front desk again.

Looking up at him from a crossword puzzle, “Yes, how can I help you?” the same officer asked with a general annoyance bahçelievler escort in her tone.

“I was here yesterday and you told me I had to wait 24 hours to report a missing person…” before he could even finish his reply the female officer grabbed a rather lengthy form… “Name, age, height…one moment.” she answered the phone and began chatting about a lunch order. Dylan stood there shocked and confused at her lack of empathy. Then to make matters worse she started to give someone her lunch order. The officer obviously wasn’t too concerned.

Frustrated, Dylan spoke up. “Excuse me officer. My friend is missing can you get off the phone and help me?” She simply put he finger up in a ‘hold on’ gesture. “Hey, can you get off the god damn phone?! My friend is missing and you’re ordering fucking lunch?! Do your job why don’t you…” Dylan’s loud abrupt tone got the attention of everyone in the room.

An older man walked up to the counter from behind Dylan. He was in his early to mid forties, with a scruffy beard. He wasn’t dressed in the usual police uniform. Instead, he wore a gray suit and a white button up with a dark blue tie loosened from a day that had already become too long. He was a rugged handsome man who appeared to still be in great shape for his age. He stood at around six feet tall. His broad shoulders and strong chest filled out his shirt and jacket nicely. Dylan continued to go off accusing the female officer of not doing her job and having no concern. The older man placed his hand on Dylan’s shoulder. “Hey is everything okay?”

Dylan turned his head quickly, “Excuse me, do I know you? Don’t touch me…” Dylan was very worked up.

“It’s okay Sheila,” the older man told the female officer, “I’ll take it from here. Hi I’m Detective Dermott. Come in to my office so we can talk, and get you calmed down.” Leading Dylan behind the counter toward a hallway he turned back, “And we’re going to have a talk later Sheila…” Sheila stared at him. The detective held the door open inviting Dylan to enter first. Dylan looked around. As any detective’s office would be, it sat in slight disarray. Detective Dermott pulled up a chair motioning for Dylan to take a seat. “Please sit.” Detective Dermott sat behind his desk trying to organize a pile of paperwork and folders. “So, what’s going on? You said your friend is missing.” Dylan took a deep breath and sat back.

“I’ve never had to do this, what all do you need from me?” Dylan asked nervously.

“First, I just need his information. You know name, age, description. I’ll run a search to see if maybe he was picked up for any reason, if he’s been processed he’ll show up.” Kyle had been processed indeed. Unfortunately for Dylan, not in a way that would benefit him at this point.

After giving the detective Kyle’s information, the search engine began. “So how long has your friend Kyle been missing? Has there been any contact with anyone else you may know?” Dylan realized he hadn’t even called Kyle’s parents, he may be there. The detective turned to his computer to check the intake from holding.

“What are you looking up?” Dylan asked.

“I’m checking the drunk tank database.” After a few moments, nothing came up. “Okay, so no info came up under his name, I’ll look into this for you. Just try and take it easy. Stressing out over this is normal but it’s not helpful. Try to think about that night, if you can remember anything give me a call.” Detective Dermott handed one of his cards, Dylan took it and notice the detective’s eyes, deep blue. Kyle’s blue oceans flashed in his mind.

Dylan pulled up a picture of Kyle on his phone. “Detective, I can email the picture to you.” The detective gave his email, and Dylan sent it.

“Meanwhile I’ll head over to the club and ask around.” Detective Dermott reached out and shook Dylan’s hand, it was a firm grip. He cupped his other hand over Dylan’s, “Please, go home and relax, I’ll let you know if I find anything.” For the first time in a couple days, Dylan felt that someone was actually concerned about this situation.

Dylan got home, and went to his room. Sitting on his bed he scrolled through his contacts and made a call. “Hello?” a woman asked.

“Hi Mrs. Miller, it’s Dylan.” Kyle’s mom had watched her son and Dylan grow up together, she considered Dylan to be a son.

“Umm have you heard from Kyle? He didn’t come home the other night. No, nothing’s wrong.” He reassured her, “Okay, well if you hear from him, let me know.” She seemed worried as all mothers do, but said she’ll let him know right away. “Love you too, Mrs. Miller. Bye.” He hung up.

The next day Detective Dermott arrived Club Exit. He got out of his car, it wasn’t the newest model, but on his salary those types of luxuries weren’t in the equation. Looking at the exterior, the building had no windows and looked like a fortress designed to keep everything out, or depending on how you looked at it, to keep everything inside. He walked toward the door and entered. The club was quiet, the lights were on as well. The black painted ceiling and walls contrasted the numerous statues of stone ranging from bright white to a medium gray. The mirrors on the columns multiplied the number of stone men in the space. He could instantly tell this had to be a gay club with most of these statues being of men basking all around the floor in all their naked glory.

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