Closing Time

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“Half an hour to go,” I thought. We closed at six o’clock on Fridays, and I was definitely ready to go home. It had been a long week at the shoe store where I worked. Michelle, the owner, had decided to hold a big summer sale to try to boost the business. It’s hard for a small boutique store to compete with the big chains, so I understood the need, but it had been a crazy week. Michelle did a good job promoting the sale. I couldn’t even guess the number of women I’d waited on, or the pairs of shoes I had run back and forth and placed on their feet. I couldn’t wait to get out of these hose and heels, slip on my favorite jeans, and relax.

Making matters worse, Michelle had to get out early that day, leaving me to close. I guess I was flattered that she trusted me, a lowly college girl, with her pride and joy, but it meant staying an extra 45 minutes to put everything in order for the next day.

As the clock moved slowly toward six, I started cleaning up, hoping to get a head start on the closing tasks. I was lucky – the shop was empty, and it was unlikely that anyone would come in this late. Most women want plenty of time to choose, especially at a shop like ours.

At ten till six, I made an “executive decision” to close early. I knew Michelle wouldn’t like it, but it was only me in the shop, so she’d never know. Unfortunately, as I walked to the door to lock up, it sprung open to reveal one final customer. Oh shit! I thought as she rushed inside, but I put on my best customer service face and greeted her warmly.

“I hope I’m not too late,” she said, catching her breath. “I got caught in traffic, and I really need some cute shoes for tomorrow night. Can I still get some?”

“Oh no, no,” I lied, “not a problem. What can I help you with?”

The words shot out of her, as she was obviously still running on high from her trip through traffic. “Well, I have this fund-raiser tomorrow night, so I need something dressy, but it’s an arts event, so I want them to be distinctive, too, and sexy. I hate to be boring. Oh, by the way, I’m Julie Ellison.”

A warm smile lit up her face, and I felt guilty for the minor resentment I was feeling. I noticed now how pretty she was: fairly straight brown hair just over her shoulders (much like myself), bright green eyes, and that smile that just captures you, with a very slight overbite that made her so cute. She looked maybe 25, though I sensed she was older. And she was about my size, around 5′ 3″, without what I estimated were three-inch heels.

I took the hand she extended and shook it politely. Now I recognized her, and I was glad that I hadn’t shut her out. She was a friend of Michelle’s and a very good customer, a bit of a shoe addict. It would not have been good to be closed early when she showed up.

I told Julie to take her time looking around, all the while hoping that she’d just pick something quick and go. No such luck. My eyes followed her as she picked up one shoe after another, apparently with something in mind that she just couldn’t find. I’d add an occasional comment, doing my part to make a sale, but she’d just flash that beautiful smile and move on.

At last, she hit a section she liked. I could tell by the little “Oooh” she gave when she saw them. She turned and flashed that smile at me again. “These are nice!”

“Yeah, those are brand new,” I said. “They’re cute, aren’t they?”

“Oh yes,” she answered, “cute, dressy, and sexy – just what I’m looking for!”

Julie’s enthusiasm was stimulating. Suddenly I didn’t mind staying a little late to help her find what she wanted. She gathered up five samples and asked if we had them in a five. “We’ll see,” I said, and went back to find them. Luckily for her, we had all five in her size. As I came out of the stock room, I was immediately caught again by “the smile”. I was really starting to like this woman.

“Have a seat, I said, and we’ll try these on.” She took a seat in one of our overstuffed chairs – one of the little extras that Michelle had added to make the shop special.

“Ohhhh, I LOVE these chairs,” she sighed. “After the week I had, I could just stay here forever.” She leaned back and got a dreamy look on her face.

“I know what you mean,” I said. Then I remembered the istanbul escort time, and without thinking, “Oh, excuse me, I should lock the door.”

Her face took on a look of sudden realization. “Oh gosh! I’m so sorry! I’m keeping you late, aren’t I? Look, if you have to go, I completely understand. I’m sure I can make do tomorrow with something else.”

Now I was embarrassed. I certainly didn’t want her to feel I was pushing her out. Besides, by now I was very much enjoying her company. I really did want her to stay. I assured her that everything was fine, and told her, truthfully, that I was dying to see how each of these shoes would look on her. Still, I locked the door to avoid any other late arrivals.

Having settled that, I knelt down and started to take Julie’s shoes off. I had a little trouble undoing the strap on her pumps, and she had to raise each leg slightly to get the right angle. I couldn’t help but notice how lovely those legs were – smooth, feminine lines, with just a touch of muscle that comes from a light workout. She was not wearing hose, so as I steadied her legs to undo her pumps, I felt the silky softness of her calves in my hands. Suddenly my fatigue was gone and my desire to go home was forgotten. Now I found myself becoming aroused, looking up and touching the legs of a very attractive woman! I felt a slight blush warm my face.

I silently reprimanded myself and tried to get back to business. Picking up the first shoe, I took Julie’s right foot in my hand and slipped it on. It was a beautiful shoe, delicate and sexy, black, with three-inch heels and little spaghetti straps surrounding the foot in several spots. On Julie’s foot, it looked incredible. I’ve heard of people having foot fetishes, and I’ve never seen the point, but at that moment, I understood completely. Julie had absolutely beautiful little feet, perfectly pedicured, and that shoe made them the sexiest body part I’d ever seen. I could feel my arousal increasing.

I slipped the other shoe on and had Julie stand up and walk in them. My god, they looked even better now. The light straps seemed to caress her feet, and the heels put them at an angle that highlighted the shape of both her feet and her lovely calves.

“Wow, these are hot,” she said. Then with a little giggle, “I think they call these ‘fuck me’ shoes!”

Now I’m sure I blushed. Just hearing those words come from her sent a little rush up my spine. This woman was driving me crazy, and she didn’t even know it. I looked at her sexy feet, her calves, and the little bit of thigh exposed beneath her skirt and tried not to show what I was thinking. Flustered, I responded to her comment with “Yeah, they definitely do the job for you!”

As soon as I said it, I felt exposed. Oh God, could she see how I felt? She gave me a little raised-eyebrow look, but smiled, and I laughed nervously to slough it off. She looked intently at me for several seconds and then said, “Well, let’s see if you have any other ‘fuck mes’ there for me.” She giggled slightly again, but I sensed the same nervousness that I was feeling.

She tried on all the others. They were pretty, especially on her, but I thought the first ones were better and told her so. Julie wasn’t so sure. She was torn between the first ones and a pair of simpler heels with a single strap. I suggested she try the first pair on again to decide and knelt down t help her with them.

By this time I was in such a state that I was having trouble concentrating. I slipped the little black numbers on both her feet and just stared at them. At that moment, I felt obsessed with Julie’s pretty feet. To make matters worse, from where I sat, I could look halfway up her skirt. Her shapely calves led to soft, creamy thighs, which led into a dark shadow under her skirt that I longed to explore.

I wasn’t sure if she was on my wavelength or not, and I knew it could be bad if I offended her, but I couldn’t help myself. With her foot still in my hand, I told her how much I liked the shoes, how they made her feet look so sexy. I knew I was saying things that were just on the border of propriety, but I didn’t care. I was going down this path, wherever it might lead.

Still holding her right foot in one hand, I moved my other hand subtly beylikdüzü escort up to her calf. I let it move ever so slightly against her skin as I looked her straight in the eye and said “Julie, these shoes are the ones. Your feet are so, so beautiful, and these make them look sexier than any feet I’ve ever seen.”

A tiny smile crossed Julie’s lips as she looked at me for several long seconds. “Reaaallly?” she breathed. “You like them, huh?”

I just nodded, and she asked, “You think they’re good ‘fuck me’ shoes?”

I was beside myself now. All I could say was “oh yeah”, my voice trembling slightly as I looked up at her, trying to decide what she was thinking. Finally I couldn’t stand it any longer. Giving in to my urges, I bent down and softly kissed her foot, just at the instep. She didn’t move, so I kissed her again, this time just below the ankle, and then, being bold, ran my tongue lightly over her toes.

I looked up at her, scared to death that she was going to scream or something, but she just looked at me. Looking at her eyes now, I could see her age better – mid-thirties, I guessed, an age I am drawn to, and very attractive. She ran her tongue nervously over her upper lip and almost seemed distracted. Finally, I asked cautiously “Was that okay?” Her reply almost melted me: “Oh yeah, that’s okay. Oh god, that’s so very okay!”

That opened the floodgates. With half-closed eyes, I began a thorough loving of her feet, my lips and tongue exploring every curve, my mouth engulfing each delicate toe. I’d never done anything with feet before, but I’m good with my tongue, and Julie wasn’t complaining. She just lay back in the chair, enjoying the gentle bathing of her feet, sighing occasionally.

Julie’s feet, however, had merely caught me attention, and while they were a new thrill, my real interest lay elsewhere. Starting at her ankle, I slowly dragged my lips up her calf, with an occasional lick as I went. I looked up for a reaction from Julie, but got little. She just sank back deeper in the chair and moved her leg out a few inches. As I looked directly up her leg, I was thrilled to see the crotch of her panties. Inspired by the sight of that little V, I started to move up her leg, kissing the inside of her right knee, then moving over to do the same to her left. There was no hiding my intentions at this point, and my heart pounded as I thought about what I would soon be doing.

I forged ahead, placing my mouth on her inner thigh, just above the knee, licking tiny circles of pleasure on her perfect skin. I looked up again, hoping for some sign that I was doing good. Her eyes were closed, savoring the experience. I should have let her enjoy it, but for some reason I needed some acknowledgement from her. I licked furiously at her right thigh while running my hand tenderly up her left, feeling the soft, smooth flesh, reaching ever closer to the warm crotch of her panties. An involuntary moan escaped my lips, prompting Julie to finally look down at me between her legs. I looked up at her, my eyes asking the question, “Am I doing good?” She spread her legs slightly, closed her eyes again, and whispered, “Oh god, it’s been so long!”

Relieved and encouraged, I became more bold, pushing her right legs upward and running my wet tongue up and down the back of her leg. That drew a pleasant “ohhhh – ahhhhh!” from Julie, which she repeated when I gave the same treatment to her other leg. I kissed my way back down her silky thigh until I was just inches from the wet spot between her legs. I could tell she wanted it then, but I moved on, placing my lips in the same spot on the other side. I was teasing her, building her desire, knowing that the climax would be worth the wait for both of us.

I spent a long time at it, building her passion, making her want it more than anything. She was whimpering with desire and frustration as I passed over her needy little crotch, four or five times, sometimes just brushing the silky material with my lips, but never pausing to pleasure her. Then, finally even I couldn’t take it anymore. I reached up for the waistband of her purple-gray panties as Julie’s hips eagerly rose to help me. She spread her legs wide, and I got my first look at her beautiful pussy, so ready for my attention. esenyurt escort

Still I took my time, teasing her unmercifully. I move up into her crotch, my mouth just inches from her wet folds. I was breathing heavily by now, and I’m sure she could feel my breath on her. I took a few seconds to look at her, at the engorged lips, the moisture clearly showing on them. Then I reached out with my tongue and took a single, slow swipe from her anus to her clit. That drew a nice, shivering moan from Julie, and I did it again, this time dipping deeper into her slit. I felt her fluids coating my tongue as I ran it up and down several times.

Julie pulled her legs up, placing her feet on the chair seat. I had to smile when I realized she still had the shoes on. I began eating her in earnest, using every trick I knew to drive her crazy while still holding off her orgasm. I kissed her pussy passionately, rolling my head from side to side, enjoying the feel of her slick gash against my lips. I drove my tongue in deep, feeling the moist heat of her cunt, then pulled back to suck tenderly on her sweet lips. I ignored her clit for now, knowing that eventually I’d get there to make her cum, but not yet.

I continued to tease her as I had earlier, but now at a new level. Over and over I brought her close, so close, just to the brink of climax, before easing off and then coming back for more. I know Julie was frustrated, but I was giving her continuous pleasure and dragging it out exquisitely. Her moans and sighs filled the shop, and her hips thrust wonderfully in response to my ministrations. Her cunt leaked its fluid onto my chin.

I knew it time for her clit. By now my hands had moved upward, under her top, sneaking into her bra from beneath. Her breasts felt wonderful, so soft and smooth, with those obvious hard spots in the center of my palms. I took both nipples between my fingers, twirling the little nubs as my tongue swirled on the one below.

Julie’s response was immediate. She cried out as her whole body tensed, lunging forward to force more contact on that sensitive spot. My lips covered her clittie and just sucked, gently, rhythmically. Her hips moved urgently to the rhythm and suddenly she was there. My hands moved to her bottom, holding her to me as she came hard. A long, feral groan escaped her lips and her whole body shook with pleasure. It seemed to go on for minutes. Then, from deep within her, “OOOHHHHH… GAWWWWWD… FUCK!!!!!” Her hips convulsed against my face, out of control, rubbing back and forth into my eager mouth. She finished with several hard spasms, as I licked deeply into her cunt.

I continued a gentle licking at Julie’s pussy until she came down, but then I had to move. I’m not normally aggressive in sex, but right then I had to have some relief. Without even thinking, I got my own panties off and climbed up on the chair. If Julie was surprised to find me in her face, she didn’t show it. I felt her hands on my buns and then the wonderful, wet warmth of her tongue on my privates. I was so excited, it took just a few licks to start me humping joyously into her mouth.

Afterward, we were both silent for a while. Finally, Julie looked up at me with a kind of silly grin and said, “Well, that was a surprise!” I guess it broke the tension, because we both started laughing like crazy.

“Yeah,” I said, “those shoes definitely work!” and we were off in giggles again.

Getting serious, Julie looked me in the eye and said, “I hope you know I don’t do this sort of thing all the time.”

“Oh, I’m sure,” I laughed. “I certainly don’t make a habit of seducing the customers, either!”

Julie smiled mischievously. “Well, you definitely do an excellent job when you decide to.”

“Thanks.” I was silent for several awkward seconds before completing my thought. “I’d really like to do that again for you sometime.”

Now it was her turn to pause. She looked at me intently. “Oh, you would, huh?” she said. Her eyes flashed and a self-satisfied grin filled her face. “So you want to get together again?”

I had this bad feeling that she might be mocking me. “Uh huh,” and answered dumbly, “Sometime.” I looked down at the sweet sight of her still parted thighs. I so wanted her again.

Julie reached up and pulled me down so my ear was close to her mouth. “Well,” she whispered, “right now would be nice.” Her hands nudged me gently to my knees, as her legs once again opened wide.

I got home very late that night.

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