Cleaning Cousin Ch. 03

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To the readers; Thanks for all your comments on the previous chapters of this story. I enjoy the feedback and look forward to it. Please contact me with suggestions and criticism.


The week dragged on with Saturday coming, but not soon enough to suit me. Saturday was the day that my younger cousin would come to clean my house while I was at work. It was only the previous Saturday that I ended up in bed with her, initially not realizing she was my cousin. It was some of the best sex I had ever had and one of the sweetest girls I had ever had the pleasure to meet. My head still reeled when I thought about what had happened.

Melissa was my mother’s sister’s daughter about 10 years younger than my 28 years. Just barely 18 years old. She had often been referred to as “that poor girl” by the family. I believe mostly because she was always in her older sister’s shadow.

Her sister, Tiffany, was always more outgoing, the pretty one, blonde hair blue eyes, cheerleader all that stuff. She went through puberty with her nose in the air believing that her shit did not stink. The whole family encouraged the attitude with gifts of, the latest fashions, trips to the theatre, dance lessons, horseback riding, and all the crap that the upper crust of the high school social circle did. She had the boys panting at her door and was, from what I learned later a real cock tease.

With her sister getting all the attention it had an affect on Melissa. She ended up the shy one. Believing she was not as pretty, because her hair was brown instead of blonde and she did not have her sister’s rail thin figure, she was a little chubby as a child. So as she approached adolescence she kept her hair tied back, didn’t wear makeup and generally hid from the social scene. Like most things in life, if you believe you are second rate you will be second rate.

I did not know the effect I had on her as she was growing up. As a teenager I had occasionally been tapped to baby-sit both girls and when they visited my parent’s home they both gravitated to me. I suppose because I took the time to entertain them. They were both cute kids to me and I didn’t mind them being around. The real difference was that I recognized that everyone favored Tiffany and I suppose, being the rebel I am I paid a little more attention to Melissa, just to be different. She apparently noticed the attention and grew up with me as her ideal of a man. I had had little contact with her after I moved from my parent’s home and that made me all the more desirable to her, aloof and unobtainable. We always want what we can’t have.

Now I was counting the hours until I would see her again, hold her naked body against mine. Feel her nipples rub against my chest and her wonderful pussy around my dick. I was worried about having knocked her up last time, the first time, we had been together, but surprisingly, I did not disturb me. I recognized it as a problem but not a big one. While in the past I had had similar concerns with other women, the worry would nearly drive me crazy. Saturday finally came. I left work a little earlier than usual. I did not have to be there on Saturdays but had always gone in to take care of odds and ends. To suddenly not go in would have set off alarms and raised red flags. I could not wait to get home and see Melissa. I knew she would be there as she had called the night before to let me know everything was on track. I just couldn’t shake the fear that somebody would find out or somehow something would interfere.

With that fear nagging me I pulled into my driveway, got out of the car and walked through the garage to the kitchen door. The door was unlocked and as I opened it I was greeted by a sight of my desire dressed in one of the sexiest and most alluring ways I could imagine.

Melissa stood about 10 feet away from me dressed in a silk robe that came half way down her thigh. She had one leg slightly bent toward me, exposing a little more thigh. Her left shoulder was exposed, the robe either slipped down or was pushed down and most of her left breast was visible. The robe was only loosely tied and nearly open. Were it should have overlapped on the front it just barely came together allowing my imagination to see what was behind it. Finally in her hand was a large bar glass. Filled with ice and an amber liquid.

“Scotch and water?” She said “That’s what you usually drink, isn’t it?”

I stood frozen in the doorway drinking in the sight. She walked over to me put the drink in my hand and took my briefcase from my other hand. With her free hand she gently led me to the living room and guided me to my easy chair and guided me down into it. Once I was seated she looked at me and said “I thought you might want to relax a while since you just got home from work. So you just drink your drink and I will get everything ready for your shower.” As she finished her statement she bent over and untied my shoes and slipped them off. As she stood up she leaned over and gave me one of the gentlest and most şişli escort sensuous kisses I probably have ever had. Then she straightend up and moved back toward the bedrooms. “Just sit there, finish your drink and relax. I’ll be back in a minute.” She called as she moved down the hall.

Did I die on the way home? Maybe I crashed the car and this was Valhalla. What other explanation could there be. To be met at the door by a beautiful woman with a drink in her hand for me and to be so attentive to me. To actually fulfill my dreams, my male chauvinist perception of what domestic bliss was or should be. I had to shake myself. I took a gulp of the drink. Well it wasn’t perfect too much water not enough Scotch. I guess this was reality after all. I sat there with my drink allowing the alcohol to loosen me up. I had not realized how tense I was over this whole thing until I comprehended that she was actually here.

A few minutes passed and I heard her moving back down the hall toward me. Then I felt her hands on my shoulders working the stress out of my muscles. “Almost ready for your shower?” She asked. “I thought I would give you a treat and apply the soap myself”

If I was not ready before I was instantly ready now. She took me by the hand and led me into the master bedroom. Once there she unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off my shoulders running her hands down over my chest and stomach to undo my belt and the button on my slacks. I couldn’t contain myself any longer and reached for her. “Now, now, patience relax and enjoy” she said as she pushed my hands back to my sides and continued undoing my slacks. She let them fall to the floor and I stepped out of them leaving me in just my briefs. Now she bent down and hooked her fingers into the sides of the elastic band and began to pull them down. First sliding them down off my backside them pausing before sliding them down all the way and freeing my, by now, rock hard dick. As my manhood sprang free of the confines of my briefs she reached out and took it into her mouth, nearly swallowing it at once. She just held it in her mouth for a few seconds before slowly sliding it out. “Every bit as good as I remember” she commented as she stood back up, took my hand and led me into the master bathroom.

Now about the only good thing my lazy bitch of an ex-wife did was to nag me about remodeling the master bathroom. She had me rip it completely out and tear down the wall that separated it from the walk in closet for the adjoining room. Then rebuild the wall to create a standard closet for that room. The net result was a huge bathroom that we put a whirlpool tub in, which no one ever used and a 5’x 6′ walk in shower with two shower heads and two sets of controls, with full glass doors across the front. What it ended up being can only be described as luxurious? With a built in bench seat, I could spend hours in there if the hot water held out.

Melissa led me into the shower and started the water running, she got it adjusted to hot, which is where a shower should be. Now as I stood there with the steaming water running down my back she stepped back and untied her robe, arched her back and let it fall to the floor exposing her beautifully formed, perfectly round “C” cup tits and baby smooth shaved pussy to my full view. Then wearing nothing but a smile she stepped through the glass door to join me. Again I reached for her, but again she stepped back, wagged a finger at me and told me to slow down and enjoy.

She picked up a bar of soap off of the shelf and stepped around behind me. Suddenly I felt a very gentle Kiss on either side of my neck and then my shoulders followed by the bar of soap and her hands washing my neck and shoulders then running down my back. Slowly rubbing lather onto my naked body. Down she went sliding quickly over my ass and then concentrating on my legs. Gently running her soapy hands up and down my legs, almost but not quite touching my dick and balls each time. Finally as she finished teasing me she stood up still at my back and began to rub the soap onto my ass cheeks. It was more like a massage working each cheek and then running her hand down the crack and gently tickling my sensitive hole before moving down between my legs and gently brushing my balls.

Having finished with my back she turned me around and started the same process on my front. Beginning with my shoulders, then down each arm, onto my chest. Each stoke of her hands was like a touch of velvet across my skin. As she washed off my chest and abdomen then leaned aside so the water would rinse me off she leaned forward and gently took each of my nipples into her mouth one at a time and sucked. She would swirl her tongue around and around and then brush it over the tip. It was an incredible feeling and I could not believe that a woman was sucking my nipples. It was supposed to be the other way around.

All this time, my poor ignored cock was near to bursting from lack of physical stimulation. Plenty of mental stimulation but not near mecidiyeköy escort enough physical. I felt like I was going to blow my load just standing there. All it was getting was an occasional brush against her skin or a squeeze as it was trapped between us as she would get close to me. Soon she stopped, got down on her knees and washed my legs again just teasing me getting near my manhood but not quite touching it. Stoking each leg up and down as though she were jacking off a giant cock. Finally without warning she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. Just the head at first putting just enough suction on it to slowly draw the rest into her mouth. Then as I hit the back of her throat, she let it slide out, ever so slowly, then back in. Eventually I noticed that she was tickling the underside of my dick with her tongue and beginning to move faster. Still not fast enough to allow me release, but a little faster with each stroke.

I don’t know how long she was sucking me like that it seemed like hours but at the same time just minutes. My perception of time was totally lost. The only thing I had in my mind was this barely legal nymph sucking my cock and she was my cousin. God what a turn on and what a natural cocksucker she was. Finally she grasped the base of my dick and began to furiously stroke. It was all I needed and I blew a huge load of cum into her mouth. I watched as I felt each spurt shoot in and saw her swallow. I came and came like I had not come before. The doctors tell us that a man normally ejaculates a couple of tablespoons full each orgasm. I without a doubt went well over average and probably broke the record. When I was done and there was nothing left except what usually dribbles out she went back to work and sucked it all out till I was dry as a bone and starting to go soft. But she did not allow that and kept working me till I was hard again.

Now gently licking my again hard cock, up and down. Taking her tongue and beginning at the base and running it to the tip then back down the other side, then again up the underside and over the head and back down to the base. Finally she stood up and pulled my head to her mouth and kissed me with passion. Holding my lips to hers and swirling her tongue around in my mouth. Now it was her turn.

I ran my hands over her body, across her back, down over her shapely and perfect ass. Stopping to cup it in my hands and squeeze. I pulled her closer to me and held her against me. Then I released her and ran my hands up her sides to her tits. Stopping to run circles around her sensitive nipples with my fingers then down to her smooth pussy and not stopping as she pushed herself against my hand but instead moving it. Moving it again back to her ass. Just touching her everywhere while locked into a passionate but tender kiss. Now I slowly allowed my right hand to stop on her ass while my left continued to roam. I slid my right hand down over her ass and up between her legs and pushed a finger deep inside her, as far as it would go and she shuddered. I knew she needed more so I worked a second finger in and started twisting them and plunging them in and out. Her breathing was getting shallow and she was not responding to our kiss the same so I knew she was getting close. I quickly pulled my hand out of her snatch and turned her around and held her back to my front. With my left hand grasping her right tit and pinching her nipple, I again pushed my right down between her legs but from the front this time. I cupped her pussy in my hand and drove three fingers into her again and put pressure on the heel of my hand where it would do the most good, against her extended clit. I worked my fingers in and out and my hand over her clit and she came. Once again it was like a dam opened up or like a pregnant woman whose water broke and her girl cum gushed onto the floor of the shower, running down both of our legs.

I thought she was going to collapse she seemed so weak, as she sagged into my arms. But as usual she recovered quickly turned around and hugged me close, just standing there holding me for minutes on end.

“Oh, that was nice.” She finally said, after she caught her breath.

The water from the showerhead started to cool so it was time to get out. I reached over and turned it off and we both stepped out of the shower to the towel rack and proceeded to dry each other off. Playfully we ran the towels over each other, mussing hair and pinching and tickling. The play continued long after we were both dry and abruptly ended when I started tickling her very ticklish sides and she bolted and ran naked into the bedroom, she sprang across the bed in an effort to keep something between us as defense.

I approached with hands extended, fingers wiggling in a mock attack stance. When I reached the bed I stood there teasing her and then just laid down with my arms open inviting her to join me and be held. She hesitated for a second, not sure whether it was a ruse to bring her into tickle range again or a true invitation. Soon she slid down onto the bed and into my arms. I just held her for a minute stroking her wet hair and her lovely body.

“A little hesitant weren’t we?” I finally asked.

“Well, I thought you were going to trap me and tickle me till I peed again.” She answered a little defensively.

“Again?” What was she talking about, I thought.

“Yeah. Don’t you remember when we were little and you used to tickle Tiffany and me until we peed our pants. Then you would walk away laughing at us and your Mom would yell at you.”

I chuckled as the memory rushed back to me. I was a teenager and they were someplace between 3 and 8 years old and they would come and attack me with their little fingers trying to tickle me. I didn’t work as I am not ticklish. But it was their cry for attention so I would comply and chase them around the house and hold them upside down or tucked under one arm and tickle them mercilessly. When I felt particularly evil I would not stop but intentionally continue till one or both of them would wet themselves. I did find it funny and would laugh uncontrollably at their embarrassment. I finally stopped the practice when my mother got mad at me and made me wash their clothes once. After that I was more careful when to stop and let them run away.

I guess that was more traumatic for her than I imagined. I had almost forgotten about it, but it was obviously still very much on her mind.

“I won’t do that again, at least not now, you’d pee all over my bed if I did.” I chuckled.

“You better not or I’ll make sure I pee all over you instead.” She retorted.

“Ohhh, that sounds really kinky.”

“Pervert!” she laughed in response.

“Guilty as charged. What else would I be laying in bed with my cousin completely naked and getting ready to fuck her brains out?”

“Promises, promises. Lets see you deliver on that.” She said as she reached down and grasped my hard dick in her hands and began to slowly stroke me.

I allowed my hand to once again slide down to her hairless mound and gently began running circles around her clit with my index finger. As I slid it into her slit I knew she was ready. Whether it was still ready, or already ready I don’t know. But she was dripping wet. I pulled her to me and rolled her over on top of me. She immediately straddled me and lifted herself up in order to receive the gift of flesh I was about to give. She guided me into her warm wet tunnel of soft pussy flesh and with a sigh, sat on me. Then gently she slid her hips back and forth on me to stimulate us both.

As she worked her pussy on me I could feel her juices running out and bathing my groin in warm wetness. I took her tits in my hands and kneaded them then slid my index fingers over both nipples and teased them. This brought me a groan as her head was back, her back arched forcing her mounds of tit flesh into my hand. I continued to tease her nipples until she leaned down on me. She put those gorgeous tits right into my face and I knew she wanted me to suck them into my mouth. I did not need any prompting. First one then the other I gently sucked into my mouth and swirled my tongue around her nipples, teasing them to an even harder state, if that was possible.

As I worked her nipples in my mouth and felt her riding me I could feel her pussy muscles contracting and beginning to work my manhood and I knew she would soon reach another climax, But I was no where near ready I wanted this to last. I pushed her back upright so I could more easily reach her clit with my hand and I stimulate her to orgasm. I watched her shudder and her eyes roll back then I felt the gush of cum pouring out of her.

I let her relax and bask in the afterglow for a few minutes and she continued to ride me. I watched her face as it went from slack jawed, post orgasmic to once again the euphoric look of getting fucked and enjoying it. She continued to ride me and was beginning to build toward another climax. When I looked up at her and said, “I want to eat you. Put your pussy on my mouth. Sit on my face!”

With a smile of delight she slid off of me and crab walked up to place her sweet mound over my mouth and as she lowered herself to me I knew she was waiting for this because she started to grind herself into my face. I worked my tongue up into her hole and then slid it back out and along her slit to her clit, teasing it and torturing her by rapidly flicking my tongue back and forth over her little pleasure bud. Then I suddenly grasped it in between my teeth and bit down. Just hard enough to send a jolt of pain through her and with it the release she was working for. I almost forgot to take a breath before she started gushing on my face. I tried but there was no way I could catch and swallow all that sweet nectar. So I satisfied myself with getting as much as I could and letting the rest run across my neck and down my chest.

Now I was really horny. For some reason whenever she came like that, which seemed to be all the time, it triggered something in me. I rolled her off of me and got her up on her hands and knees then moved around behind her. I wanted to take her from behind, ram it into her and blow my load again.

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