Church Volunteer Becomes BBC Sub

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Anal Fucking

There she was. My beautiful 5′, 100 lb. blue eyed brunette wife bent over with a thick 10 inch black cock up her ass. Her pert little tits swinging side to side as her butthole was being stretched obscenely. A week earlier, I would have been mortified by this but I found out that things can change pretty quickly. I continued past our former marriage bed to the guest bedroom where Tyrone would continue to turn me out. Reality was, he had turned me out the first day we had him and Buck were released.

My name is Joseph and my wife is Chasity and we have always been Christian do gooders. Where ever there was a cause, we were always there to volunteer. I did the same when our pastor asked for men to commit to working as counselors at a state prison. It was a medium security prison and we would be assigned to prisoners that were 6 months or less to exit. I was given two men to counsel a half hour each every Wednesday for 3 months until their release.

My first meeting was with Tyrone, a 6’2″, 230 lb. black alpha man who was all muscle and tattoos. He had done 6 years for armed robbery and an additional year for sexual assault of a prisoner. His size and crimes alarmed me especially at my size of 5’7″ and 155 lbs. We were meeting in the visitation room and my wife had made cookies for both men that I carried along. Tyrone was first and when he came into the room, looked bigger than his pictures. He had a big disarming smile and shook my hand very gently. He wore an orange jumpsuit with obviously no underwear as the outline of his genitals was quite pronounced.

We sat down and started talking about his pending release and his assimilation back into society. He was very engaged and seemed very excited when I offered to bring him to our church. About midway through the conversation I remembered the cookies and gave them to him. As he got up and leaned forward to get them, his manhood moved forward in his pants exposing the covered form of his massive penis. I was staring right at it than looked away blushing, but Tyrone seemed to not notice as he opened the cookies.

He woke me out of my embarrassment when he said, you have a nice family. I looked

over and saw that Chasity had included our old photo Christmas card with the cookies. It was her and I together while she is holding our cat. We got back to our conversation and our last 15 minutes went smoothly. When Tyrone got up as I prepared for my next visit with Buck, I tried very hard to keep eye contact with him. He smiled, shook my hand than held it for a moment. He thanked me for volunteering for his release counseling and said he believed it would help get him in a halfway house, a condition of his parole.

Next I met Buck, a little shorter and darker than Tyrone but even more muscular. Our conversation went smoothly up until the time I gave him the cookies. Once he got the cookies, he became fixated on the photo card and began asking questions about Chasity. How tall was she, how old, where did we meet, how long have we been married etc. I tried to be patient with this, but after a while I steered things back to the topic of his release. One thing that Buck said that surprised me was that getting into a halfway house was not guaranteed. He said the lack of openings could delay their release up to several months. I thought this was very unfair.

As our visits continued each Wednesday, Tyrone and I became friends and I began to understand Buck better. When Tyrone and I discussed the charges that got him incarcerated, it seemed that he was just a victim of a bad environment and the influence of poor friends. As for the sexual assault charge in prison, he said he was framed. He explained that young white men pursued him sexually and occasionally he gave into them because of loneliness. He said the white man who filed charges against him was because he refused his advances. And with Buck, he just drove some friends to the liquor store one night. Without him knowing, he said they robbed the place. I felt so bad for both of them having been victims of the system.

The last month prior to their release, in addition to my Wednesday counseling, Chasity and I went to Saturday visitations. Buck had asked so many questions about Chasity that I thought they should meet, so while I visited with Tyrone, she visited with Buck. My visit with Tyrone was very loose and different since we were visiting in an outside area. It was also adjoining the inmates recreation area, so other inmates could sit at the fence and listen. Tyrone and I were laughing and telling jokes and I began to sense that he was flirting. Then he asked me a question that I found hard to not answer since we stressed honesty in our counseling sessions.

He asked me if I had a ever been with a man. I answered nervously but truthfully that I got drunk one night in college and ended up getting forcefully taken by an older man. He smiled and said he guessed that. When he stood up his erection istanbul escort was obvious in his orange jumpsuit. He asked me to go inside with him to get something from vending and I agreed. The look in his eyes and the firmness in his pants told me that things were different. As we entered the interior visitation room, there were very few people there to notice us. Tyrone grabbed my hand and led me into the vending machine room, past the last vending machine. There was a three foot opening that was out of camera view and eye view.

He pulled me into the opening, pressed me against the machine and started kissing me. I accepted his tongue in my mouth and he unzipped his jumpsuit down to the crotch. He grabbed my hand and forced it into his pants. His cock was easily ten inches, very thick and very moist with sweat and pre-cum. Tyrone stopped putting his tongue into my mouth and began whispering instructions on how he wanted to be jacked off. After about 5 minutes of stroking, he came in my hand. When I pulled it from his pants, it was covered with a thick spunk and I had nothing to wipe it with. Still pressed to the vending machine, Tyrone pushed my hand to my mouth and made me lick it off. As he was trying to get my hand into his pants to retrieve the rest, someone walked up and we quickly headed outside.

I went back and sat at the outside bench with Tyrone and just felt numb. I looked across the yard and saw Chasity talking and laughing with Buck while a group of inmates stared at them through the fence. She noticed me and turned to wave. At same time Buck turned to the other inmates, grabbed his crotch and made a humping motion. It was obvious what was on his mind as he flirted with my wife. Than what brought me out of my fog was Tyrone touching my thigh under the table. When I turned to him, he told me casually that Buck jerks off to my wife’s picture every night. He said he wants her cunt badly.

Just as casually he asked if I liked the taste of his cum. Than he made a joke about it not being vanilla ice cream and we both laughed, breaking the tension. For the last half hour Tyrone talked about wanting to fuck me. He spoke in detail about how a white boy is turned out and how black cock will stretch an asshole into a pussy. He told me that I was going to pick him up when he is released and go to the nearest motel. Everything he said struck me as commands as he spoke as a black alpha male to a submissive bitch.

As Chasity and I left visitation, I replayed the events of the day in my mind. In a single day, Tyrone had planted the thought in my head that I was a faggot. He forcefully got me to perform a homosexual act and described what was to come. And all of this was done without me putting up the least resistance. Worst yet was my wife talking glowingly about Buck. She talked about how charming, polite and masculine he was. She also made the odd comment that they need to provide underwear for their inmates. Obviously she had recognized the huge bulge in his jumpsuit.

On the drive home, Chasity mentioned that Buck said Tyrone and he may not get released on time because the halfway house is full and they don’t have an acceptable private home to get released to. Buck was planting a seed with her that I was sure Tyrone would bring up with me. If that were to happen I was sure Tyrone would own my manhood in a few days if not sooner. And I was sure Buck would find a way into Chasity’s panties. I think she was in awe of muscular black men as I would always catch her staring at them in the gym. Two days later she got on a call at home and I could hear her laughing and whispering. She told me later that it was Buck asking her to come to visitation and she agreed, also committing me to visit Tyrone.

Prior to our Wednesday counseling visit, I got a call from Tyrone and he told me to meet him a half hour early in an alcove just as you are entering the day room. I arrived as instructed to the surprise of the guard had let me into the corridor anyway. As I started walking, to the right was an open area with a retractable steel gate. As I approached it, Tyrone took my hand and closed the gate. The area was dark and obviously out of camera range with just a little light from an atrium window. The first thing he said was to be quiet, then he told me to STRIP.

I hesitated and again he told me STRIP…EVERYTHING OFF! I looked into his eyes and he was very serious, so I hurriedly dropped my shorts and the rest of my clothes. Standing there totally naked, Tyrone just leaned against the wall staring. Then he told me firmly to get on my knees and crawl to him. I did so across the filthy concrete floor until I was positioned directly under his crotch. He told me that I knew what to do, so I unzipped his jumpsuit and fished out his musky, sweaty cock. It was as hard as his other muscles with a thick mushroom head, very vainly and leaking pre-cum.

When I began to just rub it like before he smacked me on halkalı escort the head and whispered in my ear to suck it faggot. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and pushed the swollen head in, immediately tasting his pre-cum. He told me to watch my teeth as he pressed his thick cock down my throat. I worked on his cock and balls as he instructed me, gagging and dripping saliva. At one point, he pulled his black fuck stick out of my mouth and forced in two of his fingers. As I got it back in my mouth, I jumped as his two saliva soaked fingers started to penetrate my tight asshole.

I tried to stay focused on my cock sucking duties while Tyrone’s two big fingers started to move in and out of my asshole. About the 10th time those fingers were pushed into my hole, he began spraying cum in my mouth, face and chest. Then Tyrone stuck his fingers in my mouth to be cleaned. With nothing to clean with, I had to wipe the sticky cream onto my hand and lick it off. I still got dressed a sweaty, sticky, dirty tramp. When Tyrone was absolutely sure no one was coming, he quickly pulled me out into the hallway. He instructed me to hold his back pocket and walk behind him, a sign to other inmates I was his bitch. I latched on to his back pocket and exposed my growing nature.

When we began our counseling session, he led all conversation by telling me how I should shave my body, wear panties and use a butt plug. He also made it clear that my home was to be registered as his release address. This same demand was made by Buck in my second counseling session. Buck must have known what Tyrone planned because he keep asking questions about my appearance and calling me sweetie. The session degenerated into him asking sexual questions about Chasity like is she an anal virgin, does she suck dick and how often she comes. He also mentioned that he was now calling her three times a week. He also said that Chasity agreed to give him a ride when he is released. Both things she failed to tell me.

When the sessions were finished, I could not wait to get home so I could wash off the the dry sperm beneath my clothes. But just as I was about to leave, my pastor asked if he could speak with me. He said he noticed how well Tyrone and I got along and was glad things were working out. He said, to my shock, that he had held onto a few back pockets himself. He told me to enjoy myself and said he had put in the paperwork for Tyrone and Buck to be released to my address. The tentative dates for their release was the upcoming Tuesday for Tyrone and Wednesday for Buck. That meant we just had Saturday’s visitation to talk with them about their move in.

When I got home, I entered quietly trying to sneak by Chasity and get into the shower. I heard her on the phone talking in a low voice. As I stepped past the room, I did a double take as I saw my wife in bed with her phone to her ear and eyes closed. She was naked except for her panties, her hand inside them stroking vigorously as her tits bounced in unison. It was obvious to me who she was talking and why. I got in the shower and started washing the dried cum from my chest. As it moistened, I could not help but taste it again. I took the rest and rubbed it into my ass and onto my cock. I jerked my coated cock to an explosive orgasm while dreaming of losing my manhood to Tyrone.

Tuesday rolled around quickly and I was waiting patiently outside the release gate at 8:30am for Tyrone. The 3 months of counseling went by fast as well as the last week which included another blow job in Tyrone’s hiding spot. He also made sure I followed his instructions on shaving my body hair and using a butt plug. In fact, while I was gagging on his cock, Tyrone was pounding the butt plug in and out of my ass. Chasity had her Saturday visit with Buck in preparation for his release on Wednesday. I was told they spent a lot of time in the vending machine room. I’m sure she found out what his cock and cum tasted like. When she arrived home, she headed straight for the bathroom, a sure sign of her illicit activities. I could not believe how she was acting, but then again I was just as bad and about to get worse.

When Tyrone walked out of the prison, I smiled and waved at him. His face was stern and he immediately walked to the driver side and made me move over so he could drive. He began asking if I shaved my body, if I had pink panties on, if I had my butt plug in, if I painted my toenails. I said yes to everything he asked. Then he said show me. We pulled into a grocery store parking lot and Ty made me strip down to my pink panties than threw my clothes into the back seat. He made me show him my ass and pushed my butt plug as hard as he could up my asshole. It brought tears to my eyes and I let out a squeal. This caused Ty to whack me on my bottom so hard it vibrated throughout my body.

The punishment for my sin was that I had to suck his cock while he drove into the hood to buy weed. mecidiyeköy escort When he reached our destination, he pulled me up from his cock and said I could finish later. He said he would be back in 10 minutes and left me sitting with only my panties on in the parking lot at a rundown apartment building in a black part of town. I slumped down in my seat and wiped the saliva off my face and chest. It was a cool morning and a group of black men where milling around talking in front of an abandoned building. They were about 100 feet away and in my present state I started to worry about getting gang raped. Thankfully Tyrone came out, threw a bag of pot at me and said to stuff it in my panties. Our next stop was at a sleazy motel a short ways away.

When we got to the motel, Ty paid for the room while I started getting dressed for the walk to the door . When he came back to the car, he told me to put everything in the backseat again. He ended up slow walking me in with only pink panties on as he pressed in my butt plug with each step. I knew there were people watching, but I began not to care. We stopped just prior to entering and he gave me a long mouthy kiss. I felt his powerful black arms around me as he guided me into the room. I instinctively pulled down my panties as he eased out the plug with a pop. I knew what was coming as he got undressed and his stiff massive black shaft bounded from his pants. I meekly assumed the position he preferred in the middle of the bed, ass up and face down. He rubbed lube and spit on my hole as he did the same to his cock. I was ready to give my manhood to him.

He got it half way down my ass cunt before I began to squeal. He smacked my ass hard a couple of times and I watched in the mirror as another three inches of black cock disappeared into my asshole. I wanted to be his bitch so much that I screamed for more as he drove his cock balls deep, forcing out the last of my masculinity. My tunnel stretched as he went from stroking to pounding my boy cunt. It hurt so much and felt so good as we moved from position to position with ass-to-mouth in between. When I was on top and in missionary, we hugged and kissed as he used my phone to video my submission. I looked into the phone and professed my love for Tyrone and BBC in a sweet faggot voice. Later, when I was lying face down and he was power stoking me into the mattress, I came on the bed without ever touching my cock. When he shot his cum deep in my stretched out pussy, I actually felt I could get pregnant I was so feminized.

We showered together and I sucked his dick until he filled my belly with sperm. After our first shower, I could not stand the empty feeling in my cunt so Ty managed to breed me for another two hours. I got use to watching my pink toenails curl as Tyrone bottomed out in my pussy. My fuck holes were sore but smoking pot helped take the edge off. I had no thoughts of Chasity and she had called 3 times, all of which I ignored. I finally called her from the motel room and as I we spoke, I leaked a copious amount of BBC seed onto the carpet from my gaped man cunt. My black daddy had turned me out so well that I could not wait for Buck to ream out Chasity’s petite fuck holes. Once she became a Queen of Spades she would be able to relate to black cock addiction. Without explaining I told her we would home by 6pm.

Tyrone and I showered again and this time he had me wash him and eat his asshole. I had to walk to the car in my panties again, but this time I didn’t care because everyone knew from my whaling what happened in the room. I got dressed in the backseat while Tyrone drove to the house by GPS. He liked my BMW, so I gave him the spare keys, a credit card and a bank card because a real man doesn’t ask permission. When we finally got to the house, Chasity had dinner for us and had made up the two guest rooms for our paroles. It was obvious from his reaction to my wife that he would leap frog 20 women to get to one white boy ass. But Tyrone told me on the drive, Buck was very hot for Chasity and convinced her to suck his cock in the vending machine room. Even though she thought it was a mistake, Buck felt confident he could turn her out.

After dinner, they talked for a couple hours with Tyrone speaking sexual innuendo that Chasity never picked up on. They headed for bed and Chasity seemed guilt ridden as if she wanted to confess something. She asked me if I would go with her to pickup Buck. I told her that I had to work and also get Tyrone familiar with house rules . I also suggested strongly that she dress casually in shorts and drive Buck through his old neighborhood to help him accumulate to his parole. I knew full well that he would have my naive wife naked in an hour.

I left her in our bedroom tired and worried as I told her I needed to check on Tyrone. I turned the fan on as I left to defuse any sound. I stripped in the guest bathroom, lubed my sore hole and got in bed with my daddy. It was so exciting taking his black cock with her sleeping a short distance away. At about 6 am, I got into bed Chasity just prior to her getting up. An hour later, with spunk leaking from my gape and cock on my breath, I kissed her goodbye as she left nervously to get Buck.

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