Chrissie – The Submissive Cumslut

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I met James and Rob at and seemed to click straight away. In fact to tell you the truth they turned me on and I’m sure I had the same effect on them. Being submissive when they started telling me what they were going to do to me it turned me on even more so when they said they would arrange to meet in a hotel I was unable to resist.

We arranged to meet at 7pm in a hotel in Bristol and Rob had booked a room. They both new I was submissive and the thought that they were in control had been arousing me for days. Unknown to me the two guys had already been to the room and left some clothing and makeup for me.

I had only chatted to them both on the internet and when I met them they were both older than me but that did not matter. What did matter was what they had in mind for me. We had a glass of white wine in the bar before heading up to the room. I was nervous but excited as James opened the door and we all went in.

On the bed were several items. I quickly noticed a lot of black latex clothing including masks and some gags. On the floor was a pair of 6 inch high black heels. Also on the bed was a large range of make-up and finally I saw several adult toys, including large dildos, double headed ones and a large strap on cock. The sight of all these made me even more aroused.

Rob started unbuttoning my blouse and took it off and put it on the bed, then James undid my skirt and as it fell to the floor I stepped out of it. I was now standing in front of these two men who I hadn’t met in person before in just my bra, panties, stockings and high heels and I was feeling horny. Rob went behind me and unclipped my bra and James too it off and put it on the bed making sure that his fingers brushed against my ever hardening nipples. Instead of feeling self conscious or embarrassed I loved the way the two of them were admiring my tits. My nipples were standing out too.

Rob then knelt on the floor and with his face just inches from my pussy he eased my panties down and I stepped out of them. What happened then surprised me as he picked them up and put them to his nose and inhaled deeply. He said, ‘Oh Chrissie, your pussy juices smell exquisite.’
He handed them to James who then sniffed them and agreed with Rob. I was now standing with just hold up stockings on. Rob was still just inches from my pussy and he moved even closer and took a big inhale of it.

James got a chair and told me to sit on and Rob got another and faced me. He had the make up in his lap. He took the silver-grey eye shadow and liberally applied to my eye lids. Then he moved closer and with the lip pencil outlined my lips. I sensed he was trembling slightly and we were so close to each. I parted my legs slightly as the anticipation was getting to me. Then he reached for the dark red lipstick which matched my nail varnish that he had sent a few days ago. He let it dry before applying another thick coat and then coated my lips with lipgloss. I looked in the mirror and saw this very tarty face looking back at me.

In reality I couldn’t wait for them to dress me, they had hinted at what I was likely to be wearing but that was all. All they said was that I was going to turned into their personal cum slut, which to tell you truth, aroused me immensely.

As I stood up Rob felt between my legs and brushed his hand against my rather damp pussy. James led me to the bed and helped me into a black latex basque with cut outs and with a quarter cup bra for a little support for my tits. I loved the feel of it against my skin. He eased my tits through the cut out holes and the quarter cup bra made my tits stand out. Then he knelt in front of me and eased my stocking down and undid and took off my shoes. What he got then was something anadolu yakası escort I had never seen before. It was a pair of black latex panties with a large built in dildo. Together that sat me on the bed and eased my feet and legs into into, then Rob squirted some baby oil onto the dildo and as they pulled the panties up, James eased the dildo inside me. I gasped as I felt it enter me and gasped even further as they pushed it all the way inside me – it felt heavenly.

Then Rob got some stockings, they were sheer seamed ones and with Rob putting one on and James doing the other I loved the way they eased them up my legs. I stood up and they clipped them to the suspenders hanging down from the basque.
All the time I was getting wetter as the large black dildo was inside me. I loved moving and feeling it more. Then they reached for the shoes which were opened toed and with ankle straps. I guessed that the heels were at least 6 inches. I sat on the bed and each put one on for me. They helped to my feet and ordered me to parade in front of them.

I felt very very slutty as my erect tits bounced up and down and I tottered along in the high heels, but what I liked most was the dildo embedded deep inside me. I was getting to the point where I wanted to cum.

I was told to stand still and Rob, facing me took the lip pencil and drew and large red circle round my aureola, then took the deep red lipstick and filled the circle in coating my very large nipples. He then handed them to James who did the same to my other tit. They let the lipstick dry before thickly applying lip gloss to them. They turned me to face the mirror and the sight I saw was the sexiest I have ever seen and it was me. I suddenly wondered what else that in store for me.
Then I felt a tingly inside me. I saw that James had a remote controller in his hand and switched on a vibrator in the dildo. I was already very aroused and now I had this extra wonderful feeling and I knew that if he didn’t stop I was going to cum very, very quickly. But then suddenly the vibrations stopped – what was happening I thought, I was disappointed as it felt so good.

Then Rob got a chair and put it in front of the full length mirror and told me to sit down. I did as he said and loved the feel as I felt the dildo go further inside me.

I pleaded with James, ‘Please turn it on again.’

‘Soon’, he replied.

Then Rob parted my legs and tied each of my legs to a chair leg with a spare stocking, and tied my arms to the arms of the chair.

Rob then said, ‘We’re going to turn the vibrator on and you’re going to watch yourself cum.’

I was helpless and as I looked in the mirror I watched the two of them undress, as they removed their underpants their erect cocks sprung into view. James’s was a little bigger than Robs and was circumcised but Rob wasn’t. I then watched as James picked up my panties and before smelling them once more slipped them up his legs and then poked his cock out of the side.

Then Rob picked something else up from the bed. It was a black latex hood with cut outs for the eyes and lips. He slid it over my head making sure I could see clearly and my bright red lips poked through the mouth hole. Then he zipped it up tightly at the back. The two men stood beside me, their large erect cocks only inches away from me. I wanted them, I wanted to be fucked. Then James turned the vibrator on and I was in heaven. I looked in the mirror and saw this fetish cum slut. It didn’t look like me, but they were my tits, my lipstick coated nipples and the feeling of utter pleasure I was getting from the vib was definitely me.

I loved the feeling of helplessness. Rob and James’s cocks ankara anal escort were only inches from me but I couldn’t touch them. I turned to one of them to suck him but I needed to look at the slutty person sitting in front of me. They were both rubbing their cocks while they looked at the cumslut in front of them. I loved the fact that they were wanking over me. My orgasm was nearing, I cried out, ‘Please don’t let me cum yet, it’s heaven, please.’

But my pleadings were ignored and the buzzing continued unabated. My mouth was wide open and I could see my beautiful red lips through the face mask. I thought I would hate to be so restrained but I adored it. I absolutely adored it. I loved the feel as my orgasm neared and the fact that these two men were getting so turned on by me made it even better. They were both frantically wanking themselves while they looked at me in the mirror. Then suddenly my body started shaking. I stared at the image in front of me. I didn’t recognise her but I was so pleased that I knew it was me. I looked at my lipstick coated nipples, they had never been so large, I had never been so aroused and I called out as my orgasm thundered through my body. But as my orgasm subsided, the vibrations didn’t and I felt another building up.
It very rarely happened to me but I just knew I was going to cum again and in a matter of seconds I was experiencing another body shuddering orgasm. As it subsided James switched the vib off and allowed me to recover.

Then I saw the look on Rob’s face, he turned to face me and shot spurt after spurt of his cum on my face, I couldn’t feel it because of the hood and seconds later James came all over my top. I clearly saw in the mirror Rob’s cum trickling down the side of the hood and then James’s cum was running down my top and onto my tits. I loved the feel of the hot cum on my tits and the wonderful sight when it ran over my lipstick coated nipples.

Rob raised me up a little just enough to ease the panties of me. I have to admit that I didn’t like it when he slowly withdrew the dildo from me.

Then he held it font of me mouth and said, ‘Lick it, lick it clean, lick your cunt juices off of it.’

Meanwhile James was now kneeling between my legs and licking my pussy clean. I had never been so wet and I loved the feel of his tongue licking up and down my slit. I also adored the taste of the dildo, covered in my cum, it smelt and tasted exquisite. I looked in the mirror and saw this cumslut sucking a big black dildo through the mouth hole in the latex mask. Could it really be me? I don’t do this sort of thing, but the wonderful sight of Rob fucking my mouth with it confirmed it.


James stopped licking and the two of the stood in front of me. Rob took the dildo out my mouth and untied my arms. He then went and got the lipstick and lipgloss and ordered me. ‘Lick my cock clean and then pull my foreskin right back and coat the head of my cock with the lipstick and then the lipgloss, we want our cocks to match your lips and nipples before me fuck your cunt and mouth.’
I reached out for Rob’s cock, this was the first time I had touched it. It was so hard. I licked it clean as he had ordered me and loved the taste and texture of his cum on my tongue and lips, then I pushed the skin back right over the head and then coated it with the lipstick.

He said, ‘Put some more on.’

I smothered the head again and then wiped the lipgloss all over it. I had never done this before or even thought about doing it but I have to admit it was very arousing. I wanted to suck it and make it hard again.

Then I turned to James, his cock was sticking out the side of my knickers. He had ankara anal yapan escort been circumcised so there was no skin to pull back. I licked it clean too and again adored the taste of it before I thickly coated his head with lipstick and lipgloss.

I admired my handy work and so wanted to suck them both. I even wondered if I could get both their cocks in my mouth at the same time.
Rob untied my legs and cleared the bed and said, ‘Right slut let’s get down to some real fucking and sucking.’

I had one last glance in the mirror at the cumslut he was talking about before I climbed onto the bed and Rob took hold of a long rubber rod with clips either end. I hadn’t noticed clips on the side of my ultra-high heels but as I lay on my back he parted my legs and fixed the rod to each shoe. My legs were now held wide apart exposing my wet, sticky cunt and I loved the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability.
They then turned me over onto my knees and Rob eased my arse hole apart and James trickled some baby oil into it. It felt sort of tickly but also very arousing. James then picked up a long thin butt plug and eased it in me. I loved the feel as he slowly pushed it in, then withdrew it before pushing it back in again.

They eased me back onto my back and then Rob moved my arms above my head and tied them to the bedposts. I loved being helpless and at the mercy of Rob and James. James started fucking my arse with the dildo before easing his hard cock in my cunt. I was so wet he slid in so easily. Still wearing the mask I could see Rob moving to the head of the bed and with his cock inches from my face he said, ‘I’m going to fuck your mouth.’
I peered through the eye holes in the mask and saw his cock heading towards my mouth. I felt the tip rub against my deep red lips and I opened my mouth wide. Rob said, ‘Clamp your lips tightly round the head.’

I did as he said but I was getting more and more excited a James was fucking me. I sensed my orgasm was nearing and I wanted to open my mouth but I knew I wasn’t allowed to. Rob was now fucking my mouth, slowly at first but gradually speeding up. He put his hand behind my masked head and pulled me towards him. His cock was going in all the way to the back of my throat. Even if I wanted to stop him I would have been unable to.

My legs were still held wide apart and James was rubbing against my clit as he fucked me. I didn’t know if I would cum before Rob spurted into my mouth. Suddenly I felt those wonderful contractions that tell me I am going to cum. Somehow I managed to keep my mouth tightly clamped round Rob’s cock as he fucked my mouth.
The feeling was out of this world, as my legs were held so wide apart, and a huge orgasm crashed through my body, then within seconds I felt James shooting his hot cum deep inside me. Now all I had to do was to concentrate on Rob and I clamped my bright red lips even tighter round the head of his cock and spurt after spurt of hot spunk hit the back of my throat. Rob took his cock out I loved the texture and taste of his cum in my mouth.

Rob said, ‘Don’t swallow it yet.’

They both helped me to my feet and with the rubber bar keeping my feet wide apart they stood me in front of the mirror.

‘Open your mouth,’ Rob said.

I looked at the slut standing in front of me. Cum was trickling out of my cunt and then as I opened my mouth cum was trickling out over my red lips, down my latex mask and onto my lipstick coated nipples. I didn’t recognise the person standing in front of me but the feelings I was getting left me in no doubt who it was.


Rob and James are now my masters and I am under their total control. Master Rob needs your help with suggestions to enhance my submissiveness and pleasure. Master will not allow me to have anything to do with blood, pins, scat, or adult babies.

On receipt of suitable suggestions and your email address he will send you a photograph of me for you to masturbate and cum over and then send back direct to me.

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