Cherry Sundae

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I checked the alarm clock again. Eight past nine. I was wearing nothing under my bed robe and was eagerly awaiting my boyfriend Buck and his ten inch cock to come home and give me some lovin’.

I paced, I tried reading, checking my emails, and only three minutes had passed. The urge to beat myself off was incredible, I kid you not. See, Buck sometimes works late at the office, where he administers a lot of the networking. For someone with a geeky job like that, you wouldn’t think the bulging muscles, chiselled jaw and beard that was Buck would ever fit that description. Even in his uniform he looked like he could just flex and all of his suit would fall off of him in tatters. (But then Buck almost never wore clothes so any stitch of fabric on him was out of place.) Its hard to believe a guy like him could still be with a scrawny guy with me who does match that job description, but instead works at the baker’s down the street. But then, lately it seemed like maybe this wasn’t going to last. See, me and Buck, boyfriends for the last four years, him being twenty three, me, twenty two, and it’s always been smooth sailings until we both finally come under the stress that is home-owning. Sure, we could fuck until the cows came home without worrying about his cats coming in to watch us, or either of our intrusive parents walking in, but it just never seemed to be all that it was cracked out to be initially.

Finally, the headlights of his car beamed through the window and I felt my cock flip up like a switch had been pressed. I then went through a variety of positions in the living room and just when I thought I had this one with my back on the wall worked out the door was open. I looked at him and he looked at me and I knew it wasn’t happening.

“Hey.” He smiled, weakly kissing me on the cheek.

“Hey babe.” I said as happily as I could. I couldn’t believe it. “You don’t look so good.” He didn’t. His eyes were bloodshot and his hair was all greasy. Tissues poked from his front, bulging pocket and he shivered like crazy.

“Tiffany came into sick with the flu and I must have caught it when she sat with me on my lunch break.” He struggled up the stairs with me supporting him. He moaned something about feeling shit, but all I could think of was Tiffany, that bitch! I met her once during a party at Buck’s office. She continuously went on and on about how lucky I was, and how grateful I should be to have him. She would also laugh hysterically, and I mean this in the fake kind of way, at every joke he made. Later as she got drunk, she tried kissing Buck and feeling him up but luckily, the office-goth, Wendy was there to save the day by taking her to the bathroom where she puked so much the toilet over flowed. So yeah, he was sick and I was enraged with that harlot.

I helped him undress and to get into the tub. The water was covered in a veil of suds, which was a shame; I’d have liked to have watched the hair on his body move about like the seaweed. I sponged his face while he groaned and coughed, and occasionally sniffed up something awful.

“I see you wanted to surprise me.” He said, with a flash of those pearly whites.

“Maybe.” Was all I said, and reflexively my hand started to move south on him şişli bayan escort when I drew my hand back. “But we probably shouldn’t do anything like that until you’re feeling better.” Maybe. He said. He then lifted his arm from the water and ran it under my robe and onto my chest.

“Can I at least jack it?” He said. Fuck how I loved this man.

“Well, I guess if I’m not the one with the snot-rags.” I said, feeling my face go red. It never mattered how many times we did this, I always got sheepish.

I stood up and undid my robe where my eight inch cock was at half mass. His thick, man fingers curled around it and began to go up and down. I sighed out and cooed at the feeling of his powerful hand caressing my cock was amazing. He began to move faster, pumping me with his powerful hand as it began to make sticky sounds with the foreskin rubbing against my cock. I had to bend over and grab the bath-side for support, I was weak in the knees.

“You like that, don’t you?” He said huskily, and coughed.

“Oh yeah.” I moaned, and then I felt it coming.

“I’m gonna…” was all I could utter and then my back arched and I shot thick ropes of cum into the bathwater. I was panting, and he was coughing a little.

“Shame I can’t return the favour.” I sighed.

“You owe me?” He said, hopping out of the water, his own cock now at full mass. “Deal.” And I eyed it for a while but then thought better to towel him off and put him to bed.

It was a long two week with him on the couch constantly needing a bowl of vomit changed, bottles of water (and on some days his favourite beers), running around for prescription pills. I won’t lie; this wasn’t the prettiest side of him I’d seen.

It wasn’t until the week after the second week of him being in bed that he’d looked almost like his old self.

“You look so much better, Buck!” I beamed as I put the last of the dishes in the drawers.

“And it’s all thanks to you!” He said, grinning. As a joke I giggled like a schoolgirl, but at the same time I still couldn’t get over how hot he really was.

“When I’m better,” He began. “How about a picnic at the park?” My heart rose. We hadn’t had a picnic in a while. I think maybe we were starting to get back on track. I kissed him and we hugged each other. I felt so happy.

That night however was the worst. In those two weeks of Buck being ill, I was too busy to even think about jacking off, and all I wanted was to make love to Buck. I felt my cock and was almost driven to jack it but at the same time I wanted to save it. I stared at Buck, face down in the bed, snoring loudly, but not so bad as when he was sick. Sighing, I laid awake, wondering what to do.

At five in the morning, I realised I had indeed fallen asleep, but my cock was outrageously hard. I looked over to Buck to see I’d pull the blankets onto my side of the bed again, and that his cock stood tall and proud under the leg of his boxers. He was still asleep, and my mouth watered. If there was anything in the world I loved just as much as Buck, it was Buck’s fat cock. I leaned in and sniffed in the manhood and felt drool escape my lips and into the thicket of pubic hair around his cock. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Like şişli escort a banana I peeled back the leg of his boxers. It stood gloriously for all to see, even if it was for my eyes only. I took a deep breath and put it in my mouth. I went up and down slowly, but then I decided I deserved this, he owed me. I began to move up and down faster, and then Buck began to moan. He’s probably awake. I continued to go up and down, faster and faster making loud slurping sounds. He grunted and moaned and gasped, and his hand found my hair and he began to fuck my mouth until he guttered out a grunt and his hot seed flowed from his cock into my mouth like a rushing river. I swallowed it all with loud sucking sounds. I kept sucking hard like a vacuum when he was starting to go flaccid when he gasped and pulled his dick from my mouth.

“Good morning babe.” He said, stretching and arching his back. I smiled at his contented smile. “I’d better go in the shower, back to work today. He walked into the bathroom, and I looked down at my own dick. No, I still wasn’t going to jack it just yet. I’d a better idea.

I could hear the rush of the shower, and felt the warm steam as I sneaked into the bathroom. I took off my own pyjamas and opened the shower door.

“Hey, wait your turn!” He laughed but instead I got on my knees and began to jerk his cock off.

“Seriously?” He looked at me with a raised eyebrow and I answered by starting to suck on it again. He leaned on the wall for support as I worked his cock over, taking it this time all the way to my throat or sometimes I’d lick the tip of his cock and play with the piss slit. That got him really going and he shot another rope of cum into my mouth and I lapped it up like a frenzied animal.

I wasn’t done yet.

He sat at the breakfast table with a bowl of cocoa puffs (the cheap imitation of coco pops) and the newspaper. He’d gotten dressed for work already. As I said, it looked out of place on him, but it still got the fires burning. I crept into the dining room and then I quietly crawled under the table. He hadn’t said anything. That is, until I rubbed the palm of my hand into the crotch of his pants and he sighed.

“You missed this didn’t you?” He asked, but I just unzipped his pants, undid his belt and yanked his green underwear down and took him into my mouth. Just to make him comfortable, I slid his balls out of the imprisoning fabric, and then as I bobbed my head on his cock, I gently tugged on his balls like I was milking a cow. He went crazy for this and he blew the thickest load, a lot of it escaping onto my lips and down my chin. “Oh no!” He laughed and as I got from under the table, I notice he had dipped his work tie into the cereal. I laughed too it looked ridiculous. He pushed the cereal bowl forward and grabbed me by the wrist.

“C’mere, you!” He exclaimed and I was laughing even louder as he pulled me onto the table and pulled my own work pants down my waist and began to suck my cock. I moaned as his mouth went up and down on my cock, coating it with his loving saliva. I felt my asshole twitch at the thought of being penetrated and licked again. I lifted my knees, weak with the pleasure of being sucked when he breathed out : “Can’t I’ve got work very mecidiyeköy escort soon.” He licked my cock until I threw my head back and spurted cum all over his face, and he lapped up the last two ropes and licked his lips. “Much better than cow’s milk.” He grinned.

The fun didn’t end here. My cock was already getting hard again and I could see him changing his tie when I whispered in his ear.

“You know, you still owe me.” I licked his ear.

“I know but-” And I handed him the phone.

“Ring work. Tell them you’re still too sick.” He stared at me, but then he put the phone to his ear. I went back down into the kitchen and got myself prepared. I knew he’d be a little while, getting those clothes off but he’d be with me shortly.

After five minutes, I could hear him walking down the stairs. “Where are you babe?” He called out.

“In here, Buck!” I shouted. He entered the kitchen and I could see his broad hairy pecs in full view, and the treasure trail that I often played with.

“Oh yes; my favourite!” He cried. On my ass, I had the biggest pile of whipped cream swirled all around my cheeks and crack, and then some near my hole. On top, I had put ten of the candied cherries all around and lightly dusted it all with icing sugar. We called it our “Sunday Surprise” Because we used to only ever do it on Sundays. With that he stood behind me on the kitchen table where I could hear him loudly lick the cream off of my ass. Sometimes the crunch of the cherries, and then back to a thorough licking of my ass. I packed the cream around my asshole and he licked swiftly, his tongue darting in and out of the cream. He was literally eating out my ass and finally the cold morning hair touched the skin of my asshole as he rubbed his thumb on it in a circular motion, making “ooh” sounds at it.

“Love your pink hole, babe.” He kissed it and pushed his tongue down the canal where I exhaled quite loudly. He licked it thorough and vigorously. I could tell he missed this a lot.

I heard him open the bottle of lube and was rubbing it on his cock.

“Remember the time you used that the first time?” I sighed.

“And I rubbed myself too hard I came all over your ass?” We chuckled, it was embarrassing but funny to remember how we fucked the first time round.

“Take a deep breath.” He went in with a slicking sound and I felt whole again.

“Fuck me babe.” I breathed and soon his cock was sliding in and out in a rapid pace. Sometimes He’d practically be doing push ups, the way he was fucking my hole with such skill. He pulled out for a second and flipped me onto my back. “I love you babe.” He breathed out and began kissing me as he filled my ass with his thick meat, rubbing my cock with his hand. I was feeling over the edge, I wasn’t able to take much more.

“I think I’m going to…” I whispered.

“Say my name.” He said huskily.




“Babe I’m gonna…”


And we both cummed in unison, my cum spurting into the air like it was piss and his seed flowing up my ass in a mad rush. We kissed each other roughly and fondled each other earnestly.

It was like that all day. Moments of “I love you” and then hours of fucking, sucking, fingering and sometimes spanking.

However, the worst part was it turned out we’d be waiting another two weeks for a day like this again. It was my turn to sneeze and puke. This wasn’t the prettiest side of me.

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