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Conner was the manager at Lady Burger’s, the only burger joint in town that had thick juicy burgers served with beer by hot women. He’d hired Chelsea a few weeks earlier when she’d turned eighteen.

She was a regular server for the late shift while she was still in school. A little ditzy, but she was sexy.

She had long brown hair with blonde streaks. Her uniform was a bit tight, but the customers liked it. Her round ass was barely covered by the short mini dress the girls wore.

Her tits poked up out of the open top. She had bigger tits than all the other girls, so she got alot of tips. She was always very perky. Not just her attitude, but her nipples too. No wonder she raked in the tips.

It was Friday night, Conner had just locked up and settled in for paperwork. Chelsea was about finished cleaning the dining area, then she’d be back to do dishes.

He loved watching her do the dishes. Her tits were so big they got in the way. She was always spraying herself with the water, making her nipples harder than they were.

He’d made sure to turn up the air conditioning to get it nice and cold. His dick started to harden at the thought of Chelsea’s nipples. He let his thoughts go to Chelsea.

The way she walked, the way she flirted with him, her smile. Earlier he’d walked up just in time to see her bend over to pick up change she’d dropped.

Her ass so plump in the air. Waiting for him to slip his dick between her lips. He thought of what he would have done in another setting. He’d have slipped her thong off and fucked her right there.

His dick was so hard it was making his pants tight. “Uh Conner? You busy?”

Chelsea was at the office door, he was embarrassed. “Yeah Chelsea?” he asked.

“I just wanted to know if it was ok for me to hang out for a little while? I don’t have ankara escort bayan to meet up with my friend until her shift is over, so I thought maybe after work you’d like to chill?” She smiled at him.

His wife was at home, probably asleep. Exhausted from chasing the twins all day. He’d like a little time to chill. “Sure Chelsea, I’d like that. I’ll be finished in about ten minutes.”

He flew through his paperwork, finishing in record time. After clearing the desk and preparing the morning paperwork, he grabbed his car keys and went looking for Chelsea.

She was leaning against the bumper of her cherry red Saturn. A cigarette between her lips, she took a long drag before smiling at him.

He leaned next to her, she offered him a cigarette. He took one and lit it. They sat silently smoking and leaning.

When she flipped her finished cigarette onto the parking lot, she finally spoke. “What are you interested in doing tonight?”

“Well, I didn’t really think of that. We could drive to the ball park a few blocks down or we could just sit in the back of my truck.

She laughed, “We’d better go elsewhere, if we hang out here, someone may become suspicious.”

He went to his truck, opened the door and climbed in. She took his cue and climbed into the passenger side. She slipped across the seat to sit right against him.

The five minutes it took them to get to the ball park was torture for him. The heat from her body was making it hard for him to control his erection. If it had been daylight she would have noticed.

They made small talk along the way, laughing and singing along to the radio. Chelsea was such a fun person to be around. He was glad he’d agreed to chill with her.

She pointed to a drive thru where they picked up a case of beer, cigarettes and rolling papers. mersin escort bayan At the ballfield, she stayed in the car while he made his way to the bleachers with the beer.

He made himself comfortable on the top seat and popped open a beer. When Chelsea finally got out of the truck, he saw she had changed.

She was now wearing a tight tank top that showed ample cleavage and short booty shorts. Her ass cheeks poked from the bottom.

She plopped herself next to him and opened a beer. She opened her pack and lit another cigarette. However, this time it wasn’t just a cigarette. She had rolled a joint.

She puffed hard and passed it to him. Soon he was drinking faster and smoking more. They were having thier own little party.

Conner drank often, but he wasn’t normally a stoner. His wife had put an end to that when they’d began dating. He liked stoner Chelsea though, she was hotter than ever.

Before long, Chelsea was tipsy. She would take a drink, laugh and lean into him. He kept a short distance because he didn’t want her to notice how hot he was for her.

After another long smoking session, she clasped her hand on his thigh. Only, it wasn’t his thigh, it was his erection. She giggled loudly. “Oh Conner, we’ve got a situation.”

Before he could say a word, she was straddling his lap. Her pussy was seperated from his erection by tiny pieces of cloth. Her lips met his.

Soon they were making out furiously. His hands tugged through her hair and her hands tugging at his clothing. She was kissing him more passionately than his wife ever had. His eyes opened, he wanted to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

She slipped her tank top off to reveal perky, bouncy tits. He ran his tongue over each nipple. They were already erect, but he could see them harden. The goosebumps on her flesh izle made his cock press tighter to his pants.

She wiggled in his lap, rubbing her twat over his length. He flickered, tasted and teased her nipples. Chelsea’s lips traveled down his chest, over his stomach and to the top of his pants. She unbuttoned them quickly and slid them smoothly over his thighs.

His erection popped up, ready to go. Chelsea’s lips kissed down over his length before flickering her tongue over the head. Then with the expertise of someone twice her age, she ran her tongue over the ridges on the underside of his cock.

Soon she was bobbing her head down the length of his hard cock. He leaned back and watched her suck him off. His wildest fantasy was coming true right them. Smoking hot Chelsea was giving him a blow job.

When she raised herself up and rested in his lap, only one thing was in the way of his fantasy.

He layed her back against the steel bench, sliding her shorts off. He lowered his face to her heat. She was bare, tanned and dripping wet.

He slipped his tongue into her slit. Flicking around, taking his time to taste all of her. He spread her lips and licked up one side and down the other. She was quivering already.

He slid a finger then two inside her. Pumping into her with his fingers while his mouth etched her clit. She was moaning, hips bucking. Any moment she would cum.

He moved between her thighs. Lifted her legs, spreading her wide.

With one small motion, he was inside her. Pressing into her. She was calling his name.

He pumped into her, over and over. She was practically screaming. He lifted her up and sat back. She was in his lap, his cock was deep inside her.

She bounced harder and harder. He pulled her against him, resting his face in her chest. He licked at her nipples while she pounded his cock.

Soon they were both moaning. He filled her with his cum, she took every drop.

She slipped off of him, lighting a cigarette. “Nice job Conner, I’ve been wanting to do that since you interviewed me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32