Charlz and Pete 1st Halloween Party

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It was dark as they slipped out of the car and walked up the path towards the back of the house, guided by the tealights twinkling on either side. He passed his hand around her waist and drew her in tight. Reassurance. And barely suppressed excitement. It was their first time.

Through the door and into the lobby where they were greeted by a witch and wizard. Through into the hall to accept the proffered glasses of prosecco. Then onwards down the passageway to where it was all about to start.

It was crowded as they entered the room from the back, and slipped their way between the couples, towards but not quite to the front. Almost at once the lights dimmed further and the haunting music started, and onto the makeshift stage in front of them stepped five young men, their black gowns loose to reveal toned and waxed chests, and behind them, maintaining the choreography in step, five young women, also robed, with black satin belts, their hair shimmering with stars. They stopped in a row in front of the throne and bowed to the Queen of the Night.

Pete’s attention was wandering. In front of him, eyes glued to the stage, were a young couple. She was wearing a short skirt, and her companion’s hand had been gradually working its way up her leg and thigh. Now as it continued up it lifted her skirt and his palm came to rest on her completely bare nişantaşı escort backside. Pete’s heart missed a beat.

Back on the stage the Queen of the Night had risen and was performing a beautiful burlesque. She danced round the silent couples brushing her hands across their shoulders and letting her gloved fingers trace down the torsos of the young men. Then on a signal the satin belts were loosed and five young bodies radiated in the most beautiful black lingerie, and they gently twirled and twisted round their companions, teasing as their long fingers lifted their chins and their lips glanced near but not touching their prey. Then the Queen of the Night was floating back to her throne and the music was quietening and the attention shifted into the audience itself.

Evidentially someone had lost patience well before the end. Almost as soon as the music had stopped there was a cry of ecstasy from the room at the back. It drew the crowd across, but Pete and Charlz slipped off to the room next to them, which was dominated by a huge spider web at the back. Here a lady was being gently bound to the web, legs apart, arms spread above, and they watched as a small group of invited guests moved in from behind, hands caressing her naked body, until a man went down in front of her. They couldn’t see exactly what he was doing from that angle, but her şişli escort rising moans left little to the imagination.

But Charlz was getting some attention too. Hardly surprising. She was wearing heels and holdups and the most delicate lace panties. Moreover they had taken the time to decorate her breasts with a highly intricate and fine black pattern, as if she was wearing a lace bra – but on the close inspection she was now receiving there was no bra. And her breasts twinkled with dozens of tiny silver sequins scattered across the non-existent lace. Various polite requests were made, and accepted. Hands caressed her breasts. Then tongues on her nipples. She shivered in anticipation of more.

In the middle of the room was a bench. Just wide and long enough to lie on. Pete held her hand as she manoeuvred herself onto her back and closed her eyes. Hands continued to glide across her body. She felt the gusset of her panties pulled aside and then gasped at the unmistakable feel of a tongue on her clit. Instinctively she reached out with hands either side, touched cloth and then skin. The young men either side were only too happy to guide her hands to their erect cocks and before long she had one in her mouth.

Over on the cobweb there was a rising scream as the woman hit her first orgasm. Charlz felt the cock in her mouth start to twitch uncontrollably. mecidiyeköy escort She knew the signs. It was all too much for the young man. The sounds of passion. The smell of scent and sex in the air. The beautiful body laid in front of him. The softness of her mouth round him. He tried to pull out but she pulled him back in. He came hard and she felt the warm liquid flow into the back of her mouth then spill over her lips.

Pete was between her legs now. His cock was brushing against her labia. She was so wet. Another cock, still hard, was on her lips and she took it in greedily. Then Pete pushed into her. Someone still had his tongue on her clit. Her nipples were being pinched then licked. Cum was starting to flow off her cheek. Suddenly her brain could take no more. Her body started to convulse. Pete was hammering into her quite hard. Her legs twisted but firm hands held them down. Her back lifted off the bench. The orgasm hit her like a bus and sent a bolt up through her body and down again. She wanted to scream but her mouth was full. Then there was another convulsive twitch and more cum flowing into her mouth and across her lips.

She briefly opened her eyes to see a young lady smiling down at her. The woman bent down and kissed her full on her cum soaked lips. The she felt the weight of Pete’s body coming down onto her as he embraced her in the passion of his own orgasm and now her pussy was full of cum too. Charlz shut her eyes again and a second orgasm crashed through her body. Only in her wildest dreams. Only in his wildest dreams. But it was real.

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