Chaffernaught 06

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Ball Sucking

Chapter 06: I Got The Blues For Red

After admiring my craftsmanship and having saved it on camera, I came to stand in front of joeie. I looked down on his whimpering form yet draped over the pillow, sniffing and sniveling. I undid the tie to my robe, baring the front of my body, and reached down to once again take him by the hairs of his nape. I then yanked his head up, and true to form his eyes, blinking and blurred with tears, latched onto my breasts immediately. That my pervert is a true blue breast hound makes training easy. Baring a breast before him is like teasing a hungry mutt with a meaty bone, the only difference being a four legged dog will eventually stop begging.

“You were a fairly good boy,” I started, slipping out of my robe so he could look at my entire body. “The crying business annoyed me, but I’m certain it will stop, won’t it,” I intoned seriously. joeie nodded his head up and down quickly, his eyes wavering from my breasts long enough to travel the length of my body and back quickly, over and over. “So,” I began, lowering myself onto a large pillow, “I’ve decided you may have a treat. For ten minutes, and ten minutes only, you have full access to my breasts. Just don’t rip them off my body,” I finished wryly, lifting my arms over my head while arching my back, bringing my breasts to prominence for my joeie. I wobbled them on my chest to further entice, my nipples swollen and hard, calling him.

My turning from the sophisticated female iceberg joeie adores kneeling before, the woman he fears and respects deeply, into the hot blooded slut joeie will do anything to bring forward, to get his mouth and hands on, the woman my cock loves to be in the hands of, is a crucial tool in joeie’s training. Mine are the only pair of breasts I permit joeie to see in the flesh, and after drooling over pictures and videos of breasts for a month or more while beating-off, my poor dear’s more than ready for the real thing. joeie’s eyes stayed wide, and he took several deep breaths, all while licking his lips and drooling in anticipation of getting his hands and mouth on his treat. I knew this was my pussieboy’s dream come true, to possess my breasts, and I granted it sparingly. I then nodded for him to begin, relaxing my body for the coming onslaught, and closed my eyes to think of my good fortune.

joeie jumped from the pillow and attacked like a ravenous vulture onto a carcass, and once attached to me began wallowing and rooting around on my mounds like an even hungrier piglet into slop. For ten minutes he tugged, sucked, mauled, and chewed my breasts and nipples with both hands and mouth, and all the while had cock humping my leg. Some of his actions I found stimulating and erotic, others extremely rough, and all were without restraint, aksaray escort much like those of my childhood sweetheart. My poor joeie acted like a prisoner just freed after years of captivity, and when time was up I had to fight him off, but then I knew I’d need to.

I wiggled under him, and yelled at him to heel, but to no avail. This always happens when I let him go wild with my breasts. I squirmed for a while knowing how much he enjoyed feeling as if he’d succeeded as a hunter, the dream of every little boy, to take down tender game and chew into it. I then once again ordered him to stop, raising my voice in doing so, but to no avail. I finally took him by the hairs on his nape and in one swift yank, pulled him over onto his back beside me. I held him still, his arms and legs spread, his eyes straining to see me from their corners. I then caught my breath and pushed him away, and he knelt up, breathing heavily, staring at my breasts with a look of lust and hunger I’ve seen only in cult movies, but fortunately for me, it’s a need of his I control. His cock was hard as diamond and drooling, having left my thigh coated in a shimmering chrysalis.

“Clean that up,” I ordered, pointing to the spreading, running juices on my thigh. “Every bit!” joeie knelt over and began slowly licking at his mess. I lay with my eyes closed, enjoying the sensations brought on by that tongue, an organ I’ve spent years training. joeie used long sensual licks, followed by tiny wet ones. His tongue swept over my skin in brazen sweeps, then followed with tender touches. He played for me loud slurps with audible swallows, all for me, joeie and his magnificent organ.

It wasn’t long before I felt the licks moving higher, up between my legs deeper. A few tentative licks reached for my pussy and I sighed deeply, spreading my legs a bit, granting him access. As I spread my legs he moved swiftly to between them to assert his rightful place, at the altar of devotion to worship pussy, my pussy, not a pussy he watches on a video, or a pussy he dreams of fucking, but the real thing. I allowed him total access because I wanted him to know this is his altar, and though men do things to it he is forbidden to even contemplate, it is the only one he may worship.

I moaned with pleasure as his hands came to the bend in my legs, and I felt each leg picked up and placed over each of his shoulders, my feet coming to rest on his back. I moaned louder and went up on my toes, nails digging into his back, when he dove into my cum dump, in a feeding frenzy unlike anything witnessed by National Geographic. He spayed my sex open like it were an open papaya, sloshing and slobbering deeper and deeper after the meat. He was driving me beyond delirious, lifting and taking alsancak escort me atop wave after wave of euphoria that I surfed in a tailspin, while my pussieboy did what he does best.

He moved to my clit and played it like the single string of a fine violin, teasingly. I reached for and grabbed his hair, pulling his entire mouth down on my sex, and held his head in place until another fresh rush of orgasms told me I had to stop. I needed to breathe before I busted a gut, or worse. I finally got up the strength to push his head away, removing my legs from his shoulders. As I lay catching my breath, joeie knelt on all fours, crouched down so he could easily reach and lick softly my sopping pussy.

“Good boy…” I managed to breathe, “…but you’re still getting ten with the taws.” The licking stopped momentarily, then resumed more ardently, as though seeking forgiveness and reprieve. I opened my eyes, moving to take pussy away from him and stood. Finding my robe I slipped into it while yet wobbling.

“Oh yes, my dear pussieboy, you earned a date with the taws by making me tell you twice to stop playing with my breasts, and to raise my voice the second time. We must break you of that bad habit before it gets out of hand. When I tell you to do something you do it! Period! End of sentence! No questions, no hesitation. God forbid you hesitate in obeying me when in public! I’d die of shame,” I bellowed, looking angry. Oh how your perversion loved my cruel side! And what a great actress I am! “I will not tolerate an impudent pussieboy who will not listen,” I finished in a stern voice. My gait a bit steadier, I walked to where my instruments were kept, and returned with my taws, restraints, and a spreader bar.

“Stand up,” I commanded. joeie jumped up and stood with shoulders square, hands at his sides. I went to the first wrist, affixing to it a custom-made leather restraint. Once in place and locked I did the same to his other wrist. I grabbed him by his cock and led him to just under a pulley imbedded in the ceiling, from which a length of hemp rope hung. I had him bring his wrists together so I could connect them with the end of the rope. I then grabbed the other end of the rope and pulled the line taut, until his arms were fully extended over his head and I could wrap that end of the rope round a belaying pin set into the wall, holding him fast. I then crouched down to attach and lock leather restraints to his ankles, to which I fixed the ends of a spreader bar. I stood to make the rope tighter, to insure my boy couldn’t move. Then I checked the tension again and moved to stand in front of joeie.

“Some people might think I’m being mean to you, punishing you twice on the same day, but you’ve really left amasya escort me no choice. The slightest disobedience must be dealt with swiftly and properly, to help you learn. You, more than anyone else must realize I’d never be mean to you, right,” I said, putting it to him in a rather soft, gentle voice suggesting my words had some deep intrinsic meaning meant for his ears only, making evident I’d never ever expect him to even consider otherwise.

“Oh yes, yes, Mistress Colleen,” joeie blurted out quickly and with sincerity. I smiled to his quick and sincere answer, caused by his strange perversion. joeie was happiest tending the used body of a woman, and that’s all there was to it, I’m simply fulfilling his dream. I used to wonder where it was a person gets a particular fetish, back in my college days, when classes in philosophy and psychology drove me to poke and pry into the secrets of nature, and the human psyche. But now I’m older and more mature. Now I just accept what I find, and when I find a person with a fetish I can exploit, I do just that. And boy, did joeie ever fit my idea of a good find, a virtual gold mine of perversion. I’ve found no other male with so deeply an ingrained fetish, and I was exploiting it to the max. I looked into his eyes and smiled warmly.

“You’re my treasure, and making you happy is my only goal. And you know damn well I know what a boy like you needs better than you do, right,” I asked like an actress on stage, forcing myself to assume a ‘little girl in need of reassurance’ look.

“Oh yes, Mistress Colleen,” he declared in earnest. I saw it in his eyes when I permitted him to watch me being fucked. Like a hungry hard working lad watching his favorite meal being prepared by his mother, he would stare, sniff the air, and salivate in anticipation of his reward for having been found by me. He must believe he’s the luckiest guy in the world, because he doesn’t know any better. I could daydream like this all day, but why dream when I can just as easily enjoy it for real. I again looked into his eyes and smiled warmly, assuring him everything would be fine. Then I brought him back to reality quickly.

“You know the rules. Count every swat aloud, and thank me for it.” I held the embossed leather taws in front of him. “See this,” I asked, and joeie shook his head ‘yes’ while staring at the face of the taws. There, along its length were the words PROPERTY OF MISTRESS COLLEEN in raised leather letters. The characters were raised enough to leave the words imprinted in his skin. I wasn’t sure how long the imprints would last, but that didn’t matter. “What does it read,” I asked.

“Property of Mistress Colleen,” he replied in a voice quivering with forced bravery.

“Just exactly. And your ass cheeks will bear those very same words.” I paused to study joeie, and despite what was coming, the worry in his eyes, his cock stayed rock hard, spewing long silken threads of pre-cum that swung and swayed their ways to the floor. I wanted to see his mouth filled with a man’s sperm!

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