Cathy’s Sick Desire Ch. 05

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Thanks for the comments and feedback. There were some good ideas. This chapter wraps up Cathy’s tale. I got a few ideas for some other stuff, so keep checking in on me.

Chapter five

Another long hot bath and a nice nap had somewhat restored Cathy to a near normal condition. Although she doubted that she could ever feel normal again. In fact, she didn’t want to. She had never known such incredible ecstasy in her life. She loved being used and realized that she could never go back to what she had been, just a few days ago.

As she lounged in nothing more than a pair of dark pantyhose, she enjoyed the feel of the nylons rubbing together on her legs. Using scissors, she had cut a hole in the crotch, leaving her pussy exposed. Although she was alone and at home, she still took a perverted pleasure in being so lewd. Now there was a word that she embraced…lewd. It fit the new Cathy.

As she ate a salad and a Weight Watcher’s frozen dinner, she fondly remembered her afternoon at Wanda’s. The power of her climaxes continued to amaze her. That she could have so many, in so short a period of time, was beyond belief. And to have experienced her first ever multiple orgasm, as she ate a mouthful of a strange woman’s excrement was frightening. She didn’t want to come down with some exotic disease. She knew that a variety of serious ailments could attack her, as a result of her lack of caution. Human feces were rife with potentially fatal organisms.

Still, the very memory of her outrageous behavior, was prodding the flames of her desire. Cherry’s vile shit had tasted horrible; yet the act of eating it in front of others had taken her to another round of extraordinary pleasure.

‘Damn,’ she thought, ‘I’m horny again.’

Cathy began to try and think of some new disgusting thrill for her to experience. She knew that she couldn’t handle another all nighter, with untold numbers of men. But she did need some hot action. Then she recalled the homeless man she had seen, as she drove away from Wanda’s place. HMMMMM.

She didn’t feel like driving all the way across town, for just one old bum. However, there was a section of downtown that was only twenty minutes away and offered far more gentlemen of the non-resident types who could fill her needs. It was called The Union Mission and it was there that the homeless were given food, a chance to clean up and a place to sleep for one night. They wouldn’t allow anyone to stay for more than one night a week, because there were so many of them. However, the surrounding area was rife with the men who stayed nearby for the food supplied from the mission’s kitchen.

There were women too, of course, but mostly men. The neighborhood was badly run down and several surrounding buildings were old and empty. She had driven by there a few times, but usually tried to avoid that part of town. On those rare occasions, she noticed men sleeping in alleys or going through dumpsters, looking for God knew what. Now she recalled how vile and filthy looking they were and it woke her desire, as the disgusting possibilities ran through her mind.

She knew that she would end up there tonight. But first she would prepare a travel pack to take with her. In a small sport bag, she threw in antibiotic ointment and band aids, a few dozen condoms, a couple of small travel sized bottles of mouth wash, toothpaste and toothbrush, two hand towels, some strawberry flavored lubricant, an extra pair of blue jeans, a heavy T-shirt, and just for the hell of it a black vibrating dildo. She would need to stop at a drug store and pick up a bunch of individual packets of wet wipes. Those were not for the bums to use before they fucked her; they would be for her, after she had been defiled, hopefully repeatedly. She wanted the dirty men to remain so, as they used her.

She found an old skirt and blouse. They didn’t match very well, but then the men she was going after wouldn’t give a damn. She slipped on a pair of three inch heels. She’d worn them for a few years and had every intention of throwing them away, but just hadn’t got around to it. She was anticipating having her clothing torn and left behind; that’s why she was taking a change of clothes with her.

Thoughts and mental images of the acts that she was going to commit sent shivers of lust down her spine and she was sorely tempted to fondle her naked pussy. But she maintained some self control, knowing that to climax now would be a waste, when truly awesome lust was just an hour away.

She headed down town, stopping at a drug store to pick up a small package of wet wipes. While there, she also bought some Ibuprofen, two bottles of water and a squeeze bottle of douche, she was pretty sure that she would be glad to have brought some along.

Soon she was driving around in a nasty part of the down town area. It was after eight o’clock, the street lights were on and the homeless had already found there resting places for the evening. She parked her car, in a nearby, protected garage took her sport bag and headed for a spot two blocks afyon escort away, where she had spotted some likely candidates.

She came upon the first guy and he was right where she had seen him as she drove past. He was curled up next to a dumpster. He was white, not that it mattered to her, and was wearing jeans and a couple of overcoats. It was a warm evening and Cathy thought that he must be burning up, but he didn’t want to lose any of his prize possessions, so he wore them. As she got close to him, she saw he was filthy and clutching a pint bottle of wine. She read the label, ‘Thunderbird.’

Cathy bent over to him and shook his shoulder. At first she didn’t get a response, so she kept tugging on him, until he opened his eyes and stared blearily at her and asked, “What the fuck do you want?”

She didn’t hesitate, “I need to get fucked and I picked you to do the job.”

He gave her an angry look and told her, “Leave me the hell alone, bitch. It ain’t right to tease the homeless.”

“I’m dead serious mister. I want you to fuck me.”

He looked up at her, a little more cognizant of her presence and what she was saying. “What are you, some kind of crazy bitch. Go away.”

He was drunk; she could see that. Yet his eyes did give her the once over, which indicated to her that he had some visceral reaction to the possibility of actually having sex with the strange woman.

She took his arm and began trying to lift him, as she ordered him, “Come on now, lets get on the other side of the dumpster, so we won’t be bothered.”

She never got him to stand completely, but he did manage to squat walk his way to the blind side of the large waste container. She leaned him against the wall and went to her knees before him and proceeded to unbuckle his trousers and yank on his zipper. As she did so, she smelled the foul order of alcohol, sweat and decay. He was putrid and she was becoming aroused.

Beneath his jeans was a pair of sweat pants, which had a tear in the front that allowed him to pee, without dropping his trousers. She fished around inside his filthy underwear and found his cock. It was slimy with sweat and accumulated scum. She caught a whiff of the rot from his loins and felt her pussy twitch, as her lubrication began leaking from her cunt.

She saw that the man had an average sized penis, but it wasn’t responding very well to her manipulation of it. She thought, well perhaps he’ll come around, once I start sucking on his prick.

Cathy realized that in his condition, he would not appreciate the subtle nuances of a really fine blow job. So she didn’t bother with little things, such as kissing the head of his shaft, or nibbling up and down its length; she just took it past her lips and began sliding her mouth down to the base.

His prick began to show some life and he moaned once, so maybe her efforts weren’t a waste of time. The sweat covered piece of meat in her mouth was filthy and vile, which sent shudders of sick lust coursing through her gut and ending in her cunt. At the base of his cock, she detected a few small chunks of goo; probably an accumulation of sweat and dirt. As she took one tiny piece into her mouth and squished it with her tongue against the man’s penis, Cathy savored the disgusting flavor of the cheese like substance she had discovered.

His shaft was hard and he was groaning as her sucking and fondling of his balls had produced the results that she had hoped for. She began massaging her pussy with one hand, as she pulled on his pants, finally getting them down to his ankles. She ran a hand between his legs and felt around for his butt hole. He didn’t object, when she slowly pushed a finger into the brown, slippery mud of his colon.

He had come around enough, by then, to place his hands behind her head and kept drawing her face down on his nasty cock. She was at that point, where she needed to get fucked. She pulled away from him, causing him to loudly complain, “Hey, what the fuck?”

She rolled around onto her hands and knees, pulled up her skirt to her waist, exposing her pussy through the hole in her pantyhose and told him, “Fuck me. Put that cock in my cunt and fuck me for all you’re worth.”

The guy got down on his knees behind her, as he said, “Well alright.” Then he fumbled around her backside, as he tried to guide his prick to the entrance of her pussy. She needed him to fuck her right then and he couldn’t even find her wide open hole. So Cathy reached between her legs, grasped his cock in her own hand and brought it to her hungry cunt. Even then, she had to lunge back at him, to effect penetration.

Once inside of her, his animal instincts took over. He began gliding in and out, but lacked any sort of technique, which might have made it more arousing for her. Still, it felt good to have a man’s shaft pounding into her, yet she craved for something more, something dirty and nasty.

She reached back between her legs again and grabbed his balls, gathering as much filth on her hand as she could, and agrı escort then brought it to her lips. The sickening decay of him was a heady aroma, which enflamed her passion and brought her closer to the edge. But it was when she began sucking the vile substance from her fingers that she went crashing over the boundary, crying out her sick bliss, as the waves of degrading lust swept through her.

The smelly homeless guy just kept right on driving his cock into her pussy, as though she was an inflatable doll. She tolerated his efforts, until finally he shot his load into her indifferent pussy. That’s when it occurred to her that she had forgotten to have him put on a condom. Well shit, that wasn’t good. She couldn’t afford to make that kind of mistake, if she wanted to remain disease free, which she most certainly did.

Apparently at some point in his life, the guy had been a gentleman. As he pulled out of her dripping hole he said, “Thanks lady,” and then he pulled her skirt back down over her naked ass. After pulling up his trousers, he went right back around the dumpster and lay down where she had found him, as though she had never been there.

While Cathy had managed to get off, it had been rather unsatisfying for her. Oh the filth and dirt on the man had been a turn on, but his complete lack of sobriety had badly hampered his ability to make it good for her. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. The trouble was, this had really wet her appetite and she wanted some more action.

She was about to leave the alley, when she heard a door open on the side of an abandoned building. Out came another homeless person, carrying a bag of empty beer and soda cans, on his way to turn them in for money, no doubt. She watched him as he wobbled down the alley away from her.

Her curiosity got the best of her, so she decided to see what was on the other side of the door. It was very dim inside and she just stood there for a moment to let her eyes adjust to it. She saw evidence of on going life by the recently discarded trash, mostly hamburger wrappers and drink cups. There was a trail of the garbage leading to a stairway, so she followed the trail.

On the second floor, she was amazed to see what amounted to a dormitory of homeless people. There were large cardboard boxes and old blankets put up as small rooms, in which they spent their sleeping lives away. A few men were walking around, and by their movements, she determined that they were probably sober.

That some of them were alert was made obvious, as two of them came up to her, when they noticed her presence. One of them asked, “What are you doing here?” The next one told her, “You shouldn’t be here lady. It might not be safe for you here and no body’s got any money to spend on a whore anyway.”

She had to admit to herself that the possibility of harm was something that frightened her. But if rape was all that she had to worry about then she was safe. No one would have to force her to do anything. She would gladly perform any bizarre, kinky act that they wanted.

Cathy proudly stood tall and announced loudly, as there were others who now began to pay attention to the intruder, “I’m a whore alright, but not the kind of slut that does it for money. I want to get fucked by you guys because I like it.”

A third man approached her and said, “Look ma’am, we don’t need some Do-Gooder trying to save the world, one homeless person at a time. Just leave us alone.”

Her surprise at the difficulty of seducing these guys had set her back a little. She had thought that they would jump at the chance to fuck a clean woman who was looking for pleasure with them. But they were quite suspicious of her motives. Cathy guessed that life on the street could quickly teach them about the ways that people took advantage of the downtrodden. She had to make her sincerity believable.

She dropped her sportbag and quickly shucked off her blouse and skirt, standing before them in hose and heels. Placing a hand on each hip, she loudly asked, “Is there anybody here who would please fuck the shit out of me. And I need more than one or two guys. I want as many cocks as I can get.”

One of the men asked, “What kind of sick fuck are you?”

She told him, “I’m the kind of sick fucking whore that gets off on all of the dirty, nasty, smelly kind of men who live here.”

He went up to her and wrapped a hand around one breast and caressed it rather harshly. She didn’t back away, as he put his other hand on her pussy, inserting a finger into her wet tunnel. She had an audience by then and the degrading way in which the man used her in front of them, was a huge turn on for her. She loved to be put on display like this.

Cathy’s lust was on the rise and she wanted more. She felt that these men were still somewhat reluctant to really take her as she needed. So she told the man holding her tit, “Spit on me. Use me like the dirty slut I am.”

He laughed and launched a large blob of goo onto her face. She felt her passion jumping by leaps and bounds, akdere escort as the filthy slime ran down her cheek. She went to her knees and said, “Please allow me to suck your cock,” and opened her mouth wide, while sticking out her tongue.

He laughed again and spit another blob at her, landing it in her mouth. She swallowed it, looked back up at him, with open mouth and asked, “May I have some more?”

The man ignored her request, but he did begin undoing his pants, dropping them around his ankles. As he did so, others came in close and spit on her. She extended her arms out to her side, while blobs of saliva rolled down her cheeks and hit her breasts. With each vile assault, her lust grew like a geared mechanism, which ratcheted up one notch each time she felt the landing of another slimy dollop.

With his cock now out, the man before her took her face in his hands and pulled her toward the sweaty piece of hard male meat between his legs. Cathy was in her element now and she opened her mouth wide to receive him. His aroma was perfect. He had probably not bathed in weeks, so the vile smell of decaying dirt and sweat was strong and sent her lust up a few more notches.

She loved the taste of him and the feel of his shaft, as he plunged it selfishly into her sucking maw. Others began to gather around them and Cathy was further exhilarated at the knowledge of her public display of lust. A few men were masturbating and those moved in close as they aimed their cocks at her head.

The cock in her mouth jerked, and then loosed a torrent of thick cum across her tongue. She didn’t even try to swallow it all. Using her tongue, she swirled the slimy fluid around her mouth and thrilled to the wretched taste of his load. One of the masturbating pair dumped a shot of creamy white sperm onto her face and in her hair. The second man shot his wad onto her breasts, laughing at her as he did so.

People were talking about her now. “This fucking whore is ready for some serious action.” And another said, “What a nasty cocksucking slut.” The epithets went on, as another cock appeared at her mouth and a pair of hands held her head tight, as it slid into her mouth. This one was much cleaner, which was somewhat disappointing, but the vulgar comments being thrown at her, helped to maintain her high level of desire.

Soon, he had left her with a mouthful of thin, watery cum. Each man seemed to have a different type of cum, and each one tasted a little different. She relished them all.

She reached into her bag and took out a handful of condoms. Cathy lay down on a old tarpaulin, spread her legs, held the condoms over her head and said, “Somebody please fuck this whore.”

Guys were pushing and shoving to get her. “No one fucks me without a rubber. But after you screw me, I want to clean your cock and suck the cum from the condom.”

Somebody spit on her and said, “You fucking love it nasty don’t you slut?”

She looked up at him and answered, “Yes, I do. I love to be fucked and covered with cum and spit and anything else you can think of. I’ll do almost anything you want, just fill my cunt with some hard cock.”

Cathy wasn’t into the numbers, although there were at least a dozen men who used her pussy or her mouth and, in some cases, both. She climaxed several times, screaming and begging for the vilest of treatment.

She would pile up the used condoms, loosely tying the ends to save the cum inside. After a few men had taken their pleasure in her, she took joy in shocking them, by untying each one and sucking the cum from within, until she had turned it inside out and cleaned it all off.

A few men told her that they wanted to fuck her in the ass. She gladly accommodated them by getting on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass and shouting to them, “Fuck my asshole. Ram your cock into my shit.” As one man plowed into her dirt hole, another would present his prick at her face. She quickly took it into her sucking maw; thereby pumping up her lust to near orgasmic levels again.

She was spat upon throughout the filthy orgy of twisted passion. At one point, as she was sucking and being fucked in the ass, someone began peeing on her back. She came quite hard that time.

Eventually, she was no longer sucking, or being fucked. Yet men still took demented joy in spitting and peeing on her. She was tired, but not worn out. She let them do as they wished and knew that she would think back to this time in fond remembrance of just how filthy and vile she acted.

One of the guys helped a drunk over to her and told her, “Here, suck my buddies cock, and then fuck him, slut.”

She grinned and replied, “Of course I will. Come here, baby.”

The drunk was dirty beyond belief; she doubted that he had bathed for a very long time. And the beauty of it was that he smelled like it. At some point, he had peed in his pants, although it was dry now. Yet the stink was unmistakable. It was pungent and strong in her nostrils, as she opened his zipper and fumbled inside for his cock. The rancid piece of meat that she withdrew was a slim prick, which was covered with dirt and reeked of decaying sweat and God only knew what else. Her pussy twitched at the very thought of taking it into her sore mouth; yet she didn’t hesitate to do so.

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