Casey was Caught

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For the last 35 years Casey Midfield a very modest religious woman has been working for an investment company in the northeast. She is the wife of a prominent businessman in the area Arthur who has a computer repair business. They have 2 children that are just finishing college who could never do any wrong in their parent’s eyes.

Casey’s only flaw is she is considered by many associates to be a slave driver and a cold fish working her way up to the position as Chief investment officer for the group. She always thought she was smarter than anyone else and looked down on many people. Working out at the gym 3 days a week the fifty-seven year old woman who looks to be in her mid-forties has kept her figure with a few sags here and there blamed on the aging process.

Over the summer there are interns that work for the investment firms and one of them is Lenard who is a very smart though a nerdy individual. He was in school with Casey’s sons and he was always picked on by them. Casey did not even know that Lenard knew her sons and she did not know him for that matter even though they had met during his school days. Lenny as she called him (and by the way he hated that name) was her assistant. He was working late one night going over some of the trades that were being made by Casey when he came across some illegal practices in the trading that Casey was doing, but he did not want to bring it to her attention at the time he wanted to see if she would really go through with it or if it was just a mistake on her part. It was really something he saw her at church, so modest and nice to everyone when she is not working and a real cold fish who is a slave driver when she is working who will do anything to get ahead.

He set up the information on his computer to see what would be happening to the company. When Casey bought the stock it was going up she made over a million dollars in two months then Lenard found out that the stocks were going down and Casey sold the stocks before they tanked. Lenard gathered all the information from the stock purchases and waited until he had a solid case that could be brought to the securities exchange before he approached Casey. In the meantime Casey was really dumping on Lenard and abusing her position.

Two months into his 6 month internship his opening came he asked for a meeting with Casey on the pretense of having a problem with some work he was doing. At the appointed time which was 5 PM he arrived at her office. She was very curt with him telling him it had better be important. He looked at her and said that it was very important to her and he handed a copy of the information he had gathered for the last two months.

Casey opened that portfolio and her face immediately went pale. Where did you get this you little creep she said? I found this information while I was going through the files as you asked me to. I got suspicious and did some more research and you have what I found. I think I will have to go to the securities board with this because I am not sure, but I think there are some illegal activities going on here for the benefit this organization or you as there is a dummy company that leads back to you and your kids. I am not sure but I think they call that insiders trading and as I recall Martha Steward went to jail for that a few years ago.

The first thing she tried to do is intimidate him and when she realized that he held all the cards she offed him money which he was smart enough to have a recorder with him when she did. This was not fazing him so she started to cry which he really loved telling him she will sell all and give everything back. After he got enough on the recorder he pulled it out of his pocket and stopped it.

Casey was standing in shock as Lenard said I do not want money from you Mrs. Midland I want to humiliate you in front of people as your sons have done to me all through school. What do you mean you know my sons? She asked, Yes I do and they have done nasty things to me and when you were brought in you always sided with your sons now it is your turn to see what it is like. She could see that she would have to go along with whatever he wanted as she looked over the paperwork he had. She would be doing at least 10 years in jail if this information got to the authorities. What do you want she asked? He said that he will be in touch by email, then asked for her personal email account he made sure she was the only one that had access to it he told her to check it every night.

In the weeks following the meeting Casey was a lot nicer to Lenard, giving him easier work in hopes that she could persuade him to get rid of the documents and in the mean time she was trying to sell off everything that she did illegally, but she had to get his paperwork before she was in the clear.

It took Lenard and his 6 friends a month to set up for the first phase of Mrs. Midland’s submission. On Friday afternoon Lenard sent an email telling her to go to a warehouse about 45 minutes from the city that she lives in on Saturday morning bursa escort she has to be there by 10 AM and will be home by 3 PM knowing that Mr. Midland plays golf every weekend on Saturday from 9 to 5 with is buddies. If you are not there I will assume that you do not want to get back all this information and I will bring it to the securities board and you can take your chances with them. I am giving you a chance to get the information back without anyone knowing.

It was a very stressful night for Casey she was going between not going to going. Her husband asked her what the problem was and she said something at work. To stop him from asking questions she took a shower the boys were not home and she put on her sexiest nightie and seduced him which helped her relax also.

The next morning she made up her mind that she would have to go meet with Lenard to see if she could get the information back from him. Casey told her husband she was going to a Mall out of town for the day to see if she could get an outfit for a party they were going to in a month. Lenard had sent information for her GPS and she entered it. Off she went to the unknown she had no idea that before the day was out she would be totally at the mercy of young men that her sons had abused for the twelve years they were in school.

Finding the building in an industrial area about 5 minutes to 10 she got out of her Lexus and locked it finding the number she was looking for over the door she went in to find a area that looked like a police station. A young man in a police uniform that looked somewhat familiar asked if he could help her. She said that she was looking for Lenard. He thought for a minute and said you mean Officer Lenard. She said yes I guess so.

Out of the back came Lenard in a uniform with Sargent’s stripes putting out his hand and smiling saying thank you for taking the time to come out to see us. Let’s go in the back and we can discuss this matter of insider trading. Walking back she passed a room that she could see in that had an exam table and some chairs in it. They went to a room with a window in it and a table. Lenard sat on one side and Casey on the other. Lenard started Mrs. Midland it has come to our attention that you have been doing insider trading. She looked at him angrily and said you know that I have done that what will it take to give me the documents.

Well I guess the niceties are over he smiled. Lenard then proceeded to tell Casey that he would want her to go through a scenario that she was arrested, and then they were going to have a trial and decide what her punishment will be. You are kidding me right! Casey said flustered, Lenard told her he could call now and show them what he had on her. She knew she was in big trouble, so she tried to calm the situation. She said OK what do I have to do. Now that is more like it Mrs. Midland you are making the proper decision and it will be over before you know it and no one but a few of us will know about it.

He called all the people that were there. Telling everyone that Mrs. Midland will be cooperating with them, they all have to sign a non-disclosure paper if everyone wants to be here including Casey. Furthermore Casey had to sign a contract to do as they said for the next 3 months that Lenard was working with company and it had a list of demerits she will get for not following instruction to the letter. She was surprised to see 9 young men there. Before she signed the paperwork she asked if it was only for 3 months and then she will get everything back. Yes if you do as your told Lenard said.

All the paperwork was signed as Casey being pressured to sign the documents without reading them in there entirety. She just initialed each page wanting to get this over with in a hurry and then asked “where do we go from here?”. Well Mrs. Midland the first thing that happens if you are brought into the police station for booking is that you are strip searched. What! she said in disbelief, well doing something like you did you would be put in jail right? Yes I guess so she said. Well Said Lenard they would strip search you, so let’s go to the first room and get started the sooner you get this done the sooner you get out of here.

Reluctantly she walked into the first room she saw and Lenard with another young man in uniform entered with her. OK Mrs. Midland the first thing I want you to do is sign that paperwork that you would consent to a strip search she looked at the paper and signed it with a tear in her eyes. Lenard smiled and told her to remove her top and put it in the bag that Officer Ted was holding. She pulled the top over her head and put it in the bag, next he asked for her shoes to be removed but to put them to the side she reached down and did this. Next was her slacks she unbuttoned them pulled down the zipper and while Lenard held onto her arm she removed her slacks leaving her with her bra and full modest granny panties still on. She folded her slacks and put them in the bag. The next to be removed was her socks which she bursa escort bayan was helped with again. Lenard then had her put on her shoes she was thankful for that and figured that she would be spared a total strip search

To her dismay Lenard told her remove her bra and put it in the bag. She hesitated for a minute or two looking down at the floor and asking why they are doing this to her. They did not answer just repeated that she would have to remove her bra. She was very hesitant. She unhooked her bra from the front and to the young men’s amazement she had no breast just big nipples that were ¾” long and erect. Corey had large areolas it looked like she had large breast because she had a heavily padded bra. She folded that and put it in the bag. This was the first time the young men saw a mature woman topless and were delighted with her exposure. They loved her breast even though they were not large.

Each of the young men in the room took turns rubbing her breast and playing with her large nipples Corey was moaning presently from the attention her sensitive nipples were getting. She was on the verge of an orgasm when the young men abruptly stopped their manipulation of her breast causing her to moan in frustration. The young men having her open her mouth to look in and put their fingers in her mouth causing her more excitement.

After about 15 minutes of being humiliated by being touched by these young men in a very intimate way, which she enjoyed immensely, the door opened and a young man in a white coat and stethoscope around his neck with his little black bag came into the room. She knew right away he was going to examine her completely. Corey’s suspicions were correct she was told to remove her panties and put them in the bag. Again one of the young men held her arm as she removed her panties to the young men’s surprise she had black pubic hair that was very thick, so much so that the young men could not see her vaginal opening.

Corey was completely naked in front of her intern and his other young friends and this was just the beginning they had her get on the table and to her total humiliation they pulled out the stirrups for the table and helped her put her feet into them. They spread her out as wide as they could but the hair around her vaginal opening was so thick that the pre-med student conferred with the group and they decided that Corey needed to be shaved in the area of her vaginal opening so that her vagina will be visible to the group.

When Corey saw that they had hair clippers, a raiser and shaving cream she became upset what will she tell her husband when he sees her shaved area she asked. Lenard told her to tell him that it will be better for him to give her oral sex. Lenard started cutting the hair, when it was very short the medical student then shaved her vaginal area putting his fingers in her vagina. He could feel that she was very wet and excited by her exposure she was not as humiliated anymore as she was becoming very excited and her nipples and vaginal opening was testimony to her arousal with her vaginal area free of pubic hair you could see her lips and her opening was becoming red with her arousal.

It was time for all the men to examine her. The young man in the white coat was first he was premed student so he showed them how to examine a woman.

Lenard made Casey reach between her legs and open herself up so her vaginal opening could be inspected by all the young men in the room and each one took their turn commenting on how wet she was. To her utter humiliation this was turning her on. Over the next hour her modesty was taken from her and by the time they were finished she was close to cuming and they stopped she let out a moan when they did not finish her off, but they did not realize how close she was to orgasm as all of them have not had carnal knowledge of a woman before this day.

She was given a little cover up with no buttons on the front and stopped at her thigh. She was brought to another room where they had some food as it was close to lunch time. Lenard told her that he would not tell anyone at work about this and all the people here would not say anything. He confessed to her that most of the young men there have never seen a naked woman in real life. They all told her she was pretty and they liked her breast.

For some reason this made her happy as no one has ever told her that not even her husband. She was less concerned about trying to keep herself covered up. After they eat and conversed for a while Casey was becoming used to her exposure and liked to have these young men looking at her. She could see the lust for her in their eyes something that she almost forgot existed. The young men were respectful of her and she appreciated that even though she was totally exposed to them she felt safe in their presence.

Lenard asked Casey if she would agree to remove her cover up and they will let her leave in the next hour. She thought about it for a minute or two and then removed the cover up and gave it to escort bursa one of the young men that were walking with her. She went past a cell area and more rooms going to an exterior door they went out it into a fenced in yard she could see other building in the distances and wondered if they could see her, but she was content in her nudity feeling secure with these young men.

They walked her back to the door she came in and told her that she could leave she stayed conversing with them for another half hour she was so interested in their discussion. She asked where her clothes were so she could get dressed to leave, but she was told that she would have to drive home nude. Her clothes were in the trunk, by now she did not care that she was nude she just got into the car and left. She drove home very carefully and drove into her garage good thing they had door openers on the garage doors.

Casey was lucky that her sons were not home as she did not bother to dress just went into the house. She was so horny that her excitement was running down her legs . She took a shower and then played with herself to orgasm, not satisfied she waited in her bedroom for her husband She called him on his cell phone and told him she had a surprise for him. He could not believe his good fortune when he walked into the bedroom and saw her nude and spread with her fingers in her pussy he jumped on the bed and began licking her vagina to orgasm. She returned the favor giving him one of the best blow jobs of their 35 plus years married. Looking at her naked body and really examining her breast with her 1 inch nipples that he loved, her vagina that was devoid of hair around her vaginal opening making it better to have oral sex with her and her vagina that was somewhat large for her body and rectal area that he liked to play with as he was eating her he told her that she was still a very beautiful lady at 57 years of age.

On Monday morning Lenard did not know how Casey would treat him after what he and his friends did to her on Saturday, conversely Casey was wondering how she would feel knowing that Lenard has seen her most intimate being. The moment of truth came when Corey summonsed him to her office to divide out the work for him to do as soon as he came into the room she had a spasm in her pussy then she could feel her panties getting wet meanwhile in the close quarters Lenard could smell that same smell emitting from her today as when she was examined on Saturday once a man gets his first scent of pussy he never forgets it. She also realized that she was excited and emitting pheromones in her excitement and was embarrassed. Being a gentleman he did not say anything, but Corey could see that the front of his pants was tenting in excitement.

Casey was more cordial to him this morning and she dressed in a short dark skirt that came to her knees, with a white blouse under a matching suit jacket of course she had her bra and panties on with 3 inch dark heel shoes to finish her outfit. It was warm out so Casey did not wear her panty hose to work. It was hard for Lenard to keep to his plan as he was not a bad guy, just sick of being picked on he almost stopped her torment, but he remembered the 12 years of torment he received from her sons.

Lenard felt better about himself because Casey was treating him with respect finally. They were talking about the work to be done and when they finished Casey dismissed him. On the way out almost like he was asking her to email something to him he said Casey. I like the outfit you have on today, but I think your dressed too warmly remove your bra, panties and blouse then come to see me you have a half hour to accomplish this before you will receive a demerit every half hour if you do not comply within the allotted time then he left the room with Casey thinking did he really say that?

Well Casey did not take Lenard too seriously and did not comply with his request for a few hours. He returned to her office after 3 hours and told her that she had 6 demerits as of now and she had 5 minutes to comply with his request. Seeing how upset Lenard was she went into the woman’s room right away and removed the requested items and put them in her hand bag. Casey went to Lenard’s area they were only work partitions not offices. He could see cleavage down about 4 inches with no breast showing and he reached under her skirt to see if she had removed her panties. Lenard was very pleased that she was very wet, as that meant that she was getting excited by being exposed as she was. With his fingers still in her pussy he told her that she will dress as she is now for the rest of the time that he will be working at the office. Casey did not say anything as she was enjoying the internal massage she was getting from Lenard’s two fingers working in and out of her pussy.

The rest of the week Casey came to work removed her panties and bra then called Lenard in so he could inspect her and give out his work for the day. He had her put her hands on her desk and he had her pull her skirt up to check her pussy by inserting his fingers in her. She would moan and she was always wet and then she had to turn around and show him her breast for inspection. Her nipples were always hard after he rubbed them causing her to moan again.

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