Carl the Plumber

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It was the Monday night of spring vacation for Susan and her children. She looked down, disgusted at her bathtub. Having just given the kids a bath and getting them in bed, she went to drain the tub so she could shower herself. The drain for the tub is plugged again and now Sue would have to shower standing in 4 inches of water. This is not how she wanted to start her vacation.

Normally her husband David would just clear the drain and after a few minutes things would be fine, but he was on a trip to Las Vegas for a sales convention. Sue decided not to bother him on his first night there since he had flown out that morning.

The next day came and once Sue knew David would be up and in meetings, she sent him a text message explaining the situation.

“Let me see what I can do” she got back as a reply.

Not knowing what that meant she continued to text him so as not to interrupt his meetings. This went on for a few hours until finally some good news came.

“Carl will be there tonight to look at the tub, make sure you PAY him” was the message she received on her phone. David had often teased her about having sex with other men. She knew he enjoyed the many times they had brought partners into their bed, both male and female. She especially knew how much he enjoyed watching her have sex with others. She was not really into the multiple partners lifestyle as much as David, but she did get pleasure from it and she participated willingly for his pleasure.

The thought of having Carl coming over tonight got her wondering what David had told him. Susan tried desperately to get that information from David via text message, but he teased her and remained elusive. David did hint that he had suggested to Carl to fuck his wife 6 ways to Sunday.

After the kids were in bed Tuesday night, Susan went into her bedroom and changed the sheets on the bed just in case. Then she changed into her pajamas and sat in front of the television to await the plumber. Soon it was 9:00 and he was no where to be seen. She sent another text to David asking where he was.

“He’s not coming tonight, his wife hasn’t gotten home from work yet. He’ll be there tomorrow night” came over on her phone.

She sat in the chair and opened her laptop. Thinking how abidinpaşa escort excited she had gotten and now to be let down, she surfed for some porn, then decided to just go to bed and try her new vibrator.

The next day arrived before she knew it and she had made plans with some friends to take all their children to a park for a play date. The day seemed to drag on as she anticipated the evening ahead of her. She was still unsure of anyone’s intentions but aroused by the thoughts from the previous day.

At last the children have had dinner and it was again bedtime. Carl had called her to say he would be over around 8:30.

Once the kids were asleep, Susan went to her room to change, this time into a lacey low cut top with no bra, and some tight fitting sweats she wore for her workouts. She wanted to be comfortable yet flaunt her amazing figure.

Carl arrived promptly at 8:30 and Susan led him to the bathroom. He removed the stopper from the tub and bent up a coat hanger to try to relieve the clog from its duties. Soon the water began draining at its normal rate.

“Thank you.” Sue bleeted gleefully. “I hate taking a shower while my feet take a bath. How can I repay you?”

“How about a blow job?” he asked laughingly with a smile.

Susan and Carl had been friends for a long time, and he meant his comment as a joke. David and Carl were good friends growing up and had stayed close all these years. Carl even caught the garter in their wedding.

“Well if that’s all it takes to get my pipe’s cleaned, ok!” she said as she led Carl across the hall to her bedroom.

Carl was not sure of what to do next. Susan had caught him totally by surprise. In a flash Susan was sitting on the edge of her bed with Carl standing there, facing her as she ripped the pants off him. Susan had heard many times how well endowed Carl was. Even David had mentioned it once or twice trying to peak some curiosity in her. Now right in front of her eyes was the longest, fattest cock she had ever seen and he wasn’t even fully hard yet. She reached up and began massaging the hanging branch until it was fully erect. She placed her lips on the head and slowly made her way down the shaft.

As she bottomed out only adana escort ¾ of the way down she realized that his dick must be at least 10 inches long, maybe 11 and at least as big around as her wrist. She suckled that huge log for a few moments before pulling Carl down onto the bed and leaning over him to get a better angle.

Carl reached up and began stroking her head as she blew him. It had been a while since he had any intimate contact since he was in the middle of a nasty divorce. He thought to himself how good her warm wet mouth felt on his cock. He started thrusting into her head as she went down in order to bottom out every time. Soon he had her gagging on his manhood.

After about 20 minutes of an intense blowjob, Carl decided that wouldn’t be enough. He pulled Susan off and rolled her onto the bed next to him. He quickly removed her sweats as she tore off her shirt. Next his shirt came off as he lowered himself over her. A few seconds passed before the tip of his cock reached her lower lips and he could feel how warm and wet she was. With a quick and sudden push he was in.

Susan was now getting probed by the largest dick she had ever known. The feeling was intense. She had played with huge dildos before, but it’s not the same as a warm moving cock inside her. The feeling was intense and soon she had a quick orgasm.

“Fuck me hard” she screamed as her first orgasm subsided.

Carl picked up speed and fucked her for all he was worth. His meat hammer bottomed out on her innermost walls as he slammed repeatedly into her.

“Oh my god!” he screamed as he came deep in her love canal.

He fell to her side to catch his breath.

“Oh, I was so close to another one.” Susan said after she caught her breath too. “Can we try that again?”

“Sure thing,” said Carl. “I’ll just need a little help getting back up to snuff.

The next thing Carl saw was a flash as Susan spun around on the bed and crawled on top of him in a 69 position.

“You clean me and I’ll clean you, that should get you ready.” She announced without giving him much choice. David had clean her used pussy many times in the past after sex but she was never as turned on by it as she was having Carl do it now.

She again engulfed adıyaman escort his quivering prick and nursed it back to life as she sucked and licked their combined juices from its intense girth.

Carl on the other hand was busy tending to her sloppy folds as he tried eagerly to please her as she had already pleased him. He was not thrilled about eating his own cum and let most of it trickle down the outside of his cheeks, but what he did get in his mouth, he had decided wasn’t so bad. Once the heavy flow diminished, he hungrily attacked her cunt with his tongue. He flicked her clit and lapped up the juices from her lips as she squatted and pushed against his face.

Once he was rock hard again, Susan lifted herself up and spun around.

“This time, I’m gonna fuck you!” she said forcefully as she slid down his cock. She began slowly and with every lift of her hips she increased the pace until she found the perfect rhythm. Carl reached up and started to squeeze her nipples in his fingers. Susan reached up with one hand and presented her left breast to his lips. Her instructions were clear and he began sucking her left nipple. His hand went full on her right breast as he continued sucking on the left, then after a few minutes, he swapped sides. Susan loved having her nipples sucked on as she rode a cock and his huge manhood reached placed previously untouched by any man.

Susan’s orgasm was now building with ferocity. Carl knew it wouldn’t be long until she came and he wasn’t sure if he could hold out much longer himself.

“Fuck me till you cum!” he cried as he could feel his groin tightening.

Susan began writhing faster on his shaft and he bit down firmly on her nipple. Her knees clenched his hips tightly and her body tensed stiff like a rock. Suddenly she went loose with a loud exhale and she was in the midst of the strongest orgasm she had ever felt. Carl thought during mid climax that she might actually fall off the bed she wiggled so much. In return he again emptied himself into her, filling her warm hole deep inside.

As Susan rolled off, Carl thanked her for his payment.

“Any time.” She replied and winked at him.

“By the way, when is David coming back?” Carl asked.

“He gets in tonight around 2:00a.m. He said he wanted to wake me up by eating my pussy, so I’ll have a nice surprise waiting for him when he gets here.

Carl got dressed, kissed Susan goodbye and let himself out.

Susan passed out in bed until David came home.

But that’s another story….

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