Capt. Dick Gets Off from Panama

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Big Tits

Captain Dick was one happy guy on departure day. He had high hopes for the coming cruise, the weather was good, the boat was perfect, and the crew – well the crew kept his dick in a constant salute.

The crew gathered, bills were paid, last good byes to the yacht club staff were made and the Beneteau slipped into the channel on its way for a three week cruise up the coast and on to Houston.

The Captain was truly lucky as the crew had offshore experience and after the early going – no one was getting seasick. The sails were filled and the Beneteau nicely making wake as land slowly slipped out of sight.

One thing about cruising Central America – its hot anytime of year – and this cruise would be no different. As the sun peaked it was a scorching 95 degrees. The girls had boarded the boat in shorts and bikini tops and of course – Captain Dick noticed every curve of the big breasted mothers and the nubile daughters.

Captain Dick had the helm during the afternoon and was in the cockpit when he noticed the girls had been below deck for a while. The first out of the hatch was Julie. Captain Dick thought back to the previous night and how good his dick felt pumping Julie’s pussy hoping that he would get another shot. Randi was next up followed by Nancy and Maggie. Everybody gathered in the cockpit and Nancy announced the girls felt the crew needed a meeting.

Nancy said the girls had been below talking about how the cruise was going to be a hot one and since they were out of sight of land – kocaeli escort they had all agreed to make the trip clothing optional. Captain Dick could barely contain his smile. Captain had been offshore many times and often the crew just does not bother with clothes but this time – these fucking hot women – how would he contain himself – after all – he was the captain and he had a job to do.

Nancy, Julie, Maggie, Randi all smiled at each other and reached behind to untie their bikini tops. Captain was so in heaven the fabric slid away from the tits as the girls sighed a huge sigh of relief to be free from the constraints of clothing. Nancy was the first to stand up and slide down her shorts. The boat rocked just a little at that moment and Nancy swung sideways and had to catch herself on the edge of the cockpit with her bare ass up close to Captains face. Captain was so taken by the sweet pussy before him that he barely noticed the other girls sliding off their shorts.

The girls each reclined some hiking a leg up exposing their pussies and they all turned to Captain Dick with wry smiles. Julie said Ok Captain – its your turn. Captain Dick felt happily outnumbered and worried about what they would think about his dick sticking straight out when he slid off his shorts. Sure enough – the girls giggled and made woo-hoo cat calls as the pants hit the deck. Captains dick was sticking straight out with four hot women in the privacy of the boat far from land with plenty of time on their hands.

Julie was the first kocaeli escort bayan speak. Captain Dick – we also decided on something else. We’re a really close family and we share everything. So don’t be surprised if you see us getting a little close. But don’t worry – we’ve got plans for you too she said with a sparkle in her eye.

Julie slid back to Captain and dove in with a kiss on the lips that turned into a long french kiss. Captain Dick’s dick was so hard he could have driven nails with it. Maggie ease back and started sliding her hand up and down Captains dick while Julie worked him over. Captain was feeling Julie’s tits and rubbing the tip of her nipple between his fingers when he felt Maggie’s lips slid over the crown of his dick. Captain Dick noticed the Nancy had crawled across the cockpit and was kissing and licking Randi’s pussy while she massaged her young girl’s tits.

Nancy was hot and her pussy was on fire. Nancy eased Maggie off Captains dick and crossed over onto his lap. Maggie reached behind Nancy and massaged her slit as she rode up and down across Captain Dick’s rod. Captain Dick was in heaven when Julie slid way up on his belly and Maggie helped slide his dick up into Julies pussy. Julie slid back taking all Captain Dick cock in her hole in one stroke and begin riding Captain with a smooth sensual motion.

Maggie was not left out either. Captain Dick eased his hand down past her tits and found her shaved pussy. Captain begin rubbing her slit and clit and felt her flowing juice izmit escort as he pushed his finger in and out. Maggie was loving the attention and kept her hand on the base of Captains cock as it slid up inside Julies pussy.

Julie was working the dick in and out as she rode captains belly and he could tell he would not last long with her pussy squeezing his dick as he slid in and out. She could tell that this time with Captain Dick would be too much so she eased her motion and said “Well stud – I think I want to suck your dick and have you cum on my face – think you can handle that baby?” Could he ever – Captain slid back and Julie joined Maggie at Captain Dick’s feet trading turns sucking his dick all the way down. Captain kept an eye on Nancy while she ate Randi’s pussy and shivered as he watched Randi have an orgasm.

Nancy pulled back from Randi’s pussy and a thin string of Randi’s orgasm connected the two women and that was too much for Captain Dick – Captain grunted as he pulled his dick back from Julie and Maggie’s mouths. Captain Dick’s sperm shot from his dick and dripped to coat the two women’s faces… shot after shot poured from his dick and soon the girls were smiling and laughing and comparing how much each had gotten.

Captain Dick fell back in his seat in amazement as the two girls began licking his sperm from each other. Nancy and Randi slid back and joined in the fun licking and kissing what was left from the Captains horny shot of cum onto the girls faces. These girls were fucking hot!

Well fuck me thought Captain Dick – this trip was going to one fuck after another. Nancy and Randi slid up next to Captain with Randi slowly jacking his recovering dick… so stud – think you can handle all four of us?

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