Can’t Stop the Wild Side

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Clarence stayed in the car and waited for his girlfriend to come out of the house. He parked far enough for her to not to see it, but close enough for him to see her. He could have spent the rest of the afternoon alongside her. But her text message seemed suspicious from the start. And now he had a good reason not to believe what she said to him.

The nineteen-year-old Japanese man kept his hands on the steering wheel. He left his windows open. He could not look away from the two-story house that his girlfriend had entered not too long ago today. He couldn’t remember if he had waited for an entire hour or perhaps longer. He just didn’t care. The sun descended and the sky grew darker. Southern California seemed like a forgotten paradise when Clarence had no other option but to worry about his future prospects with his loved one. Here he was, sitting alone in a quiet neighborhood in the city of Rancho Cucamonga. He couldn’t look anywhere else. He couldn’t even think of anything else. He needed to know the truth.

As soon as he finished cleaning his eyeglasses with his shirt, he finally spotted his girlfriend leaving the house. Michelle had dressed neatly and seemingly for a special occasion. From his vantage point, Clarence could almost see a little smile on her face as she got into her own car. She took off and drove away in the opposite direction. Clarence didn’t look away even as she disappeared after taking a left turn on the road.

Clarence let out a long sigh as he tightened his grip on the steering wheel. He wished he didn’t believe it, but it was inevitable seeing as how she left the scene with glee. Her lack of morals didn’t show whenever he was with her. She must have been a good liar all along. Clarence narrowed his eyes. He never felt so irate. Even as he sat still, his current state of mind centered on a more negative side of things. He could feel nothing but anger at the young woman who may have betrayed his trust.

But he needed to know the answers right away. He got out of his car and decided to walk toward the house. On the right side, he could see the distant foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. It reminded him of how much he wanted to visit a national park with Michelle, the two of them interacting with some of America’s exquisite wildlife. He clenched his fists for a moment as he didn’t even want to see the mountains for a little while.

He reached the two-story house and stopped on the front porch. Instead of ringing the doorbell, he knocked on the front door three times. He waited for a direct response. After several seconds of silence, he grew impatient. He knocked on the door once more, only a little more aggressive than before. This time, the door finally opened. He had the chance to see who his girlfriend had seen a few minutes ago.

“Can I help you?”

Clarence tried to say something, but he was rather speechless. One look at the older man standing just several feet in front of him, and he couldn’t move. He began to feel like he had just been hypnotized by the other man’s good looks. The black-haired white man standing on front of him must have been thirty to thirty-five years old. He wore a pair of brown pants and a black polo shirt. He had burly arms, broad shoulders, and an overall healthy physique that could have made women tingle from below.

It was strange, since Clarence kept his eyes on him. He couldn’t deny that the man standing in front of him was handsome. And somehow, Clarence had that peculiar feeling from within. With his mouth hanging open, he was frozen for approximately five seconds before he cleared his throat.

“I’m Clarence. I’m Michelle’s girlfriend. I just saw her leave this house. I’d like to know what happened.”

The occupant gave a slow nod. “I see. Well, my name is Rick. It’s nice to meet you, Clarence.”

His smooth baritone voice almost made Clarence weak in the knees. The young man couldn’t understand why he had these strange feelings all of a sudden.

He almost stumbled with his next sentence. “Can, uh…can I come in?”

Rick replied with a little smile. “Yes, you can.”

He let Clarence in and let him enter the living room. Judging by the interior, it looked like a clean and spacious house, comfortable and perfect for members of the nuclear family. But Clarence didn’t see a wedding ring on any of Rick’s fingers, so this could only mean that the older man had stayed single. Clarence could only wish that he did the exact same thing.

Rick took a seat on his sofa. “Come sit with me.”

Clarence didn’t şişli escort hesitate. He sat down beside him and tried not to act so awkward with this man.

Rick asked, “So Michelle is your girlfriend, is that correct?”

Clarence nodded. “Yeah, that’s right.”

“That’s odd. She never told me that she was seeing someone else.”

Rick said it so casually that it would have infuriated someone like Clarence for being so nonchalant about it.

But instead, the younger man had no anger to express. Complete captivation had occupied most of his thoughts. He kept his eyes on Rick and didn’t feel like looking away for a proper distraction.

“I’d like to know what happened. Why did she come here? Why did she decide to spend the afternoon with someone else instead of me?”

Rick pursed his lips. “I don’t think I should give you such details.”

“Just tell me why she was in your house. Please.”

Rick chuckled in a mysterious manner. “Alright. I’ll say it. Your girlfriend and I did it in my bedroom. She wanted it very badly, and I didn’t refuse. And all this time, I didn’t know she already had a boyfriend. She seemed so nice, I couldn’t resist. To be honest, who would EVER resist someone like her?”

Clarence felt like shedding a tear. The betrayal had been true. Now, he wished he would never see Michelle again.

Rick patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll find another one who’s better than her.”

Clarence couldn’t help but feel amazed by Rick’s firm grip on his shoulder. He must have figured it out by now. Clarence was never a muscular man. His short and slender figure, as well as his sensitive behavior, could have made him an easy target for bullies on the street. Michelle must have been unsatisfied with their relationship and decided to shake things up a bit. He only wished that she would just tell him that it was over before he had found out about this.

He buried his head in his hands. “I thought it could work out between the two of us. I thought it would be perfect.”

Rick whispered, “Don’t be so hard on yourself. I can tell that you’re a good person. In fact…I’d say that you’re a much better person than Michelle will ever be.”

Clarence looked up and noticed Rick’s smile growing larger, his chuckle growing more mischievous.

“What makes you think that? You just met me.”

A smug demeanor had risen from Rick’s apparent charisma. “I don’t have to know you. I just have to like you.”

“And you do?”

“Michelle is one hell of a woman…but I’d also like to see if you’re one hell of a man.”

Clarence began to tremble. He didn’t know what to say after that.

Rick eyed him from top to bottom and a bigger smile formed on his face. “Normally, I’d prefer someone like Michelle. But I think things are about to change now that you’re here with me.”

Clarence felt frozen. He couldn’t understand why another man would feel this way. “Maybe I should leave.”

Rick shook his head with amusement. “Oh, don’t be shy. I may have my preferences, but I’m always willing to try new things.”

He whispered, “And I must say that you’re truly a handsome man.”

Clarence felt overwhelmed by that simple compliment. It must have been Rick’s confident tone of voice that hit the right notes.

The older man leaned forward. “I like what I’m seeing so far.”

Clarence couldn’t look away. He had felt so awestruck by Rick’s cleanliness and charisma that he almost forgot about Michelle for a brief moment.

“Are you being honest?”

Rick chuckled in an almost antagonistic manner. “It looks like Michelle isn’t right for you. In fact, I think she’s not right for BOTH of us.”

Clarence held his breath. It became a tense conflict between two thoughts: leaving this place to confront his girlfriend, or seeing what happens when Rick made his move. Clarence could sense the inevitable scenario approaching. He wanted to give Rick to show him the beginning of an odd relationship. He wanted Rick to grab him and show him how two men share a kiss.

“Why do I want to stay here with you?”

Rick whispered, “Because you want me. That’s why.”

Clarence quickly snapped out of it. He began to feel a little unsteady with what transpired since he entered this neighborhood.

He stood up from the sofa. “I think I should leave.”

But before he could even leave the living room, he could feel a hand seizing his arm and forcing him to turn around. Rick’s smile didn’t vanish just yet.

“Don’t mecidiyeköy escort fight it. We’ve got something special going on between us.”

Clarence was once again feeling hypnotized by the mere presence of this complete stranger. Without a moment to lose, he stepped closer and gave Rick a kiss. Rick squeezed him tight as they shared their first kiss together. Clarence didn’t question it. He just went along with it. This tingling sensation from within made it an extraordinary experience right at the start. He didn’t stop pressing his lips against Rick’s own. The two men didn’t need any explanation for this type of behavior. They stayed silent during their passionate embrace.

But Rick finally stopped and gave Clarence a rather sinister smile as he said, “I’m already starting to like little Asian guys like you.”

Clarence was still speechless. Rick looked down at what lurked below the younger man’s waist.

“Take off your clothes right now.”

Clarence didn’t waste any time. He followed a simple command as he took off his shirt, pants, and underwear before dropping them on the floor. He stood still with the cool temperature in the room doing little to make him more perturbed. Rick smiled without any hints of a reluctant attitude.

“Now that’s beautiful.”

Clarence’s erection had already shown itself. “What do you want me to do?”

Rick didn’t respond with words. Instead, he responded by taking off his own clothes and tossing them to the side. He and Clarence now stood facing each other, naked. The younger man couldn’t believe what he just say. Rick’s healthy physique was proven to be correct with how his chest and abs turned out. Clarence couldn’t resist it any longer. Even if he only met Rick for a few minutes, he yearned for something that he had never thought would be possible. One look at Rick’s long hard cock, and he felt weak in the knees.

Rick reached out with open arms. “Come here.”

Clarence stepped closer and embraced him in the same way as before. But this time, they were fully unclothed. He could feel Rick’s hard cock rubbing against his own. With both dicks touching each other in such a confined space, it only made Clarence more eager to move forward with a new brand of logic. The two men shared another kiss with a stronger desire for an afternoon delight. Rick’s warmth almost overwhelmed Clarence. It made his erection last longer.

Rick whispered, “I’m going to see if you’re ready for this.”

He reached down and grabbed both cocks with his right hand. He began to stroke both cocks by moving his fingers up and down in a slow manner. Clarence had to stop himself from shivering in Rick’s arms. Having his cock kept in a firm grip, with a bigger cock right by its side, felt so strange. And yet it kept him from believing it to be a nasty experience. He wanted it to continue. He looked down to see both stiff dicks working well together in Rick’s slow-moving fingers. He took quicker breaths when a strange sensation began to arise from inside his body.

Rick chuckled. “You like it, don’t you?”

Clarence moaned. “Oh…yes, I do.”

Rick’s hand started an acceleration. This time, he let go of his own cock and concentrated on stroking Clarence’s erection. He pointed it straight up while moving his fingers as fast as he could. Clarence’s strange sensation became something more of a shockwave that should have taken place when making love to a woman. Instead, feeling so fragile when being controlled by another man didn’t seem to bother him at all.

Rick whispered, “Don’t you just love it when we’re together?”

Clarence tried to laugh, but failed. “I wish I met you sooner.”

Rick’s smile was still sly and charismatic. He stopped caressing Clarence’s cock. “Turn around.”

Clarence obeyed him. He turned around. He could feel Rick’s hands from behind as they grabbed hold of his hips. He could also feel Rick’s tip touching his butt cheek. It slid closer to the tight hole in the middle.

Rick made his silent confidence known through his tone of voice. “I know you’ll love my cock.”

Clarence couldn’t say anything at this point. He just waited while Rick’s tip reached his hole. And then, the entire cock slid all the way through. Clarence gasped. Another man’s cock had just made it inside him, and he didn’t even attempt to escape. It felt so astounding that he viewed it as a more encouraging approach to forming a new companionship.

“Oh, shit!”

Rick didn’t stop. He embraced Clarence tight in his arms istanbul escort and penetrated him without hesitation. Clarence almost lost his balance. He never had another man partake in these sorts of movements.

He felt so vulnerable in Rick’s arms. “Oh, I’m yours!”

Rick didn’t stop. “Let’s see how well you really handle it.”

Rick immediately pushed him further down and made him grab the edge of the coffee table with his hands. Clarence had now bent over like a servant ready to be taught now to be obedient.

“Oh, fuck! It’s amazing!”

Rick kept going. He didn’t stop thrusting his long hard cock deep into Clarence’s hole. He had become a well-oiled machine that was incapable of breaking down owing to outside forces. Clarence could do nothing but stay still and stare at the wall. He could have looked behind him, but he decided against it. Rick’s strength and determination said it all.

Clarence moaned. “Oh, yes! It’s so incredible!”

As time went on, he had lost track of it. It felt like an entire half-hour had passed since his ass had been infiltrated by a dick already ready for use. The smacking noise when his buttocks collided with Rick’s hips was kept at a quick but steady rhythm. He started to pant like a dog. His knees had grown weak. The things that transpired from behind him would be a surefire sign of a more exhausting frame of mind.

Rick yelled, “You’ve got one hell of an ass! And that’s what I want!”

All of a sudden, he pulled Clarence away from the coffee table and joined him on the floor. Now, he lay on the younger man’s back and showed no signs of putting this operation to a halt.

Clarence cried out, “I can’t get enough of your long hard cock!”

Rick’s undeniable stamina showed through his everlasting recital. As his forward propulsion experienced a sharp increase in speed, Clarence could feel a burning sensation from inside his hole. He squeezed his eyes shut. He dug his fingers into the carpet. His moans grew louder as the beast from within managed to provide him with an unusual array of pain and pleasure.

“Oh, Rick! Keep fucking me hard!”

Clarence could feel a drop of sweat forming on his neck. The smacking noise from his butt grew louder. His own hole kept growing hotter thanks to Rick’s ruthless ability to make him pine for greatness. Clarence didn’t want to stop his wild side. He wanted it to stay with him.

Rick’s final thrust was the most powerful. Clarence had to bury his head on the carpet to keep himself from howling with excitement.

“Oh, fuck!”

It was finally over. Both men had reached their peak. Clarence almost screamed as Rick made his eruption official. He could feel his ass growing wet as the older man’s warm and milky discharge made its mark from within. Rick lay on Clarence’s back, his weight making Clarence unable to move from below.

Rick whispered in his ear, “You are fantastic.”

That made Clarence shiver with enthusiasm. Rick finally pulled out of him and stood up from the ground. Clarence was so exhausted that he could only roll over and lay on his back ever so slowly without doing anything else.

Rick looked down at the young Japanese man. “Someone like you should be at my place five nights a week.”

Clarence’s hole was still sore from Rick’s easy access. He could feel the warm cum spilling out of him and forming a small puddle on the floor.

“I think I’ll be counting on it.”

Rick chuckled. “Stay here. Now’s the time for me to refresh myself in the kitchen.”

He left him in the living room and headed for the kitchen naked. Clarence didn’t move. He closed his eyes for a moment. He let out a long sigh. He couldn’t help but feel amazed at what Rick did to him for the past hour or so. This interaction with a complete stranger made Clarence feel so vulnerable to Rick’s touch. It was an incredible feeling. He wanted it to happen again in the future.

Then, he heard a faint vibrating sound. At first, he didn’t think much of it. But he quickly realized that it could have been the sound of his own smartphone. He got up from the floor and checked his pair of pants that he had dropped near the coffee table. He pulled out his smartphone and found a text message that had just been sent seconds ago. It was Michelle’s.

He opened up the text message and read it. She wanted to meet him tonight. She wanted to go to the movie theater with him. Clarence read it once more. He had forgotten about her since he looked into Rick’s eyes and agreed to be hypnotized by the latter’s overall charm. He almost dropped his smartphone. Now that he remembered his girlfriend, he had to rethink what really went on in this house. He looked down to see his legs covered in Rick’s creamy sweetness.

“Okay…what the hell just happened?”

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