Can’t Spell Joyce without Joy Pt. 06

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Group Sex

I woke up, just before Stacie. This was a morning that Joyce and I would not be able to have a hot morning fuck, since Stacie was going away for the weekend, and had taken this Friday off. The idea of creeping over to Joyce’s room and waking her up for a quickie crossed my mind, I knew that she’d be more than eager to milk out my morning load.

Before I could put that idea in motion, I felt Stacie stirring. I again feigned sleep, as I had done the other day, hoping I could see her nude again. She did not disappoint, after looking closely at my face, I sensed her drawing back, and watched as she stripped naked, my cock responding accordingly. She headed into the bathroom, and I could hear the shower start up. I waited until I heard the shower stall door open and close, then I scurried over, eased open the door, then slipped inside. There was enough room for me to observe, without being directly in her sight.

Through the shower door glass, I watched as Stacie soaped her body, turning this way and that, then her hands stopped washing. I heard a distinct moan. I watched, open-mouthed, as she stroked the stiffening nubs of her nipples. I could see from the way they plumped up how responsive they were. She squeezed her nipples gently, letting out another soft moan of pleasure. With a sigh of pleasure, she released her tits, sliding her hands down. She stroked the soft skin of her flat tummy and the well-proportioned fullness of her hips.

I watched as her hands reached down, stroking just above the top of her pubic hair. She reached over for something, and when she brought her hand back, I could see her hairbrush. The handle had a slight curve to it, and ridges for the hand to get a good grip, and looked to be 6, 7 inches long. I watched, open-mouthed, as she took hold of the brush behind the bristles, and nudged the handle against herself. Her demeanor changed, no more soft caresses, no gently pumping it in. She thrust hard, burying the handle in one hand, violent shove, ramming it as deep as she could.

“Take it bitch, Ummm, oh yeah, nice tight pussy baby, oh yeah, feels like a virgin cunt, gonna loosen you up slut!”

I was dumbfounded, she had just said that, what the hell??

She fucked herself savagely, letting out yells and howls, and vocalizing things like “Oh yeah, this bitch is getting what she deserves….take it you little whore….motherfucker…..tight little slut….cum dump bitch.”

Her howls seemed to be changing over to pleasure, and she vocalized, “Oh yeah, we fucked her good guys, look at the bitch, so horny, yeah, cum you little bitch, cum all over our cocks!”

She finally let out a shriek of pure pleasure and slumped back against the shower wall.

My cock was ready to explode, I knew that Joyce was going to school today, and I crept out of the bathroom and hurried down the hall. Joyce was still in bed, masturbating, and she was just on the verge as I came in with a full head of steam. She saw the raging lust on my face, and purred, “Ummmm, oh god you look like you’re ready to explode, I’m just on the verge too, bury your cock and we can both cum the best way!”

I had my eyes locked on her perfect pussy, a plump swelling with a well-trimmed furry patch of red. The lips were parted, fat and swollen with sexual desire, and I quickly covered her body, I felt her hand grab me, and lead me in. With one hard shove, I was buried to the balls, Joyce growled as I nudged hard against her cervix.

“Yes, fuck, oh fuck, just fuck me hard, then dump your load, I adore the feeling of your throbbing cock, exploding and squirting wildly so deep inside me, filling me up with a hot load of incestuous spunk, I’m ready to explode!”

Oh fuck, so good, her cunt was furnace hot, soaked with her juices, and I held out as long as possible, fortunately, Joyce had been as close to orgasm as she had said she was.

Joyce cried out, “Oh fuck, fuck, gonna cum, cum with me Uncle J, fill my tight little cunt with hot sperm! Oh yes, gonna cum, gonna cum so hard all over your cock, fill my womb with your hot, incestuous sperm, do it, flood MEEEEEE!”

I felt the quivering of her pussy gripping tightly at me as she went over, and I let out a roar as my prick went off, it felt like a hose turned on as I squirted crazily, over and over, it felt like my cock was gushing out every drop of moisture I had in my body as I flooded her, our bodies shaking in shared orgasmic pleasure.

We didn’t have time for anything else, as I heard the shower turn off.

“Better get back to bed, I just heard the shower turn off.”

“Ok Uncle J, thank you for making my first cum of the day so delicious. This is going to be such an enjoyable weekend. Just you, me, and all the hot fucking and sucking we want. Mmmmm, I’m gonna do my best to drain that hot sexy cock as much as possible!”

I hopped out of bed, took a kaçak iddaa long look at Joyce’s body, sprawled out, thighs spread, as she reached down, scooped up a large creampie, and licked it off her fingers. Her eyes flashed fire at me as she licked her digits clean, then reached down for more hot cum.

“Yum, such a delicious hot creampie.”

I tore my eyes away and hurried back to bed. The door to the bathroom was still shut, and I hurried over, hopped into bed, and did my best to slow down my rapid breathing. The door opened, and Stacie peeked out and assuming I was still fast asleep, strolled out naked. I watched through slitted eyes as she slipped on panties and bra, a long white skirt, and a blue blouse, and left the bedroom. I heard Joyce and Stacie talking out in the hallway, as they met and went downstairs.

I waited until I heard Joyce leave for school before I got up. I got dressed and went downstairs. There Stacie was, looking just as cold and unfuckable as ever. There was something weird about this whole damn thing, fucking herself furiously and using very unladylike language as she did so. and I was interested to find out what the hell was going on. I put that on my mental “to-do” list and looked forward to a weekend-long sex fest, Joyce and I were going to suck and fuck the weekend away.

I grinned, maybe we’d christen every room by fucking and sucking our way through the house. Stacie had been unwilling to fuck in any room, except the bedroom, and at only once a month, the bedroom had barely had time to start warming up.

I mumbled a fast good morning as I went into the kitchen, getting myself a cup of coffee and a danish. I retreated into the den, so I could go online to work. There was enough to do that the morning went by quickly, and I looked up and was pleased to see that it was Noon, and I could knock off for lunch.

Stacie was just putting her suitcase by the door, and she said goodbye and left, quickly, with all the warmth of a day in January. Twenty minutes later, my phone rang, and it was Joyce.

“Is Auntie S gone?”

I said, “Oh yeah baby, she’s gone, and we now have the house to ourselves.”

She purred, “Ummm, sounds so good, I’ll be done classes in an hour, and when I get home, I want your cock, ready for me! I love being your pantyless slut niece, ready for every thrust of your hard cock, and every drop of steamy, incestuous spunk! “

When Joyce arrived, we didn’t waste time, we were upstairs, and naked in less than 2 minutes.

Joyce purred, “Ummmm, all through classes, all I could think of was your hard, eager cock, and our weekend. For now, I have something special for you.”

On her hands and knees, she reached back, pulled her ass cheeks apart, and showed me the tight, pink pucker of her back door.

She cooed, “I’m still a virgin back there, and I want my loving Uncle to take me, would you like to deflower my tight ass hole, Uncle?”

My cock rose quickly, oh fuck, I’d had a former girlfriend who loved getting her ass reamed, couldn’t get enough of it, and the idea of maybe introducing Stacie to anal sex, after we were married, had quickly been extinguished. Now, with Joyce offering her ass to me, I was more than happy to agree.

“On your hands and knees baby, I need to lick and finger your asshole a long time, before we try anything bigger than my finger.”

Joyce cooed huskily, “Lick me, lick my asshole, Uncle J, get my tight hole all ready for its virgin busting ride.”

I eagerly dove in, enjoying her squeals of pleasure as she felt my tongue make contact. My face was nuzzling between the moons of her spread open ass cheeks. My tongue swept over the tight pucker, licking at that twitching, inviting opening, then my tongue pressed against her, tightly. The tip of my tongue pushed inside, probing, pressing slightly into the twitching pucker, making my niece’s body shiver with pleasure.

Joyce purred, “Oh my god, the’s beautiful…I love it…feels so good. Keep licking me, and finger it, get my ass ready for fucking, I feel like my head’s gonna fly off!”

Sticking a finger in my mouth, I slobbered over it, then applied it, and pushed, slowly, slowly. She let out a grunt, of pleasure I hoped, and my finger glided slowly into the first knuckle.

I could hear Joyce muttering softly, “Yeah, yeah, oh yeah.”

I pushed on until my finger was in to the second knuckle. I started to rotate my finger, Joyce’s asshole was clenching at my finger, and I was doing my best to loosen it up, even just a tiny bit. After a few minutes, she felt she was ready.

“Uncle J, let’s do it, I think I can handle it now, take my last bit of virginity.”

On her hands and knees, laying her head down on a pillow, cupping her cheeks, she spread them apart as far as she could, eager to get her ass fucked. I applied a generous coating kaçak bahis of KY to my cock, and spread a large dollop around her tight rim, sliding my finger back inside to spread around the tight clutch of her virgin walls.

“Oh yeah, that feels nice. Now, my Uncle lover, take my last bit of virginity,” she cooed.

I nudged my cockhead against the rose-shaped pucker, and pushed, slowly, slowly, suddenly the head popped in. Joyce let out a sharp gasp.

“Unnh, unhh, unhh” she moaned, “Hold up just a minute Uncle J, I’m going to need time to adjust,” she whispered.

“Take all the time you need baby, it’s not a race, your pleasure is what’s important. I’ll only go on at your request.”

I could see the side of her face, she smiled as my words assured her that she would not be forced. I brought my hands up, and ran them up and down her back, stroking her awesome 18-year-old body, eager to help her relax in every way. After a few minutes, she urged me on.

“Ok Uncle J, a bit more, slowly please.”

I pushed, slowly, slowly, I was now halfway in, Joyce was making grunts, as I reached 5, then 6 inches.

“Another stop, please.”

I froze, waiting for her ass to adjust, fuck, the sensation of her tight virgin ass around my cock was something else. Never had I been in such a tight hole.

Joyce took less time to adjust, and she took a deep breath and told me what to do.

“Now, bury it, let me have the rest,” she gasped, her hands gripping the sheets tightly.

I grasped her hips, and with a push forward, I was in, right to the balls, Joyce let out a small yelp, and I again stopped.

“Oh my god, my ass is so full. It’s a bit painful, but not too bad. And Uncle J, you’re such a sweet man, any boyfriend that I gave my ass to would probably end up raping my ass. Now, just a little bit more time,” she cooed.

After a minute, she whispered huskily, “Mmmm, oh yeah, it’s starting to feel good, give me a slow, loving ride Uncle J, now that my ass virginity is gone, stretch me out back there, take it some more.”

I pulled back an inch and pressed forward slowly, getting a slow, gentle rhythm going. Joyce’s sounds were changing over to little gasps and what sounded like cries of passion.

“Mmmmmmmm, yes, oh yes, now that I’m loosened up, it feels better,” she cooed, “keep going Uncle J, it’s starting to feel real good, my tight little asshole is getting stuffed!”

Encouraged, I started to pull out a bit further, 2 inches then 3, burying it deep, speeding up just a little bit. Joyce was starting to make moans and louder cries of passion, as she urged me on to fuck her ass. I was happy to do so, the tight vice grip of her ass was clutching at my cock, working me up to another load. Her hand was cupped against her pussy, masturbating furiously, I reached around and gently removed her hand.

“Let me do that for you sweetheart,” I whispered.

I cupped my hand around her mound, her pink, hard clit straining for my fingers, her juices coated my fingers, and I grasped her hand clit, and stroked it up and down, her grunts and cries of pleasure increased, and I could feel a massive load gather. I could feel her clit twitching wildly between my fingers, as Joyce hit her peak.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, cumming, oh my god cumming, fill my ass Uncle J, fill me, fuck, fuck cum in MEEEE!”

She let out a scream, her ass clamped even tighter around my cock, her orgasm making her asshole clench and unclench, pulsing in time with her orgasm and that took me over. I grabbed her hips, drove in to the balls, and my cock erupted.

Flooding Joyce’s last virginity with hot, incestuous sperm made me go off like a cannon. My growls of orgasm joined her sounds, as my cock jerked over and over, throbbing wildly and pumping a flood of cum, painting her bowels white with my load, both of us shuddering through body wracking orgasms. When I had unloaded the last gush, I pulled out and flopped down, Joyce joined me and her eyes were close to mine, her smile told me all I needed to know.

“Perfect, so perfect”, she whispered, “just as loving and caring as my Uncle J has been every time we make love. You made my anal deflowering a wonderfully exciting time. Speaking of which, my pussy is eager for another hot filling, let’s take a shower Uncle J, then my pussy can get what she needs!”

She led the way, and I eagerly followed her sexy shape. Under the hot spray, we passed the soap back and forth, I enjoyed listening to her soft growl of pleasure as my soapy fingers slid along the tight rim of her newly deflowered asshole. Joyce grinned, and with the feel of her hands full of rich lather soaping down my cock, the remembrance of plunging deep inside that tight clutch made my cock start to stir.

“My tight little pussy needs another load of hot cum, Uncle J, and my hot mouth is going to make sure you are hard illegal bahis and ready, get you all fluffed up, then you can plunge into my hot, wet pussy!”

Joyce took to her knees in the shower. She leaned over, and her tongue licked at my cock head. She parted her lips and drew me in, my cock being engulfed in a moist, tight world of sucking. I growled with pleasure, as she paused, then thrust her mouth forward, taking me in right to the balls. She drew back slowly, then tightly molding her pouty lips around my cock, she thrust her head forward slowly. The sensation of her deep throating me, and the view of her lips milking my shaft was exquisite, and I was back at a full, rock hardness.

Joyce grinned, released my cock from her mouth, and cooed, “Ohhh yes, so nice, so very hard and nice. Right here, right in the shower, fuck me here my Uncle lover.”

I pulled her sexy body to mine, and I plunged my mouth down onto Joyce’s, savoring the feel of her pouty rosebud lips pressed tightly against mine. Our tongues raced out, to wrestle against each other. The feel of her hot panting breath, and our tongues gently exploring each other’s mouth, made my cock steel hard, throbbing with need. I had her pressed against the shower stall wall, I reached down, and cupped her ass cheeks tightly, lifting her. Joyce brought her legs up around my waist, ready for me to open her up. I lined her pussy up with my cock head and nudged it gently against her entrance.

“Oh yes, yes, Ummm, I love it with my Uncle lover stuffs my pussy, give me that stiff cock!” Joyce growled huskily.

I was happy to comply, I brought her down. Joyce let out a drawn-out wall of pleasure as I slid in, penetrating that tight heat. I growled with pleasure as my cock impaled her, spreading open the walls of her tight teen cunt, as I felt her eager pussy stretched wide around my hard cock, the tight hug of her around my shaft was something else, she was still delightfully tight. Shafting her sweet pink heat was an exercise in total erotic pleasure, the steamy furnace of her fiery hot fuck hole wrapped tightly around my prick, drawing a loud grunt of pleasure from me as my cock was enveloped, and it drove me wild with desire. With her inner warmth molded so tightly around me, it made me remember the first time I drove my cock into her steamy cunt.

That fired me up even more, I pinned her against the shower wall, clutching her ass cheeks tightly, and I started to ram my steely shaft into her, my cock withdrawing almost all the way, and then I’d power thrust it back into her, my excitement spurring me on, power fucking her tight cleft. Joyce gasped and made wordless sounds of passion as I fucked her wildly. Every plunge into the exquisite tightness of her burning fuck-hole made me grunt with pleasure, her tightness was out of this world.

Joyce cooed, “Ass, finger fuck my ass!”

I was happy to do so, and Joyce’s cries of pleasure became louder and non-stop as I powered a finger up onto her newly deflowered stafish. The cum filled chute was a pleasure to finger as I buggered her back door, a tight slippery ride.

My balls were aching, working up a massive load to spew into her burning core. I could hear the squelchy sound of her juicy cunt being pounded towards orgasm, her cries and moans of desire, and I could feel the rush, my cock jerked, swelling tight with a massive urgency to steely hardness, I was at the boiling point, ready to explode.

“Oh my God, I’m cumming!” Joyce squealed, “Yes, oh fuck I’m cumming, fuck me, fuck me, shoot it, squirt it, yes, yes, yes, YES!!”

As her voice rose to a shriek, her cunt clamped down tightly around my cock, virtually sucking at my shaft, urging me to explode my burning load. I felt her buttocks tighten up, her asshole clamped around my finger, quivering wildly. Seeing Joyce’s beautiful face in the throes of orgasmic ecstasy, the tight hug of her around my throbbing shaft and my probing finger and the wild spasming of her fuck-holes milking at my aching cock and plunging finger greedily, became too much, and it took me over the edge.

My balls let go, and I could feel the hot spunk sizzling up my shaft. My wild groan of pure pleasure joined her cries of orgasmic delight as my cock erupted, pulsing and squirting wildly, and I slammed as deep as possible inside her, my spurting cock jerking and throbbing and pumping a flood, gushing thick ropes of cum deep into her delightful tightness. I grunted and groaned, squirting a thick volley of spunk deep into her tight gripping receptacle, splattering my load against her cervix, emptying my cock deep into her womb.

Joyce squirmed around wildly on my prick, her body shuddering in orgasm, her pussy quivering and spasming wildly, draining my balls into her eager, hungry tightness.

After we toweled off, I watched as she walked slowly, her hips rolling in a delightful cadence, making her backside shimmy, towards the bed.

“Let’s lay down for a while Uncle lover, I want to drift on the afterglow. Ummm, my tight little asshole feels so well fucked, I love it!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32