Cabin Fever Dreams

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I’m not sure if even the National Weather Service was prepared for how much snow would fall that week in February. Their numbers were way off and the Montana valley where The Fox Chase Inn was nestled was crippled by at least four feet of snow.

It was the worst winter in ten years, or so the locals said.

Not that I cared. I wasn’t going anywhere.

More bad weather was expected and the decision was made to shut down the place and send most of the staff home. I had volunteered to be part of the skeleton crew who would maintain the building. There were be no guests and only basic maintenance was required. Ten members of the staff were needed for the first week and then only two were needed for what could potentially be five or six weeks. I was one of the two. The bonus they were offering was just too good to pass up.

There would be plenty of provisions and there were several generators. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that those who were staying weren’t being abandoned. We would have power and food.

The only thing to do was to hunker down and get through. Luckily I wasn’t going to be alone. In fact, the other person who had volunteered to work the skeleton crew was Grant.

Grant was in his late 40’s. He was a kind, funny and hardworking guy. He always had a smile on his face and a kind word to say to and about everyone, guest and fellow employee alike.

You couldn’t help but like the guy.

Grant was ex-military and had lived all over the country. He had settled in Montana 4 years earlier and seemed to like his life at The Fox Chase. He was lead caretaker and master problem solver. The second title was honorary. Grant was the kind of guy you could count on in any situation.

Grant spent most of his time hiking and working out in the gym. The guy looked like a pro athlete. He could have been a model. He had a rugged attractiveness that was appealing to women and men alike.

Grant was bald with a goatee. He always reminded me of somebody Denzel Washington would play in a movie. I liked Grant a lot. He was a good man. If I was going to be snowed in with anybody, I’m glad it was him.

So after the first week it was just Grant, me and 300 empty rooms. We had the whole place to ourselves. The pool, the gym and sauna, and the huge professional kitchen were ours to use whenever, and however, we liked.

If I played my cards right, I figured the time spent isolated at the hotel could actually become a vacation of sorts. I planned on doing as little as possible except maybe smoke some weed and play some XBOX.

The one thing people warn you about in situations like the one I now found myself in was cabin fever. The mind can play tricks on you, they would say. Best to stay focused, they warned, and keep my wits about me.

I would do my best to make sure that didn’t happen.

Then the second wave of the snow storm hit. For days the storm raged and battered the buildings with blizzard level temperatures and winds.

The wind! My God! It howled like a banshee! It was a little unnerving actually.

Grant and I did the best we could to pass the time.

He made sure the building was secure and the furnace was chugging along properly. If worst came to worse, he told me, we could hold up in one of the fancier suites which had huge stone fireplaces. There was plenty of wood and he assured me he would keep the fires going until help arrived.

Then he flashed that disarming smile of his, patted my back and told me we were going to be just fine. He had survived worse storms than this. I trusted him and we went about our daily routines.

On Day 6 I decided to make a firewood run. I put on my boots and coat and went out the back door of the kitchen. I trudged through 19 inches of snow, trying my best to keep to the path Grant had shoveled out just a day before. It was hard to remember exactly where the stepping stones were though.

I don’t know where I took that step which led me away from the path, but I soon found myself in a world of blinding white. I had no idea where I was. My heart was racing and my body temperature was dropping. My feet felt like I was wearing frozen concrete boots. I hadn’t planned on being outside so long. It was just going to be a quick trip to the woodpile and right back inside.

That seemed like a hundred years ago now.

Suddenly my head began to spin and things went black. The last thing I heard was the wind howling around my ears.

When I awoke I discovered I was laying on several bear skin rugs in front of the huge fireplace in the room I had been calling mine since the storm. It was one of the high roller suites. I figured just because we were stuck in an empty hotel, didn’t mean we had to suffer.

I was covered by a thick fur blanket. The fire in the large stone hearth was roaring and the heat from it washed over my body.

It took me a second or two to get my bearings.

Then I heard Grant’s voice: “Well, welcome back, Little Brother. I thought you were a goner.”

I turned to see Grant, şişli escort sitting in one of the two leather chairs which sat facing the fireplace.

“You had me scared there for a second or two. What were you thinking going out there dressed like that?”

My voice was weak but I answered: “I was going to get some wood.”

“That’s my job, Baby Boy.”

Baby Boy?

He continued, “You cook the food and I get the firewood. That was our deal. Remember?”

“Yeah. I just didn’t want to look lazy. I wanted to help out.”

“I gotcha. I’m grateful. I am,” he said.

He stoked the fire and pulled another heavy fur blanket over my still trembling body.

“You starting to warm up?”

“I am. Thanks Grant.”

I turned my body to face him. It was then I realized I was naked. I quickly pulled the thick rug up under my chin.


“Oh. Sorry. You were soaking wet. I had to take your clothes off of you and get you dry.”

“Uhhh…sure. I guess. Where are-“

“They’re in the boiler room. Hanging up. Probably dry by now.”

By now I was sitting up, Indian style, in front of the fire. I tried to cover myself as best I could. Grant was sitting in the leather chair with a wide stance. His dark skin flickered with orange and gold. He flashed me that million dollar smile.

“You okay?’

“Me? Yeah. Fine.”

“You freaked out because I took off your…saw you naked?”

“Naah. I mean-“

Grant laughed.

“Yeah I guess I am. A little.”

Then I laughed too.

“You ready for something hot?”

“I’m starved,” I told him.

“Well, why don’t you get dressed and I’ll grab some soup for you. Sound like a plan?”

“Yeah. Thanks Grant. For everything.”

“No worries, Baby Boy. No worries.”

Grant left the bedroom and I stood on weak knees.

I steadied myself and walked over to the dresser. I grabbed some striped Jockey bikini-style briefs. I stepped into them and pulled them up my slender frame. I grabbed a t-shirt and some sweatpants.

I sat down in one of the leather chairs and pulled on some thick socks. I was starting to feel better. Feeling was coming back to my toes and fingers.

There was no question about it. Grant had saved my life. I would have surely frozen to death. I pulled on some tight fitting jeans and a t-shirt.

I stood and starting walking down the long hallway towards the kitchen.

Grant was busying himself at the stove. I sat in one of the bar stools, my feet dangling, and I watched him work.

Grant had stripped down to a tight Henley-styled shirt and sweat pants which clung to his hard body.

For a man his age, Grant was in amazing shape. It was obvious he worked out but he wasn’t one of those gym gorillas who couldn’t put his arms down. He was about 6’4 and 235 pounds. He had thick arms and legs and a flat stomach. He was solid. His tight sweatpants stretched across his tight, muscular ass.

I’m not gay but Grant’s back was to me and I found myself looking at his ass.

I can’t explain it.

Then I heard his voice: “See anything you like?”

It snapped me from my daze.

“What?” was all I could manage.

“The soup? See anything you like? I have tomato going for me and I put some chicken noodle on for you. Which would you prefer, Baby Boy?”

“Either. Whichever you’re having is fine. Really.”

My face flushed and I wasn’t sure if I was blushing or if my body temperature was coming back to normal.

Grant said, “Well alrighty then. Tomato it is. Grilled cheese is almost done.”

He placed a bowl and a plate in front of me and I wolfed down my lunch. It was the best soup and sandwich I’d ever had in my life.

After lunch Grant went about with his duties. Before he left, he told me to take it easy. Then he put a finger under my chin, lifted my face to his and said, “And no firewood. Understood? You pull a stunt like that again and I’m going to whip your bottom but good.”

My heart skipped a little when he said that.

What was wrong with me?

I had long suspected Grant was gay. It didn’t bother me. I knew a lot of gay women and men. My best friend in high school came out when he was 16. To each his own I say. Working in the restaurant business you come across all types. Life’s way too short to worry about gay or not gay.

I didn’t consider myself gay. I admit I had been curious in my youth and messed around with my best friend, but I that was the only time. I don’t regret that time of exploration. It was clumsy and messy but I won’t lie and say I didn’t enjoy it.

I will say there was no fucking. We jerked off in front of one another and then lent each other a helping hand and then on one or more occasions sucked each other off a few times after looking through some of his magazines.

He was the only other man I had any experience with and although I was currently in a dry spell with members of the opposite sex, I guess what I’m saying is, I didn’t live the gay lifestyle.

I mecidiyeköy escort do admit I’d been curious. I had watched some gay porn online and jerked off to it. Truth is, there’s pretty much anything you want to see online these days.

You can’t tell me you’ve never been to a naughty site and given yourself a tug or two.

There’d been a snow day a year ago, not as bad as this, but bad, and I had spent the day smoking weed and watching porn.

Eventually I began to click on videos which featured two guys and one girl. After a while I was clicking on videos which featured only two men. I have to admit those were hot. The image of those two hard bodies locked in a 69 position was more than I could stand.

When the older man started pounding into the younger man’s almost perfect ass, I grabbed my own cock and began beating it to the rhythm of those two bodies slamming into one another. When I came I exploded onto my own chest. I felt guilty afterwards. Guilty and conflicted.

I had never been with a man though. Not at as an adult. Not in any way, shape or form. Have I already mentioned that?

Come to think of it, I had never seen Grant with a woman. I suspected he was gay. I had a feeling about it. Call it a hunch.

During the time I had worked at The Fox Chase, there had been looks and glances between the two of us. There had even been conversations which I could only describe as flirtatious.

There were comments made in the gym and locker room. We had shared a sauna a time or two. There was nothing overt, but I did get the sense there was some electricity.

I’d never seen Grant with another man though.

I wondered if he had someone. Someone who was worried about him being trapped by four feet of snow in the mountains.

That night I fixed Grant and I a huge steak dinner with all the trimmings just to say ‘thank you.’

Grant thanked me for a wonderful dinner and suggested we go into the hotel’s small theater and watch some movies.

I told him I was going to put on some pajamas and get comfortable and I would meet him there. He said pajamas sounded like a good idea and he was going to do to the same.

The theater featured stadium seating and even a popcorn machine. It sat about 40 people and could be reserved for private screenings. Tonight it was all ours. The theater seats were over-sized leather reclining chairs. There was a state-of-the-art sound system and even a popcorn machine.

I was wearing red, button down long-john style pajamas. They were a little tight on me and showed off my lean, slender swimmer’s body.

Grant was wearing sweatpants and a long sleeved shirt that clung to every muscle on his body.

Other than the obvious difference in our appearance, with Grant being black and me being white, there were other dramatic difference.

Being a swimmer, my body was lean. I had muscles but I was more toned than bulky. I also had very little body hair which had been my curse since puberty hit. I’ve been told I had smokey eyes and a pouty mouth.

Grant was a man’s man.

Like I’ve mentioned, he spent a lot of time in the gym. His body looked as though it was hammered out of stone. His thick arms were like steel pistons.

He had this whole Denzel Washington/Idris Alba vibe about him. There was a strength and confidence about him which made people respond positively to him. Even after meeting him for the first time.

His hand shake was strong and he had a great laugh.

Jesus. Listen to me. I sound like a teen girl going on and on about her crush. All I’m saying is that if I was going to be stranded in a hotel while a blizzard raged outside, I couldn’t have asked for a nicer guy to be stuck with while the snow piled up outside.

Grant saw me enter the theater and smiled. He patted the seat next to him and I took a seat. He lit a joint and took a long drag. He offered it to me and I did the same. It was really good pot and by the time we finished my head was in a totally different plane of existence.

We shot the shit and laughed about a lot of different things. Things that probably weren’t that funny but when you’re high, everything’s funny and interesting.

Grant asked me what I wanted to watch and I told him the choice was his. In fact, the evening was all his.

He smiled and said, “Well, alrighty then Baby Boy. All mine. I like that. Well I have two choices. One is that new Kevin Hart comedy…or…”

“Or what?” I inquired.

“Well, the second choice is definitely not a Kevin Hart movie. It’s a little more daring. I’m not sure if you’re ready for it or not.”

“I’m a little drunk and a lot high, sir. And so are you for that matter. I’m not sure if you’re in the position to judge what I’m ready for or not.”

We both laughed.

I sat in one of the chairs and eased it back. Grant walked over to the DVD player and inserted a disc. I couldn’t help but notice how his cut-off sweatpants clung to his thick legs and butt.

God! I was high!

The istanbul escort lights started to lower and the curtains pulled back to reveal the screen.

I heard music and then Grant taking his seat next to me.

I guess I was expecting some high octane action film but I was completely floored when I saw the movie Grant had selected. It was obviously a porn.

A gay porn to be exact.

“This one is my favorite,” I heard Grant whisper to me. “I hope you like it.”

“I…” was all I could manage.

Grant paused the movie.

“Hey,” he turned his body in his chair to face me, “If you want to leave Baby Boy, I won’t stop you. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable in any way. I have gotten what I thought were signals from you in the past. I hope they were signals anyway. I wanted to see if I was reading them wrong. God I’m hoping I didn’t read them wrong because if I did, things are going to get very awkward.”

After staring into my eyes, my soul, he turned his body back to the screen.

“I won’t judge you. I would never do anything to make you uncomfortable. It’s a really hot movie and I think you might like it.”

“It’s cool,” I said, “I’m good.”

My insides though were a tangle of nerves.

“Okay then,” Grant said, as he leaned back into the recliner and hit PLAY on the remote.

The movie we watched was called Hot Chocolate.

It featured large black men with enormous cocks fucking slender, white boys and it was, as Grant had promised, really hot.

I squirmed uncomfortably in my chair watching those young white men swallow monster cock after monster cock in their mouths and asses.

My hand went to the lump in my lap. I even tried to cover it with my tub of popcorn. I prayed Grant didn’t notice.

I glanced over at Grant. He was watching the movie intently and smiling. His strong hand was inside his sweatpants, gripping something. Something long and thick that seemed to grow as I stared at it.

There was no real plot to the movie. It was a porn after all. It was just fucking and sucking and sweaty bodies, both black and white but I couldn’t turn away. Onscreen, muscular black men plowed tender, white asses from every angle possible.

Some of the black men took their boys from behind as they crouched on all fours, their backs arched, their white cheeks spread. Some of the pretty boys lay before the man fucking them. Their ankles rested on those broad, black shoulders, and they stared longingly up at the dominant male sliding his cock in and out of their tender holes.

An image of Grant doing that to me flashed, for just a second, in my brain. My cock twitched. Then it twitched again.

Some of the ebony masters sat their young, slender lovers down onto their laps so they were face to face with their fuck toys. Some turned their lovers around so they could press their backs into their broad chests and have their nipples played with and their cocks teased.

The image of white skin pressed against black skin was incredible. I found myself licking my lips. I gulped down my beer and then started another one. ??In one scene a particularly big man lifted the young man riding his cock up off of his lap. It was a show of brute strength. He literally pressed him up over his throbbing monster of a cock. You could actually see him fucking his boy as he lifted the tender ass off and onto his cock, glistening with wetness.

All the pretty white boys happily welcomed those black cocks inside them. From the looks on their faces they loved being stretched…being fucked by those black, steel rods. They rode those black cocks furiously, milking every drop out of them.

Their heads were back and their mouths were open in silent ecstasy.

OH MY GOD it was fucking incredible!

There was a strange sensation in my asshole. I can only describe it as an itch which needed to be scratched. I felt a wet spot forming in my underwear. Much like the one forming now as memories race back to me.

I bit my bottom lip. My heart was racing. I dared not look over to Grant.

The movie finally ended.

The air around us smelled musty and sweaty. It was obvious the movie had turned us both on. You could actually smell the man-sex in the room. Even over the smell of freshly popped popcorn.

“Well, Baby Boy. What did you think?”

My mouth was dry. It took a second or two for my brain to begin working properly.

“It was good,” was all I managed to say.

Grant laughed. He hit STOP and the screen went black. The red, velvet curtains closed. The dim lights of the theater began to rise.

“I mean…”

“It’s all good, Little Brother. I know. It is good. One of my favorites. Did you think it was hot? I think it’s damn hot.”

“Yes,” was all I could whisper.

“Is your cock hard?”


There was no use lying. I was turned on by the movie. Fuck! I was turned on by the whole scenario!

“Mine too, Baby Boy. Mine too.”

My eyes went down to the anaconda waking in his sweatpants. He gripped it in his strong hand and offered to me.

“Wanna see it, Baby Boy?”

“Yes,” I whispered fearing someone would hear.

“Then ask me nicely,” Grant said.

“Please show me your cock, Grant. Please. Pretty please with sugar on top.”

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