By the Campfire

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A puff of smoke and sparks rose from the campfire. It was half past ten at night, and the stars were out, mostly obscured by the thick canopy of trees around the campsite. Arthur watched, warm underneath a thick blanket, while Digitalis tended to the fire after making sure his kids were asleep in their tent. The tents were set about thirty feet away from the fire for safety, which also allowed Arthur and Digitalis a little privacy where they sat. The campfire wasn’t casting much light but the white streak on Digitalis’s large, bluejay-like feathered wings stood out in the dark.

“Want to make smores?” whispered Arthur. He sat on the two-person fold-out chair next to the fire, wrapped in two layers of sweatshirts under his blanket. Arthur’s jet-black feathered wings were splayed casually out behind him over the backrest.

“Let’s wait a while,” yawned Digitalis. He removed a kettle from the side of the fire and using it to pour hot water into two mugs. “I’d like to relax a little before hauling the food out again. How are you feeling? Still cold?”

“I’m much better, thanks,” said Arthur. He’d taken a shower that evening at the campground showers; the warm water had only lasted about two minutes before going cold and when Arthur had returned to the campsite, his wet waist-length dark hair coiled into a tight braid, he was shivering in his sweat clothes. Digitalis remedied the problem by making tea, and it had worked nicely. After four cups, he could feel his bladder filling up, but he didn’t refuse the fifth cup when Digitalis handed it to him.

“I’m glad,” said Digitalis. He sat down, tucking his wings behind him over the backrest while Arthur pulled over the blanket so they could share. “But I’ll need to make a trip to the bathroom in a few minutes.”

“Me too,” said Arthur quietly, sipping his tea. “But we’ll have to go one at a time.” He sighed; the bathrooms were about a hundred meters away, along the main driveway of the campground.

Digitalis nodded, glancing over his shoulder at the small tent next to his and Arthur’s. “I don’t want to leave the kids alone out here after dark.”

“You go first. I can wait a while,” said Arthur. Digitalis had always seemed to have a radiant heat that emanated from his body, and Arthur leaned into him, close enough to smell the wood smoke in his hair and clothes.

“If it’s alright with you I’d like to sit and relax for a bit, at least until I finish my tea,” yawned Digitalis.

“Can’t fault you for that,” said Arthur. They spent the next hour sharing a pair of earbuds, listening to one of Digitalis’s favorite books. Arthur wasn’t really paying attention; he was warm and comfortable, and the voice of the person narrating the voice was so soothing that he was beginning to doze off. The only thing that kept him clinging to wakefulness was his painfully-full bladder. It seemed to be filling even faster since Arthur had finished his tea, and when an unexpected pop from the fire jolted him awake, he had to cross his legs to keep from leaking. His wings twisted behind him, and the urge to pee slowly ebbed away.

“You okay, Bear?” asked Digitalis, pausing the audiobook.

Feeling warm and shaky, Arthur sat up a bit. taksim escort “I need to get to the bathroom before I start leaking.” The air outside of the blankets was cold, and Arthur was hesitant to get up and walk the long trail to the bathrooms. Then, after using the bathroom, he’d have to wash his hands with the icy water in the camp’s bathroom sinks-


Arthur jumped. He knew it was just another ember in the fire but that didn’t stop a hot trickle of piss from spilling out of him, warming the crotch of his sweatpants. He tried to hold his bladder and could feel himself failing. He pulled away from Digitalis slightly.

“What’s up, Bear?” Digitalis asked sleepily.

Arthur hurriedly yanked down the front of his pants under the blanket, letting the reluctant dribble out onto the ground in front of the fold-out chair. It quickened to a steady stream as he relaxed, leaning back and letting the pressure drain off. He stretched out his wings and leaned back, spreading his legs wider and pulling back his foreskin to aim better.

“Sorry Digit,” said Arthur with a big sigh. “I couldn’t stop it.”

Digitalis’s pupilless amber eyes glinted in the firelight. He seemed to enjoy watching Arthur. Even though he couldn’t see anything, the whizzing stream was loud under the blankets, pattering quietly on the damp ground between Arthur’s feet.

“That’s a good idea, actually,” said Digitalis. “If I didn’t have to wash my hands before taking out the food again I’d do it.”

Arthur looked up quizzically. “What do you mean?”

“I need to wash my hands before I take out the food-“

“No, Digit,” sighed Arthur. He pointed in the direction of the campsite’s small water faucet with his free hand. “I mean you could just pee here and then wash your hands here. We have soap.”

“The water is ice cold under the tap,” said Digitalis.

“It’s ice cold in the bathrooms too,” Arthur pointed out. His stream was finally beginning to slow. “Plus you have to walk all that way.”

“That’s true but…” Digitalis squirmed. He’d always been slightly squeamish about relieving himself outside, and though he could do it, he had to be bursting and it took him a few minutes to work up the guts to finally let go. “…Maybe you’re right.”

“What if you could pee without using your hands?” Arthur asked. He’d slowed to a trickle and stopped abruptly.

Digitalis raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”

“I’m just about finished. What if I-” Arthur looked pointedly down at the blankets, under which he was shaking off the last drops of piss.

“…Are you splashing the blanket?” asked Digitalis, confused.

“No,” snorted Arthur. He sat up a little, letting his genitals hang in the cool night hair. “I meant would you like some help?” He tapped Digitalis’s thigh under the blanket.

Digitalis took a deep breath. “Oh…Well that’s uh…very kind of you.”

Arthur slid his fingers over Digitalis’s thigh, lightly brushing his member through his pants. He was half-hard, as usual, for having held his bladder for so long. Digitalis winced a little when Arthur probed his abdomen; his bladder was so full that his lower belly felt taut.

“How many cups of tea have you kadıköy escort had tonight?” asked Arthur.

Digitalis took a long, slow breath. “…Six? Maybe seven?”

“And you’ve been holding it since this morning,” said Arthur. Digitalis slid his hips forward and Arthur pulled down the front of his sweatpants. Digitalis didn’t pee, though.

“You’re getting hard,” Arthur observed, feeling the warmth of Digitalis’s building erection under his fingers.

“I can’t help it, you’re just really hot when you piss yourself,” Digitalis stifled a giggle. “Does that make me a pervert?”

“Well I’m sitting here holding your cock,” Arthur snorted, “I think that makes us both the pervert, Digit.”

Digitalis giggled quietly and pushed on his bladder. A weak drip came out, and Arthur could feel Digitalis’s pulse quickening. He grasped Digitalis’s cock and started lightly stroking it.

“You haven’t lost it and pissed all over the ground for a long time,” whispered Digitalis, nuzzling into Arthur’s neck. “You must’ve been bursting. I’ll bet it felt good to just let it flow like that.”

“It felt amazing. I was really full,” Arthur purred. “I wouldn’t have made it to the bathroom. I probably would’ve stopped and pissed myself on the path.”

“I would love to see that,” breathed Digitalis. “You would’ve left a huge puddle.”

“Could you imagine someone stepping in it?” snorted Arthur.

“I was going to say I wish you’d let it loose on me,” grunted Digitalis. His breathing was becoming deeper and more rhythmic.

“That would have been better,” said Arthur. “I’ll have to pee again soon. I could save that for you. All we’d have to do is step behind a bush-“

“Bear, I’m-” Digitalis gasped. Digitalis’s body twitched under Arthur’s grip. He stifled a moan in the crook of Arthur’s neck, exploding under the blanket. Arthur kept stroking until the hot, thick fluid stopped spurting out, and Digitalis relaxed against him.

“Bear,” said Digitalis breathlessly.

“What is it?” asked Arthur.

Digitalis took a moment to catch his breath. “Bear, I think…I ruined the blanket.”

“You d-” Arthur let go of Digitalis’a cock and felt the underside of the blanket. It was wet and sticky with Digitalis’s still-warm emission. “Wow, you came a lot.”

“And all over the blanket,” said Digitalis with a heavy sigh. “I’m so sorry.”

“Well, this one was old anyway,” said Arthur, flicking the last drops of cum onto the ground. “And Hydi’s been begging us to get souvenirs from the gift shop-” Arthur paused while Digitalis spread his legs a little. A moment later a warm trickle dipped on the ground. Arthur aimed Digitalis’s gently throbbing cock downward.

“You mean we should get a new blanket?” asked Digitalis. He took a deep breath and released a spray under the blankets as he relaxed. “What do we do with this one?”

Arthur shrugged his shoulders, twitching his wings behind him. “Toss it, I guess,” He aimed Digitalis’s stream upward to splash the blanket a little.

Digitalis grunted, “I’ll pay for the new one. I know you got this blanket from your father. I’m really sorry, Arthur.”

“He’s not dead, you dork,” halkalı escort bayan snorted Arthur, kissing Digitalis on his cheekbone. There was a leaf in his wavy blue hair, and he smelled like wood smoke. Arthur sat back and listened to Digitalis peeing until Digitalis spoke up.

“Well? Don’t leave me in suspense, Bear,” said Digitalis. “What happened with your dad? You never talk about him.” He stared up at Arthur for about thirty seconds, until his stream slowed to a drip on the ground.

“Let’s talk about that later. It’s a sensitive issue, and we’re trying to enjoy ourselves,” sighed Arthur. Under the blanket, he shook the last drops of piss from Digitalis’s cock as Digitalis sat up a little. “Feeling better?”

“So much better. I needed that,” yawned Digitalis. Arthur’s hand wandered back between his legs. “You’re so warm.”

Arthur gripped his cock, kissing Digitalis’s neck. “Probably because I’m horny.”

Digitalis slipped one arm under the blanket, rubbing Arthur’s thigh. “May I?”

“You’d have to wash your hands after,” snorted Arthur.

“I don’t mind,” yawned Digitalis. “I blew my load all over your keepsake blanket, it’s the least I can do.” Arthur let Digitalis grasp his penis and sat back.

“You know, I really don’t mind it the more I think about it,” said Arthur. “I’ll even throw it away after we’re done here.”

Digitalis stroked Arthur slowly for the next several minutes. Arthur tried to stay quiet, but he knew he wouldn’t last much longer, and buried his face in Digitalis’s chest when he couldn’t stop the small moans escaping him.

“I’m getting close, Digit,” Arthur grunted. His whole body was twitching, and he felt Digitalis pulling his cock downward. “Don’t aim it, Digit. I want to blow all over this stupid blanket.”

“You sure, Bear?” asked Digitalis.

Arthur gasped, “Yeah-” he bit his lip to stifle another moan as Digitalis sped up his strokes. He bucked his hips and came in half a dozen long spurts. Digitalis did as he was asked, and let Arthur cream the underside of the blanket. Much of the thick ejaculate oozed down over Digitalis’s hand as he kept stroking. Once Arthur had finished, Digitalis used the blanket to clean up, pushing most of it into a small mound in front of Arthur, who was covering his cock with a clean corner of the blanket.

“Why are you doing that?” yawned Arthur.

“I figured you might want to mark it. I don’t know what happened between you and your father, but I know that you’ll need to pee in a second.”

Digitalis was right: Arthur’s bladder was quickly filling again after he’d emptied it, and as far as he was concerned, there was really no better place to relieve himself than into the wadded up blanket. He loosed a long, lazy gush of piss, soaking the soiled fabric, kissing Digitalis on the neck.

“You know me so well, Digit,” Arthur yawned again. The orgasm had been especially intense, and he was rapidly dozing off. He sat up and pulled up his pants before dropping the blanket. He listened to Digitalis washing his hands as he stuffed the blanket unceremoniously into the waste bin near the mouth of their campsite.

After all the talk of smores, the fire was almost dead for the night and it was decided that it was time for bed. Digitalis put out the camp fire and took a moment to check on his kids for the night before joining Arthur in their tent. They fell asleep sharing the pair of headphones again, resuming their audiobook.

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