Bus Station

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Favorite Position

I met her at the bus station; she followed me into the ladies room. Mesmerized by her beauty, I did nothing when she held the door of the stall open to where I could not close it. I just pulled my skirt up and slid my panties down; standing there for a few minutes, sensing that she wanted me to pose that way for her. I sat down and a rush of urine exploded from me, I had to go real bad.

“Stand up and spread your legs and I will wipe you.” She said as I finished. She used no paper, just her fingers rubbing my pussy. Then she pointed her fingers at my mouth, “Suck this like you would a little boy’s dick if you had the chance.” My mouth parted of its own accord as she inserted two fingers. My tongue started to lick all over her wet fingers and then I sucked them. “I’m going to make a little pussyslut out of you.” She warned.

I was still sitting down sucking her fingers when she pulled her skirt up to her waist. I was so embarrassed that she had no panties on but I could not keep from looking at her bare pussy. She took the two fingers out of my mouth and ran them deep into her pussy, then returned them to my sucking mouth; I could not contain the surging thrill that shot through me at the taste of her. “I see you like that better than your own pee, don’t you?”

I could only nod in agreement. Her gorgeous pussy was only inches from my face. “What are you going to make me do?” I stopped sucking long enough to ask.

“I’m not going to make you do anything but if you beg a little bit, I might let you suck my pussy. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“I didn’t ask for your resume and I wish you knew how many times I’ve heard that line.”

“How did you know I’d want to do things like this?”

“I can tell a slut the minute I see one. You also acted so high strung and nervous, I could tell you were very frustrated and dying to get off.”

“Anything else?” I asked as I kissed her lightly on the cunt hair.

“In the terminal you knew I was looking at you but you refused to meet my eyes, down deep you knew you were attracted to me and susceptible to my domination but you wanted to leave it unrecognized. I just felt like it was up to me to come in here and show you where you belong.”

“And where is that?”

“You belong at the end of a leash, naked and on your knees, or bending over before me with a paddle in my hand.”

“You mean if I don’t suck it for you, you’d spank me?”

“Oh, you’re dying to suck it; you’re only waiting for permission. But I will spank you, anyway.”

“Well, will you let me?”

“That’s pretty poor begging. Maybe we should just forget it.” She removed her hands from her skirt and it would have fallen into place if I had not caught it and held it high on her lovely thighs.

“No, please, I think I do want to suck it.”

In answer, she slapped my hands away from her skirt and it fell into place. Then she turned and walked out of the john. I hurriedly pulled up my panties and followed her. I saw her getting on a city bus and ran to catch it. Luckily the light was red and the bus driver opened the door again for me. There was standing room only so I walked back to stand beside her but she did not acknowledge me in any way.

After a few miles the passengers began to unload and seating became more available. An old couple got up to get off and she slid in next to the window and I sat down close beside her. I put my hand on her skirt covered thigh and squeezed it gently and was very gratified that she did not bother to remove it. We rode like that for a good while with my hand on her thigh. My hand was trying to convey all the feelings that she had invoked in me. I was burning with need for her and becoming quite giddy from the feel of her thigh.

We were out near the air base, a run-down part of town with seedy strip joints and adult book stores. She stood up and I stood up with her and followed her to the exit doors. When the bus stopped, we got off and she asked me, “Where do you think you’re going?”

“I’m going with you and I’m staying until you give me another chance to beg you to let me suck your pussy.”

“Well that’s going to be hard for you to do because I’ve got to go to work.”

“Where do you work?”

“I run a little bar that caters to women. I make a few bucks on the drinks but I rent the rooms upstairs by the hour. Each room is equipped with a willing young lady.”

That information sort of stunned me, was she some kind of madam? I decided I had better get myself back to a better part of town, “Well, then, if you’ve got to go to work, I guess I need to be getting back.”

“Wait a minute. We’re here. If you want to come on in, I’ll give you another chance to beg for some pussy.”

“But you wouldn’t have time to let me do that.”

‘I don’t really do anything, just sit at my desk and handle problems. You could sit on the floor and look at my legs. I usually keep my skirt pulled very kocaeli escort high and you already know I don’t bother with panties.”

Her words sent such a devastating rush of excitement through me that I could not talk; I just clenched my thighs and buttocks together to keep my yearning pussy at bay. I followed her into this really seedy looking bar that was so grungy and dirty that I couldn’t imagine what kind of woman would come here. There were a few patrons there in the late afternoon and they looked normal enough. Two were sitting alone at tables and two more seemed to be together at another one. They were understandably reserved at this time of day.

“Hi, Irma, I’d like for you to meet someone.” She said to the woman behind the bar and then, quietly to me, “What’s your name by the way?”

“Janie James.” I whispered.

“Oh, hi, Ms Armstrong, you bringing in some fresh meat?” Irma asked.

“I’m not too sure. I just saw her at the bus station and she’s been following me around ever since. This is Janie. And this is Irma, my best barmaid, among other things.”

“Pleased to meet you.” I said, still miffed at Ms Armstrong’s comment about me following her around. The hired help really didn’t need all that detail, it would seem to me.

“I’m glad to meet you. We need some fresh blood around this place. I’m so tired of looking at the same old faces and bodies. You have a fantastic body if you don’t mind me saying so.” Irma commented and I expected to hear her pop her gum at any minute. She was rather cheap looking, frizzy blonde hair and lots of make-up but her body was superb with big titties pushed up high showing lots of quivering cleavage, guess it was necessary to display them like that when you worked for tips.

“We’re going into my office to discuss a few things. Bring me my usual. Janie, what’ll you have?”

“Just a bottle of water, if you have it.”

“Aw, come on, you’re not going to get much of a buzz from water.”

“How about a Margarita?” Irma suggested.

“Oh, I do love Margaritas.”

“Fine, bring her a Margarita.”

She ushered me into a small office with a desk at one end and a small love seat along one wall. It was too dark to see, let alone work. She turned on a small desk lamp, hiked her skirt up to her hips and sat down at her desk in a large executive chair. “Come over here and sit on the floor.” She commanded, pointing to a vacant area at the side of her desk.

“Isn’t Irma about to come in here?” I asked as though to point out the obvious.

“Goddammit, I am really getting tired of your constant refusal to act like what you are. What do you care what Irma sees? Get over here on the floor or get your ass out.”

Severely chastened by her outburst and feeling somewhat frightened, I more or less scurried over to the side of her desk and sat down on the carpet. The sight of her gorgeous thighs ameliorated the situation, however, and I lost my anxiety, especially when she swiveled her chair towards me and spread her luscious thighs to my drooling eyes. I lost all thought of Irma and her pending intrusion.

My distress returned when the door opened and Irma barged in with a tray. “I thought you would at least have her bra off by now, you’re really losing your touch, Ms Armstrong.”

“She was about to take it off, weren’t you, Janie?”

Fearing another outburst at my reticence, I quickly opened the buttons of my blouse and pulled it off, then unsnapped my bra and let it slide down off my shoulders. Now I do have a firm, well-toned body but my titties are my greatest asset. My pride in them almost outweighed my humiliation as I thrust my chest out for their approval.

“God, what a rack!” Irma exclaimed, “You’re going to do all right at this place. When the women see you, they’re going to be fighting to see who goes first. Get up and let’s see the rest of it, hell, there has to be a flaw somewhere, no one can be absolutely perfect.”

I looked tentatively at Ms Armstrong.

“She’s just daring you so you’ll show her your pussy. Go ahead and show it to her so she can go jill off in the john.”

I stood up and unzipped my skirt and let it slither to the floor, then I pushed my panties down to my thighs, fighting the powerful impulse to cover my pussy with my hands.

“Turn around and show your ass.” Ms Armstrong suggested.

I began to turn and stopped when I was sideways to them to give them a chance to see the bulging roundness, then turned my back. Ms Armstrong casually reached over and tweaked my pussy hairs, embarrassing me all the more in front of her hired help.

“Well, I guess I was wrong. I sure don’t see a single flaw.” Irma uttered in amazement. With that, she left but I don’t know if she went to the john or not.

“That was very good, Janie, I was afraid you would embarrass me with your but-but-but like a motor boat but you handled that real well.”

She continued to drive me mad with her hand idly at my pussy. I didn’t kocaeli escort bayan want to pull my panties back up with her hand there. “What was all that about the women fighting over me?”

“Irma just assumed you were coming to work here.”

“My heavens! How embarrassing, how could she think I would even consider doing…?”

“But you have a lot to learn before that could happen.”

“What do you mean I’d have a lot to learn?”

“You don’t even know how to please yourself; you know less than that about how to please another woman.”

“Well, I can certainly learn, I told you I’ve never done anything with a woman before, so how would I know.” I was becoming confused, trying to convince her that I was capable of pleasing her but I know it sounded like I was applying for a job.

“Do you work anywhere now?”

“No, I go to college but I’m not doing very well. I can’t find anything that interests me enough to really work at it.”

“So you get paid to go to college?”

“No, I had a scholarship but my GPA is not going to be enough to hold it. My parents send me a little money but it’s a strain on them. That’s why I was at the bus station. I had just come in from a trip there to discuss what I’m going to do if I lose the scholarship.”

“What’s that? GPA?”

“Stands for grade point average, it’s like a batting average but much more important.”

“I dunno, a guy that’s all bat and no glove could lose his job if it gets too low.”

“That just closes one door, a low GPA slams every door.”

“So did they recommend you get a job?”

“They recommended that I come home and get a job. What were you doing at the bus station?”

“I find that a good place to pick up young, wide-eyed girls seeing the big city for the first time.”

“Did you think I was like that?”

“No, I thought of you as maybe a future client for my business here. I’m always looking for that type of woman, too.”

“What type is that?”

“Women who are not quite out of the closet yet, some that don’t even know they’re in a closet. When they come out late, they usually don’t know how to find what they’re looking for, how to recognize like-minded ladies, or even how to flirt with other women. Those usually spend a lot of time and money at places like mine.”

“You thought I was like that?”

“I think that’s pretty well been established, or have you noticed that you’re in here with me, naked except for your panties at half-mast, with my hand in your pussy? But you don’t have the money to be a client. So what am I to do with you?”

“Can’t we just be together, see each other once in a while?”

“My personal life and my business are so intertwined that I don’t know where one begins and the other leaves off. What time I don’t spend here I spend looking for recruits and clients. I really don’t have time for anything else.”

“So you’re saying the only way we can have any kind of relationship is if I’m an employee or a client?”

“That’s a pretty frank way to put it but just about sums it up.”

“Will you let me suck it one time to see how I like it?”

“I suppose a free sample would be appropriate. Get on your knees.” She then swung her chair completely to the side and raised her other leg up to her desk, leaving her thighs yawning wide. The opening of the gates of Heaven could not be as inspiring.

So as not to seem like some sort of eager beaver first timer, despite the tantalizing, pussy clenching lusts caused by the sight of her awesomely spread thighs and bare pussy, I forced myself to start by kissing her knees and working up the inside of her thighs at a languid pace. Her cunt, however, drew my eyes like a magnet. I licked long swipes on her thighs but my eyes were riveted to her beckoning cunt cleft.

“Honey, you are showing admirable respect and restraint but I can tell you feel an urgent need to plunge your tongue straight into my pussy.”

“I guess I do but I want to do this right, like it’s something I’ve done before.”

“And as I said, that’s admirable but I still think you need a spanking, I think you want a spanking.”

“But… no, please, I have a very low tolerance for pain…”

“Get over my lap and no more motor boats.”

I knew arguing was pointless, I don’t know why I even bothered. I lay across her lap with my panties still down around my thighs so I had no protection whatever, just my bare behind sticking up for her to punish. The first slap sent me reeling with the fiery pain and I screamed rather loudly. She said sternly, “Take off your panties and put them in your mouth, they’re going to think someone is being dismembered in here.”

I left off the motor boat buts and just stood up, pushed down my panties and stuffed them into my mouth. Then I resumed my humiliating position. Imagine a grown woman being disciplined like a naughty little girl. I hadn’t even done anything wrong, just wanted to. It was all the same to her, izmit sınırsız escort I think she just wanted to spank me.

She started up again spanking me and the pain was unbearable but I could not even holler about it because my mouth was stuffed so full of my panties. I could not keep the tears in check and my eyes were flowing freely when she began to push down on my neck. I felt she wanted my head lower and my ass higher so I stopped kicking and put my feet on the floor to push my ass up for her. Then I realized that was a mistake because she began to slap my pussy along with my ass. The pain was absolutely intense until suddenly, it stopped hurting so much and began to grow almost pleasurable as my arousal became so intense it outstripped the pain. What on earth was this woman making of me that I would begin to crave a spanking from her?

Soon I realized that I had crawled up on her lap with my knees on her thigh and my legs spread as wide as they’d go, exposing my sopping pussy to her blows. I could even hear the splattering liquid as she concentrated exclusively on spanking my pussy now. Giant, fantastic, never-before-experienced orgasms began to wrack my body, leaving my mind oblivious to anything but the exquisite sensations.

Suddenly she stopped and began to lightly rub my ass and my pussy. I was still delirious as she urged me off her lap and on my knees again. She widened her thighs and grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face roughly into her velvet cleft. My delirium found its expression as my burning tongue exploded into her cunt, my face wedged between her pussy lips. Frequently I would raise my face high enough to engulf her clitoris and suck on it along with the upper parts of her pussy lips.

She rocked her legs up and grabbed the backs of her knees with her arms and said. “Do my asshole, baby; get your frantic tongue up my ass!”

My desires were so rampant that I could not refuse, even though the thought of doing such a thing would normally be extremely repugnant to me. But my mind at the time was oblivious to any such consideration as I pushed my pointed tongue deep into her crinkled hole. Only later would I feel such intense remorse at the things Ms Armstrong made me do, what she had made of me.

She must have been very sensitive in her backside; however, for after a few minutes, she yelled she was cuming and pulled my mouth back up to her pussy so I could swallow her prodigious spend. Oh god, was it good! I fluttered my tongue all over her cunt and even down into the crack of her ass, searching for and swallowing all the pussy juice I could find.

I lay naked on her loveseat and slept for a few hours. Distantly I heard voices on several occasions with people coming and going but I was in such a euphoric state that I did not mind my nakedness. In fact, I seem to remember hearing some woman making a fuss over me and I spread my thighs further and imagined the thrill she experienced.

Late that night, Ms Armstrong shook me gently and told me she wanted to give me a little tour of the facilities. Instead of going out the door as I expected and without even waiting for me to do something about my nakedness, she led me to the bathroom which had another door to one side, this one with a combination lock. Blocking my view with her back, she opened the lock and the door and led me up a flight of stairs. At the top of a long hallway only dimly lit with indirect lighting, she stopped to peer into a window and I looked also.

Inside a small bedroom I saw a pretty girl lying naked on the bed. The door to the room opened and a middle-aged woman built rather heftily entered with a subservient attitude. She cautiously approached the young girl and handed her a whippy cane. Then she drew up her skirt past her hips and crouched on the floor on all fours, presenting her naked buttocks to the girl, for she wore no panties. The girl got up and began to administer a pretty severe chastisement.

“This is a one-way mirror, they can’t see us and the girls know about it and appreciate it for safety reasons. Bertha is my bouncer and she patrols this hallway regularly to make sure everyone is behaving themselves. That woman comes here quite often and always wants a severe caning. I accept people who want to be punished but not people who want to punish. With the number of women served every day, my girls would be dog meat if I did.”

We walked to the next window and I saw a big, strapping black woman with titties as big as basketballs pinning a diaper on a frail looking woman of about forty or so. “We seem to get a lot like that lady whose sexual desires are tied to an infantile stage. They like to pretend they’re adorable baby girls with a mother who is not hesitant to indulge in make-believe incest. That’s Bertha, by the way, doing the honors. She pulls double duty in cases like this because she’s strong enough to handle a full grown woman like a baby. She also has a fully developed set of nursing tits and she takes shots to keep her milk flowing but she never has to worry about an overabundance with the voracious appetites of her ‘babies’.”

“Could I watch the lady suck her titties?”

“Yeah, I think she’s about ready to feed her baby now that she has a dry didy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32