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This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author”s imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between consenting underage boys, consenting adult males and boys with adult males (eventually). If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18, do not read it.


If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic distasteful, then please stop reading now. You have been warned.


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Author”s Note:


I started writing this story, never intending it to grow into what it has become. It seems to have taken on a life of its own. I hope you enjoy.


Also, if you are enjoying this story, my first story can be found fty//gay/adult-youth/moments


I have created a Tumblr site with pictures of what the story”s main characters look like in my mind. If you would like to see them, they can be found blr/


Chapter 33 � It”s a New Day  

Despite being worn out from yesterday”s events, I woke early Sunday morning, still curled up with Tom in my arms. I carefully pulled my arm from under his head, hoping I wouldn”t wake him. I figured he would probably spend most of the day in bed and I pulled the blinds over the windows so the sun wouldn”t blind him if and when he did wake up. After washing my face and hands, I headed to the kitchen to start a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage. I also pulled out the toaster so it would be ready to go if anybody wanted toast.


Next, it was time to wake the boys and get them moving. My first stop was to roust T.J., Mike and Andy, who I found curled together under the covers in the middle of the bed, T.J. holding Mike, who was in turn holding Andy. I gently shook T.J.”s shoulder to wake him and let him know breakfast would be ready soon. “Okay, dad, we”ll be there,” he answered as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and yawned.


Next to wake was Joey and Alex, and I found them tangled in their regular pretzel, covers kicked off and beautiful young bodies exposed. I gave Alex a quick tickle in the ribs to get him moving and he woke his brother as he untangled himself. “Breakfast soon, boys, let”s get a move on.” Both were grumping as they headed to the bathroom, morning erections pointing the way, much like a compass pointing the proper direction to travel.


I headed back to the kitchen to continue cooking and discovered Tom moving slowly down the hallway, holding one hand to the wall to help steady himself.


“Hey, babe, what are you doing up? I was gonna” let you sleep.”


“I didn”t think you”d appreciate having to change a wet bed this morning, so I got up to go to the bathroom and smelled bacon. I may look and feel like I”ve been hit by a truck, but I ain”t passing up bacon.”


“Well, here, let me help you.” I took his arm and helped him get to the table and seated in his chair without falling over. “You need anything? Drink, pain pill?”


“A glass of milk sounds good Max. Don”t think my head”s quite ready for a jolt of caffeine this morning. Let”s hold off on the pill until after we eat.”


“You got it, be right back.” I gave the eggs a quick stir, flipped the bacon and sausage, then poured a glass of milk and took it back to him. The boys started to straggle in and I put them to work setting the table after they”d had a chance to say good morning to Tom. With, the table set and the food ready, we sat down to eat.


“How ya” feeling this morning?” I asked Tom.


“Like shit,” he grumbled as he munched a strip of bacon.


“I”m guessing you”re not up to going out today, are you?”


“Not by a longshot, Max. I”m going back to bed as soon as I”m done eating. You got something planned?”


“No, that”s fine, Tom. I need to make a run to the store and get restock our food supplies. The pantry”s starting to look pretty bare. Thought I”d take these noisemakers with me so you could have some peace and quiet to relax.”


“That”s fine. I know we need more food. Guess we”re gonna have to skip getting things from my apartment today, too.”


“Tell you what, if you give me a list of the things you want and the key, we can still get some of it. It”s not out of the way or anything.”


“You sure you don”t mind?”


“Don”t worry about it, the boys will be happy to help, won”t you?”


“You bet,” T.J. answered with nods from the others.


“That”s settled, then. Get your list together while we”re getting ready and we”ll take care of it, Tom.”


“Thanks, guys, appreciate it.”


“I”ll need to change your bandage and put some more ointment on your head before we go. Then I”ll make sure you have water and your pain pills close by if you need any while we”re gone, okay?”


“That”ll be fine. I don”t see me moving much today except for the occasional trip to the bathroom.”


We finished our breakfast and the boys got the table cleaned up while I took care of the rest of the mess. That completed, I got pen and paper for Tom to make his list, then headed to the bedroom to get dressed while the boys did the same. Returning to the kitchen, I grabbed the bag of supplies to change Tom”s bandage. While I had the bandage off, Alex”s question from last night popped in my head, so I grabbed my phone and quickly took a picture of the side of Tom”s head.


“What the hell was that for?” he asked after hearing the phone click.


“Posterity. I don”t ever want to forget this.”


“Well, I do, but whatever boats your float. So much for wishing it was all a dream. More like my worst freakin” nightmare come true.”


“Remember what Nietzsche said, Tom, `That which does not kill us makes us stronger”.”


“If that”s really true, I must be Atlas or Samson by now.”


“Don”t know if I”d go quite that far. Maybe the Incredible Hulk, though.”


“Oh, that”s cold, Max,” he retorted as we both chuckled.


I applied the cream and a new bandage, then sat down with Tom so he could go over his list and let me know where everything could be found. The boys returned just as we finished that and they were ready to roll, so I walked to the bedroom with Tom to make sure he didn”t fall and ensured water and his medicine were close by if he needed them. Once Tom was settled and comfortable, the boys and I loaded into the car and took off for our shopping trip. I didn”t much like the idea of leaving him alone, but I couldn”t deny the fact we needed food.


When we got to Tom”s apartment, I put the boys to work locating the things on Tom”s list and getting everything in the boxes we”d brought with us. I was impressed with the amount of care they took in collecting the items and bringing them to me to box up. With everything packed, we each grabbed a box and headed down the stairs to load them into the car. Just as I was closing the tailgate, I noticed a man walking across the lot towards us.


“Boy”s, go ahead and hop in the car and get buckled. This guy looks like he wants to talk to me.”


“Hey, there, I don”t recognize you or that car. You wanna” tell me who you are what you”re doing here,” the man called from ten feet away.


“That depends on who you are.”


“I”m Harry, the manager of the complex,” he responded while his extending his hand for a shake.


I took his hand and gave him a quick shake. “In that case, Harry, my name is Max Sanders and I came to pick up some of fianc�”s things.”


“And who might that be?”


“Tom Wright, he lives, or I guess I should say lived, in 216.”


“Where”s he at? I ain”t seen him all week.”


“That”s no big surprise since he pretty much moved in with us last Sunday. I don”t think he”s been back here since, except to pick up a few things.”


“He hasn”t told me he”s moving out.”


“He”d planned to that today, sorry.”


“Too bad about him movin” out, it was kinda nice havin” a cop live here. It sure helped in keeping it quiet around here. Why isn”t he here with you today?”


“He got hurt on the job yesterday and wasn”t up to coming with us to pick up a few things he needs.”


“He got hurt? What happened?”


“He was trying to arrest someone and got shot for his efforts.”


“Damn, that”s too bad, hope he”s gonna” be okay.”


“He”ll be fine in little while. It was just a graze, but it still took 28 stitches to put his head back together.”


“Son-of-a…, 28 stitches, huh. Glad to hear it was just a graze, but I bet it still hurt like hell. Any idea when he”ll have the place emptied out? No rush, mind you, I just like to keep on top of things. And he”s already paid his rent for next month, so he”s got plenty of time. I just need to get an ad in the paper to re-rent it and want to know how soon I should think about doing that.”


“Hopefully by next weekend. It all depends on when he thinks he can handle it. If we can”t get to it ourselves by then, I”ll arrange to have a moving crew come in to pack up all his things and bring them out to our home.”


“That”s fine, Max. If you end up going with the movers, all I ask is a phone call to let me know when they”ll be coming.”


“I”ll make sure we do that, Harry. Now, if you don”t mind, I want to ask about his lease, when does it end and will there be any charges for him breaking the lease?”


“He”s got two more months after the next on his lease. Normally, I”d stick it to someone who breaks their lease, but since he was such a great tenant and he”s got a good reason to move, I”ll let it slide for him. It”s not like he”s tryin” to skip out, is it?”


“Not at all, we”ve just had a very busy week and with him getting hurt, it kinda messed things up today. Thanks for being so good about it. I appreciate it and I know he will, too.”


“Don”t worry about it. After you get everything out, I”ll check the place over and as long as there”s no major cleanup or repairs to do, I”ll refund his overpaid rent and deposit, too. Why don”t you give me your address so I can mail it to him once we have everything settled?” I gave Harry the address and phone number and he wrote it all on the back of one of his own business cards. “Here”s one of my cards for you. You need anything, just let me know.”


“I will, thanks Harry. I hope to see you next weekend.”


“Y”all take care and take care of Tom, too. I sucks he got hurt, but I”m glad he”ll be okay.”


“I”ll let him know you asked about him and wished him a speedy recovery. Thanks again.”


I hopped in the car and we took off. I had another stop I decided to make before we went shopping. After driving across town, I pulled up in front of a non-descript grey clapboard house in one of the older subdivisions in town. burdur escort As I got out of the car, I said, “Come on, boys, I”ve got someone you need to meet.”


“Who is it, dad?” Joey asked.


“You”ll see. Patience, young man.”


When we were all on the wide front porch, boys standing behind me to keep them hidden, I rang the bell, hoping the occupants were home since I hadn”t called ahead to warn them I was coming. The inside door opened and I leaned over, peeking through the storm door to see who had answered the doorbell.


“Hi, mom, how ya” doing?”


“Max, what are you doing here? Why didn”t you call?”


“Well, some things have come up that I didn”t want to tell you over the phone or have you hear from someone else, so, here I am. Actually, I should say, here we are. Boys, step out here and say hi to my mom.”


“Hi, Mrs. Sanders,” Joey cheerfully started.


“How are you today, Mrs. Sanders?” Alex asked.


“It”s nice to meet you, Mrs. Sanders,” T.J. added.


“Are you gonna” be our new grandma?” Mike wanted to know.


“Hi, there,” squeaked Andy.


“Can we come in?” I asked.


“Of course, you can. Despite everything else, you”re still our son, Max.”


“Thanks,” I said as I opened the storm door. “Is dad here, too?” I asked as I entered the house where I”d grown up and spent the first 19 years of my life.


“Yeah, I”ll go get him. Go ahead and have a seat.”


I took a quick glance around and realized nothing much had changed since the last time I was here to give them the news I was gay. I had the boys sit on the couch and then took the chair at the end so we were all lined up when mom came back with dad in tow.


“Hi, dad, how are you?” I asked.


“Above ground and taking sustenance,” he answered. “What are you doing here?”


“Like I told mom, there”ve been some new developments since we talked last Sunday and I wanted you to hear it all from me and not someone else. Also, despite what I said last week, I want you to meet your soon-to-be grandsons. Starting on this end, we have Alex, Mike, Andy, T.J., and Joey.” I pointed to each as I said their name and they each gave a little wave to mom and dad.


“That”s five boys. I thought you said it was four.”


“It was, Andy”s a new addition as of yesterday afternoon. I don”t know if I”ll be adopting him yet, but we”re hoping.”


“They”re all so cute, Max,” mom gushed. “How did you all get so dang cute?”


“Just lucky, I guess, Mrs. Sanders,” Alex answered.


“Please, don”t call me that, it makes me feel old. Not that grandmother or grandma would make me feel any younger. How about, Mama? Does that sound okay, boys?”


“You bet, Mama,” answered T.J. “What should we call Mr. Sanders?”


“I”m not answering for him. Jim, what”s your preference?”


“If you”re gonna” be Mama, then I guess I should be Papa.”


“Hi, Papa,” Mike giggled.


“Boys, give them a hug.” All five got up, gave mom and dad hugs, then sat back on the couch while mom and dad took their chairs by the fireplace. “Andy is one of the new developments I mentioned. He was at our yesterday with a couple other boys, visiting Mike, when the man living with his mom was arrested and another man at his home was killed.”


“Oh, that”s horrible. What happened?”


I related yesterday”s events and the surprise in my mom”s face grew with each new detail.


“That”s why we”re not sure how long Andy will be with us. If his mom”s not in jail and gets her house in order, he can go back to live with her. If she goes to jail, then I don”t know what”s going to happen.”


“Well, I”m glad you”re keeping him safe from those monsters,” mom said.


“I feel like there”s more you”re not telling us just yet, son,” dad commented.


“There is. I told you about the deputy who got hurt during the arrest. Well, he”s not just a deputy, he”s my fianc�, also. We”re getting married.” Mom”s hand flew to mouth in an attempt to cover her gasp of surprise and dad just shook his head. “He”s at home resting and recovering from his injury.”


“When did that happen? You two deciding to get married?” mom wanted to know.


“Yesterday morning, shortly before he left to help with the arrest.”


“And the five of you don”t have a problem with that?” dad asked.


“Why would we?” Joey asked.


“We think it”s great,” T.J. started, “They love each other, why shouldn”t they get married.”


“Because they”re both men,” dad answered.


“So? Why is that a problem?” Alex asked.


“We think it”s wrong, just like a lot of other people do.”


“Well, we think you”re wrong, Papa,” Joey said.


“I guess that”s your right.”


“When is that gonna” happen, Max?” mom asked.


“We haven”t had a chance to set a date, but after all that happened yesterday, as soon as we can. I”ve waited too long already to get married and I don”t want to wait any longer than I have to. I”m hoping you two will be willing to attend the event and the party afterward at our house.”


“We”ll have to think about it, son,” dad replied.


“Papa, can I ask you a question?”


“Go ahead, Joey, or are you Alex? It”s kinda hard to tell which is which.”


“I”m Joey,” he giggled. “I hope you won”t get mad at me for asking, but why do you think it”s wrong for two men to get married?”


“Because the Bible says so. It clearly states that marriage is a sacred covenant between one man and one woman.”


“Is that the same bible that also says marriage can also be between one man and more than one woman, or a man and his brother”s widow, or a rapist and his victim, or what about between a soldier and his prisoner?” I sat there, dumbfounded at the question and noticed my father squirming uncomfortably as he listened to Joey.


“Well, yes,” dad stuttered, “I suppose the Bible does say those things, also, but we don”t believe in those definitions of marriage anymore.”


“If they”re in the Bible, and you believe and follow what it says, why don”t you believe in them, also?” Joey pressed.


“Because times change, people change, morals change.”


“Couldn”t this be one of those times, maybe, for another change? For the world to be more accepting and loving?”


“I can”t answer that right now, young man,” dad finally replied after what looked like seriously painful thought.


“That”s all right,” Joey said, “It”s just something to think about. Thanks for letting me ask.”


I looked at young Joey with a new respect. He had managed to do something I had so far been unable to accomplish, make my father actually think about why he believed what he did, and I was impressed. He might have a problem being something of potty mouth, but his brain was obviously working on a much higher plane of consciousness than mine was.


“Was there any other news you wanted to dump on us today?” dad asked.


“Let”s see, I”m still gay,” I started, as I ticked off each point by raising my fingers, “at least three and possibly four of my soon-to-be adopted sons are gay, I”ve added another boy to the family, at least temporarily, and I”ve fallen in love with a soon-to-be ex-cop who was almost killed yesterday afternoon while doing his job and we”re going to get married as soon as we can. No, I think that brings us up to date on all the important stuff. Can you guys think of anything I might have forgotten?” I asked, looking at the boys.


“No, dad, I think you pretty much covered all of it,” Alex snickered.


“Wait, you forgot about our birthday!” Joey exclaimed.


“Oh, right, that.” I turned back to mom and dad and added, “Joey and Alex”s birthday is coming up March 13 and we”re going to do something small that night at home and have a bigger party with some of their friends from school on the Saturday after. I”d really like it if you could come out for one of them.”


“Oh, I don”t know. That”s a lot to absorb in such a short time, son,” mom replied. “You understand it will take us time to accept all this, don”t you?”


“Of course, I do. I”m just hopeful that someday, in to the not-too-distant future, you will actually accept me for who I am and be happy for me. That”s all I”m asking. For the first time, in a very long time, I”m truly happy with who I am and I know how I want to spend the rest of my life.”


“We”ll try, son, we really will. We”ll always love you, you know that,” mom said.


“Sure, I do. And I hope, in time, you”ll love my entire family as much as you do me.” I looked at my watch and added, “Well, I hate to cut this visit short, but we still have to get food for home and we need to get back and check on Tom. He”s probably sleeping, but I still worry about him.”


“Of course, you do, son. Just like we”ve worried about you over the years.”


“Come on, boys, say your goodbyes and let”s get rolling.” The boys got up and each took their turn giving mom and dad hugs. I noticed mom was giving real, squeezy hugs back and dad was actually trying. I think I saw mom give Andy an extra squeeze before she let him go and I was going to have to ask him what she whispered in his ear. When I made the decision leaving Tom”s apartment, I wasn”t sure if coming here today and confronting my parents like this was a good idea or not, but, overall, it went better than I thought it would. At least they didn”t kick me out when I told them about Tom and me getting married. Maybe you can teach old dogs new tricks.


Once out the door, the boys ran to the car laughing and playing and hopped in. I turned back to mom and dad and said, “I”m sorry Tom wasn”t able to come in with us this afternoon and meet you, but he really wasn”t up to going out. I hope you”ll come out to the house soon so you can meet him.”


“We”ll see, son,” dad replied.


“Be careful out there, son, and remember, we love you,” mom added.


“I love you both, too. We”ll see you later.” On that final note, I turned and fairly floated to the car with joy in my heart at what I thought might be the ice-cold hearts harbored in my parent”s bodies finally melting, even if just a little bit. After leaving mom and dad”s, we headed to Walmart to eat some lunch and do our shopping. I found out what each boy wanted to eat from the McDonald”s and had them find a table while I waited for our order. I managed to get our drink cups before our food and had Joey and Alex get everybody”s drinks.


Once I was seated and the food was passed out, I asked Andy what my mom had whispered in his ear during his hug.


“Oh, that? She just said she was sorry for everything I”d been through and was hoping everything got better for me.”


“And has it? Gotten better, that is.”


“You bet. You got a great house and we all get along real good,” he answered looking at the other four, from whom he received nods of agreement. “I really like the not wearin” clothes part,” he giggled.


“That”s great, Andy. I”m glad you”re happy with us. Now, Joey, I need to ask, what possessed you to ask dad the question you did?”


“I overheard you telling Tom about your mom and dad and their reaction to you being gay. I knew they wouldn”t be willing to accept you two getting married, so I just wanted to give him something to think about.”


“And what, exactly, were you hoping to accomplish?”


“I was hoping that maybe he”d see that if those other ideas of marriage were no longer right, maybe he could make room in his mind for a new version.”


“And just how do you know about those other ideas of marriage?”


“The only bursa escort book the Mueller”s would ever let us read at home was the Bible. They got one for us not too long after we got there and I”ve read it a lot in the last four years. Mostly out of boredom.”


“What about you, Alex, did you read it, too?”


“Nah, I started to once, but I couldn”t stand it. You couldn”t pay me enough to actually read the whole thing.”


“Okay, back to you, Joey. What did you think about what you read?”


“Some of it wasn”t too bad, you know, being good, doing the right thing, helping other people, but other parts almost sound like science fiction. Talking snakes and burning bushes, parting seas, creating the earth in 6 days, giant floods, blah, blah, blah. How does anybody believe in that junk?”


“I don”t know, son, but there are a lot of people who do.”


“Well, after reading the thing several times, I think you either believe it all and follow it the way it”s written, or you don”t believe any of it and just be a good person. I don”t think it”s right to pick and choose just the parts you like and think are right `cause what”s right for you may not be right for someone else.”


“I agree with you, son, 100%. Tell me, how did you get so smart about such things at your age.”


“Well, the Mueller”s wouldn”t let us play what they thought were silly games or watch much TV, so I”ve had the last four years to read and think about a lot of things. I”ve also read a lot of books at school that are for the older kids and I learned a lot from those, too. I like to read and the Mueller”s couldn”t stop what they didn”t know about.”


“Okay, glad to hear I”ve got a brainiac in the family. Now, I have a question for all of you.”


“What is it dad,” T.J. asked.


“Last night, after you saw Tom”s head, Alex asked if you guys could get your hair cut so you”d look like him. Do you really want to do that or was it just a flip question?”


“You”d really let us?” Alex asked.


“Why not? It”s only hair, it”ll grow back.”


“Cool, let”s go.” We cleaned up our table and dumped the trash, then headed across the front of the store to the hair salon.


“Yes, sir, how can I help you today?” asked a chipper little blond with Amy on her nametag.


“Hi, I have five boys who all want a very special haircut. If I show you a picture of what they want, do you think you could recreate it?”


“Probably, we work off pictures all the time.” I retrieved my phone from my pocket and pulled up the picture I had taken of Tom”s head this morning.


“That”s pretty gnarly, what happened to him?”


I gave a brief description of how Tom got hurt and added, “The boys want to get their hair done like his as a show of love and support. Think you can do it?”


“I”ll sure try. Let”s get one done and make sure you like the results before I get another stylist to help with the others. Who wants to go first?” Alex raised his hand. “C”mon, little dude, hop in the chair.”


Alex wasted no time settling in and getting ready for his new hair style. Amy got to work and after about 30 minutes working with clippers and a razor, and referring to the picture a few times, had a look that was pretty close to the real thing.


“I think that”s about as close as I can get, sir. What do you think?”


“Looks good to me, Amy, what do you guys think?”


“Oh, yeah, she nailed it.” Joey said. “I”m next,” he added as he swapped places with Alex. Amy got another stylist working on T.J., using Alex as an example to follow. With Joey and T.J. taken care of, it was Mike and Andy”s turn in the chairs.


While the last two were getting a new hairstyle, Alex tugged on my shirt sleeve and asked, “Dad, what are we gonna” do about the stitches? I think it”d look really cool if we added them, too.”


“I”ll ask Amy and see what she thinks we might be able to do. Short of getting real stitches, of course.”


“Hey, don”t get all crazy on us here. Don”t get me wrong, we love Tom, too, but not to the point of getting real stitches.” I laughed and asked Amy the question.


“Well, gee, I don”t know. I don”t have anything here that would do the trick. Maybe in the makeup area, you could maybe find something and draw them on? That”d my best guess.”


“That”s a good idea, Amy. Thanks, we”ll check over there.”


With all five haircuts completed, I paid the total with a generous tip for both stylists and we headed to the makeup department to find something I could use to draw stitches on the sides of the boys” heads. I found a clerk in the area, explained what I was looking for and asked her if she could recommend something that would do the trick. After just a few moments and more than a few giggles, she directed me to an eyeliner pencil that could be sharpened to a fine tip and I picked up several since I didn”t know how long the boys would want stitches drawn on their heads.


That task completed, we headed to the grocery department to restore our food supplies. As we made our way across the store, we had to pass the books and electronics area and I was inundated with requests to get some more movies. I allowed each of the boys to pick two movies they wanted and tossed them all in the cart. We finally got to the groceries and quickly filled the cart with what we needed. One thing I noticed as we moved through the store was the funny looks the boys were receiving from other shoppers due to their new haircuts. The boys, however, seemed oblivious to the stares and pointing fingers as they were busy chattering amongst themselves.


After checking out and paying what seemed like a king”s ransom for our food and movies, we headed to the car. Joey and Alex helped me load our purchases into the car while the other three climbed in the back seat and got buckled. While I stashed our cart in the corral, Joey and Alex joined the others and before pulling out I asked, “Have we forgotten anything or anyone.”


“I don”t think so, dad,” Joey answered.


“Can we make one more stop?” Andy asked.


“Sure thing, Andy, where?”


“I thought we might get some doughnuts for Uncle Tom.”


“That”s a grand idea, Andy. The Mel-O-Creams are all closed today, but there”s that new Krispy Kreme and it”s kinda on the way home. How about we swing by and we”ll get some for all of us?” All of them cheered at that suggestion, so we left Walmart to pick up some doughnuts. When we got to the Krispy Kreme, I let the boys pick out what they wanted and got several extras for Tom and myself, then we loaded back in the car and headed for home.


Once we arrived, we quietly unloaded the car and, with the boys helping, put everything away. There was no sign of Tom, so I assumed he was still in bed, asleep. Once everything was stashed, I had the boys sit on the stools at the bar counter and opened one of the makeup pencils. After sharpening the tip, I proceeded to draw 28 stitches on each shaved head, re-sharpening the pencil as needed. Once completed, the boys ran to their rooms to check themselves out in the mirrors in their bathrooms. While they did that, I went to check on Tom.


I found him sleeping soundly, cover kicked off and his beautiful body fully exposed. I quietly closed and locked the door, then crept to the bed where I knelt on the floor and wrapped a hand around his six-inch flaccid cock. In just a few strokes, he began to become erect and was very quickly at full mast. Having attained my desired result, I slowly lowered my head over his groin and took the mushroom head into my mouth, swirling my tongue all around. Tom started to move around a bit but I could tell by his mostly relaxed state that he was still asleep. How anybody could sleep through getting their dick sucked remains a mystery to me, but he somehow managed to do just that. After just a few minutes of stimulation, I was rewarded for my efforts when I felt his body stiffen as his orgasm took over and he deposited his sweet milk of life in my hungry mouth.


I went to the bathroom to get a drink of water, then returned to the bed and sat on the edge of the mattress. I gently brushed Tom”s forehead several times which slowly roused him from his deep slumber. It amazes me that a brush on the forehead would wake him up, but a blowjob wouldn”t. When his eyes were fully open and focusing, I said, “Good morning, er, afternoon, sleeping beauty. How ya” feeling?”


“Pretty good, I guess, considering the options. Been having some wild ass dreams, though. Must be the painkillers.”


“Do you remember any of them?” I grinned.


“The last one I clearly remember was getting my dick sucked.”


“That was no dream and it wasn”t the drugs, big guy, that was real.”


“Holy shit! I can”t believe I slept through that. Hell of a nice way to wake up. Feel free to wake me up that way any time, okay?”


“You got it. You feel like getting up and joining the human race for a while?”


“Yeah, much as I love this bed and the person I share it with, my back”s starting to ache a bit. I need to get up and sit or stand for a while.” I stood, took his hand and helped him into a sitting position with his feet on the floor. “It actually feels good to sit up. What makes it even better is I”m not feeling dizzy anymore.”


“How”s your head feeling,” I asked as I got undressed.


“Not too bad. It itches pretty bad but I”m afraid to scratch it.”


“Let”s get that bandage off and put some more ointment on it. That might help.”


“Sounds good to me. I want to look in the mirror and see what the old melon looks like, anyway.” I stood in front of him and started to gently remove the tape holding the bandage in place. While I did that, I felt one of Tom”s hands cup my balls and the other wrap around my still semi-hard cock. He started to gently stroke me to full erection and once that was accomplished, he swallowed me all the way to my bare pubic mound. I had to stop working on his head and put my hands on his shoulders to help me stay on my feet. I had been close to my own release while pleasuring him and it didn”t take him long to return me to that point. I practically wilted as Tom swallowed my offering. When he pulled his mouth off my softening penis and licked his lips, I sat next him to recover some steadiness in my legs before I went back to work on his head.


“Dammit, Tom, I need to concentrate on what I”m doin” so I don”t hurt you.”


“You”re complaining? There”s some gratitude for ya”.”


“Not complaining about getting sucked, just taking my mind off the task at hand. Can we finish this so you can join the rest of us?”


“Thought I just did,” he chuckled.


“I”d smack you if you weren”t hurt already, smartass.” Having regained the strength in my legs, I stood again to finish removing his bandage and carefully put some more cream on it, leaving the bandage off to let some fresh air to the area and hopefully reduce the itching further. “Does that feel better? Still itching?”


“Much better, thanks. Now, I want a mirror to see what it looks like.”


“Right this way.” I led him to bathroom and stood back.


“Damn, that”s ugly,” he said as he turned his head to get a better look. “Could”ve been a lot worse, though, so I guess I can live with it. Don”t have much choice, really, do I?”


“I”m just glad you”re still alive so you can see it yourself.”


“Yeah, me too.”


“Can we join the boys now? They have something to show you.”




“I”m not ruining the surprise, you”ll just have to wait.” We headed out to search for the boys and after a quick tour of the house, we finally found them in çanakkale escort the theater, watching one of their new movies. Fortunately, when we walked through the door, we could only see the right side of their heads that was unchanged from this morning. I walked Tom to the end of the row of occupied chairs and said, “Hey guys, look who decided to join the rest of the family.”


The boys turned and when they saw Tom, jumped out their chairs to give him hugs. When he could finally see the left sides of their heads, I saw his eyes filling with tears. “What the heck did you guys do to your heads?”


“We didn”t want you thinkin” you were going through this alone,” Joey said.


“Yeah, like dad said, we”re all in this together,” Alex added.


“You realize you have to go to school like this now, don”t you? It”s not gonna” grow back overnight.”


“That”s okay, Uncle Tom,” T.J. said, “we don”t care.”


“And what if someone asks you why your hair is all screwed up?”


“I know what I”ll say,” started Andy, “I”ll tell `em my new Uncle Tom got hurt savin” me from a bad man and I”m showin” him how much I love him for it.”


Tom turned away from the boys so they wouldn”t see the tears running down his cheeks. It was a wasted movement, though, as they all knew he was crying.


“Don”t cry Uncle Tom,” Mike said. “You saved my friend and that”s `xactly what I”ll say, too.”


“You guys are too much, you know that, don”t you? Thank you for doing this. I”ll always remember it. Max, we have to get a picture of them like this. Maybe all of us together.”


“We can sure do that, Tom.” I turned back to the boys and asked, “Why don”t you guys keep watching the movie for a bit? I need to tell Tom where we went today.” Tom gave me a funny look as I took his hand in mine and led him to our chairs by the fireplace.


“So, where”d you go?” he asked after we”d sat down.


“Well, we”d just finished getting the things at your apartment and… Oh, that reminds me, Harry, the manager, came out as we were about to leave and we talked a bit. First, he wanted me to tell you he”s sorry you got hurt, but he”s glad you”ll be okay and he hopes you get better fast. Second, I let him know that you”d moved in with us.”


“I forgotten I planned to do that today. What did he have to say about that?”


“He was sorry you were moving, thought it was nice to have a cop living in the complex.”


“Did he tell you how much I was gonna” owe for breakin” my lease.”




“But I got two more months before the lease ends. According to the terms, that”s two months” rent I should owe.”


“He said to forget it. You were a great tenant and have a good reason for moving out. He also said that as long as the cleaning and repairs were minimal, he”d refund your security deposit and the rent you”ve already paid for March.”


“Oh, man, that”s a load off my mind. At 1200 bucks a month, I was looking at owing another $2400. And now, instead of having to pay that much, I”m gonna” get almost that much back? I always knew I liked Harry, now I know why. Did he say anything about me getting the rest of my things?”


“I told him we”d try to get everything by next Sunday and if it didn”t look like you”d be up to dealing with it yourself, I”d hire some movers to go pack it all up and bring it out here.”


“You don”t have to do that, Max.”


“I know I don”t have to, I want to. I”d rather pay someone else to do it than try to move it ourselves. They can get it all in one trip, where we”d have to rent a trailer and still make several trips. It”ll be much easier to have someone do it for us.”


“Guess that makes sense. I hadn”t given it that much thought yet. Okay, now that that problem”s resolved, where else did you go that you don”t want to tell me about.”


“Right, that. Last night when I came to bed, I decided that I wasn”t going to waste any more days of my life on negative bullshit, so, after we left your place, I decided to go see my mom and dad.”


“No shit?”


“No shit. There”s been too much happening in my life to just leave them out of the loop to stew with their ancient thinking.”


“How”d that go?”


“Better than I expected, actually. They didn”t kick us out like I thought they would. Mom loved the boys, thought they were all just too cute.”


“She”s not wrong, you know, they are all cute as hell.”


“I know. They were both surprised at there being a fifth boy, but not as surprised as when I told them about us getting married.”


“Oh, my god, Max, you”re serious about not wasting any more days, aren”t you?”


“Damn right I am. After everybody was in bed last night, I kinda broke down and had a little crying fit while sitting by the fireplace. I can”t stand the thought of losing any one of you, not after it taking me so long to figure my life out. And after almost doing just that yesterday, I decided that I”m really going to start living my own life and to hell with what the rest of the world thinks. They either accept us as we are or they can go fuck themselves.”


“Well, okay, then. I”m glad and I”m with you 100%. Well, maybe only 70 or 75% right now, but give my head time to heal, and I”ll be back at 100%.”


“Speaking of your head, is it feeling better now?”


“The itching has stopped, thank god. For now, anyway. And thanks for not putting a new bandage on when you put the cream on it, that”s helping a lot. And the throbbing has gone from full blown jackhammer to a small rubber mallet, also. It still looks like hell, though, and I noticed some bruising developing when I looked in the mirror.”


“I”m glad you”re feeling better. And don”t worry about how you look. You”re still beautiful to me.”


“I find that hard to believe, but thanks for trying to make me feel better. Did you make the boys do that to their heads?”


“Nope, not my idea. Don”t you remember?”


“Not really. Everything yesterday, after the bullet bouncing off my skull, is just a bit fuzzy.”


“Last night, when I changed your bandage before putting you to bed, Alex said he thought your hair looked cool and asked if they could get their hair done the same way so they looked like you. Then, when we were having lunch today, I asked if he was serious and when they all said they were, our next stop was the haircut place at Walmart. I showed them the picture I took of your head this morning and they took it from there. None of the boys hesitated a bit.”


“And what about the stitches? How”d that come about?”


“Again, Alex. After he was sporting the `Tom Wright Special” and the last two were getting theirs done, he asked me about how we could do it. With a little help from a clerk in the makeup department, we found an eyeliner pencil that can be sharpened to a point fine enough to draw lines to look like stitches. I figured that would be better than using a permanent marker. Alex said that while they loved you, he wasn”t quite ready to get real stitches for you,” I laughed.


“Oh, man, that”s funny,” he chuckled. “I love that kid.”


“You”re gonna” love Joey even more.”


“What”d he do?”


“At mom and dad”s, while they were still getting over the initial shock of us getting married, he asked dad why he believed two men getting married was wrong. Dad, of course, spouted the same old bullshit about it being against what the bible says about one man, one woman, yadda, yadda, yadda. Joey then asked if that was the same bible that said marriage could be between one man and many women, or a rapist and his victim, and a couple of other examples. I could see the old man”s blood pressure rising with every word. He tried to blow that off as times and people change and Joey threw it right back at him, that maybe it was time, again, for people to change.”


“Oh, man, bet that went over just great.”


“Actually, dad was pretty calm about it, despite being called out by an eight-year old. Joey certainly gave him something to think about.”


“Good for him. I”m glad he”s willing to stand up for what he feels is right.”


“Me, too, I guess. He”s a brave kiddo.” The boys picked that moment to come charging out of the theater. “Movie”s over, I take it.”


“Yeah, can we go swimming, dad?” T.J. asked.


“Sure thing, get your towels and I”ll grab the key.” They took off down the hall to their rooms and I looked at Tom, “You gonna” join us?”


“I don”t think so, Max. I might be feeling better, but I”m not quite up to the noise level out there. I”d be feeling that jackhammer making a return engagement in no time.”


“No problems, Tom. I assumed as much. Why don”t you grab a book and hang out here by the fireplace? When we”re done, I”ll get supper going.”


“Thanks, Max. I”ll do that.”


The boys were back with their towels and I still had to get my own and grab the shelter key. I headed to the bedroom, got what I needed and rejoined the boys by the glass doors to the pool. “You need anything, Tom, send up a flare and I”ll come running.”


“I”ll be fine, get outta” here.”


The boys and I headed on out to the pool and, as usual, as soon as I opened the shelter door, 5 sets of pearly white buns flashed by me, towels were tossed on the table and 5 huge splashes occurred as they jumped in the pool. Since I was the lone supervisor today, I was instantly mugged by all five when I walked down the steps into the water. I hated to admit it to myself, but I was starting to really enjoy having the boys crawl all over me and feeling their hard, little peckers rubbing all over my body. At one point, Joey wrapped his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist and I could feel his stiff three-inch poker stabbing me in the belly. He relaxed his neck grip just enough to allow his body to slide down mine until my inflated penis was snugly nestled in his rear cleft and his was sandwiched between us, pressing obscenely into my bare pubis. I looked into his eyes and saw nothing but deliberation reflected back at me. That and his wicked grin told me he knew exactly what he was doing and what he wanted.


I leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “No, this can”t happen.”


“Why not? It sure feels like you”re enjoying it and I know I am,” he whispered back as he wiggled his tight little ass over my cock and his hard pecker around my groin.


“It just can”t,” I repeated as I gently pried his arms from around my neck and peeled the horny youngster off me. I really didn”t want to, but I knew I couldn”t allow this to continue or I was going to step over a serious line from which there was no return. I slowly retreated to deeper waters to be alone with my thoughts and as I looked back towards the boys, I could see Joey whispering something to a wide-eyed Alex. I knew that what Joey was pushing was supposed to be wrong, but why was I suddenly thinking that maybe it wasn”t. Sure, he”s only eight, soon to be nine, but didn”t I want the same thing at his age? Damn right I did, but I knew better than to ask my old man for something like that. I had some hard thinking to do and I sure as hell needed to talk to Tom about this latest development.


I let them play for another 30 minutes, then had Mike work with the boys on their swimming for 30 more minutes as I”d promised him. By the time the hour had passed, I could see they were starting to tire and my hands had long ago turned into prunes. I climbed out of the pool and as I walked towards my towel, I called the boys to let them know it was time for showers and to get ready for supper. I watched as they climbed the steps and made their way to the towels on the table where I was already drying off and noticed that every one of them was sporting an erection.


As the boys headed to their bathrooms to rinse off the pool water, I checked on Tom and, finding he was doing fine, headed to my own shower to do some serious thinking.

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