Brian’s Power

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This story take place in medival times, and it’s an idea I came up with a while ago.  To the jerk who keeps posting rude comments on my “Jessie” sex stories, fuck off.
No sex in this one, sorry.  But I think it’s worth the read if your into Fiction.  I hope it can be a series, but that’s up to you guys.  Tell me in the comments if you want another, and I’ll make another 🙂
I hope you guys enjoy reading this and much as I enjoyed writing it, so grab some popcorn, turn off your Hanna Montana CD, and enjoy.


  At a young age, I was found in the woods.  I was taken in by the Innkeepers, a nice old lady named Fiona, and her husband, Thet.  They named me Brian, after they’re son who died when he was a child.  They raised me until I was eight, until Fiona was struck down by a heart attack.  After that, Thet was never the same.  He still cared about me dearly however, because I was their son.  Because of his old age, he wasn’t able to run the Inn alone anymore.  I helped him run it until something happened.

  One day, as I was changing the bed sheets of room three, I heard an someone outside yell “They’re coming!”.  I had no idea who this “they” were, so I ran downstairs to ask what was happening.  I saw Thet grabbing a sword from the shed, as I asked.

“It’s Gillian Backwater.  He’s the leader of the Black Ogres.”  Thet said calmly, but there was a hint of fear in those words.
Soon escort we spotted a group of men in dark armor approaching.  In the front was a very tall man, about seven feet tall.  The knights of our village ran towards them in their armor, equipped with swords and arrows.  For some reason I knew they didn’t stand a chance.

Everyone in the village moved close to see what would happen.  As the knights moved past us, I felt something was wrong.  I glanced at Thet before turning my head back to the oncoming battle.  The tall one in front, Thet pointed out, was Gillian.  The knights stopped running as they got within a few feet of Gillian.  It looked like the knights were trying to bargain with him, but to no avail.  When Gillian shook his head, Thet handed me the sword, and told me to be careful before he ran into the shed to grab one for himself.

The knights got into they’re fighting stance, and Gillian laughed in delight.  He looked at his men, and then looked at the knights.  With a flick of his fingers, all the knights’ armor either snapped off, or to the unlucky ones, melted into their chain mail armor underneath.  It must have seeped into their skin, because they gave earth-shattering screams as it happened.  Thet returned in time to watch the horror unfold.  To the knights who were lucky, they ran, or at least tried to run away.  Before they got very far, Gillian stopped them by raising his hand.  They just froze.  He stared izmit escort bayan each one, one at a time, and when he looked away from one, he disappeared.  Vanished into thin air.  He lowered his hand, and raised his head.  I felt a shiver of coldness when I realized he was looking right at me.  

He and his men slowly approached Thet and I, never looking away from me.  Thet tightened his grip on his sword noticeably when they stood directly in front of us.
“What…  What do you want f-from us? Thet stuttered.
“Lower your weapon, peasant.  They will do you no good.” Gillian said, in a deep voice.
Regardless of what Gillian said, Thet kept his weapon pointed at him.  I however, put mine down.
“I have traveled many miles to see you.” Gillian pointed at me.
“Why?  I don’t even know you.”  I asked.
“Because you are mine.”  He said.
Thet and I took a step back in shock.
“What do you mean he’s yours?!  My wife and I found him in the forest, and we’ve raised him ever since!  And that was fourteen years ago!”  Thet yelled.
“Because that was fate.  That same day he was born, but my Apprentice hated the fact that I would have a son, knowing my son would be my favorite.  He decided to try and leave the child to die, deep in the forest.  We searched, trying to find him, but we never did.  When I heard he was alive, I began my quest to find my heir.”  Said Gillian.

“But…  But your izmit sınırsız escort evil!” Thet shouted.
“I don’t classify myself to be good or evil.  I do what I want, yes, but I don’t go out of my way to be evil.  I may lean more towards that side yes, but I really don’t care.”  Gillian said.
“I want some proof!  I don’t really belive your his-“
Just then, Gillian’s eyes lit a bright green, his hair turned white, and he reached out his hand.
“Raise your hand, boy.” He said.  Slowly, I raised my hand, only to see a yellow glow travel from our hands until they met.  My hair turned white, and my eyes a bright green, just like his.  After this, I was able to watch one of Gillian’s memories.  It was of him watching his wife hold me, in their bed.  His wife, my mother, hugged me gently.  When the memory ended, a shockwave rattled everyone except us.  Our hair and eyes went back to normal, and the yellow glow faded.

“That was the moment after you were born.  Later that day, you were taken.  I know your are my son, because you too share my ability.  We Backwaters share a gift given at the beginning of time.  Come with me, and I will teach you how to use it.  I know you’ve encountered it before.  Have you ever seen something happen that you knew was going to?  This power will say that way, unless you get training.  You have seen my power, now, would you like to learn how to use yours?”


Soooo…  Did you like it?  I hope so.  Leave a comment, telling me if it should be a series.  I think it could be.  Constructive criticism is appreciated, and so are positive votes 🙂

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