Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 03

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The party to celebrate the success of the cookie and cake drive was held at my mum’s home. The twenty mothers were there. Only three men turned up. The formalities were over early with an announcement of a substantial sum raised.

A local supermarket had agreed to take regular supplies of fresh cookies and sell them on their behalf. The wives gathered around congratulating each other.

Maryanne gave me a small gift on behalf of the “cookie wives” and kissed me. “You are the only man who has helped” All the others followed her lead. I was smothered in kisses.

At the end of the presentation the three men quickly made excuses and left. I retired to the kitchen making coffee and bringing out drinks from the bar.

Shortly after the men left a tall strikingly beautiful big boobed brunette, named Darlene started blasting the husbands for not even turning up to enjoy their wives success. It grew into a general bitching session about husbands and their neglect.

Many spoke of the lack of affection and sex.

Most reported that when their husbands came home from work, they were so tired that all they wanted to do was eat and sleep.

On a few occasions one or two mentioned how nice it was to have me around .It was agreed that if their husbands didn’t do it, I could do the pick up from their homes and the delivery of cookies to the supermarket

With my newly acquired interest in sex, the number of ladies bitching about their sex life, or lack of it kept me entertained and of course informed. I knew two of the husbands Darlene’s and Jennifer’s through their drunken performances with the cheer squad at our football games.

I thought both were shits. The others were unknown to me.

The party broke up and a few stayed behind to clean up. I headed up to my room. An hour or so later all had gone quiet. I strolled down in my shorts to get a cup of hot chocolate. Mum was sitting talking to Darlene and Jennifer so I told them what I was up to and headed into the kitchen.

A few minutes later tall sleek Jennifer joined me saying “they don’t need me”. I’ll make myself a coffee”.

Jennifer went over to the bench and bent down to get some coffee , she asked where were the new coffee grains , taking me by surprise because I had been studying her long legs and tight arse as she bent in front of me .

I went over and knelt beside her to look, without thinking I put my hand nişantaşı escort on her butt to steady myself. She immediately placed her hand over mine holding it there and looked around at me .I leant towards her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She sighed and leant against me saying I was “cheeky.”

“You’re beautiful you have very very sexy legs”. I replied

As we stood up I pulled her towards me and tried to kiss her on the lips. She pulled away pointing to the room where Mum and Darlene were sitting ……My heart skipped a beat.

I led her to a stool and sat her down whispering

“Show me those, wonderful long sexy legs”.

She blushed saying “stop it they’re nothing special”.

“They are very special’ I said as I tried to run my hands up her thighs under her skirt.

She quickly brushed my hands away…….

“I want to see all of them, every inch, I want to kiss them all over” I said.

I leant forward and kissed her on the lips. She did not kiss me, but this time she did not pull away,

I kept talking, as I ran my hands up towards her thighs

“You are very beautiful” …

” I am going to call you “legs” in future because I have never seen “a more magnificent pair of long sexy legs.”

“Do you really think so” she asked, stretching them out for me to see.

“They are the greatest”, I replied. “What I have seen of them drives me crazy”

“If they have a beautiful legs competition this summer down at the beach I will nominate you”

All the while I had been peppering her mouth eyes and neck with tiny kisses caressing and stroking her legs and her pert little butt.

Gradually she opened her mouth to admit my tongue.

“Show me those luscious legs” I asked again,

“Lift up your skirt so I can see all of them.” “Let me kiss you there”.

“No,” she moaned, as I kissed and caressed her mouth ….. My hands were busy, my prick felt as though it would burst. I moved my hips in a slow fucking motion, pushing and rubbing against Jennifer, I kissed and crooned, how lovely she was and how I wanted her.

Much later, she suddenly stepped back placing her finger to her lips, to hush me, and stepped out to swirl her skirt around …

“Do you really think me beautiful?”

“My husband used to think so but he never tells me anymore.”

I told her in words, in actions and by the lust in my eyes…. what she wanted to know…. that she was wanted needed şişli escort and loved

She was beautiful, so vulnerable, and so timid …

I wanted her bad. I wanted those long legs wrapped around me.

“Show me those legs” I whispered licking my lips, pointing my tongue out at her suggestively ……..

With both hands she slowly raised her skirt a few inches, stopped and smiled shyly at me ………

“More! More!” I urged. She blushed and laughed, but the skirt slowly rose higher. …….

Her eyes concentrated on my face. I let her know with my eyes and mouth how excited I was… I urged her to lift the skirt higher. …..Finally I could see a dark patch through the sheer white panties. As I looked closer a moist patch appeared. She was wet.

“Take off your panties”

“Oh! No! ” she cried

“Oh …yes” I replied

Her face was flushed ….she was very excited and started to talk anxiously “I have never done anything like this! We could get caught! Your mother!” She stopped when I went down on my knees covering her ankles and lower legs with kisses continuing to run my hands higher and higher up and up her horny legs ….

“You’re very nice” she whispered.

I protested.

She went on, “really you are!! “You are making me feel so special.

No one has ever made such a fuss of my legs before”

“They are truly magnificent” “I want to kiss them all over” I said holding her skirt up

She sighed looked deep in my eyes… Stood and slowly, very slowly, edged her panties down and stepped out of them …

I picked them up, put them in my pocket

Not wanting any interruption, I called to mum asking did she want anything…. when I heard no answer… I looked and found they had gone out on to the front patio.

When I returned Jennifer still blushing had sat back on the stool and dropped her skirt. I went over and knelt in from of her raising her skirt and pushed on her knees to open her legs…

“I am going to eat you”. “Then I am going to fuck you”


She blushed“ Ohh nooo, we can’t” she moaned, dropping her eyes as her tongue ran over her lips.

I pushed her knees apart, lifting her legs over my shoulders and leant forward to lick her cunt lips….. She moaned and grabbed my hair ….her position balanced on the stool allowed me to force my tongue in to her warm wet hole.

My fingers gripped her butt.

I rubbed my nose against her hard little nub.

I mecidiyeköy escort fucked her with my tongue. My tongue roamed everywhere.

Her body perfume filled my nostrils.

My prick was struggling to escape my pants

Her legs tightened around my ears.

Her juices were flowing… she was making little mewing sounds and whispering “be careful”

Gradually Jennifer relaxed and laid back, allowing me to kiss and suck at will.

Inserting my finger I ran it slowly in and out, in and out, in and out….

“Oh that’s beautiful, beautiful”, she whispered

She started to have little shuddering orgasms I could see little jolts shaking her lower body, her eyes glazed as her head jolted up as she came.

“Uh!! uh uh!! .oh yes! Oh my!! ohhh” she moaned, now fully aroused.

Her juices filled my mouth and trickled down my throat ….

I was in heaven again… I leant her back further against the bar. Her brown rosebud was displayed for my enjoyment

I moved my finger around its outside and drew it back and forth between her two holes, then pushed hard as my finger entered her arse ….

She bucked and whimpered

“Careful darling don’t hurt me”

I withdrew my finger raised my face to hers and whispered “ I will never hurt ypu.

Then I slowly replaced my finger in her moist pussy, kneeling quickly to have my tongue join that finger in caressing her pussy.

.As my finger found its mark I continued to lick her clit…I ran my tongue around in little circles .I used my tongue to lap her cunt, as a cat would lap milk

She had her tongue in my ear and was whispering “I love you … I love you”

“No one had been so sweet to me in years” Jennifer moaned, as I rolled my finger in and out of her cunt.

“Please! Oh please! Please! Love me!!! I want you in me”

“Love me” she cried “I can’t wait”!!!!

“Tell me you want me to fuck you” I demanded “Yes! Oh!!!! Yes!!!! Fuck me, fuck me,” she replied quickly

I moved to remove my shorts when we heard noises in the next room… she quickly dropped her skirt and I made for the bathroom to button up, on my return she asked,

“Where are my panties”?”

“I am keeping them until we make love”… she smiled, blushed and said
“I’d like that.”

Hearing more noises we went in to join Mum and Darlene.

It was hard to concentrate knowing Jennifer was sitting over there wearing no pants, with a pussy full of cum. My cock was rampant in my shorts and hard to hide. I saw Jennifer looking and blushing.

Darlene caught her eyes, looked over catching me straightening my shorts smiled and gave me a wink.

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