Booking a Room for My Wife

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So I called into that new hotel the other day, on my way from work, to enquire about booking a room for Sunday night, as we’d discussed. I still had my firefighter uniform on which immediately drew attention from the two attractive women working behind the desk. One was tall & blond the other smaller with short dark hair. After asking for a room for you & I, the taller one suggested they might be able to do a deal on one of the suits that had just been refurbished. Flashing her colleague a smile she asked if I wanted to see it as they were due a break anyway.

On the way up the short flight of stairs to the lift, I noticed the uniform the women wore, showed off curvaceous legs & bottoms. I was shocked to catch a glimpse of naked thigh above the tall receptionists black lacy hold ups. I was amazed she’d not realized they could be seen. Finding myself instantly turned on I had to make an effort not to make it obvious.

In the lift they surprised me again, definitely flirting with me, including the usual innuendo about firemans’ hose & whether I was really a stripper. I played along, they were both attractive & admittedly I was enjoying the attention. On the way out of the lift I’m sure in the mirror I saw one the smaller one undo a button on her blouse & sure enough, when she next turned round, I could clearly see the top of a black lacy bra & a lot more cleavage than I’d noticed before.

The room was amazing, you’d love it, really modern much to their amusement. They noticed my obvious embarrassment I could tell it wasn’t the first time they had. Their hands began wandering all over each other. Soon both had hands inside the others blouse groping at the others breasts.

You can probably guess how instantly hard I was watching the two strangers, especially as they’d both glance at me, enjoying my reaction. The taller one by now had undone the others blouse letting me see the thin lacy bra through the tiny strip of stretched fabric that covered her pussy. While doing so she slowly pulled her own skirt to her waist; clearly for my benefit to reveal lace topped hold ups & expensive looking knickers that left very little to my imagination.

After a few more minutes of them getting off with each other they said let’s see if the fireman is enjoying watching us. They came over to me there hands were on my chest watching the two semi clad women admire my body as I stood fully erect in front of them felt more like a dream than reality.

The tall one moved behind me, I felt her breasts push into my back, one hand was Ankara escort exploring my chest while the other gently enveloped my cock, which by now was throbbing my engorged head was rhythmically bobbing up towards her face & I imagined her open mouth & soft red lips wrapping around it. I had barely began to get used to the incredible feeling of large breasts pressed around me than her friend was kneeling in front of me too.

They again began to kiss, this time inches from my raging hard on, pre cum glistening on the tip. Almost in unison they began to lick the base of my cock, their tongues intertwining occasionally as they teased my shaft. one on each side. Then while one began teasing my balls with her tongue, the other ran her open mouth along my shaft, to the throbbing swollen head. With her eyes locked on mine, she took me slowly into her mouth. She moaned loudly as she expertly took more & more of me, each time deeper into her mouth. I realised her pleasure wasn’t solely derived from sucking me as her blond partner had put her hand between her legs & she was clearly enjoying being finger fucked with my big firm cock in her mouth.

The taller blond one had clearly had enough watching as she said ‘my turn’, ‘let’s see if big boy likes how this looks in my mouth’. Never once taking her eyes from mine, she took her time running her tongue from my balls to my head before opening her mouth; swallowing at least half my length between her lips. I’d never had someone take so much of me into their mouth & had to restrain myself from cumming there & then.

The tall receptionist still wore her suit with her skirt pulled up around her waist, her ass in the air & her blouse was unbuttoned to her waist, her breasts straining at the lacy fabric of the thin lace bra she also wore. Her dark haired colleague moved behind her & began to lick between her legs

Although I couldn’t see, I clearly heard her moan when her friends tongue pushed her knickers to the side & found the wet lips below. I felt my cock swell even bigger watching this.

After a few minutes pleasuring her blond friend the smaller one disappeared & to my amazement returned wearing a strap on. Pulling her tall friend from me to her feet, she positioned herself behind her & began to move her hands over her semi clad body. First she pushed her blouse from her shoulders, then one hand moved up over her bra & gently groped her breasts while the other undid the zip on her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She kissed & nibbled at her friends neck as her fingers moved Ankara escort bayan over her lacy knickers & over the thin fabric that remained between her legs. I wanked my cock with my own hand at the sight in front of me.

Both women watched me as they continued the show. Soon the hand I watched had moved inside the tall receptionists knickers; I could see them explore the wet slit between her legs. She spoke to me saying ‘do you want to feel your big cock here?’ I nodded, too turned on to speak. Then she said ‘will you fuck her like this?’ slowly at first but soon they were banging together as they made fucked, they clearly liked fucking hard.

I’d watched long enough. I moved towards the tall female now bent over & being roughly impaled by her friends strap on. She opened her mouth as I approached & eagerly took as much of my length as she could. I felt every push on my throbbing dick each time the strap on was pushed into her, the muffled sound she made, with her mouth full of my cock, was such a turn on.

For the next five minutes her friend wanting to hear her cum with me in her mouth I gently put my hand in her hair. She quickly took me between her lips again, her moans & shudders as she came hard sounded fantastic.

I knew it was time I put a real cock where the strap on had been hard; throbbing; cock’ this time I drove my cock all the way into her. I knew by the noise she made that she hadn’t been fucked so well before & that she wanted to be fucked hard. She pushed back on my cock every time I drove it into her.

Her friend had moved round in front of her, facing me, she opened her legs & touched herself for us to watch. No sooner had she started, than her blond colleague pulled her closer & began licking her. The stunning short dark haired receptionist was watching me roughly fuck her friend & clearly enjoying the show as much as I was. When I looked at her she knew I was going to fuck her just as well but to be sure I said ‘you’re getting this next’. I think that was enough to make her start to cum, her nipples became harder as she moaned loudly, her friend moved up to kiss her & finish her with her fingers as she came really hard.

The shorter haired one then said to her friend ‘are you keeping that big dick all for yourself?’ The tall (& now well fucked) receptionist moved away from me leaving my cock hard & wet with her juices. She said ‘I could let him fuck me all day long’. She then moved so she was on her back with her head under my balls & began to lick & tease them. The dark haired receptionist Escort Ankara I hadn’t fucked began sucking my cock like she wanted to make me cum but when she sensed me tense up, She stopped, got on her hands & knees & said ‘fuck me like you fucked her & let me feel if you’re as big as my boyfriend’.

This time I was too turned on to tease; I wanted to fuck her like her boyfriend never had. I grabbed at her knickers my hands gripping her hips & pulling her back. I realised her friend was now licking her clit & my heavy cum filled balls as we fucked despite them slapping off her friends ass. I let my cock slip from her pussy & her friend immediately began sucking it, the contrasting feeling of hot tight pussy & soft mouth driving me wild. I continued to fuck as hard as I could for several minutes until her friends moans built to a large orgasm & I felt her swollen pussy squeeze my cock as she collapsed on the floor.

My balls were now so heavy with cum that I began to think about how good it would be to see the two of them looking at me while I covered them with it. As I did, the smaller receptionists mobile began to ring, she said ‘shh’ & answered it, after a few moments it became obvious that she was talking to her boyfriend as she did she reached over with her free hand & amazingly began to wank me slowly. Enjoying the situation I pulled her on top of me as she eagerly slid me inside her, all the time, chatting casually away about her dull day in work. ‘I’m in the new suite with Julie’ I heard her say, then after a pause to listen, with a giggle, she said ‘well sort off, but we found a handsome fireman to help’. Then incredibly after listening for a few moments she said ‘actually he’s between my legs with his big cock all the way inside me’, I didn’t hear her boyfriends reply but her naughty moans & giggles suggested he liked what he heard & was encouraging her to continue.

I glanced across at her friend who still lay on the floor, smiling, touching herself I’m going to let it drip of my chin onto my tits. Then I’m going to gently take him back into my mouth & look up at him so he can remember what I look like after he’s had me’.

I was struggling not to explode inside her as what she was saying was driving me wild but I needn’t have worried. There was knock on the door causing her to leap off me in panic, hanging up on her boyfriend. ‘shit caught!’ her colleague said as they rapidly pulled on their clothes.

So that’s pretty much how it ended, however the good news for you is that I’ve booked us a heavily discounted suite for Sunday night. Even better than that though, two guests have agreed to knock on our door & provide some very special hospitality if you’re up for it? What do you say babe? I’d love you to be part of the rest of this story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32