Body Mod Charity – Jess

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The body mod charity had been a great success for Mike and Jess. They have raised a lot of money for charities and as their creations appeared in some bigger tattoo magazines so their publicity increased and let several new customers into their shop.

Jess was very happy when she thought back on the last year. But she also had to prepare for the next events: In six months would be Mike and Jess 10th anniversary.

Jess wanted to give a big present for Mike for this day and soon a good idea came to her mind. Jess had worked for more than a decade as a tattoo artist, but never had a tattoo herself. She knew that some of their customers were nervous to be tattooed by an artist who has no visible tattoo – Mike’s arms, hands and neck are fully covered by tribals.

Mike has also raised the idea to tattoo her several times and she knew that he has always been eager to set his mark on her virgin skin – but she has always put him off by saying that she was waiting for the right moment.

But maybe this moment has finally arrived. Thinking of the successful transformations she decided to volunteer herself and give Mike the opportunity to transform her into the tattooed wife he had always dreamed of.

The next evening Jess told Mike her decision. He got very excited and made sure that she was serious. For hours they discussed how far Mike was allowed to go and which charity they wanted to support. They decided to support the animal shelter of Luisa the fox girl – their first volunteer who had got a good friend. Jess trusted Mike so that she agreed that there are no limits and Mike can decide on any design himself – as long as she can continue to work as a tattoo artist without frightening their clients. Mike assured her that he will choose a design that both of them will love and which will attract even more customers into their shop.

Mike set up the charity page and two month later they raised enough money for the charity. They invited Luisa for dinner and gave her the check for her shelter. She was so happy and thankful. Mike also told her what he had planned for Jess transformation – a smile spread over her vixen başakşehir escort face and agreed that she loved the idea. Soon her friend will be some sexy freak like herself.

The next day Mike started tattooing. He had bought some special tattoo ink for the first part of Jess design. When Jess sat down in the tattoo chair he told her that he will start with her arms and that she wasn’t allowed to look until they were done. When she had closed her eyes he gave her a kiss before taking his tattoo gun starting the first lines on his wife’s body.

Some hours later he was done with the first part of the design and he allowed Jess to open her eyes. She looked down at her arms and gasped: The tattoos looked exactly the arm plates of her Amazon warrior costume she wore last Halloween. A year ago the costume was sold at a comic convention in her town. It was forged from real metal, applications and the leather parts were handcrafted – it looked so perfect compared to the cheap plastic imitation they sell in supermarkets. She directly fell in love with it and had to buy it – she had to smirk when she remembered how Mike almost freaked out when he heard the price she had paid. But when she wore it the first time he had to agree that it was worth it. And now it looks as if a part of her formed costume has permanently fused with her skin. Jess examined the tattoo carefully, admiring all the fine details and perfect shading.

“Mike, this is awesome! So you will turn us into an Amazon warrior?” ask Jess.

Mike nodded.

“I hope this is fine for you?”

“I love it!”

Over the next weeks Mike continued his work. Her feet and lower legs got tattooed as if they wore leather boots with bronze armor plates, going up to her knees and which were held together with leather straps. The biggest piece was the bronze breastplate and the brown leather mini skirt. I took hours to tattoo Jess’s breasts to have the perfect bronze color with shadowed notches. Jess had to touch them to assure herself that it was still flesh and not hard metal. Tattooing the mini skirt was painful as it required that her cunt, pubic area and ass were kadıköy escort inked in a leathery brown. To finish the skirt, Mike tattooed leather bands running down her upper legs.

“One important part of your warrior armor is missing.” said Mike and took a razor to give Jess an undercut by shaving her hair on the side and back of her head. After applying the outlines he tattooed a metallic crown like headpiece. On the front of it he inked the letters “J&M” which looked as if they were engraved into the metal. When Mike was finished he led Jess to a full size mirror to see her tattoo. Again she admized all details and also agreed that the headpiece was beautiful – even if she never could hide it.

“Wow, you have really turned me into an Amazon Queen – I feel so powerful! I guess I can play in the next Wonder Woman movie with this – naked.” she giggled.

“Oh, we are not done yet.” Mike insisted “There is still much skin left. Yes, you are an Amazon warrior, but I will make you a very special one!”

He let her lay done at the tattoo table again. He took his tattoo gun and a pot of black ink and started on the uncovered parts of her arms. Soon they were covered in black irregular stripes. It didn’t take long until Jess recognized the tiger stripe pattern. After a few hours also her upper back and chest were covered by the design. Then he applied the same design to her legs. Mike then added some small stripes to the back of Jess’s hands, turned them over and tattooed black pads on her palms and fingertips. He switched color and filled the space between the stripes in orange, only the upper side of her hands and the area on her chest were tattooed white. After some days the filling was done and Jess was fully tattooed below her neck.

“Are you ready for the final tattoo?” Mike asked.

Jess knew that he was going to tattoo her face now, changing her permanently. She will never look the same again.

“I knew that you will make me your little sex kitten!”

“Not a sex kitten, my love. You will be a mature tigress. An Amazon warrior tigress!” Mike responded.

“I was just kidding. esenyurt escort bayan I know that I can trust you.” she said.

He took the tattoo gun and started to ink the tip of her nose pink. He surrounded it by black and drew a thick black line from her nose to her lips. Mike had to pause for a moment. He has always loved her rosy lips and now he was going to always take away a part of her natural beauty. But black lips were always a turn on for him and now he was going to give his wife permanent ones.

He was getting hard when he was thinking that he is currently creating his own piece of art – sexy, wild, unique and started to ink the lips. He continued by generously inking her eyelids and the area around her eyes black, knowing that now she never had to use makeup anymore. He extended the black a bit down to her nose to make it more tiger like. Then he tattooed the missing black tiger stripes on her face and filled the spaces white around her lips and over her eyes to highlight them and orange on all other places. When Jess heard a drilling noise she knew that the final part of her transformation was coming and willingly opened her mouth. Mike smiled and started to grid her canine to replace them by large fangs.

It took a week for the tattoos to heal – in time for the day of their anniversary. Mike guided Jess again to the full length mirror, again, and removed her blindfold. In the mirror she saw the most stunning warrior tiger she could imagine. Her face looked like that of a sexy tiger with a bronze crown. She admired her body that was a mix of bronze armor and a black orange tiger pattern.

“I have to confess that I had been sceptical until the end and didn’t know if it was the right thing to let you decide on a full body tattoo. But this is so stunning – you are right, I’m not a sex kitten, but a powerful tigress.” – she hissed her fangs. “Thank you so much!” she hugged him. “Our customers will also love it. By the way, haven’t you given all our volunteers a gift?” she asked him playfully.

Mike was staring all the time at his wife. She was always beautiful, but this was stunning. She was willing to undergo this transformation without need and for any reward, but only because she loved him. He took off his pants, showing his erect dick.

“That is a nice gift” she shouted and pulled him into the bedroom. “Your tiger is in heat, so let’s make some kittens!”

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