Blowing Max Was Just The Beginning

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This is my forth story. I met Max on-line and would be his faithful, obedient sexual servant for a full year. My next few stories will be of him and my descent into an existence of sexual servitude. He took me to the dark side both interracially and sexually in ways I’d never imagined I could be persuaded. With great skill and mastery, Max molded me into his willing suck and fuck slut. On my second night with him, I found myself lying face down on his bed with my small virgin ass in his hands as he settled any question that I might deny him the limitless demands he would make of my body. Just a month after meeting him I would find myself on my knees surrounded by a wall of large naked black men as Max shared me with his friends. It took no time at all for Max to mold me into his whore, taking unconditional ownership of my body and my will. Considering I had taken into my mouth the cocks and cum of many men with great pleasure, I could hardly say I was an innocent. But compared to my experiences thus far, I was a naive virgin until Max initiated me into the service of his circle of men all intent on sharing my young, small, pale body for their sexual fulfillment. I had gone from that young innocent boy who shook with fear at his first furtive press of lips against the head of an older cousins’ penis, to a young man who reveled in the relentless sexual onslaught of a room full of large black men pushing my small body well beyond its limits of sexual endurance. They had one common interest; sharing pretty, young white boys and girls who would willingly submit to the erotic whims the group.

And submit to them I did, over and over for hours at a time, well past my ability to endure until each of them would empty his full measure of sexual gratification into and onto my exhausted, quivering, whimpering body driven to near paralyses. There were panicked moments of uncertainty as near impossible demands were made on my flesh when I did utter fleeting cries of unheeded protest, but no quarter was given without Max’s consent. And Max knew exactly why I returned to his apartment again and again even as he pushed me farther and farther. He cajoled my compliance with unrelenting instances that I accommodate the sometimes violent, sometimes painful acts of sexual submission demanded of me by men intent on using me as their private group whore. And I knew I would not be allowed to continue as their whore if I did not submit fully to my role as the group slut. It was not quite rape perhaps, but it was clear that short of my absolute refusal and departure, my compliance was a forgone conclusion.

I found those moments of surrender to the ambiguous gray area between willing submission and forcible compliance to be an incredibly erotic mix of fear and pleasure; a place where I could abandon all illusion of self determination and float above this group of men all focused down on one impossibly small, vulnerable body desperate for passage into the darkest places of sexual subjugation. In those moments of voyeuristic detachment I gazed down at the incredible beauty of this crush of large, impassioned black men thrusting and squirming as they all sought some share of my frail soft body. I caught glimpses of my tiny frame as they undulated around me, so pale and fragile beneath those pillars of black masculinity; a slender alabaster child clinging desperately to thick branches amidst a forest of swaying black oak threes. I saw myself roll and flex desperate to comply as so many large hands pushed and pulled at me, seeking their fair turn at those places where my body could receive the thrusting enraged cocks of men in states of pure, full beastly sexual arousal. From that perspective I witnessed the full spectrum of primitive male sexuality as they vied for dominance, and the chance to prove they above all others could mark this small piece of territory with the largest smother of sperm, the deepest thrust, or provoke the loudest wailings of pain and pleasure from the helpless object of such a competition of sexual prowess.

They sought only to gratify those most dark and primeval compulsions of male sexual aggression so denied to men in this age of so called civilized society. I denied them absolutely nothing and encouraged their most hedonistic indulgences, provoking their escalations of transgression upon my young body so unaccustomed to such violations of mind and flesh. My limitless sexual obsessions fueled theirs and theirs mine in a spiraling descent into sexual depravity few ever dare to risk. For that year, I experienced with awe and reverence the true nature of the male sexual beast when given a few pounds of warm, soft flesh to bend to his will. And as those few pounds of flesh I existed in a state of grace and peace as nothing more than the object of endless variations in the expression of ways a den of hungry men can share a single piece of meat. It was at the very bottom of that well of men into which I was so skillfully and swiftly lowered that I discovered the answers to my desperate questions of bahis şirketleri ultimate submission, and drank from the lust of the darkest secrets of men and their bodies.

I ended it after a year out of the sheer practical necessities of reclaiming control of my life. I have never submitted to such ownership by a man since. Max came into my life when I needed to know the state of existence of complete subjugation to the will of a man’s darkest, most forbidden and unbridled sexual behaviors. Though such an existence might be considered shameful to many, I have never suffered a moments regret or shame. I’ve experienced men in their height of sexual deviation from the social taboos, norms and sensibilities most dare not violate. I will never again subject myself to such pathological surrender of my body and mind to what most would consider madness. But there are nights when I lie in bed and recall those amazing hours when my body and mind transcended all Earthly illusions of self in surrender to the primal beauty of raw masculine power laid bare, and sometimes envy the young boy or girl has taken my place.

During a year of abstinence at the age of twenty-two, I was plagued by relentless fantasies I’d never considered before. I was no longer content it seemed to submit simply to gratifying men orally. While I had only performed oral sex on men thus far, I was now experiencing vivid dreams and visions of all manner of my erotic objectification. My fantasies ranged from anal sex, to group blowjobs, to bondage and even abduction and rape. My fantasies had taken on new dimensions and intensities as I questioned the true nature of my compulsions to be sexually subjugated by men. What would I do if I found myself in over my head while sucking a stranger’s cock in a hotel room? How can I truly enjoy the complete expression of a man’s power and dominance without granting him full command over my body and will? Could I truly experience the full submissive role when I placed the preconditions of fellatio only on these sexual encounters? Could one grant prior consent to an act of forced sex? If I said to man, “No matter how I protest, you have my permission now to ignore me later, and force me to comply with your demands.” would I live to regret such a Faustian bargain? Can you actually give someone permission to rape you? These were dark, frightening and absurd questions, more so because I so desperately wanted to find the answers. The only way to know was to set in motion a chain of events from which I could not turn back, and perhaps that is the ultimate expression of sexual submission.

I placed an internet add offering myself to a mature, dominant older man looking for a submissive boy to use as he desired. I gave a detailed and graphic description of just how much I wanted to be taken past all points of no return. I confessed that I could not go there without a strong hand to guide me. I warned that my master would need to be skilled at subduing the protests of my virgin body and mind. I posted a few photos of myself in graphic poses of submission to an imagined handler. I fluffed my now very long blond hair, wore a little lip blush and gave my most sensual looks into the camera as I offered up my body. Any interested man could imagine just how pretty I’d look in complete surrender to his will. Within a week my inbox had thirty-two messages. One stood out so far beyond the others that I began to shake as I read through his response and viewed his photos. “Oh my god I’m really going to do this,” I said to myself with fear rising up in my mind and body.

I read through his first brief message: “I’m a middle aged bisexual black man who loves breaking in sexy little white girls and boys just like you. You sound new to this but don’t worry baby, Max will take care of everything. Have you ever had a black man on you? Check my profile and tell me if you like.” His second message a day later on a Saturday read: “Let’s get together for a couple of hours next weekend and just see how it goes. Maybe you can give a little audition blowjob and see if you want to get to know Max a little better.”

If sucking his cock was just an audition, there was no telling what more he might want from me. I opened his profile and my heart began to pound into my throat! He had two photos, one a view from below of his cock and balls as he stood over his camera in the most erotically imposing way. The other photo showed a thick, long arc of cum shooting from a large, handsome dark black cock as he stood over some imagined receiver of his copious gush of sperm. He was big and hairy and black and thick all over and I was his from that very moment.

He appeared to be well over six feet tall. He had a presence about him and I was overcome by an incredible desire to be on my knees before him in his photos, him raining that huge cum shot down all over my face and mouth. I was instantly obsessed with his dark, masculine beauty. As I read his profile, it became apparent that he wanted things that far exceeded my meager experiences: bahis firmaları “I need sweet little submissive white boys and girls who know how to make their big black daddy happy. I’m large and in charge so don’t bother me if you’re not ready for a man who takes what he wants. But if you’re that special kind of sweet little boy or girl who wants to be a good slut for daddy, Max wants to give you a chance to know what it’s like to serve a real man.”

My hands shook so badly that I had trouble typing my response back to him. I responded immediately. “My god you’re an absolutely incredible man! No, I’ve never had a black man and I’d love for you to be my first. I have always ached to be with a black man but the opportunity has just never presented itself. But it certainly has now and I’d love to give you a wonderful audition. I’ll book a room at the Marriott and perhaps we can meet in the hotel bar for a drink. How would next Saturday night around 8:00 PM be? I’m really looking forward to my chance to audition for you.” I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and hit send.

He responded in less than an hour. “I’ll save it all up for you baby. I’ll meet you in the bar at 8:00. I’ll be easy to spot. I’ll be the big black guy with the hard-on! My I.M. is listed below. Let’s get to know each other a little. I’m usually on between 6:00 and 8:00 PM during the week.”

We chatted on-line every night while we waited for the Saturday to arrive. We teased and flirted with some very dirty talk. Our chat sessions quickly became graphic and vivid. I knew I was flirting with things I had no idea I could deliver, but I plunged in just the same. I was flirting with points of no return in our chat. I was well aware of the expectations I was arousing in the type of man who would not let me off easy. I still had no idea what I had gotten in to but I was powerless to turn back now. We never made it to the hotel, and our last chat on Friday night went like this:

Me: “So tell me Max. Tell me everything you want me to do tomorrow night.”

Max: “And miss the look on your face when you find out in person?”

Me: “I’m just in a dirty, flirty mood tonight and I want to hear all about what you want.”

Max: “Then here it comes baby, but I don’t want to scare you off.”

Me: “No worries sweetie. I told you I was submissive. Let’s consider this your chance to establish your complete dominance over me. Even things I may not be ready for yet are just a matter of your skill and patients. I have some idea of what I’m getting in to but I will need you to help me along. I’m yours to train.”

Max: “So let’s start with the basics baby. Max will take care of the rest in due time.”

Me: “I know you will and I’m ready to learn.”

Max: “I like to be licked and rubbed all over.”

Me: “One massage and full body tongue bath coming right up!”

Max: “And I love to watch myself cum hard on a pretty face.”

Me: “I’ve spent hours looking at your photos wishing I was the target of all that cum of yours! You must of course grip me firmly by the hair as you administer my facial!”

Max: “So you like it rough?”

Me: “I like to be dominated. I like a man who takes control. I like to be immobilized by a man’s grip so a little rough stuff is good as long as it’s about his need to control and not his desire to inflict injury.”

Max: “Max would never injure you baby. But Max does like to fuck a pretty face kind of hard sometimes.”

Me: “I’d be in heaven with my head locked firmly in your huge, strong hands while you do what comes natural sweetie!”

Max: “Damn baby you better be for real. You’re not just teasing old Max are you? Lots of bull shitters out there.”

Me: “I’m as real as it gets Max. If you’re disappointed, it will only be because you held back. But I’m betting you’re not the hold back type!”

Max: “No holding back here baby but I need a freak to party hard on.”

Me: “Party all over me Max. I’d love to get freaky for you.”

Max: “I also like to watch my dick get sucked off and see the mouth full before it gets swallowed.”

Me: “You nasty sexy man! ;-P, If I suck you off, I’ll have to remember to give you a good display before I swallow down your load!”

Max: “IF you suck me off? Don’t you mean WHEN you suck me off?”

Me: “Hay, let me play a little hard to get! Oh fuck it…we both know your cock will be in my mouth soon.”

Max: “I also enjoy a good hand job until I nut, then watch as you lick all the cum off my body.”

Me: “From the load I saw in your picture, that’s going to take a lot of licking!”

Max: “So you sound like you’re not afraid of a little cum.”

Me: I could hardly call that a little cum, but no, I’m a fearless cum target. Aim straight baby, and unload that barrel full in my mouth.”

Max: “Damn baby, you’re a nasty little freak!”

Me: “You got me this way! You seem to put me in a dirty mood for some reason. I’ll be your little freak, your pretty little white boy kaçak bahis siteleri cock sucking slave if you let me.”

Max: “So how freaky do you get?”

Me: “Like what?”

Max: “Like anal or more than one man at a time?”

Me: “I want both of those badly but I need someone to take me there. Can you?”

Max: “Don’t worry about that baby. I can push your freak zone. It’s all about trust baby and you can trust Max to protect you while we get there together.”

Me: “Let’s make sure you like what you get first. Who knows, you might gag me to death with that horse dick! I think I can handle it but it’s a bit beyond what I’ve had so far.”

Max: “You’ll do just fine baby. I know you want to do good and you will.”

Me: “Well I don’t gag easy and I’d love to feel you force yourself into me. If I turn blue and pass out let me up, otherwise go for it baby. A little gagging never killed anyone.”

Max: “I can teach you how to swallow. Within a few weeks you’ll be able to take me to the balls. It just takes practice so I’ll have to give you plenty of it.”

Me: “The swallowing part I can manage; it’s your thickness that’s going to be the challenge!”

Max: “I’ll have to stretch you out real good first.”

Me: “Are we still talking about blow jobs? ; – )”

Max: “Oh you ARE teasing me now!!”

Me: “Not teasing you, just daring myself.”

Max: “It’s all good baby. Max is going to teach you a lot of new things.”

Me: “So you promise I can be your favorite for a while?”

Max: “You are already my favorite. Just give me one night baby and you’ll be eating out of my hands.”

Me: “Mmmmm, out of your hands, out of a shot glass, out of full rubber, out of your belly button, out of anything you want to dump in baby.”

Max: “Fucking shit baby. Fuck this, I can’t wait until Saturday night.”

Me: “Patients my sweet. My my…it has been a long time for you hasn’t it!”

Max: “Not too long but my crib is small. Get your bitch ass over to my apartment tonight.”

Me: “So I’m in a crib now?”

Max: “A small one but I need some variety. I love those first timers. Come on…don’t you trust me?”

Me: “Actually yes I do.”

Max: “Then I expect you on my dick by midnight.”

Me: “Sounds like my big black bear just gave me his first official command.”

Max: “There will be lots more to come if you obey this one.”

Me: “And if I don’t?”

Max: “If you don’t, I got a little white girl for emergencies that will be sucking my dick instead of you.”

Me: “And SHE will be sucking MY master’s cock tonight? We mustn’t allow that!

Give me your address I’ll be there in an hour.”

Max: “I’ve already emailed you a map.”

Me: “So did you know I would come over tonight?”

Max: “You were black-owned property of Max the moment I chose you. It just took you a little while to realize it.”

Me: “Was I that obvious?”

Max: “From the way you described yourself, we knew before you did.”

Me: “Who’s WE?”

Max: “You’ll meet them when I think you’re ready.”

Me: “Make me ready Max. Teach me how to be ready. I’m coming to you. A little nervous but very excited. I’ll be yours to do with as you please as quickly as I can get there sweetie.”

I drove to his apartment in the city. I was frightened and astonished that I’d set myself on this course but as I drove, a sense of resignation and even comfort washed over me. The difficult part was over. I’d leapt from that ledge of safety into an unknown abyss and the freefall had only just begun. My fate was now in Max’s large strong hands and I was just moments from meeting the man who would change my life forever.

He answered the door with just a towel around his waist. My god he was a giant of a man towering a full six foot three or better. “I’m David” I introduced myself with a ridiculous blushing ear to ear grin as he let me in.

He was a magnificent display of black manhood, big, dark, thick legs and arms, large firm chest, and a large round belly pushing out over the towel. He had dense tight curly body hair covering his belly and chest, tinged with white here and there. His arms and legs were as thick as tree trunks and covered in the sparse curly black hair. His head was shaved and his face was quite pleasant to look at.

“Damn baby I’m glad to see you. You’re just in time.” he said in a deep velvety voice and a big grin. “I just couldn’t take any more of that chat shit. I was settin’ at my computer with a hard on the size of a tree.”

He mixed us drinks and fired up a joint that we shared.

“I love me a buzz while I get off,” He declared “Makes everything feel ten times as good and makes me cum like a fuckin’ horse.”

“You are a horse baby.” I replied.

“I’m gonna sit down and watch you get naked for me.” He said.

“You want me completely naked?” I asked.

“Ya baby, got to get down to the skin.”

I removed all my cloths as he watched me strip. I had a good buzz going and found that I thoroughly enjoyed doing this strip show for him. At five-seven tall and with a petite body and round ass, my small feminine frame seemed to please him as I unwrapped myself like a gift to him.

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