Blonde Bombshell Ch. 01

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Blonde Bombshell Ch.1

A year or so had passed since my rendezvous with Anna, and I hadn’t been with another female since. I ended up in a relationship with a guy (his name was Cody) and was actually very happy with him. We weren’t in a fully open relationship, because he legitimately had no desire to be with anyone else, but his kink was allowing me to fuck other people. Male or female, it didn’t matter, he got off on it.

The only condition he had, was that I asked for permission first.

Even though he really wanted me to, I never asked to fuck another guy. I was given the freedom to basically do whatever and whoever I wanted, but I truly did not want anyone else. I was more than satisfied with our sex life and my attraction to him, that other men just weren’t appealing. The only time another man had touched me, was when he was present, and had me seduce one of his friends into a threesome.

I had only ever asked permission to fuck one other person, and that’s where this story begins.

There is a bar not far from my house that offers a separate back club area with its own bar, a middle room with pool tables, and another bar in the front with karaoke 5 days a week. Both Cody and I were regulars, and everyone there knew us.

One Friday night we decided to take a visit as it had been a while since we’d stopped in, and his friend Nick decided to join us. We went up to the bar, ordered our beers, and sat at a table in the karaoke room. The one we chose was one-half of 2 rectangle tables pushed together to create one very long one. I was sitting at the head of it, Cody was to my left, Nick was on my right, and the other end of the table was completely vacant.

As we sat there drinking our beers and chatting, I had mentioned that it had been a while since I was with a woman and I referred to it (as I always have), my “1-year itch”. It’s always after about a year after I’ve fucked a woman, that I get hungrier and hungrier for the taste of pussy again.

I could tell that both of them were aroused at the thought, and they definitely needed more material to create mental images, because they started asking what my “type” is.

As I sat there sipping from my glass, I tried to figure out how I could explain what physical attributes really make me want to rip a woman’s clothes off. You see, I am EXTREMELY picky, very particular, and honestly, pretty damn shallow when it comes to my attraction to women. Why? I really don’t know.

After what felt like an eternity of my inability to answer, Cody decided to start scanning the room.

He pointed out one woman,

“Is she your type?”

I responded,


He’d point out a different woman and ask again,

“Is SHE your type?”

Getting a little more annoyed I replied,

“Ugh. No.”

After spotting yet again, another woman,

“How about her?”

I snapped back at him,

“OH MY GOD NO! Not a woman in this room is my type!”

Which at that particular moment, wasn’t a lie. There really wasn’t a single woman there that I was even remotely attracted to.

Immediately after I finished my sentence, I saw someone walk into the bar out of the corner of my eye, so I instinctively turned my head to look. Then as if my life was a scene in some 80’s rom-com, once I looked, I couldn’t stop. I was completely transfixed by the woman walking in and forgot where I was. I had never reacted to anyone like that, male or female.

As my eyes were glued on her sauntering across the room, I turned to Cody and said,

“That’s it.”

Confused at what I was saying completely at random,

he asked,

“What…? What’s it…?”

My eyes still on her, I nodded my head in her direction.

“Her. You wanted to know my type. She is. That right there. THAT is my type. She is so fucking hot.”

He replied,

“Really? Never thought you’d be into blonde’s.”

She was taller than me, 5’6 to my 5’2, had thick, plump lips, a perfect smile, shoulder-length natural-light blonde hair, and her hazel eyes sparkled behind her clear framed “librarian-esque” glasses. Her tits weren’t as big as Anna’s, but they were bigger than a handful and begging to bust out of her fitted crop top. She had an amazing curvy figure, and her black leggings showed off her voluptuous ass and thighs. I immediately wanted her.

She was with a few people, one of which I later found out was her boyfriend, and they sat at the end of the other table that was attached to ours. I decided to go get a shot and a refill on my beer. As I returned to my seat at the head of the table, I realized that she was sitting all the way at the other end, perfectly facing me.

I had to snap myself back to reality from ogling her, until I noticed that my slight glances were being reciprocated. Quite frankly, I blame the 2 shots that I took at the table. I was nervous as fuck throughout this whole ordeal, until I started getting a buzz. Then my inhibitions flew right out the window.

What started as quick glances at each other, suddenly became an eye-locked mersin escort stare. I genuinely could not tell if she wanted to fight me or fuck me. She answered that question not long after, by seductively biting her lip as she stared at me. I went from being too nervous to speak to her and afraid that she wasn’t into women, to having her, very obviously, showing me that she wanted to fuck me.

I leaned back in my seat and said to both Cody and Nick,

“Her beer is almost done. When she gets up, she’s going to go to the bathroom, and I’m following.”

Not even a minute later she finishes her beer, gets up, and starts walking toward the bathroom. I chugged my nearly full glass, slammed my cup on the table, and made my way in the same direction.

It’s a 2-stall bathroom, she was in one, and I was in the other having an internal panic in my head of,

“Uhh, okay…I’m in here, she’s in here, now what the fuck do I do?!”

I finished before her and was washing my hands when she approached the sink. They were out of paper towels, so I resorted to drying my hands on my shirt. I offered her to do the same, and she said in a sweet bubbly tone,

“No need, I can use mine.”

and gave me a smile.

We started heading back towards the karaoke room, and at this point, the booze has fully hit my head, which is the only way I would have ever been this blunt.

I said,

“Hey, so I have a question.”

she replied,

“Okay, shoot.”

I continued,

“The stares across the table…I was eye fucking the shit out of you, but I couldn’t tell if you wanted to fuck me or fight me. Trying to interpret a girl’s stare is the worst.”

We both laughed and she said,

“I completely get what you’re saying, because same. I couldn’t tell the same for you, either,” she giggled.

Then with a devious smile, and her eyes scanning me up and down she said,

“But I was definitely eye fucking you too…”

and locked her eyes with mine.

I felt my heart pounding in my chest. I bit my lip. This girl was already driving me insane.

I asked her if I could buy her a beer, she said sure, and we made our way up to the bar. Realizing we never actually introduced ourselves, I figured now would be a good time.

I said,

“Well, I know we got ahead of ourselves,”

I giggled and continued,

“But I’m Gabi.”

She giggled too, and replied, “I’m Sherry.”

We took our drinks and made our way back to the table, to which we decided to just congregate to one side. Cody, Nick, and I joined her, her boyfriend Justin, and a few of her friends at their end of the table. Her friends decided they wanted to go to a different bar, but she said she was staying.

The guys were chatting and getting along great. Apparently, we both had very similar intimate relationship dynamics, where they didn’t care at all if we fucked. They were in their own world talking about the gym.

As for me and Sherry, originally it started off with casual conversation. The typical likes and dislikes, careers, school, etc. That is, until we both allowed our alcohol heightened sex drives to take control.

We sat next to each other with our chairs turned on angles facing one another, and unbeknownst to anyone else, I started massaging her inner thigh under the table. With every grab and release, I slowly inched higher and higher between her legs.

She didn’t stop me.

Once my hand reached the top, she let out the softest moan that only I could hear over the loud thumping bass of the karaoke. Her eyes were staring into mine as she was biting her lip, and I started to feel her wetness through the fabric of her leggings. I wanted her, and I wanted her now.

I asked her if she wanted to go to bathroom, and without any hesitation, she nodded her head yes.

I knew the back bar had its own small, single-person bathroom, and an even louder DJ playing dance music. I grabbed her hand and guided her back. We walked in, I locked the door behind us, and I turned around to see her leaning against the sink.

I stepped towards her, pressed my body against hers, and watched my hands as I slowly slid them up from her her hips to her waist, drinking her curves in. I looked up, her eyes staring back at mine, before we both leaned in and our lips met. Her soft, delicious lips were already addicting, and I couldn’t wait to taste the rest of her.

What started off as slow and sensual, quickly turned into pure animalistic lust. I held the back of her neck with my right hand as my left hand massaged her ass. I started to slowly slide my hand further down, teasing her pussy from the back. Her leggings were drenched.

We were moaning into each others mouths as our tongues fought harder, faster, and with more hunger.

I broke our kiss, and made my way to her neck, licking, biting, kissing. I then slid my hand up and under her bra, gently grasping and feeling her nipple harden in my palm. She ran her hands up and down my torso as she moaned at my touch. I was hungry for her in every way imaginable.

Not mersin escort bayan being able to resist anymore, I left her neck, pulled her shirt up, yanked her bra down, and freed her perfect tits into my view. I grabbed both of them in my hands, massaging them and hearing her moan, before I lowered my head, locking my mouth on them.

First the right, sucking in as much as I could possibly fit into my mouth while I flicked my tongue back and forth across her hard nipple. She leaned back allowing me more access, and tangled her hand in my hair as I sucked it between my lips.

I then moved to the left, eagerly giving it the same attention before grabbing both, and hungrily licking and sucking them simultaneously. She pushed my head down harder, her eyes closed, her breathing getting heavier, and let out a moan while saying,

“Mmm. Fuck yes, baby. Suck my tits. My pussy is so fucking wet.”

I couldn’t take anymore, and I was starving to devour her. I stepped back, kneeled on the floor, and yanked her leggings and panties down with one swift pull, then immediately dove in with hungry abandon.

She was a waterfall. I buried my entire mouth between her lips, and moaned as I pushed my tongue inside of her. The second I felt her juices coat my tongue, I wanted more. She tasted so fucking good.

She was moaning,

“Mmmmm oh my God, yes. Eat my pussy, baby.”

as she ran her fingers through my hair.

I moaned again as I glided my tongue from the bottom of her tight hole to the top her clit, lapping up every delicious juice her pussy fed me.

I lifted my head, and replaced my tongue with two fingers, slowly sliding them up and down her drenched slit. Then, starting with only the tip of my middle finger, I teased just her opening. Her dripping pussy making the sexiest fucking sounds as it sucked my fingertip in and out.

I looked up to watch her enjoy my teasing, and I was not disappointed at the sight in front of me. Her head was tilted back with her eyes shut. She had both of her hands massaging each of her tits, and rolling her nipples between her fingers. Her breathing was heavy, and she was letting out moans as she mindlessly gyrated her hips up and down against my touch.

I lowered my head between her thighs, opened my mouth wide, and flattened my tongue to cover her entire clit. I took my time slowly gliding it up and down, then swirling around it in large, slow circles, making sure my tongue ring hits every single nerve.

Then I gently sucked her clit into my mouth, my lips like a vice grip surrounding it, before slowly pushing both of my fingers deep inside of her.

She responded,

“Mmmmmm. FUCK YES. You must really want me to cum in your mouth, huh? You want my cum, baby?”

With my mouth still locked on her pussy,

I moaned a reply of,


I sucked her clit rapidly in and out between my lips, never releasing it, as I alternated rubbing her g-spot and pumping my fingers in and out of her.

Her wetness was now running down my hand, and I felt her walls start to tighten. She had a handful of my hair and pushed my face down harder, grinding her pussy against my mouth.

Between her now rapid breathing she moaned,

“Yes, yes, yes! Just like that. Make me cum in your mouth, baby.”

This prompted me to finger fuck her as hard and fast as my hand would allow, and I couldn’t help but moan into her pussy as she fucked my face.

Tighter and tighter, it clenched around my fingers before she let out,


I continued plowing my fingers in and out of her, riding her through her orgasm, as her cum completely coated my hand. I removed my fingers and sucked them clean before burying my tongue inside of her. I lapped at her opening, drinking in every drop of her cum that I could before cleaning up every other inch of the rest of her pussy.

I then pulled her panties and pants back up as I stood, and we were eye level again. The area around my mouth and on my chin, were completely covered in her cum. I tasted her on my tongue and on my lips, and smelled her sweetness right under my nose.

She lifted my chin up, leaned in and whispered,

“I want a taste, too.”

Then gently licked my lips.

First the top, then the bottom, then all the way around at once. I opened my mouth slightly, and she slowly pushed her tongue in to meet with my mine, both of us moaning as they pressed against each other.

She then forcefully pushed me against the opposite wall and grabbed both of my tits as she attacked my neck.

My panties were already drenched from getting her off, and I knew the second she touched me, I was done for.

She bit and licked my neck, sending shock waves through my entire body. I felt like I was on fire. She then grabbed the strap on each side of my tank top, yanked it down and wasted no time sucking my tits into her mouth. She had her hands full, sucking from the left to right and back.

I was aching for release.

As escort mersin she licked my right nipple, I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, then slid them down my thighs just enough for her hand to be comfortable.

She sucked it between her lips, in and out, in and out, as she slid her right hand between my thighs, resting it just over my pussy lips.

She released my nipple from her mouth and seductively said,

“Oh my God…You are SO fucking wet. I didn’t even have to slip a finger in, and my palm is already soaked. Mmmmmm. “

As she continued sucking, licking, and nibbling every inch of my chest, she slid her middle finger between my pussy lips, and in one slow stroke from the top of my clit to my flooded opening, her finger was dripping.

She then brought her finger up to my nipple, coated it with my juices, and cleaned it off with her tongue.

Looking me in the eye as she sucked her finger clean, she moaned,

“Mmmmm. So fucking yummy.”

I couldn’t take much more. She knew it, and she loved it.

My breathing was heavy, my hips rolled back and forth as my back was against the wall. I was lost in the pleasure, and couldn’t even speak. All I did was moan.

I felt her arm slightly lifting, and I felt the temperature in my body rapidly rising. This was not going to take long.

She sucked my nipples back into her mouth and without warning, plunged two of her fingers, hard and deep inside of me.

I moaned,

“Ohhhhh fuck yes.”

Her hand was already drenched as she slammed her fingers in and out of me. She released my nipple from her mouth, lowered her head down and locked her eyes on mine,

Moaning loud as I spoke, never losing eye contact,

I said,

“Mmmmm, yessss. That’s it. Fuck my tight little pussy. Make me explode.”

To which he started finger fucking me furiously.

I screamed,


She replied,

“Mmmm. Does that feel good, baby? You like when I finger fuck that soaked little pussy? I know you do.”

Before I could even answer, she bent her fingers ever so slightly, and started fucking my g-spot,

and continued,

“But now it’s time to show me how much.”

Not even a second went by, my mind went blank, my pussy tightening,

I screamed,


She let out an, “Mmmmm.”

as she watched my pussy explode.

She slowed her fingers as I came down and said,

“Mmmm. I watched you squirt. It was so fucking hot.”

Then slid her fingers out of me, slipped them right into her mouth,

and said,

“Mmm. I really cannot get enough of you.” as she licked and sucked them clean.

I replied,

“I can’t get enough of you either.”

Our mouths met again, and I loved tasting myself on her tongue.

After our kiss ended, we separated, freshened up, straightened our clothes, fixed our hair, and I washed her remaining cum off of my face. Her taste was still in my mouth, and I had no complaints.

I said,

“We better head back. I’m sure the boys figured out what was going on, but we’re probably still missed”, letting out a giggle as I said it.

She agreed,

“Yea, we probably should. I’m sure they’re fantasizing enough right now.”

We both laughed.

We walked back to the table, the guys peering at us with shit eating grins.

Her boyfriend Justin sarcastically said,

“You guys okay? You were gone for awhile.”

With a sly grin of her own, and her “please fuck me again eyes”, she looked at me as she replied,

“Yea. We’re fucking fantastic.”

We all stayed at the bar the until close. The group of us chatting, finishing our drinks, Sherry and I occasionally exchanging “I cannot wait to have you again” looks back and forth.

When it was time to leave, the guys were finishing up their conversation and gave us privacy as I walked her to her car to say goodbye.

We exchanged numbers and Snapchats, leaned in towards each other and once more, slipped our tongues into each others mouths, briefly enjoying each other one last time before the night fully ended.

When we separated I said,

“You have my number, and I really hope you put it to use.”

She replied,

“Oh, don’t worry. I will.”

She grinned at me before planting one more kiss on my lips.

The guys walked over, we all said our goodbyes, I got in Cody’s truck and we headed to his house.

As soon as we entered the bedroom, we immediately went at each other. I straddled him, sliding his hard cock deep inside of me, and as my drenched pussy eagerly sucked him he said,

“Holy fuck, you’re soaked. I take it you had a good time?”

As I felt his cock completely fill me I moaned,


He let out a moan and he said,

“Mmm. Tell me everything.”

As I rode his cock, and between my moaning, “Mmm”‘s and “Fuck”‘s, I gave him every detail.

I already had his lap soaked and my juices running down his balls. I had my eyes shut, imagining everything that happened as I was saying it.

It didn’t take me long to cum, and when I did, I came. Hard.

Afterwards, I went to the bathroom to clean up, and checked my phone one last time before bed.

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