Blind Date

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I dress in the mirror, observing my image, not my usual attire, but this is no ordinary evening. It started two days ago when he answered my Internet advertisement. “Woman seeking male 25-45 well mannered and well dressed for wining and dining.” Simple but affective. He was the first to make contact, an eager beaver, but very calm and relaxed. He wrote intelligently and spoke without a dialect. His voice was like chocolate, smooth, deep and dreamy when we spoke on the ‘phone.

So here I am in pinstriped trousers with high heels making my legs appear longer. My face is lightly painted with rouge heightening my cheek bones and full glossy lips. Black eye lashes enhancing my green eyes, subtle but effective, almost boyish. Hair pulled back tight against my scalp, slick and neat. Pretty ordinary wearing a nervous smile and hidden beneath my suit lacy underwear. Pulling on my matching tailored jacket leaving some of my cleavage bare I make my way to the black taxi cab outside.

He greets me at the hotel entrance door, knowing immediately who I am, walking towards me to relieve me of my overnight bag. He kisses my cheek and introduces himself taking the load from my shoulder. Together we ascend in the lift to a couple of floors above. Exiting I follow his lead down parallel corridors of sameness. Watching his arse as he walks slightly ahead of me, smelling his expensive aftershave and admiring the shape of his body inside his clothes. He is dressed casually, not stuffy in a suit and tie, but in designer jeans and roll neck shirt.

Once inside the room he drops my bag to the floor and neatly tucks it away before taking my face in his hands and kissing me French style. Pulling back to look at his watch, “You’re late” he says “I have asked the restaurant manager to reserve us a table, you must be hungry?” I am, once more I follow him to the door and we make our way downstairs. He is so suave and confident; it doesn’t seem to bother him that we only met 10 minutes ago. He flirts with the girl on reception and I blush wondering if it’s obvious we don’t really know almanbahis şikayet each other?

The restaurant is quiet and we have a choice of table, we are seated and order drinks. I’m nervous, not at all hungry and ask if it’s OK to smoke? Presented with an ashtray he lights my cigarette. I ponder the menu and chose something light. He takes my other hand and plays with my fingers, exploring my long nails and whispers to me “I want to feel those on my naked back”, my eyes go wide as I look startled wondering if anyone has overheard? He smiles to me making my trepidation worse. I think to myself, am I safe here?

He eats heartily while I nibble; my stomach is in knots, no room for food. He orders a refill for my glass and we chat about nonsense, my mind is elsewhere. Can I go through with this night of strangeness, of being with a unknown male, do I dare or should I run away and leave my belongings? The wine settles my nerves and we begin to relax, moving into comfortable seats in the bar. He orders a bottle of white wine and ice bucket to the room and my mind races, too late to back out now.

For an older guy he is attractive, not handsome but very charismatic and confident, cock sure of himself! Could I pull this off and please him? After all he has paid for the room and travelled far to her home town. He is bold and witty making me feel at ease as the wine goes down slowly, I’m sipping at it trying not to become intoxicated, just merry for Dutch courage.

He watches me totally absorbed in my looks, not in my beauty, but in my presence. Can this dark stranger unleash my inner self and release my volcanic desires? He removes my cigarette from my lips and extinguishes it for me taking my hand and leading me to our room. The waiter looks on trying hard not to stare, or think of us, as his own cock nudges in his boxer shorts very aware of the frolics about to happen.

The door clicks locked behind us and my heart is pounding, waiting for him to set the pace and expecting him to pounce. Instead he approaches me without haste, taking my almanbahis canlı casino hips and pulling me close, fondling my arse through my clothes, I feel him close, his breathing caressing my minute facial hairs. His mouth touches mine and I can’t believe the tenderness, kissing me so softly, my mouth opens wider and I moan into his as his tongue delves deep searching mine.

But this isn’t why I’m here; making excuses and pulling politely away with a sly smile I collect my belongings and head for the bathroom, closing the door. After freshening up and changing attire into something more revealing, a mini skirt, hold-ups and plunge line bra with a sheer top, I return to the bedroom. He is sprawled naked on the hotel bed. As I step into the dimly lit room my shadow lumes larger than life as are my ample supported breasts.

He looks on approvingly, I know I have to be bad to be good, smiling I begin to play the game. He is aware of the rules. His orders are to remain impassive, look but don’t touch, boy do I have a challenge to fulfil. I dance my way between the small space from the en site bathroom to the bed, ruffling my hair and cupping my tits, riding my short skirt over my round arse, showing some lace and bare cheeks.

I watch his cock responding, it thickens and twitches against his thigh, not taking his eyes from me and he adjusts his foreskin to allow his erection to develop unimpeded. I climb onto the bed and tease him shaking my cleavage in front of his eyes before snaking round to sit behind him. My legs are splayed and knees are bent, his naked back is nestled between my soft inner thighs, pressed closely to my warm, heated, lace covered pussy lips. I lift his knees also to rest inside mine; his balls sit on the freshly washed quilt, my body supporting his. Slowly I begin to touch him, caressing his groin and inner thigh, pinching a nipple hard as I breathe down his neck and kiss his earlobe.

He reaches to stroke his cock, but I forbid it, making him wait and last longer; I have an excellent view point seeing him from the same almanbahis casino angle as he does. Reaching for the lubricant I left out on the night table, I smear a finger, using an upturned palm I rim his puckered hole. Immediately he groans and presses himself to my probing offering, he wriggles and my phallus slips inside his rim. I wait not moving my finger but allowing him to dilate and adjust to the foreign body in his arse hole. Slowly and firmly I begin to finger fuck him. His cock throbs and I watch his eye weep as his angry tip is fully engorged with his blood as I feel his heart rate increase.

I talk softly in his ear, telling him what a nice tight hole he has and a pretty cock, my other hand fondles his sack. He groans hanging on for dear life, trying not to cum, his hands hang on to my shoulders, into my hair releasing it. He pulls at my blond locks bucking his body, banging my clit, moaning unintelligibly. I know he will succumb to me.

Taking the triple love beads from my bag, I lift him and myself, sliding my lacy thong to one side. I insert the thickest string into my gapping wet pussy and angle the middle string into his arse, sitting him down roughly on top of my pelvis. I ride him from underneath, using the beads as a double dildo, filling us both but sharing the moment. The exertion is hard; the spare string is anchored in my hand securing it. His groans in delight spurring me on, he’s close and I flip him onto his side and spoon him. Facing the mirror I watch his face as he loses all control, jets of thick semen ejaculate from his cock head and his satisfaction makes me cum violently gripping the beads inside myself.

We lay together breathing hard and spent. I gloat as my challenge is over, I am the winner and I have succeeded in my quest to make him cum, not with my pussy, or my mouth or my hand. His spunk lay soaking into the sheets as we both smile. He lays me on to my back and rubs his soft wet tip along my mouth, taking over the control of the beads, he rubs the bulbous end under my G-spot and I gasp, my trembling legs fall wide open and he kisses my bud, suckles it till I lose all control, my juices flow and he catches them with his tongue tasting me. I sigh and sexual exhaustion washes over us. Another of my fantasies are achieved, he was just the toy for my amusement and I his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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