Black Muslim Cuckold Couple

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What’s up? I’m Malik Sharif, a tall, athletically built young black man of Somali descent living in the City of Calgary, Alberta. I’m a recent graduate of the University of Alberta, with a Master’s degree in business administration. I presently work for Hydro Alberta, and I make decent money. I recently married a young Ethiopian-born Canadian Muslim woman named Khadija Bogale. She’s the love of my life. Five-foot-ten, curvy and sexy, with light brown skin, curly black hair and hazel eyes. We met at the University of Alberta campus in Calgary and fell in love. Now we’re hitched and we live in the west end of metropolitan Calgary. My darling wife Khadija works as a nurse at the local hospital and I think we do alright for ourselves. Just a couple of educated black Muslim professionals living in western Canada. Life seems perfect but underneath it all, things definitely weren’t.

Guys, I got no other way to tell you so I’m just going to be out with it. I’m bisexual and for most of my life it’s been a secret. Why did I keep my bisexuality a secret? Simply because I am a Muslim man and where I come from, if people find out that you are gay, lesbian or bisexual, you’re deader than Elvis. I mean it. If you’re queer and Muslim, you’re dead. Growing up, I felt attracted to Hollywood beauties like Grace Jones, Debra Winger and Sharon Stone but I also felt a sexual thrill whenever I saw Wesley Snipes or Sylvester Stallone walking around shirtless on screen. I kept my bisexuality to myself for most of my life, never going beyond masturbating to gay and transsexual porn online. It was my little secret. Until my wife caught me masturbating to a porn video featuring a white tranny banging a black dude. That’s when everything changed. I always istanbul travesti thought my conservative Muslim wife would be mad but she wasn’t. In fact, she’s okay with my being bi and wants us to experiment. Am I lucky or what?

It was Khadija’s idea for us to find some gay or bisexual guys to play with. I was hesitant about the whole thing. I worried about sexually transmitted diseases and of course gossip. Whoever we played with had to be properly vetted as a safe, discrete person. Khadija introduced me to Clarence Denton, a young white guy from her job. Clarence is around five-foot-eight, slim and fit, with light brown hair and green eyes. He’s bisexual and recently divorced his wife of two years, a young Nigerian woman named Beatrice Adewale. It sucks that he’s divorced but since he’s horny and okay with experimenting with couples, that’s fine by us. Khadija and I invited Clarence over for some fun. We got busy in the living room and made some of my most forbidden fantasies come true, ladies and gentlemen. Whoever thought all Muslims were repressed and reserved definitely hasn’t met my wife Khadija or myself, that’s for damn sure.

The three of us sat down and talked about everything and once we got all the questions and stuff out of the way, the fun began. Khadija sat on the couch, wearing a bra and panties while Clarence and I undressed. I admired Clarence’s body. Dude wasn’t bad-looking. I’m six-foot-one and strongly built. He looked scrawny compared to me but made up for it by having a nice big dick. Clarence and I smiled at Khadija while stroking each other’s cocks. We kissed, then playfully wrestled while Khadija watched us, giggling and fingering her wet pussy. Clarence sucked my dick and I ran my istanbul travestileri hands through his hair, winking at my wife. Khadija blew me a kiss and encouraged us to continue. Horny as we were, we would have probably continued even without her blessing but hey, it’s always a good idea to get on the lady of the house’s good side.

I got hard, and so did Clarence. I sucked his dick for a bit, then he rolled on a condom and bent me over. Khadija came and applied lubricant on my asshole as Clarence held my dark ass cheeks open. It was my sweet wife who guided Clarence’s thick white cock into my asshole. I gritted my teeth as he penetrated me. Be gentle, Khadija reminded Clarence sternly, and he nodded. Slowly the short dude worked most of his dick up my ass. And just like that, I lost my anal virginity. As Clarence pumped his cock up my ass, Khadija stroked and sucked my dick, getting it nice and hard. Later, she joined the action. Khadija got on the carpeted floor and spread her legs in a most welcoming manner. I licked her pussy and soon had her moaning in pleasure.

Soon I was horny as fuck, and slid my hard dick into Khadija’s pussy. My sweet wife wrapped her arms around me and welcomed me inside her. I sucked on Khadija’s tits and she moaned as I suckled on them. Meanwhile, Clarence kept pumping his cock into my ass. The feel of Clarence’s thick white dick in my ass while Khadija’s tight black pussy gripped my cock was absolutely unbelievable. Now that’s something only bisexual men like myself know. The sheer pleasure of being with a man and a woman at the same time. And no, I don’t mean in the limited way of male/female/male heterosexual threesomes. I continued making love to my wife as Clarence fucked travesti istanbul me, and finally he pulled out. Moments later I came, flooding Khadija’s pussy with my hot cum. Her screams of passion mingled with my own.

The three of us took a moment to recover, then got right back into the game. This time, Khadija grabbed her favorite strap-on dildo and bent Clarence over before fucking him with it. While Khadija sodomized Clarence with the strap-on dildo, I silenced old dude’s moans by making him suck my dick. My wife and I exchanged high-fives and a passionate kiss as we double-teamed Clarence, who seemed to enjoy what we were doing to him. Later, it was my turn to stuff Clarence’s ass with my hard dick as he sucked on Khadija’s strap-on dildo before he ordered her to lick her pussy. Next, Khadija got on all fours and Clarence got behind her, sliding his condom-covered cock into her cunt while I got behind him. I worked my dick deep into Clarence’s asshole as he pumped his cock into my wife Khadija’s pussy. The three of us were moaning and screaming as we fucked and sucked the night away. When midnight came, it found the three of us entangled on the carpeted floor. Clarence showered, thanked us for a wonderful night and left.

Khadija and I have grown closer as a result of these shared experiences. There’s no secrets between us. I can honestly say that we are one. I am a Muslim man of Somali descent who is bisexual and I’m happily married to an Ethiopian-Canadian Muslim woman who accepts me for who I am. We play with other gay or bisexual men, in a discrete and safe manner. I’m doing real good at my job at Hydro Alberta and I’m energetically contributing to both the black community and the Muslim community. As an educated black man who’s happily married, successful and a Muslim immigrant, I amaze many. They frequently ask me how I do it and that makes me smile. I know that I would be nothing without the Grace of God for He brought my darling wife Khadija into my life. Allah Akbar!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32