Birthday Surprise

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As soon as her eyes gazed through the tiny slit of light she froze. Barely awake, Angelica stood like a statue in the middle of the hallway, sure she must be dreaming, but quite certain she wasn’t. She brought her left arm up to glance at her watch, it read 11:50pm. She had set her alarm to go off at midnight for her eighteenth birthday, her parents were always up late so she knew they would be ready to celebrate early. Realizing suddenly that she still stood in the hallway, directly in the small space of light, she took a quick step backwards into the shadow. Taking a deep breath, Angelica slowly crept closer, being careful to remain hidden. It seemed that her parents were celebrating early.

Ever so slowly Angelica peeked through the opening in the door, what she saw made her feel quite peculiar indeed. Her mother crouched on the floor on her knees, her naked bottom facing the door. Her back arched as the her head moved up and down. Angelica couldn’t see all of her father, he stood if front of her mother with his eyes closed. Angelica leaned back again and exhaled, noticing that she had been reaching under her pajamas. She could feel the wetness growing as she imagined what her mother was doing right now. Angelica herself had never given a blowjob before, but this is not the first time she’s seen one. She watched all kinds of porn and played with her toys a lot but she was waiting for the right one to share herself with. Curiosity brewing she opened her eyes and peeked back around the corner. Her parents had changed positions, Angelica’s view was now the back of her fathers head buried in her mothers lap. He sounded ravenous and her mother grasped the top of his head tightly, her toes curling as she gripped his head between her thighs. With her other hand she held her breast firmly, escort little dribbles of milk oozing out from being squeezed so tightly. Angelica looked up to catch the look on her mothers face, trying so hard to be quiet, when her eyes shot open and immediately caught Angelica’s gaze.

Angelica jumped back into the shadows, cursing herself and praying she wasn’t seen. She pulled her hands out of her panties and flew through the hallway to her room. She closed the door as silently as possible and put her back against it, thinking about what she had just witnessed. Thinking about her juices on her fingers as she watched her father voraciously consume her mother. She brought her fingers up to her mouth, thinking about the delicious taste when she her a door open down the hall. Without another thought she jumped into her bed and pulled the covers up. The darkness in her room started to light up as she saw the alarm on her phone going off. She shut it off almost instantly, but it made the tiniest noise and she just knew her parents had heard her. All she could do was lay there and pretend to be asleep. The slow turn of the doorknob broke the endless silence and Angelica felt herself tense as she tried to remember to breathe.


“Dammit Angelica” Sharon muttered under her breath. Her husband started to mumble something but she held him firmly and made him finish what he started. He went right back at it and she felt sharp pinch on her clitoris as Elliot nibbled on her hungrily. She squirmed and he grabbed her with both hands as she pulled away, all the juices flowing onto his face as she came.

A moment later his head rose, his beard dripping and a huge smirk on his face.

“You were saying?”

With a look of relief she smiled and kissed his sloppy face, enjoying izmit escort bayan the scent of her on him

“I have a surprise for you, Elliot,” she said as she stood up and grabbed her robe off of the door. She walked over to the top drawer of their tallest dresser and reached in, pulling out some rope and velvet handcuffs. He looked back at her, he loved when she had surprises. Within a moment or two she had him sufficiently tied to the bed , grabbed a blindfold and wrapped it around his face ensuring that he could see nothing. Then he heard the door open and close.

“Sharon?” Elliot called. “Are you there?”


Sharon tiptoed silently through the hallway, she checked their son, James’ room, but he was spending the night with a friend. Thankful, she left the door open and continued to Angelica’s room, put a hand on the knob, took a deep breath and opened the door. She stepped inside and saw her daughter lying in bed. She started thinking about how much she had grown, how much of a woman she had become. She had not only grown taller than her mother, Angelica had also grown larger breasts and a more round shaped bottom. She looked down at her beautiful daughter, her blonde hair glowing softly in the moonlight shining through the window. Sharon reached out and carefully moved the hair from Angelica’s face, and kissed her cheek and forehead. She held her daughters hand in hers and bent to kiss that as well, when she smelled something very familiar. At first she thought it must have been from herself but she also realized that Angelica’s fingers were sticky, she brought them up to her face and put them in her mouth.

Angelica’s eyes flew open and Sharon looked back at her deep blue eyes in amazement.

“I know you were watching izmit sınırsız escort us again,” she said softly. Angelica’s gaze went to the side in embarrassment. “I understand how you feel sweetheart, it’s alright to be curious. Have you ever been with a man?” She asked carefully. She knew her daughter was curious, she had bought her toys and she saw what kind of porn she watched when she thought no one was watching her. This was different, this wasn’t the first time she suspected Angelica of masturbating and watching Sharon and her husband have sex, but this time she has proof.

“I’m so sorry Mom, I was just-” Angelica stammered, trying to come up with anything to say.

“You’re just curious” Sharon interjected, helpfully.

“I can’t help it, I’ve never- and it looks so-“

“Especially with your father”

“Yes, it looks amazing but I-” Angelica froze, realizing she had just admitted to thinking about sex with her own father. She quickly tried to cover it up “What I mean to say is-“

“I know exactly what you mean, dear” her mother interrupted, smiling secretively. “I have something for you, an early birthday surprise if you will.” As she said this her hand slipped between her daughters thighs, her panties were soaked through, just as she expected them to be.

Angelica softened, her mother was sitting on her bed, with her finger sliding under her panties, feeling her excitement everywhere. Her hips swung with her as her fingers grazed her clit, and then her mother stopped, pulled her hand out and licked her fingers.

“Well if you want your present you’ll have to come with me,” Sharon said nonchalantly. She stood and held out her hand, Angelica’s hand reached out hesitantly and she rose from her bed.

“What are we doing?” she whispered nervously.

“Your father and I have something very special to give you,” Sharon replied, smiling as she led her daughter down the hallway. Boy did she have a surprise for them BOTH she thought, as she put her hand on the knob and opened the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32