Birthday Surprise

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Big thanks to Findingmyvoice for helping me with the story! Enjoy this Birthday Surprise.

It’s my birthday and I had to work. The day dragged and I can’t wait to come home to you, maybe have a candle lit dinner, and if I’m lucky, some crazy birthday sex. Well, can’t blame a guy for hoping. When I get home you meet me at the door in a robe with a kiss and a naughty grin.

“I know that look,” I say as I smile back. “What are you up to?” You just smile and tell me to shower and put on some boxers. This could be interesting.

I shower and put on the silk boxers you bought me last Christmas. You walk up to me carrying some kind of cloth. You hold it up and with the most innocent look you ask, “Do you trust me?”

“Of course Angel,” I reply. Then I understand what the cloth is and my eyes widen. It’s a blindfold. This could be very interesting indeed.

The look on my face causes your innocent smile to become devilish. You lead me to a chair facing our bed, tell me to sit and then tie the blindfold over my eyes. I feel you start to tie my hands together behind me and I flinch, but you kiss me passionately. And as our tongues enter each other’s mouths, I forget what I am struggling for.

You break off the kiss and as I try to gather my senses you whisper in my ear, “Relax baby, you’re going to love this. I promise.” I relax and you finish securing my hands behind me.

You spread my legs and kiss up my thigh, kissing my cock on top of the silky boxers before tying my legs to the chair. I’m confused, curious, nervous, and hard as steel. “I’ll be right back,” you tell me and I hear you leave. Moments later, you return and I feel you give me a kiss that starts at my lips then travels to the left side of my neck. But something is different. It doesn’t feel like your kisses. But it still feels good. As I sit here, trying to figure out why it feels different and enjoying the attention, I hear you whisper, “Happy birthday, baby” into my right ear. As you kiss the right side of my neck I stiffen with surprise. Two set of lips smile against my skin.

“Are you serious?” is all I manage to choke out.

A feminine voice, I don’t recognize whispers, “What do you think?”

My brain turns to mush as you both nibble my ears and you both place a hand on each knee. “Is this too much baby?” you ask. “We’ll stop if you want us to,” you tease as you both run your fingertips up my thighs and gently pass over my cock. Three moans break the gentle quiet of the bedroom.

You kiss me passionately, as she whispers, “We’re going to have fun with our sir.” I moan into your mouth knowing you told her about that.

Then you two trade places and I’m kissing her while you whisper, “The only rule is, you can’t cum inside of her. Your cum is all mine.”

Then two sets of lips travel down my neck, over my chest, down my stomach, stopping at my boxers to tease me. “Grab some scissors,” I hear you tell her. Next thing I know, my boxers have been cut off and I’m sitting completely naked, my aching hard cock on display for you and our new playmate. I gasp as two mouths take turns devouring my cock. It’s so hard to not cum right here and now. I can’t even tell which mouth is whose at this point. I’m lost in how good this feels. One has my balls in her mouth while the other sucks my cock. When I feel you both put your mouths on my cock and meet at the tip for a kiss, I almost lose it.

Then suddenly you both back away and the blindfold disappears. bahis şirketleri As my eyes adjust, I see you standing in front of me, my naughty little angel in sheer white lingerie and thong with that naughty smirk on your beautiful face. Standing next to you is an attractive brunette, in matching lingerie of black instead of white. She’s about your height, with what I’m guessing are b or c-cup breasts and a matching grin. I keep looking back and forth between you, my eyes devouring you both. Your grin widens when you see me straining against the restraints. You shake your head. “You don’t want to ruin our fun now, do you baby?” you ask. I stop straining.

Satisfied, you turn to her and kiss her. My jaw damn near hits the floor. It’s a really good kiss too, I can tell your tongues are moving and she moans a little. Holy fuck! “That was hot,” she gasps.

“Hell yeah it was,” I chip in.

You two kiss again, and she starts kissing your neck. You look over at me and my eyes are absolutely glued to you. You can see the hunger in my eyes. Just knowing how badly I want you, turns you on even more. A drop of pre-cum drips down my cock. I’m aching to touch, to be touched, anything.

Her kisses are starting to get to you. You’re both more into this than you expected. She puts her hand under your top and you moan as her hand travels to your nipple. My mouth is dry, this is driving me crazy. Your hands start exploring her body as well. You both look at me every now and then to make sure you still have my undivided attention. You do. I almost drool as you lift your arms so she can take off your top. Both of her hands are on your breasts now and the kisses are getting more intense. It feels so good, you can’t wait to untie me and feel my hard cock inside of you. You take off her top. As you kiss more, your breasts press together and I moan.

“If that got to him, wait until he sees this,” you think to yourself. You wrap your lips around our playmates nipple and start sucking and massaging her breasts. Her head tilts back and she and I both moan. “Like what you see, baby? Want to join us sir?” I nod; I am incapable of speech at the moment. I’m practically humping the air. I’m already so close. I’m begging you with my eyes to touch me.

“Poor baby,” our friend says. “We should probably get him off before he explodes.”

You agree and you both walk over to me and drop to your knees. You both are pressing those beautiful breasts against my legs. She begins to stroke me and you go down on me like it is the dessert you’ve been waiting to taste for years. It doesn’t take long before I’m filling your mouth with my cum. You sit back as she cleans me off.

Then both of you stand up and turn around, bending over with your sexy asses towards me and slowly pull down your thongs. My cock begins to stir again. You both sit on the bed, your sides touching. You are facing me, watching me, as you begin touching and caressing yourselves. You both spread your wet pussy lips for me and my eyes bug out. You begin to masturbate in earnest when suddenly her hand joins yours and starts playing with your clit.

Fuck, it feels good. My cock is rock hard again as you reach over to her and begin to fondle her clit as well. You girls moan, driving me crazy. I’m fighting the restraints again. You grin and attack her clit harder, knowing it would drive me crazy to see you make her cum. Your eyes roll back, she had the same thought. We’re all moaning.

Holy shit, this bahis firmaları is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. You feel her cum, see my cock jump in reaction, and your orgasm hits as well. You’re both so wet. I want you so bad right now. I’m just moaning incoherently, no thoughts, just pure unadulterated lust. You can see it plainly on my face. “Perfect,” you think with a smirk.

You both walk over to me again, legs slightly shaky. You sit in my lap facing me, my cock straight up and between your wet pussy lips, but not inside of you. You grind a little on me, getting my dick nice and wet with your juices. You press your breasts against me and whisper, “Do you want to fuck us baby? Do you want to shove that meaty cock into our pussies?” I moan in reply, lifting my hips, trying desperately to get inside of you.

You kiss me and then lift yourself so that the tip of my cock is just inside of you and slowly work your way down. I see our playmate’s hands reach around from behind you and grope and massage your breasts. Once I’m all the way inside of you, you grind back and forth using my cock to pleasure yourself. Then you say, “It’s her turn baby. Just remember the rule, only I get sir’s cum.” I nod, too lust-crazed to even respond. You climb off of me, slowly sliding off my cock, your pussy gripping me the whole way.

Then our playmate kisses me, her tongue in my mouth and mine in hers. She turns away from me and sits in my lap, her pussy pinning my cock down instead of up this time. You kiss her, give her nipple a flick with your tongue and then grab my cock. No way is this happening. She lifts up and you rub my diamond hard dick up and down her soaking wet pussy, teasing us both. Then you guide me into her. We both gasp.

She slowly slides down onto me until you lean down and your tongue licks up the part of my cock not inside her yet all the way up to her clit. Mmmmm. That felt so good. I’m actively trying to escape my restraints so I can take you both, but the material is strong and I can’t think straight. You back away and she sits down hard, impaling herself on my cock.

You’re surprised at how much this is turning you on. Seeing what it looks like when I’m fucking your tight little pussy. Seeing what it looks like as she moves up and down, slowly fucking me. She pulls you in for a kiss, moaning into your mouth. She freezes for a second as a small orgasm washes over her.

“Wait until you feel his tongue,” you tell her. “Let’s untie him.”

As you begin untying me you say, “Now you’re going to lay down on the bed for us ok?”

“Mmhmm,” I respond.

“And then you’re going to fuck and lick our pussies until we’re satisfied. Then, and only then are you going to be allowed to pump that beautiful cock into my tight little pussy until you fill it with cum. Does sir understand?”

“Yes Angel.”

I lay down on the bed and you both lay down beside me. We kiss as I explore both of your bodies with my fingers as you both take turns stroking me and fondling my balls. Then you say, “Sit on his face, so he can eat your pussy. He loves it when you do.” She seems surprised, but crawls up my body and positions her pussy over my mouth.

You watch as my tongue makes contact and I pull her further down to give me better access. You know how good that feels. You can almost feel my tongue fucking your tight little hole before attacking your clit. I’m completely distracted by eating her out, just the moment you’ve been waiting for. You kaçak bahis siteleri place yourself right over my cock and guide me into you. You’re so wet you can just drop all the way down in one thrust. I’m completely filling you. I moan into our playmate’s pussy and she grinds a little on my face.

You can tell I’m turned on as fuck because you can see my fingers digging into our friend’s ass as I attack her clit for all I’m worth. She’s pinching her nipple and moaning aloud. You are bouncing up and down on my cock, holy shit it feels so good. She cums explosively, screaming and gripping at my hair. As my cock twitches in response inside of you, you begin to cum as well.

You both climb off me. She goes down on me, licking our juices off my painfully hard dick. You and I are kissing like there’s no tomorrow. I start fingering you as we make out, our playmate bobbing her head on my cock. I guide you so that you’re on all fours. You know what’s coming.

You and I love doggy style. What you weren’t expecting and makes you moan aloud is when she crawls underneath us, licking my cock and your clit and pussy as I thrust slowly into you. It doesn’t allow me to get all the way inside you, but this kind of teasing is turning you on even more. I start to thrust faster and she sucks and licks your clit, hard. The sensation of being filled with your lovers hard throbbing cock while a woman licks your clit is too much. You scream as your pussy locks onto my dick, cumming harder than you ever remember cumming.

She crawls out from under us and you collapse. She flips you over and kisses your lips, pressing her body against yours and then sliding down to suck and fondle your breasts before continuing down your body. Your clit is sensitive so she kisses all around your pussy and on the inside of your thighs. She definitely knows what she’s doing.

As she starts to put two fingers inside of you, you see me place my cock in front of your face. You open your mouth obligingly and start sucking as our playmate licks and finger fucks your pussy. You’re moaning on my cock as it touches the back of your throat. Mmmm that feels so good. I pull out of your mouth and move behind our friend.

As I enter her from behind she moans on your clit and redoubles her efforts, determined to make you cum again. Her mouth moves up and down while she eats you, you can tell she’s getting fucked hard. Holy shit you’re close again already. Her moans are getting louder. You can hear my hips and hands hitting her ass. She’s moaning and licking faster. You grab her hair and cum against her fingers and tongue. Her body stiffens as she cums too.

I pull you back towards me between her legs. Now I have perfect access to your pussy. And hers is right above your mouth. On a whim, you snake your tongue out and lick her. I see this and stuff your tight little hole with my cock as a reward. You begin tonguing her in earnest as my thrusts become harder. Faster. She tastes like me and it’s so hot and I’m fucking you so hard and good right now. You moan into her. She and I moan in response.

“I’m getting close angel,” I warn you. “I’m going to pump your pussy full of cum while you have your tongue shoved into our playmates little hole. Make her cum on your tongue.” This is all so hot. I thrust harder. Harder. “I’m about to,” I gasp.

“Do it. Cum in her tight little pussy while she eats mine. Fill her with your hot seed,” our friend moans. As you moan in agreement, my cock throbs and I explode inside you, grunting as I cum deep in your pussy. For the umpteenth time you cum for me, feeling my cock pump you full. She cums shortly after, your screams pleasuring her even further. We all collapse on the bed. Best. Birthday. Ever.

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