Birthday Getaway

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For my wife’s (Sara) 40th birthday, I (Jeff) planned a surprise getaway to Las Vegas. I had her free her schedule, arranged childcare, and booked the entire thing. I sprung it on her the day before and had her pack her bags that night. Some friends of ours were also part of the surprise and were at our door at 3AM the next morning before leaving for the airport. We had a blast celebrating her birthday that weekend, we saw a show, enjoyed the weather and had a good time partying.

We stayed at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and visited their toptional Moorea Beach Club. It was a great experience, Sara enjoyed being topless and I enjoyed the views. We had a great time and we talked a few times about returning.

The pandemic happened and we, like many others, stopped doing a lot of travel. Dealing with airlines, restrictions and the general public hassle made travel unattractive. Since the world was slowly returning to normal, I suggested to Sara that we celebrate her 43rd birthday in Vegas this year, she gladly agreed.

Sara’s birthday is in the middle of summer, so it’s an extremely warm time to visit Vegas for those that have never been. It is certainly a dry heat, but it’s still hot. We made plans to stay at Mandalay Bay again, and relaxing in the pool was on the top of the agenda. The friends that previously attended Vegas with us were automatically out as they recently had their first child.

We exhausted our other options and resolved to travel alone for this trip.

Our trip was planned for Thursday through Sunday, we had an evening flight and arrived at LAS around 9PM. Sara and I Ubered to the hotel, checked in, and headed down to the Casino floor. Sara enjoys gambling a lot more than I do, I get bored with it easily, so I typically cozy up to some cocktails while she’s having fun. We have a pretty low key night, grab a snack and head to bed around 1 in the morning.

We are both tired, but we are both a bit buzzed from the cocktails. We have some quick “get it in” sex and drift off to sleep.

“Jeff.. it’s time to get up.” I hear Sara say.

I sleep like a rock in hotels because we have no pets, no kids, no distractions. So it’s lights out.

Sara is standing at the edge of the bed sipping on a cup of coffee. She’s wearing a robe and looks to have already showered.

“What time did you get up?” I ask.

“Oh, you know, the usual.” She mutters. “I had room service bring a pot of coffee.” she motions to the desk in the room.

“Sweet!” I sit up and rub my eyes. Sara brings me a cup of coffee.

“What do you want to do today, go poolside?” she asks

“Moorea?” I smile at her.

“Of course! I’m already ready!” She smiles back and opens her robe. She’s wearing only her bikini bottoms. Damn she is sexy.

Sara has a classic womanly shape, I don’t know how else to describe it. It really is like an hourglass. She’s got a slender waist, and rounded, muscular hips, and ample breasts. She only wears a B cup and she thinks she has “no boobs”, but they are proportionately perfect for her build. After child rearing her nipples changed, they are prominent and stand straight up. They’re easy to spot in some clothing, and I think they are perfect.

Sara is about 5′ 7″ with long light brown hair that almost touches her ass. She’s got slender, but muscularly toned legs, great hips as I mentioned, and perfect natural tits. She has greenish blue eyes, high cheekbones, and a beautiful smile. I would say she looks like a cross between non-anorexic Angelina Jolie and Olivia Wilde. She is gorgeous.

Sara’s existing tan-lines draw attention to her breasts, I know they’ll likely be gone after a day at the toptional pool.

“Damn.” I say as I take in the sights. My cock starts to swell up under the sheets.

“I’m a tentmaker!” I smile dumbly as I push my cock upwards under the sheets to try to make her laugh. She does.

“We don’t have time for that.” she says. “Get cleaned up, I want to get out of this room.”

I was a little disappointed, I really wanted some morning sex, but no big deal. I already know that the day is gonna be a great time.

I clean up quickly, we gather our things and pack a pool bag. We head downstairs to find some breakfast first. Sara and I reminisce about the last trip we took here. After breakfast we walked down to the Moorea Club. They have an entry fee, and a bunch of rules to try to keep the creeps and fairweathers out. We rented a cabana for the day, it’s 350 minimum but it’s free if you spend that much on drinks and food. We knew from experience that we would.

The hostess leads us to the cabana and we get set up. I’m in the mood for a bloody mary to kick the day off, and we order a few right away.

The day is kind of a blur, we have margaritas, each lunch and do a lot of chatting with other “toptional” pool patrons. There are a number of couples that are younger than we are and Sara is flirting with a number of the ladies present. When she gets a little tipsy, her inhibitions fall away, and she has a very forward demeanor in general, güvenilir bahis so it makes for a pretty fun combination.

Sara is in the corner of the pool chatting to a couple that recently came in, and I’m talking with a young couple we’ve been sharing our shade with. She calls “Honey, come over here, you should see the tits on this one!” That’s Sara in a nutshell, blunt but not offensive, the couple I’ve been chatting with starts laughing. I excuse myself and head over to the corner of the pool.

Sara says to me “Look Jeff, aren’t those perfect?”

I laugh embarrassedly “Yep, those are nice ones.. Um.. nice to meet you. I’m Jeff as you may know, pardon my wife.”

The couple laughs. The husband says “No problem, Sara is an eyeful herself, I’m Cody and this is my wife Talia.”

Cody and Talia are in their late 30s, from Shreveport, Louisiana, have 2 kids and were high-school sweethearts. They are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this weekend.

Cody is a carpenter, he has a small family owned custom stair business in his hometown. He’s about 5′ 9″‘, with sandy blond hair, blue eyes, and light reddish 5 o’clock shadow over a squared jawline and built like a brick shithouse. He looks like a stocky wrestler body type if that makes sense. He has a shoulder tattoo of a viking holding a hammer, and a tattoo of his wife and kids names on his upper right back. Cody kind of reminds me of Cole Hauser or Patrick Wilson, but with lighter features.

Talia is a part-time paralegal and yoga instructor. She’s about 5′ 2″, with long dark hair to the middle of her back. Her complexion is darker than Cody’s, like maybe she’s Greek or a touch middleastern, or whatever Catherine Zeta Jones is. She’s got large dark brown eyes, where her pupils almost melt into her iris. They just look deep when you peer into them. She’s got raised cheekbones and a great smile. She has what I would call a “Yoga body”, she’s muscularly fit, but not manly. You can see her hip muscles, and her core is very strong. She’s got a pretty prominent muscular ass as well.

Sara was not wrong when she said Talia had perfect tits; they really were. They were probably a small C cup, but they were perfectly rounded on the bottom with just larger than quarter sized nipples that were proportionate. They were definitely real breasts, and they fit her frame well. Talia was crazy sexy.

The four of us hit it off quite well, I find out that Cody is a seasoned gymrat like myself. This explains the brick shithouse build he’s got. Him and I go on, for what I’m sure is too long, talking about meat head things; the girls rightfully checkout of that conversation. Sara and Talia connect on a few levels, Sara is into a holistic lifestyle and it turns out, not surprisingly, that Talia is as well. Needless to say we all have a lot in common.

As the afternoon wears on, Talia seems to take an interest in me. She’s a little liquored up and seems a bit flirtatious. She starts asking me about my heritage, as I have darker features that are more similar to hers. I tell her I’m Italian with some middle eastern mixed in according to the DNA report. For the mental picture about me.. I’m just over 6′ tall and have a large, wide frame. I’ve spent years in the gym, and have a dense body type. My quads are larger than Sara’s waist for example.I have dark hair, hazel eyes, dimples and squarish jaw line. I have salt and pepper hair with some gray in my short trimmed beard. I kind of look like Jon Hamm and Al Pacino had a baby.

Talia and I continue chatting. As I suspected, Talia is Greek and Balkan and that certainly explains her petite frame and dark features. She really is a gorgeous woman, and of course her tits are out so it may persuade my current infatuation with her.

Cody and Sara are having their own side conversation, and I hear Sara giggle a bit. It seems Cody is turning on the charm. The four of us co-mingle again and the conversations continue throughout the rest of the afternoon. The club closes around 6PM and we start talking about dinner plans. Cody and Talia invite Sara and I to join them for dinner, we accept.

The four of us exchange numbers and head back to our respective rooms to clean up for dinner. We plan to meet them in about an hour down in the lobby.

Sara and I get back to the room, we need to shower and get the sun and sweat off of us. Sara strips down out of her bikini and heads for the shower; I snap a few pictures of her before she gets in. My cock starts to rise as usual. As Sara gets into the shower we start having a conversation about Cody and Talia.

“They’re a pretty hot couple.” Sara says to me.

“Yeah. You’re into Cody?” I ask.

“I’m into both of them!” Sara beams.

“Right on, I don’t blame you. Talia is crazy hot.” I responded.

The shower door slides open. Sara looks at me and says “Oh, you’re into that are you?” with a smile.

I pull my trunks down to expose my partially swollen cock. “I want to be into you right now.” I say cheesily. Sara rolls her eyes and shuts the shower güvenilir bahis siteleri door. I continued to pull my trunks off to get in the shower and I heard my phone buzzing with a notification. I pick it up off the bathroom counter to see what it is. It’s a text from Talia.

I open it and my jaw drops. It’s a picture of her in front of the mirror in her room completely nude, with Cody standing behind her, she’s got his cock in her hand. The text simply says “What room are you guys in?”

My cock stands straight up now. “Whoa!” I say kind of loudly.

Sara says “What babe?” from the shower.

“Uh, nothing honey!” I called back.

My cock is full on hard and my heart is racing now. Fuck, I’m excited, what should I do here. Tell Sara? Show her the picture? Ask her what she wants to do?

“Screw it.” I think. “It’s Vegas right?” I pull my trunks back up, and take a picture of my hard cock pressing against them.

I respond with the picture and a message that reads: “1322, the door will be open, we’ll be in the shower.” I put the latch into the door and headed into the shower.

Talia is finishing shaving her legs for the second time today, and says she needs to rinse off. I come in and swing my hard cock back and forth at her trying to buy some time. She kind of smacks it away.

I say “Honey, all this Talia talk has me worked up.”

She’s a little put off but says “Is that right? Are you gonna ask her to give you a handjob at the dinner table?” Sara’s a little drunk and a bit feisty tonight it would seem.

I laugh, “Maybe I will.”

Sara says “Or maybe I’ll just climb under the table and give Cody a blowjob while we’re at it?”

I smile at her “That sounds like a great idea honey, Cody would really appreciate that.”

She smacks my cock and says “Of course you’d like that!”

I move in closer to her and run my hand down her ass and find her pussy. I slip my finger in and she’s really wet inside. I say “Seems like you might like it too”. Sara rubs on my cock a bit and starts stroking me as I’m sliding my fingers in and out of her.

Sara says with her eyes shut “You think he’s got a big dick?”

I chuckle a little. “It’s on your mind hey?”

We both hear the hotel room door shut loudly.

Sara asks “Was that the door?”

“I called down for my towels, I’m guessing that was room service.” I responded.

I continue to finger Sara in the shower, she’s really horned up now and she’s stroking my cock. There are a couple of taps on the bathroom door jamb. I hear Talia drunkenly say “Room service, want me jerk you off” with a snort and a giggle.

Sara’s eyes widened “What in the hell?” she says.

We turn the water off and Sara steps out first. “Um, Hi Guys!” she exclaims. She holds her hands up and waves aggressively. Sara has never really been modest, and she is a bit of an exhibitionist. I step out behind her, Cody and Talia are standing stark naked at the entry to the bathroom.

I see Cody look at Sara up and down and his dick starts to grow. Talia’s eyes are fixed on my rock hard cock and she hasn’t lifted her gaze yet. Sara is taking them both in with widened eyes.

We stand there for a moment, and Talia is still looking at my cock. Sara looks at her and says “Is it what you expected?”

Talia mutters a bit, as her face turns red. “Better I think.” and kind of licks her lips.

I am harder than a fucking stone at this point, holy shit. My wife asking a question like that and this hot little chick drooling over my cock. I think a hard breeze could make me blow it all over the floor at this moment.

Now, I don’t have an amazing cock. It’s just a bit above average, just around 7″ at its fullest, and maybe 6 inches around. I’ve always called it handsome, cause it really resembles the way they make most dick themed dildos; and really I think it is a nice looking cock in the scheme of cocks. There are some ugly dicks, but you’re born with what you’ve got so you don’t get a choice.

Sara looks at Cody and boldly says “I get that viking with the hammer tattoo now.” I let out an unexpected laugh at that.

Cody’s cock is like a hammer for sure. It’s not small, it’s not large, I’d say it’s about 6″ long and he’s got a huge mushroom head on it. It’s like an apple on a stick, like a hammerhead. It’s not an ugly cock just headstrong if that makes sense.

I see Cody is eyeing Sara, Her tan lines are accentuated after today’s sun. He’s looking her over and admiring her neatly trimmed bush and her already swollen clit. I’m doing the same to Talia, she’s got just a small trimmed landing strip above her clit and I see she’s got a little yoga symbol tattoo just inside of her hip bone.

Cody and Talia are a bit drunker than Sara and I, and that’s kind of obvious. They’re not sloppy drunk but I think this boldness is likely alcohol fueled.

Sara and I have only dabbled in swinging in the past, but I did share her one time with a young gentleman some months back. After that experience we’ve talked a lot about potential iddaa siteleri future encounters. I’m not sure she thought one would present itself today, but here we are. One of our hesitations is always around STDS, we have been a monogamous couple for 20 years (except for Curt – a story for another time); so hopping into bed with just anyone is a concern of ours.

Sara bluntly asks them as she’s looking them up and down, not trying to kill the mood. “Have you guys done this type of thing before?”

“Never.” Both Talia and Cody answer in sync.

“We are high-school sweethearts, remember?” Talia says, glancing at my cock again. I let out a smirk.

Cody goes on “We’ve talked about this type of thing but wanted to wait until we made it to our 20th.” “We love one another, but you know, wouldn’t mind something new and exciting.” He continued. “If you guys aren’t into…”

Sara interrupts excitedly “Oh no, we’re into you!”

Cody and Talia both smile, Sara and I make our way towards them.

I walk up to Talia, I tower over her. She looks up at me, and then stares down at my swollen cock, she reaches out and grips on to it. My dick looks huge in her little hands. I lean down and kiss her lightly, she gets more aggressive and pushes her tongue in my mouth. I grab her muscular ass in my right hand, my left hand finds her well rounded tits. Talia starts rubbing my hard cock against her clit and against her slit, she’s standing on her tiptoes trying to find a connection. Fuck she’s already lubbed up as well, her pussy feels so silky smooth against the head of my dick.

I see out of the corner of my eye, Sara follows Talia’s lead. She reaches down and strokes Cody’s hammerhead. He wraps his arms around her and pushes into her as they start making out. Cody’s hands are all over her ass, he slides one hand down to find Sara’s wet pussy. Sara and Cody are closer in height. Sara starts rubbing against Cody with her legs shut. Just rubbing her clit and lips up and down his shaft; I hear her breath deep and let out a soft purr.

We embrace for no more than a minute or two, and Sara breaks away from Cody and takes charge.

Sara pulls Talia and I apart and grabs Talia by the shoulders. She starts to walk Talia out of the bathroom backwards towards the bed. Talia sits when her legs hit the side of the bed and Sara leans over her, pushing her onto her back and then straddles her. She begins kissing her. I was hoping it’d go this way, Sara must have wanted to do this part first.

Cody and I stand a bit dumbfounded, cocks at full salute. We are both watching the action unfold, we stare at Sara on top of Talia with her excited pussy in full view, staring right back at us.

Cody whispers “Holy fuck.”

I glance at him and say “Well said.” with a smile.

Sara and Talia are making out passionately, Talia is reaching up and holding Sara’s face. Sara slides her right hand down Talia’s midriff and teases her clit a bit. Talia removes one of her hands from Sara and does the same. I watch as Talia buries a finger into Sara’s pussy, Sara lets out a soft moan.

This is about the extent of Sara’s girl on girl experience, I stand there wondering if today it might go further. Cody and I are both standing there cock in hand, not sure what to do next when I hear Talia ask Sara. “Will you go down on me?”

Sara responds, “Can I get a few pointers from my husband?” My cock literally jumps at this request. I look at Cody, he nods approvingly. Sara slides off onto the floor, Talia’s legs draped off of the bed.

Sara looks up at me and says “Jeff come show me your magic!”

Talia calls for Cody at the same time, he climbs on to the bed. Cody leans over and whispers something to her. She moans with an “mmm hmm” back at him. She reaches out and starts stroking Cody’s cock. They both eagerly look down at Talia’s tan body and exposed pussy, waiting to see what happens next.

I kneel down in front of Talia, she’s got a beautiful little pussy. She’s completely hairless except for that thin landing strip. She’s got small outer lips, and a prominent little clit, I see now she’s got a c-section scar near her bikini line. I lean in and take a last glance at Sara, she smiles with approval. I fan out my tongue wide, and take an initial sweep from her taint all the way to her clit in one smooth motion. Talia lets out a soft coo. Her pussy is really wet and I taste her in the first swipe, she’s got a nice hint of sweetness. I repeat the same motion, and again she purrs a little.

Talia and Cody are both watching in awe as I eat her pussy. I’m staring into those dark eyes of Talias’ and I’m squeezing my cock with one of my hands. Sara is intently watching Talia’s face, and watching me lick up and down her pussy. Talia’s breathing increases like she’s getting close to cumming. Sara grabs the back of my head while I’m licking Talia’s clit and pushes me down on it harder. Sara wants me to make Talia cum, I pick up the pace and suck and twist Talia’s clit in my mouth.

Talia is moaning now rhythmically, she’s stroking Cody’s cock and locking eyes with me. She’s really close, Sara pulls my head back and leans in to take over. “I got it.” she says and goes to work on Talia. Talia moans very loudly now, Sara takes over without skipping a beat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32