Billy Swallows in the Hot Tub

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All characters depicted within this story are 18 years of age or over.


We had been celebrating the end of school year and Kalvin’s 18th Birthday with our graduating class attending the party at Kalvin’s house. His parents were away for the weekend which meant the 30 of us finishing year 12 were free to let our hair down and enjoy a day of drinking and loud music. It was nearing 2am and most of our classmates had left meaning it was just Kalvin, his girlfriend Britney, Adam, and myself sitting in the large hot tub.

Kalvin had just turned 18 and had short blonde hair almost a buzz cut, he was athletic being the captain of our school basketball team and had broad shoulders. He was about 6’0 and sitting in the hot tub in a pair of board shorts with his six pack abs glistening from the water. I couldn’t help but look over at them during the night.

Britney had her hand on his abs and was leaning against him as we all listened to the music. Britney was my height at 5’10 and was looking like a model with her long brown hair hanging into the water and her tanned sun touched skin covered by her bikini top and panties.

Across from Kalvin and Britney sat Adam and I, Adam had short brown hair that was styled upwards and was 5’11, he was athletic as well with a muscular toned build and six pack which was clear to see whenever I turned to him as he was wearing only his Calvin Klein briefs having forgot his swim trunks.

I was next to Adam and 5’10, short blonde hair that was ruffled with a semi athletic build as I was still working to get my abs showing and in a pair of board shorts.

We were all sitting listening to the music and Britney would sing along to a song she knew as we all sipped our drinks. Adam and Kalvin had beers while Britney and I were drinking vodka cruisers. It was then that Adam said ‘So Britney have you made an honest man out of our Kalvin now that he’s 18!’

Kalvin smiled and replied ‘Oh we’ll be doing some not so honest things tonight,’ and laughed as he high fived Adam across the hot tub.

Britney smiled and said to Adam ‘Well I could give him an early birthday present now but I wouldn’t want to make you and Billy uncomfortable’ and she reached beneath the bubbles of the hot tub down towards Kalvin’s board shorts and placed her hand against his crotch.

Kalvin leaned his head back against the hot tub and sighed telling Britney ‘Oh yeah baby that’s the spot, you get me nice and hard for that birthday blow job.’ Adam and I looked at each other and then back at Kalvin and Britney, the bubbles were moving so fast and disturbing the water that we couldn’t see what was happening below the surface but it seemed that Britney’s hand had found its way into Kalvin’s board shorts as her arm was now moving slowly forwards and backwards as she started stroking his cock.

Adam being a horny 18 year old himself looked at me eager to take advantage of the situation and then to Britney and said ‘Oh come on Britney that’s bahis siteleri not fair, Kalvin gets to have you stroke his dick and get a blow job while Billy and I just sit here getting blue balls, how about you get a feel of our cocks too? Maybe then you can compare the taste of Kalvin and our cocks to see which is better?’

I couldn’t believe what Adam had just asked Britney and though it must be the alcohol talking but I did know he was a horny guy and would do anything just to get his dick sucked. Britney surprised us both by releasing Kalvin’s cock from her hand and sipping her drink. She then said ‘Well how about this I’ll take care of Kalvin’s cock as he is my boyfriend here in the hot tub only if you two look after each other too.’

I was confused by this and looked at Adam then back to Britney and said ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’

She laughed and said ‘Well you too get to decide but one of you will take care of the others cock the same way I take care of Kalvin’s, but I think Adam already knew what I meant Billy,’ and she laughed as there was movement under the water next to me and the next thing I saw were Adam’s Calvin Klein briefs floating to the surface of the water.

Adam was now sitting naked next to me in the hot tub. Before I could say anything Kalvin stood up and took off his board shorts, dropping them down to his ankles exposing his now hard 6-inch cock to the night air as he stood up in the hot tub and threw them onto the floor. I starred blankly at Kalvin and his cock which was at eye level to us as we sat across from him and Britney, his cock was rock hard pointing straight at Adam and I.

I was surprised as it was longer and thinker than my own which when hard was 5 and a half inches. Kalvin stood proudly before us showcasing his manhood then turned and stood in front of Britney his cock now pointing directly at her mouth and moved his hips forward and as she opened her mouth to welcome the head onto her tongue he let out a sigh of ecstasy.

Having not seen another guys cock this close before I was in shock at the scenes before me and froze in place. This didn’t last long though as Adam sensing his chance to take the upper hand on our side of the hot tub then stood up next to me saying ‘Well Billy since you still have your board shorts on I guess you’ll be the one sucking and I’ll be the one doing the fucking,’ as Adam stood up he was stroking his semi hard cock and moved to stand right in front of me.

As I sat I watched his cock in his hand, it was hairless and already the same size as Kalvin’s in its semi-hard state. Adam looked down at me with his deep brown eyes and continued to stroke his cock that was now just inches from my face. I couldn’t believe what was happening as I was a virgin and hadn’t been sexually active with anyone female or male and to this point had never considered sucking another guys dick but as I starred back at Adam and then to his cock it may have been the alcohol but I felt a desire to open my mouth canlı bahis siteleri and taste what his cock would feel like.

Before I could think further on it Adam had placed one hand on my head and was guiding his cock with the other towards my mouth. He pushed his hips forward and his now hard 7-inch cock hit my lips on his first attempt and bounced backwards. He said ‘Oh c’mon Billy you know you want to taste my cock, if your really good I’ll even give you a surprise drink as a reward.’

He then pushed the head of his cock against my lips and without me realising they parted and his cock entered my mouth resting on my tongue as it moved forwards into my throat. I had 3 inches of Adams cock in my mouth and he held it steady, ‘That’s it Billy get used to sucking my cock, use those lips and tongue like they are supposed to be used.’

Across from us Kalvin turned to watch as he continued to fuck Britney’s face with his own cock and said ‘Oh wow Adam looks like you’re getting a birthday blow job as well, Billy looks like a natural lets see if he can deep throat like Britney.’

Adam holding my head firmly now with both his hands replied ‘Oh fuck yeah and my cocks longer than yours so lets make this happen,’ he began to push further and further into my mouth with his cock. As his cock moved inch by inch further into my mouth and throat I felt the urge to choke and struggled to hold it back but Adam would not let me have any relief and as my eyes began to water he held his cock steady.

Looking down he said ‘Just relax Billy and let your throat get used to the feeling.’ I did as Adam said and tried to relax my throat muscles and concentrate on breathing around his cock and through my nose. This began to work and sensing my acceptance Adam continue to push inch by inch of his cock down my throat until my lips and nose reached the base and my nose was pressing against his abs.

Holding my head firmly in place Adam yelled out to Kalvin, ‘Oh man you have no idea how good this feels, Billy’s is definitely a natural to deep throat our cocks and his lips feel so good. I’m not going to be able to hold out much longer.’

And with that Adam began to move his hips forward and back fucking my face with his 7-inch cock. Kalvin had pulled out of Britney’s mouth now and had turned to watch as Adam continued to face fuck me on the other side of the hot tub.

Britney said ‘Maybe you should compare Billy’s blowjobs to mine Kalvin, after all it’s not cheating if it’s a guy that’s the one sucking your dick. And she sat back as Kalvin moved across the hot tub to stand by Adam who was now thrusting his hips back and forth at a frantic pace.

Adam was pressing his hands harder against my head and I could feel his body beginning to shudder, I tried to push him back so as he wouldn’t blow his load in my mouth but he had other ideas and looked down at me as he slammed the full length of his 7 inch cock down my throat and his cock began to erupt with spurt after canlı bahis spurt of cum into my throat.

Adam held his cock in place and I had no choice but to swallow as he looked down at me and said ‘That’s right Billy swallow that load made specially for you.’

I swallowed Adams cum and he stepped back, his cock sliding out of my mouth with his cum coating my lips as the head of his cock dropped from my mouth. I had barely enough time to breath in and try compose myself when Kalvin took Adams place and began to pull my face towards his hard 6-inch cock.

Having just sucked Adams cock, Kalvin said ‘Time for my birthday gift Billy’ and as I opened my lips as wide as I could he entered my mouth with his thick cock.

Kalvin was quicker than Adam and was moving my head up and down the length of his cock at a rapid pace. Just as I thought Kalvin was going to cum he pulled his cock from my mouth and said to Adam and Britney ‘Damn Adam you were right his mouth is perfect for cock, sorry Britney but I got to say this mouth and lips are made for sucking cock, plus Billy swallows.’ He laughed at Adam as he slapped his cock against my cheeks and then placed it back into my waiting mouth.

Britney wasn’t too pleased about being a worse cocksucker however said ‘Well Billy doesn’t have a pussy for you to fuck so how about instead of wasting our time out here lets go to your room and fuck.’

Kalvin however was already too close and on the verge of cumming, just as he was about to slow and pull his cock from my mouth it exploded and cum filled my mouth and dripped down my chin as his cock left my lips one last spurt of cum hit me in the cheek. I swallowed what I could and wiped the rest from my face with my hand as Kalvin lay back saying ‘Oh sorry babe but don’t worry in about 15 minutes I’ll be ready to fuck you.’

And with that Kalvin and Britney got up out of the hot tub and headed back for his bedroom saying ‘See you later Adam and thanks for the birthday blowjob Billy.’

I sat there recovering from what had just occurred and coming to terms with the fact that I had just sucked both Adam and Kalvin’s cocks. Adam still naked sat back down next to me and said ‘Who would have thought tonight would end like this Billy, you want to head back to my place and have another taste of my man milk?’ He put his arm around my shoulders and grabbed my hand placing it on his cock beneath the water, which had now once again become hard.

I turned to Adam and said ‘Uh I’m not sure, I never meant to actually suck your dick, I’m not gay…’ but the way I trailed off that sentence Adam sensed my hesitation and began to move my hand up and down his cock in the hot tub.

As I instinctively continued to stroke his cock he said ‘Well Billy for someone who isn’t gay you look to be enjoying stroking my cock and you were a natural cock sucker, I wasn’t joking when I said you are the best head I’ve ever had.’

I was still confused though and let go of his cock beneath the surface and stood up to get out of the hot tub. I looked at Adam as I left the hot tub and said ‘Nah man its late and I need to get home,’ and left the yard for my car to contemplate what had just occurred on my drive home.

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