Bill and Jeans Adventures Ch. 02

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Jumps right in where Part 1 left off, enjoy.

Stan said a friend of his told him his wife was really big into being fisted, and that her cunt could stretch to the point that she could take two fists at the same time. I looked at Stan amazed, “Two, she could take two?”

“That’s what he said,” Stan replied, as he watched in amazement at how deep I was going. Stan asked, “Dude, can you get in her up to your elbow?” as I continued to stroke back and forth, Jackie was even looser now.

“I will try,” I said, pushing in harder; and about an inch short of my elbow, Jackie became very tight again.

“Dude! One more inch,” Stan said in awe.

Bracing myself, I gave one more thrust, harder this time and I felt my hand clear something like an obstruction in Jackie, and then I was in her elbow deep! I then kept my arm still; as Jackie moaned, “Oh fuck, I am cumming!” Her cunt was squeezing me with incredible force. Her head came up and she arched her back and screamed, “Oh fuck! That is good!”

As Jackie yelled out, “Oh fuck!” this brought Marie back from her near unconscious state, she rose back up onto her hands and knees her head still resting on the pillow, and whimpered, “Someone, please fuck me!”

Stan looked at my arm, elbow deep in Jackie’s cunt, and said, “Dude, I am spent, but you have yet to experience Marie’s ass, go fuck her!”

I slowly slid my hand out of Jackie, “No, no don’t stop! I still need it!” Jackie cried.

“Here,” I said, handing Stan the butter, “lube up and get to work; it feels awesome!”

I walked over to kneel behind Marie, her asshole still gaped open from the fucking Stan had given her, cum running out of her ass and down the back of her legs. I lubed up my rock-hard cock with butter and eased it an inch into Marie’s pussy.

Marie said, “Oh yes, my ass is too sore for any more anal.”

Just then, Stan called out, “OMG! Bill, this feels fucking great; I am halfway up my forearm already.” Stan was fisting Jackie harder than I had, as she was beating her fists on the bed screaming, “Harder! Harder!”

Stan asked, “Hey Bill, how does Marie’s ass feel? Is she still tight?”

“I don’t know, I am in her pussy,” I replied.

“Her pussy? Dude you have already had her pussy; you need to tap that big ass of hers.”

Marie just glared at Stan, “Shut the fuck up Stan.”

Stan returned his attention to fisting Jackie, “Dude,” Stan called out, “I’m fuckin’ elbow deep in this bitch’s cunt now!”

“Who the fuck is this guy?” Marie asked in a soft voice, as I grabbed her tits from the side now and fucked her harder causing her to moan. I was fucking her balls deep really enjoying her pussy. Marie was squeezing me with her cunt, milking me; I think she was pressing to make me cum, worried about her ass getting fucked, knowing she could disarm my cock if I came in her pussy.

I could tell Marie did not like Stan’s rougher talk, but Jackie was really enjoying it. “Fist this bitch!” Jackie cried out, “fist me hard!”

I slammed hard into Marie’s pussy, as I watched the fisting unfold before me, more aroused than ever. Marie cried out, “Oh fuck!” as I thrust deeper now. I reached down and slapped the sides of Marie’s boobs so they swayed wildly.

Stan heard Marie cry out, “Oh fuck!” and asked, “Dude, are you fucking her ass?!”

Marie lifted her head from the pillow and shouted, “No! He is not in my ass; I told him I was sore from you fucking it for so long! You fuckin’ wore my ass out, don’t you get it? So now, Bill doesn’t get my ass!”

“Dude,” Stan offered, “If you fuck her ass, I will double fist Jackie.”

Jackie’s head sprang up, “YES!!! Marie, please say yes, I want to feel two hands fucking me!”

Stan pulled out his hand from Jackie’s ass, shiny up to his elbow, grabbed some more butter, and started lubing both hands.

Marie just glared at him and said, “Lube up all you want, but I say NO to Bill fucking my ass; I am sore from your big black cock riding me.”

I watched this debate play out, as I continued to stroke in and out of Marie’s glorious pussy, her asshole winking up at me.

Stan now held up both hands well-greased with butter, “I am waiting for Bill.” Jackie started fingering her pussy desperate to feel Stan’s hands in her, “Oh God Marie, let him fuck your ass, I need to get double fisted!”

“You shut up, you little fisting slut!” Marie screamed, and then moaned as I slammed hard and deep into her, teasing her now. “You don’t know how sore my ass is!” Marie screamed at her.

Stan saw me glance down again and he knew I was staring at her ass hole still gaping open from his fucking her for so long. Stan said, “Hey Bill, slide one finger in her ass while you’re fucking her, and tell me how it feels.”

“No!” Marie yelled, “nothing in my ass!”

But I could not help myself, I lusted after Marie’s ass and surely thought one finger would not do any harm. I could see Marie was confident her son-in-law would be content fucking her pussy, and that I was under her control, escort izmir as she flexed her pussy and squeezed my hard cock.

Marie was shocked when she felt a finger start to circle her anus and then probe inside. Marie screamed, “Bill! Get your fuckin’ finger out of my ass,” but, I had to feel more; so I slid it all the way in.

Stan proposed, “If you slide in two fingers, I will put one hand back in Jackie’s cunt!”

Jackie moaned, “For God’s sake, do it, Bill! Stick two fingers in her big ass, she can take it!”

“You fucking slut!” Marie spat out at Jackie, just as Stan roughly slammed his right fist back deep inside Jackie, causing her to convulse with pleasure. Stan thrust in hard and then turned his fist from side to side; Jackie was in heaven.

Stan just smiled, “So Bill, how does she feel?”

I started slowly moving my two fingers in and out of Marie’s ass while my cock probed deep in her pussy. “She feels tight,” I said, “and hot, really hot. I can feel my cock when I stroke in her ass, she is gripping my fingers with her ass.”

Marie felt aroused and horny being the center of attention, and though sore as hell from the fucking Stan gave her, it felt good to have two fingers in her ass while she was being fucked.

Marie sought to regain the control she thought she had, “Okay Bill, you have had your fun now take your fingers out of my ass.”

I surprised Stan and did as Marie asked, pulling my two fingers from her ass. Marie had a look of superiority now, as she stared at Stan with the expression on her face of: I won this round, sucker; and she was in control of me, and not Stan. Stan’s mind was racing; for him to control things going forward, he had to somehow convince me to fuck Marie’s ass, but how?

Marie, now revelling in her victory, teased, “That’s a good son-in-law, now give momma a nice, slow fuck.”

“Yeah! Bill,” Stan sneered, “do what momma says, momma’s boy!” And he yanked his fist back out of Jackie’s grasping cunt!

“No!!!” Jackie wailed, “I need it Stan, fist fuck me, PLEASE!!! For God’s sake, fist me.”

Stan said, “It is not up to me baby, it is up to Marie; although, I would have thought it would be up to Bill!”

Stan’s comment hit hard at my ego, and I thrust so hard into Marie’s cunt it made a smacking sound.

“Jesus, Bill, take it easy,” Marie said.

Marie had stepped into Stan’s trap. Stan said, “Yeah Bill, take it easy. Fuck Marie how she wants it, not how you want it; ask her permission to fuck her harder; say, ‘please’, Bill!”

I was fuming now, and started to jackhammer away at Marie’s pussy, slapping harder at her huge tits making them sway back and forth wildly!

“Fuck her, Bill, fuck her hard!” Jackie cried out, “she is keeping me from getting fisted!”

I grabbed a yank of Marie’s hair and pulled back hard!

Marie cried out, “Oh, Jesus!!! Bill, I’m cumming! Keep fucking me, don’t stop; keep fucking me hard, fill me up with your cum.”

I released her hair and she fell back down lying flat on the bed before me. My cock was throbbing and so hard it hurt. I looked down at her magnificent ass; her pussy gaped wide, and her asshole still gaping from Stan’s fucking was now starting to close.

“Quite a view, isn’t it?” said Stan. I just nodded staring at her ass, trying to catch my breath. Marie heard the compliment and smiled, thinking her ass had been spared.

Stan’s hand moved back and forth massaging Jackie’s ass, but still not fisting her. He asked, “So Bill, did you like how it felt when you had two fingers in Marie’s ass?”

I just nodded wiping the sweat from my eyes.

“Tell me, did it feel sore to you?”

I was puzzled by what Stan was getting at, “Feel sore? What do you mean feel sore? No, it felt great, hot, and tight.”

“Maybe hot from me fucking it earlier?” Stan posed.

“Well yes, I suppose so,” I answered.

Marie was listening and curious as she lifted her head and glared at Stan; she knew he was set on getting me to fuck her ass.

“So what’s your point, Stan?” I asked.

Jackie had been listening, as well, enthralled in the game of ‘let’s get Bill to fuck Marie’s ass’.

Stan said with a tone of sarcasm, “The point is, Bill, her ass is going to be sore for two days whether you fuck her, or not; so FUCK HER ASS!!!”

I thought, ‘Fuck! That makes so much sense,’ so I reached down and spread her legs wide.

Marie now in a panic, shouted at Stan, “You SHUT THE FUCK UP! Bill is not fucking my ass!” Marie glanced back at me and saw I had grabbed some more butter and was lubing up my throbbing cock. She started to rise, but my hand pushed her back down flat.

Marie looked at Stan, and with the look of a card player throwing down her trump card, said, “Bill, if you fuck my ass, I will tell Jean and your plans will be finished!”

I froze with the tip of my throbbing cock just an inch away from Marie’s ass.

Marie said, “Now, I know you need to cum baby, so ease your big cock back into momma’s pussy and dump your load like a good izmir escort bayan boy.”

I stared at her glorious pussy and was very tempted to do just that. If anyone would have told me this morning Marie would be asking me to do that, I would have never believed it.

Jackie now decided to enter the game, as she reached down and pulled Stan’s probing fingers from her sloppy wet pussy. “I will be back, babe,” Jackie said, going over and standing straddle of Marie. Marie looked up and saw her gaping, wet pussy; and then felt Jackie sit down on the middle of her back so she could not move. Jackie’s cunt felt like a hot wet rag on her back.

Marie in a demanding voice said, “Jackie, what the FUCK are you doing?”

Jackie leaned close to me as I was stroking my cock and was about to thrust it into Marie’s pussy. With a turn of her head towards Marie, she shouted, “SHUT UP BITCH!” while wriggling her wet cunt on Marie’s back. She took my hands and put them on her newly done super tits. “Squeeze them, Bill,” she ordered in a sultry voice, “they are yours to play with whenever you want; my ass and my pussy are yours to fuck whenever you want,” she said in the sluttiest voice I had ever heard!

And it was slutty because I knew she was giving herself to me as my personal fuck toy to use whenever and however I wanted; it was like fireworks going off in my head. Marie started to squirm trying to free herself from Jackie. Jackie slapped her big ass hard and it quivered at the impact.

“You bitch!” Marie screamed.

Jackie glanced at the butter tray that was now empty. Jackie said in a commanding voice, “Stan, bring me more butter; we are going to get Bill’s cock in the ass of this bitch one way or another!”

Marie, screamed at Jackie, “Stop this right now, you slutty bitch!”

Jackie slapped Marie’s ass even harder this time, leaving a bright red handprint. “I said shut the fuck up, Bill is going to fuck your ass, and you are not going to tell Jean!”

I was surprised at how quickly Stan appeared beside Jackie with some more butter. Jackie lubed up her fingers, while I started playing with her tits making Jackie smile, “You like them, don’t you Bill.”

“Oh yes, Jackie, they are great,” I said.

“Bill, spread her fat ass wide for me.”

I reached down and grabbed Marie’s ass, spreading her cheeks wide.

“Don’t you fucking dare, Bill,” Marie said.

Jackie slapped Marie’s ass again, screaming, “NOT ANOTHER FUCKING WORD FROM YOU!” Then, Jackie slid a well-lubed finger in Marie’s ass, then another, and was stroking two fingers in her now.

“Goddamn you, Bill!” Marie cried out.

Stan laughed, “Marie, it isn’t Bill.”

“Bring your cock up here, baby,” Jackie said to me as she rubbed lube all over my cock. “My God, Bill! Your cock is throbbing and so hard, it must hurt!” she exclaimed. I could only nod as Jackie applied the butter; and even an experienced player like Stan was speechless, at what was playing out before him.

Jackie released my cock now, and spread Marie’s ass, her asshole opening slightly as Jackie spread her cheeks. “Marie has an incredible ass, Bill,” Jackie continued, “do you want to fuck her? Do you want to go balls deep in her ass, Bill?”

I nodded eagerly, as Marie again tried in vain to free herself. Jackie had been speaking to me in a very sexy and seductive voice; but now spreading Marie’s ass cheeks even wider, till her asshole opened nearly an inch in diameter, Jackie shouted, “WELL THEN FUCKING MAN UP AND CLAIM THIS BITCH AS YOUR OWN AND FUCK HER ASS!!!”

I was like a caged animal unleashed, I lined my cock up with Marie’s ass and slammed into her with my whole body weight, toppling Jackie off of Marie, knocking all the wind out of Marie at the same time! Jackie rolled away and sat by Stan on the bed, mesmerized by the way I was pounding away at Marie’s ass.

“Oh, you SON OF A BITCH!!!” Marie screamed.

I slapped her ass hard and shouted, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

Marie was stunned. This was now linebacker Bill fucking her ass, not her son-in-law.

Stan said in amazement, “Jesus Christ look at him go! Remind me not to screw with Bill when he is in linebacker mode.” Stan turned to Jackie, “Damn, you knew the right buttons to push, didn’t you!”

Jackie smiled and replied, “Well I know a few buttons.”

Stan grinned, “Are you ready for a two-fisted fuck now?”

Jackie reached a hand down between her legs; she felt really stiff now from the break, and asked, “Can we rain check that baby?”

Stan kissed her and said, “You bet.”

I was now positioned like I was doing pushups; the only part of me touching Marie was my hard cock! I would lift up and then thrust back down with my whole body weight, each stroke taking my cock nearly out of Marie’s ass then driving back in balls deep with a slapping sound.

Marie was pounding her fists on the bed. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” she repeated.

Jackie looked concerned, “Oh God, Stan what have I done!”

“She’ll be okay babe; just watch, her ass is izmir escortlar stretching out, soon the pain will be a pleasure for her.”

Marie switched from screaming, “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” to “please stop, Bill! Make him stop!” Smack smack smack sounds filled the room, then Marie went quiet.

Jackie started to move to her, but Stan pulled her back, “Just watch.” Marie reached a hand down between her legs and started rubbing her clit moaning softly. Stan continued, “She is going to come, Jackie, watch her.”

I slowed my pace now, laying on top of Marie pushing my cock in all the way and just holding it there letting her feel it, letting her squeeze it.

Marie reached back for my arms whispering, “Hold me Bill; hold me while you fuck me. Oh God yes, that feels great!”

I reached around Marie grabbing her huge tits and holding them while I fucked her slow and deep.

“Oh God!!! Bill, I’m coming again, hold me, hold me.”

I felt Marie’s ass clench tight around my cock, and with one final thrust I shot a load of cum into Marie’s ass, she quivered and orgasmed at what felt like a fire hose going off in her ass! I lay still on top of the heaving Marie, I could feel her heartbeat through my cock. Then I rolled to the side, my cock exiting her ass as a flood of semen came pouring out. I just lay there spent.

Stan and Jackie were left looking on in awe as Marie, struggled to her knees, pausing as if drunk from the many orgasms she had. Jackie went to help her up from the bed and onto her feet.

Marie, yelled at Jackie, “Get away from me, you bitch; you got my ass fucked so hard I can barely walk!” She pointed to me and said, “Fuck you, Bill!” and then to Stan, “and really fuck you, Stan!” Then she walked gingerly and naked towards the bathroom, cum streaming from her ass and down her legs.

Jackie ran after her, Stan tapped me on the shoulder, “I need a beer; how about you?”

“Oh, hell yes!” I replied.

Stan and I returned to the table grabbed a beer and took a long-needed drink.

“Oh man, that hits the spot; I really needed that.”

Stan looked at me and smiled, “Are you referring to the beer, or the railing you just gave Marie’s ass! Dude, I can’t believe the way you pounded Marie’s ass. That was incredible!”

I was still catching my breath. “Stan,” I said, “God, her ass is so big and round, I was trying to hold back, but when Jackie challenged me to fuck her ass I just had to do it.”

“Sure you did,” Stan replied, “no man on Earth would turn down a chance to hit that. You fucked her like an animal!” Stan was laughing, “Dude, when you came and rolled off of her, I thought you were going to have a heart attack!”

“I nearly did, my heart was pounding like a drum.”

Stan rubbed his chin now pondering, “So Marie nearly fucked you to death.”

“Well yes, I mean I nearly fucked myself to death trying to fuck her to death,” I said with a grin.

“That’s good, we can use that,” Stan said, putting down his empty beer.

“Use that? What do you mean, ‘use that?'” I asked.

“Use that for the next stage, of course,” Stan said. “Those two sluts are way too hot to let getaway.”

“Dude, they are gone!” I replied, “listen to that screeching going on,” nodding towards the bathroom door. The sounds of loud cursing and then silence, then loud cursing again, had been raging for ten minutes. “And after Marie tells Jean what happened, I am screwed; and so are our plans for operation Slutty Jean.”

“Oh no, that’s a good sign,” Stan said. “You see, women, even two sluts like Marie and Jackie, have to put on an act, the pretense of not being a slut, especially when they are having sex in the same room; so they start blaming each other, calling each other slut and bitch. Then they shift the blame to us guys, that they need to set us straight, that we made them act slutty. Then they will tell us to respect their boundaries, yadda yadda, or we can never fuck them again.”

I pondered on what Stan had said and it rang true. “But Stan,” I said, “what about Marie telling Jean! We are still screwed!”

“Oh please, that was an obvious bluff. What is she going to say, ‘Oh Jean! I told Bill he could fuck my pussy, but not my ass because Stan had already fucked my ass; but he didn’t listen to his stepmother and fucked my ass anyway.'”

I thought about it and realized Stan was right, it was just a bluff.

“Just wait,” Stan continued, “any minute now, they will come out in a huff and march up to us, tell us off and set new ground rules. Just follow my lead. Watch and learn; we will have more fun if we play it right.” Stan laughed, “I hope your cock is re-charged.”

With a slam of the bathroom door, Marie and Jackie reappeared dressed in their hot, slutty clothes from earlier, but carrying their high heels instead of wearing them. They made quite a sight, marching to the table to confront us. Marie was the first to launch, “You boys,” she nearly said bastards, “are going to have to learn some ground rules, if you think this is ever going to happen again!”

Jackie was looking first at Marie, and then at Stan and myself sitting calmly at the table. “That’s right, what happened over there,” Jackie said pointing to the bed, “that only happens again if you follow our rules!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32