Bike Ride in West Virginia Ch. 01

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All Holes

Chapter 1 – Mom and Daughter

“Hey, mister, can I have a ride on your bike?” I looked up to see one of the sweetest eighteen year olds, very well developed and spilling out of her bikini, she passed C cup long ago, with very shapely legs as she stood before me in her bikini, which looked like it had been purchased before she began developing. I honestly believe I could see just a little of her nipple on each side of the bikini top.

“Go ask your mother. If she says yes then get some clothes on and I’ll take you for a ride.”

I was riding across West Virginia enjoying the sunshine and winding roads. I had just passed a ‘Gentleman’s Club’ but it was too soon to stop so I pulled into a hotel about 30 minutes down the road. I had planned on getting a room then going back and watch some T &. A, and if I got lucky come back to the room and knock off a slice. I figured giving the kid a ride would be a way to kill some time. Then I met mama!

This tall, leggy brunette wearing a tight halter top, displaying two D cups and tight shorts that caused my shorts to get tight walked up to me.

“I understand you want to give my daughter a ride”, this goddess says to me.

“Actually, your daughter was asking for the ride. But, I’ll give you a ride any time you want.”

“Let’s do it this way. Take my daughter for a ride, as long as she wants. When she’s happy, bring her back to room 31, and we can talk about my ride.”

Thirty minutes on the bike was all Brittany could take, or wanted to take. It was about as much as I could take as well. It started out innocent enough but soon turned into a most erotic experience. When Brittany first got on the bike she did as she was told. She sat back and held on to my waist. When I went around a particularly sharp curve at high speed she took the opportunity to scoot up against me and grab me around the waist. I only had a Tee shirt on and she hadn’t gotten much more than the bathing suit on for the ride. Brittany had on a half Tee with no bra. With those firm tits poking into my back I was beginning to get aroused. I never thought that a sweet little teen could get me this excited.

As we rode on she began to relax and explore my body. When she was rubbing my chest it felt good and I knew I shouldn’t have let it go any further but like I said, it felt good. Soon she was rubbing my stomach and before I knew it she had started rubbing my cock though my jeans. Soon I was at full attention and she seemed excited herself. She was beginning to breathe hard.

“Let’s go back,” she said. “I’ve had enough fun on the bike.” We turned around and headed back to the motel.

When I pulled up in front of room 31 Brittany’s mother was waiting for us. I was concerned that she might be mad because we were gone for so long. But she had a smile on her face and greeted her daughter with, “Was it as good as you expected?”

“Even better.” replied Brittany.

We both dismounted and moved into the motel room with mom. As soon as we were inside Grace, I soon learned her name, closed, locked, and bolted the door. My first reaction was to run so when I turned around I must have had a shocked look on my face because Grace assured me that they didn’t kaçak iddaa have anything bad planned.

“You must be hot from being out in the sun on your bike. Why don’t you cool down and make yourself comfortable like Brittany is? I turned around to find Brittany wearing only a smile. That was all it took. My telephone pole sprang to attention and began demanding to be released from my jeans.

“What are you two up to?” I asked as I turned around to Grace. Then my jaw dropped because there stood Grace naked as the day she was born. Her pussy had been shaved clean. And my suspicions were confirmed that Grace did not need anything to hold her D cups up. So I got down on my knees to worship the goddess. I walked forward on my knees and sniffed the aroma of her wonderful, hairless cunt. As my nose approached her cunt she spread her legs. I took this as an open invitation to taste the nectar of this goddess.

I slid my tongue between her pussy lips, prying them apart and ran it up to envelope her clit. It must have been two inches long, and hard as a pencil eraser. I sucked it into my mouth and gave her a blow job as I have experienced myself from many talented women. In just a couple of minutes her knees began to buckle and she collapsed onto the bed. I followed her down, never letting go of her clit.

As I was servicing her mother Brittany started complaining about being left out. She came over and began unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans. I let up on Grace long enough to let Brittany pull my jeans and shirt off, then I was back at sucking on Grace’s clit. She was in a non-stop orgasm.

Brittany now had full access to my equipment and she began to show how appreciative she was by laying down under me and taking my cock in her hand and pumping it against her lips. It was so big in diameter she couldn’t get it in her mouth so she just licked it and jacked me off.

Just as her mother came down off her last orgasm I cut loose with a load that nearly drowned Brittany. I pumped seven or eight good solid ropes of cum onto Brittany’s face and tits. When I was done you couldn’t tell who was on the floor for all the cum hiding her lovely face.

Brittany started cleaning her face and chest off by using her hand like a squeegee and scooping the cum and drinking it down. She got up and crawled onto the bed over her mother and let her help with the cleanup.

Watching Grace licking the cum off of Brittany’s tits was causing a growth between my legs again and I was ready for another round. Preferably some hot juicy pussy.

“Look mom, the south is rising again.” Brittany giggled to her mother. I think the candle maker wants his candle lit.

“Let’s clean up first.” Said Grace. I don’t like to fuck when I’m all messy.

We went into the bathroom and climbed into the shower. We began soaping each other up until we were clean and covered with suds. “You know soap makes a pretty good lubricant.” Said Brittany. She began rubbing soap into her pussy and soaping up my cock. “You gonna stick that up my pussy, or am I going to have to beg?”

“It wouldn’t fit in your mouth, what makes you think it will fit up your pussy?” I asked.

“Don’t know if it will or not but we kaçak bahis won’t know if we don’t try.”

She put her hands around my neck and pulled herself up till my cock slipped between her legs. She then slid her pussy back and forth on the top of my cock stimulating her clit until her cunt was good and wet. Then she pulled back the length of my cock.

“Ok. Aim it at the hole and I will do the rest.”

I reached down and lifted my cock up and ran the head across and between the lips of her cunt till I could feel her juices covering it.

“Ok, just hold still. If a woman can squeeze a baby out this hole we should be able to stuff that cock in. It isn’t nearly as big as a baby’s head.” Brittany panted.

Brittany then began wiggling her hips till the head was positioned right at the entrance to her vagina. Then she began pushing down. I could feel the head begin to enter her hot cunt. At first I thought that there was no way this would work. Then Brittany had her first orgasm. She screamed and convulsed and once her cunt stopped spasming it relaxed a little and another half inch slipped in. Brittany pushed a little harder and another quarter to half an inch eased in and she started another orgasm. She was exhausted already but she wouldn’t let me back out. “I’m going to put that whole thing in me or split myself in half trying. Now keep it up and don’t you dare come before I’m finished.”

The whole head of my cock wasn’t even in her and I couldn’t see how we would get much more in no matter what Brittany thought. But she was persistent and kept pushing. Suddenly the head popped in and Brittany let out a blood curdling scream. I wasn’t sure if it was from pain or orgasm. I’m not sure by this time if Brittany could distinguish the difference. After the head went in the rest was a little easier. Each little bit that slipped in caused another orgasm in Brittany. I got about half way in and bottomed out. There is no way any more would fit. Now I started sliding in and out just about an inch and every move I made Brittany had another orgasm.

“My God, I never knew life could be this good.” She moaned. But you have to stop. If I come again I’ll die. I’m too young and there is too much cock to be sampled to die now.”

I slowly eased back out of her but even that triggered several orgasms before I was completely out. As my cock head popped out she had one last mind blowing orgasm.

“I’m a little more experienced than Brittany. Let’s see how much of that thing you can stuff into here.” Grace said as she spread her legs and pussy lips. Grace was wet and excited from watching her daughter being impaled on my pole so as I slid in between her legs the first four or five inches slid in with no resistance. I stroked a couple of times and bottomed out with about two inches to go. Grace came up to meet me and with one last lunge buried my cock to the hilt and began an orgasm that I thought I would need a seat belt to ride. This was definitely an adult ride, a kid wouldn’t have been able to hang on.

When the orgasm express came down off the last hill Grace lay there panting. “Fuck me hard stud and don’t stop till I pass out or die. I slammed into her hard pounding her into the illegal bahis bed and listening to her have an orgasm with almost every stroke. Finally she went limp. I checked quick for a pulse just to make sure and when I felt one I began running for the finish line.

By now Brittany had recovered and yelled. “No, Stop. I want that before you unload it. Get off mom and stuff that back in here.”

Brittany rolled over onto her back and spread her legs. I eased myself down on top of her as she guided my now straining cock into her tight young cunt. I slid in easier this time since she was already stretched, and bottomed out still with only half my cock buried in her. “Now, slam it to me. I want you to fuck me like you did my mom.”

I knew if I did that it could kill her but I did slam it to her just making sure I didn’t drive it in to the hilt. Still I was amazed at how much she could take and still beg for more. Finally I could feel the sperm train getting ready to leave the station when the conductor yelled ‘All Aboard’ and the first wad of cum spilled into Brittany. When the first blast hit her womb she started her orgasm. Each time my cock throbbed and dumped another load she climbed higher up the orgasm ladder. Finally she reached the top and fell back down, asleep and, at least temporarily, satisfied.

Grace came around and eased over to clean us up by licking my cum off of both of us. She didn’t get it all cleaned off before we all fell asleep.

On waking up nestled cozily between two horny women I began to get aroused once again.

“Before we start this again, and I do want to do this again, let us get cleaned up.”, Grace suggested.

We moved to the shower arm in arm with Grace and Brittany on each of my arms and one each hand wrapped around my semi erect cock.

In the shower we washed each other with me paying particular attention to their pussy and tits, as they each concentrated on my cock. This attention was bringing me back to attention and before we were all dried off from the shower I had my cock once again planted deeply in Graces pussy. We fell onto the bed with me on bottom and grace trying to drive me into her throat from her pussy. Mean while Brittany tried to smother me with her very wet and dripping pussy by climbing onto my face.

Brittany was sitting on my face while facing my feet. Her mother was riding up and down on my cock facing my head. I couldn’t tell for sure but it seemed like Grace and Brittany were enjoying each other as much as they were enjoying me. I didn’t mind as long as I got a chance to breathe now and again. After ejaculating three times I was good for a long, happy ride which was proving to be quite a long time. Finally Grace started her orgasm and massaged my cock with her convulsing pussy walls until she fell over and rolled to the other side of the bed. Brittany took advantage of the move and fell forward and started licking her mothers juices off my cock. I was beginning to get sore and urged Brittany to bring me to blow one more load. So Brittany got up and sat on my cock one more time and rode me to one fantastic cum. I pumped cum into Brittany until it ran out of her hot, tight love tunnel.

I had never been fucked so thoroughly and was thankful when I went soft and we all fell asleep to get a good rest.

The next morning we exchanged numbers and promised to re-enact the night again next year same time, same place.

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