Big Dick Diplomacy Ch. 13

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The outrage and fallout from the Danielle Houston scandal generated a firestorm that no one could stop talking about.

Every news channel was running it as their only major story. It filled newspaper headlines, editorial op-eds, and even became a prominent source of material for late night hosts.

“Can you believe this?” asked Benny Mitchell, the late night host that had interviewed Tom at one point last year. “The President of the United States having an affair with his own party chairman’s wife? And she got a picture of the whole thing? I guess she wanted something to remember him by! It’s probably the first time she’s received a pearl necklace in years!”

The audience roared with laughter but Tom could only scowl and hit the power button. He reclined in his chair in the oval office. Despite it being well past the time he usually went to sleep, he wasn’t feeling tired. All he wanted to do was shut out the world and try to weather the storm.

But how could he do that when everyone in the country seemed focused on him?

With election day less than half a week away, his chances seemed doomed. He had a stack of messages on his desk from upset donors and concerned citizens. Every interview he watched about the subject always came back to the same thing.

“Well, frankly, I think he should resign,” said one disgruntled woman on the news. Her voice was too nasally for her own good. “I mean who does that? You expect common decency from the president and he’s sleeping with another man’s wife? No, thank you!”

Others were less concerned with the morality of it all and more concerned with what Tom might have been neglecting while having his midnight romps.

“I just think it’s all bullshit, man,” said a thirtyish male shopper who’d been caught coming out of a small town convenience store. “The Russians and the Chinese keep getting stronger and here we have Tom Radford more concerned with getting someone in the bedroom. I’m a lifelong party man but this election, I’m voting for Norwood!”

It seemed nearly every interview went the same way. Just in the last day, protesters had taken to picketing outside the White House, all of them carrying bright and bold signs that could be clearly seen from inside. Most of them were the same message—get out, go home, or resign. One old lady held a sign that said “No more sex in the White House” which was comical because the sign was nearly larger than she was.

In all, Tom’s presidency was in serious trouble. The last poll released already showed Norwood widening the gap again and now leading him by seven points.

At this point, Tom was almost positive it would be best for him to start packing. How could he potentially recover from this? One thing was for certain—Norwood planned the most opportune time to release that picture, and in doing so, had practically secured the presidency for himself.

Tom needed a way to mitigate the damage if he was going to have a chance at not losing in a landslide on Tuesday. The only problem was there was no time to do anything. There wasn’t enough time to mount a reputation rescue campaign, sign any legislation to turn around his image, or to hope for a bigger distraction to take the place of his story.

There was really only one thing he could do.

“I have it,” said Aubrey that evening while they were laying in bed. “Why don’t you give a speech? A true oval office speech directly to the people?”

Tom pursed his lips. “A speech to do what? Grovel? Tell them I’m not really a scumbag like I’ve been made out to be?”

“It can be whatever you want. It’s your speech,” she said. “But you have to do something before election day and this would be the quickest route. You can say what’s on your mind and your heart and talk to the people directly instead of letting them hear everything about you through the media.”

“I don’t want this to just be an apology speech though,” said Tom sourly. “Yes, I get it, the whole situation looks bad. I look like a political gigolo but I don’t want to grovel in front of the television screen.”

Aubrey looked back at him and shrugged. “Then don’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“Why does it have to be an apology, Tom? Why do you need an excuse for your actions at all?”

Tom sighed. “Because it’s the only way to keep this office! They are already demanding blood and I have to appease them somehow!”

“No, your political enemies are demanding blood,” corrected Aubrey. “And they always have been and my guess is that they always will be. This just gave them another talking point but from my standpoint, you don’t have anything to apologize for.”

Tom gave her a wary look. “Can you explain a bit more of your thinking?”

“It goes like this. What did you tell me when we first started to get serious with our relationship? What factor about your job were you most worried about? The fact that you sometimes need to use your dick as a political tool, right?”

Tom nodded.

“I know that you don’t use it because you just want to fuck every girl artemisbet yeni giriş you see,” said Aubrey. “You’re not that type of guy. But, on the other hand, to do your job to the level it needs to be done, you have to use every tool in your arsenal. This is just one of them. Why should you apologize for doing that? Having sex with Danielle got Elias to play ball with you again. He started paying the salaries of your campaign workers again, right?”

“Right,” confirmed Tom. “He hated every minute of it but he still did it.”

“See, that’s exactly what I’m talking about, Tom. You used your dick to settle a dispute where every other method had failed. You did the same thing with Gia and you did it again in Turkey with that minister. Is it unorthodox? Absolutely, but it gets results. I think that’s the angle you should push. Americans are sick to death of the type of Washington political bullshit that results in gridlock. You’re using your natural talents to get around that and actually get things done. I don’t think most people would fault you for what you’ve done.”

“I think most people would look at me like a pervert,” grumbled Tom.

Aubrey shrugged. “You’ll never know if you don’t ask. I think you should take it to the people and let them decide. Let the election be your own personal referendum. Do they want more of the same with a candidate like Norwood? Or do they want someone who can actually get results? I know which one I’ll choose.”

Tom actually smiled. “Well, you’re a little biased.”

She giggled in response. “I don’t know. Iconsidered Norwood briefly but ultimately, there was one thing that swung me in your camp.”

“Is that right? And what was that?”

She leaned in to kiss him. “The fact that you’re so damn sexy and I can’t keep my hands off of you.”

That quickly ended all conversation. When Aubrey grabbed his hand and tucked it under the waistband of her thong, it put aside any talk of a speech, the election, or Norwood. It was only afterward when Aubrey was already asleep that he was still awake considering her idea. It wasn’t a bad one but Tom had a hard time accepting that he could be so blasé in the face of such scrutiny. Would the people really accept his methods and vote for a second term?

Would he even be able to pose such a question to them in the first place?


The next morning, Tom was busy putting together his thoughts for a potential speech. His decision to give it a go wasn’t final just yet but he wanted to see if he could find the right words to give a proper address to the American public. It wasn’t coming along that great when he was interrupted as Ryan came into the room.

Like other times before, Ryan was all business with a serious face.

“The Spider has escaped,” he said while dropping a fat file on Tom’s desk.

That had Tom’s attention immediately. He looked at Ryan with wide eyes.

“What do you mean escaped? Olga escaped the Russian authorities?”

Ryan nodded. “She’s out of their custody, that’s for sure,” he replied. “They don’t know that we know but I had a leak passed through the embassy in Moscow. She was supposed to be on a train headed east to Yekaterinburg but when it arrived, she wasn’t on it. The Russians are stumped and there’s a massive hunt going on to find out where she went but so far they have no leads.”

“How many miles between Moscow and Yekaterinburg, Ryan?”

“About 1,100. It would be a rough equivalent of the distance between Chicago and Orlando.”

Tom’s eyes widened. “That’s a pretty large search area.”

“Which is why we think they’ll never find her,” said Ryan. “They can have the entire Russian Army searching for her and they’d never find her in that space, even if they came within ten feet of her. They don’t call her the Spider for nothing.”

“Perhaps Olga has a fighting chance then,” said Tom. “Keep me posted on what you hear from her. I want to know if she tries to make contact with our people. The same orders from before still stand. If you can find a way to extradite her, do it and ask questions later.”

Ryan nodded. “You got it, sir.”

One he’d left the room, Tom leaned back in his chair. He was incredibly happy that Olga had managed to escape but he hoped it was something of her own doing and not the result of other people getting their hands on her. He imagined she had enough enemies from her career that anyone with a grudge and the resources would be able to get their hands on her in transit. This could be either a promising sign or a concerning one.

Only time would tell which was correct.

He wasn’t back to work for very long when another visitor arrived at his office. This one was a little more unsuspecting than Ryan.

“Well, if it isn’t Senator Victoria Blumanthall,” said Tom as an easy smile parted his lips. “I’m surprised to see you today.”

Victoria waved at him and sat down in front of his desk. “Tom, you don’t need to be so formal. After all, how many times have we had sex?”

“I lost count artemisbet giriş a long time ago.”

“Exactly,” she purred. “And why are you so shocked to see me today?”

The smile dropped from his face. “Don’t you watch the news? I’m what you would call a political leper right now.”

“What, the whole Danielle Houston thing?” Victoria waved her hand dismissively. “If they only knew half the things we got into when we were fucking regularly, we’d give them stories to run for the rest of the year.”

Tom put both his hands up. “That’s the last thing I need right now. I have enough damage to my reputation as is.”

“I wasn’t suggesting that someone tell them, Tom. I’m just saying that simply having sex with her was a rather tame event in comparison.”

“Glad you think so,” he grumbled. “So if you’re not upset or angry with me, then why are you here?”

Victoria smiled. “I thought I should warn you about what’s going to happen in the next six hours.”

The bottom dropped out of his stomach. “What’s going to happen?”

“Nothing too big. I’m going to endorse you for president though.”

Tom’s eyes went wide. “Say that again?”

She laughed softly. “I know, I can scarcely believe those words came out of my mouth too. But you heard correctly. I’m going to endorse your candidacy officially, and I’m going to do it later today.”

Tom stammered on his words for a moment before he could reply. “I’m just . . . shocked. Why? What purpose is there to it?”

“Because you’re a friend in need and I won’t ever forget the time that you helped me when I needed it,” replied Victoria. “Plus the fact that I miss having your cock inside me, and I thought this might get me a little bit of action tonight.”

He was still staring at her with an incredulous look on his face. “Don’t you understand what you’re doing? Endorsing me is like political suicide after the last two days! I would have taken your endorsement any time before this Danielle thing blew up in my face but don’t tank your career alongside mine!”

“I’m not tanking anything, Tom. Remember, I’m a political maverick. I don’t go where the party always wants me to go. If I listened to them, I’d be giving little Kumbaya speeches for Norwood.” Victoria made a disgusted face. “Can you imagine anything more trite? Jerry Norwood has always been and will always be a weasel. I couldn’t endorse him even if I believed in his positions. He’s just too . . . sterile.”

“Harsh words from someone in the same party,” remarked Tom.

Victoria shrugged. “It is what it is. The fact of the matter is that Norwood is a tighty whities type of guy and I’m . . .”

“Someone who has their own sex dungeon in their basement?” finished Tom.

Victoria beamed with a smile. “Exactly. Couldn’t have said it better myself!”

Tom stood up and walked closer to Victoria. He leaned on the side of the desk. “Listen, I really appreciate what you’re trying to do. I know why you’re doing this and I would never think to ask this of you normally.”

“There’s nothing for you to ask,” she said softly. “I’m doing this whether you like it or not.”

“Victoria, please, think about this. You can do so much good for people if you stay in Washington. A last-minute endorsement for me when I’m already in hot water is going to put a target on your back by the rest of your party. The next election that comes, they’re going to do the same thing to you as they did to me. They’re going to yank your funding and give it to the other guy.”

“Or woman,” she added.

“Or woman,” he conceded. “Now, she’ll never look as hot as you.”

She snorted. “There’s no fucking chance of that.”

“But she’ll beat you with someone else’s money,” finished Tom. “I don’t want that on my hands. I’m a sinking ship politically and you shouldn’t hitch yourself to me.”

“Tom, there’s something you need to understand first. I haven’t gotten a single red cent from my party ever since we started cooperating over that wall street law.”

His mouth fell open. “Are you serious?”

“Completely, unfortunately,” she answered. “I’ve been on their shit list since I helped to pass your jobs bill. When the wall street thing came around, they cut me off completely. I am up for reelection in two years. I already know I’m going to be on my own.”

“Then it just adds to my point,” said Tom. “You don’t want to piss them off any further.”

“No, Ido want to piss them off.” Victoria crossed her arms in front of her chest. “They’re not going to help me so fuck them. I’m going to endorse their rival and make sure I go down with both middle fingers up. That’s why this makes sense to me, Tom. I get to help out a true friend in need while pissing them off simultaneously. I’m jumping at that chance.”

He couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re one of a kind, do you know that?”

“That’s what they tell me,” she quipped. “And you know something? They’re right!”

They both shared a laugh at that before Tom started speaking again. “Well, if I can’t talk you out of artemisbet güvenilirmi it, I guess I’ll have to let you do it.”

“Thrilled to have your approval,” she replied dryly before her hand started to slide up his leg. “So as a means of celebrating, how about we revisit some old times?”

Tom reluctantly stopped her hand. “I can’t. You know that.”

Victoria’s head tilted to one side. “Still serious with that girl, are you? Aubrey?”

Tom nodded.

“What a pity,” said Victoria as she removed her hand. “We’re going to have to teach her to share.”

“Yeah, about that,” said Tom as he struggled not to laugh. “I think you’ll find that she plays well with others already.”

Victoria let out a purr. “Now that’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing. She’s an attractive girl. How’s her tongue?”

“I’ll let her show you for herself someday,” said Tom. “Probably will have to happen soon though. I doubt I’ll be in Washington for much longer.”

Victoria stood up and put both her hands on his shoulders. “Hang in there, Tom. This isn’t as big of a deal as you think. You’re not the first man to have an affair with another man’s wife, and the people don’t think you’re a sex-crazed pervert.”

Tom grunted. “Sex-crazed pervert, huh? I see you’ve been watching the news. I’ve been called just about everything under the sun in the last two days.”

“It’s not that big of a deal,” she repeated. “Besides, part of me thinks you should own this. You should stand up and tell the people why you did it. Don’t go into this trying to throw yourself on the sacrificial altar because they’re just going to crucify you if you do. Own it and tell them you do things that might seem unsavory for the good of the country. I bet you’d be surprised at how many of them will respect you for it.”

“Aubrey said something very similar,” replied Tom. “I’m beginning to think you two cooked this up together.”

“Smart girl,” said Victoria with a smug smile.

“Let’s say you’re right about all this,” said Tom. “And I do own it. They might respect me, but they won’t vote for me on Tuesday. I’ll just be the interesting one-term president who once got busted. Textbooks will be full of whatnot to do when getting your hand caught in the cookie jar.”

“I think you’ll be surprised at what happens,” said Victoria. “I wouldn’t tell you this lightly. I think a couple of cross-party endorsements and a no-fucks-given speech to the public will be just what your polling numbers need.”

“I guess you’ll be happy to hear that I’m already thinking just such a speech over,” said Tom as he gestured toward his desk. “If I can only find the words to make it.”

Victoria smiled. “Perfect. I’m glad to hear it. You’re too good at what you do to let this be the end of you.”

“You think that but on Tuesday night we’re going to see if the rest of the country thinks like you do.”

Victoria leaned in and kissed him innocently. “I bet they will. Is it all right if I show up at election headquarters that night?”

“Of course,” replied Tom. “I imagine I’ll be in need of friends to watch it with me.”

“Consider it a date then,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. “Maybe afterwards we can see how easily Aubrey can really share.”

She didn’t give him much of a chance to respond. Victoria quickly turned heel and strutted out of his office while shaking her ass from side to side in a deliberate attempt to stir his passions. Before she was gone, Tom thought about what it would be like to be with both Victoria and Aubrey at the same time.

Would it be hotter than having sex with Aubreyand Chelsea?

Those entertaining thoughts found fertile ground in his head for the rest of the morning.


Victoria’s endorsement went off without a hitch.

Not only was a statement released from her office but she also gave a small press conference where she announced why she was giving her vote to him.

“I know that Tom Radford is a good and honest man,” said Victoria to the cameras. “He’s been a terrific partner in politics—something that isn’t easy to come by in Washington. I believe that he has the right combination of ability, intelligence, and strength to serve the office well. I fully endorse him for a second term.”

The reporters surrounding her went wild.

“Senator Blumanthall, what do you have to say about the President’s alleged affair?”

“Senator Blumanthall, were you threatened to endorse the President?”

“What does your party think about endorsing someone from the other side of the aisle?”

Thankfully, Victoria knew better than to engage in those games and she walked back to her office without a single word. The effect was tumultuous though. For a brief moment in time, the big story on the news was her surprising endorsement and not the Danielle Houston story.

That was magnified even more when Senator Alexa Rodriguez of New Mexico also gave her endorsement of Tom, mimicking the same type of press conference.

Both of them were startling displays in their own right but Tom wasn’t as surprised with Alexa. He fondly remembered the time spent in Victoria’s basement fucking both women. Those memories were so vivid that he could even remember the fact that Alexa was a squirter, always coating his lower half every time she orgasmed.

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