Bi-Cops Ch. 01 – Night Sticks

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Case kept his hand near the butt of his gun as he and Avery approached the old pickup in the gray pre-dawn light. It looked innocent enough, with a surfboard sticking up over the tailgate, but you didn’t take chances on these early morning traffic stops.

The driver’s door opened and a good-looking teenage boy got out. He was a tall thin bodybuilder with long flowing blond hair, blue eyes, and full lips, dressed only in sneakers and super-tight blue jean cutoffs.

Case tensed. “Please get back in the vehicle, sir.” His hand dropped to his gun butt.

The boy held his ground. “Sorry.” He smiled politely. “Light doesn’t work. Here’s my license.”

Case scanned it quickly. Robert William Stark, 18 years old, 6’2″, 165 pounds, blue eyes, blond hair. He handed the license to Avery, who went back to the patrol car to run it.

“Sir!” Case liked the way they jerked at the single word’s sound. “Know why we pulled you over?”

“Going a little too fast, I guess.” Stark leaned back against the pickup door and thrust his crotch forward. The tightly-stretched cutoffs showed off his big cock and bulging balls.

“Twenty-five over the limit. Really dangerous on an old road like this. A farm truck could pull right out of the trees in front of you.”

“Sorry. Too eager to get to the beach by dawn.” Stark looked Case over, taking in his 6’2″, 220 pound, ex-football player frame, and lingering on his crotch.

Case ran his fingers through his black crewcut and locked his brown eyes on Stark. “Surf’s better if you get there alive.”

“Can’t argue with that.” Stark sounded apologetic. Everyone was sorry when the police caught them.

Avery came back from the patrol car. “Clean. Kid and truck.”

Stark’s cock shifted under the sprayed-on cutoffs when he leaned forward and looked down at his foot. “My shoe’s untied.” He turned away from the cops and bent over, stretching the tight fabric covering his butt cheeks. Case’s rod hardened as he stared at the boy’s muscular ass in the glare of the patrol car lights.

Case looked over at Avery. He was staring at Stark with a bulge in his uniform pants. Case suddenly saw him as a sexy 6′ tall, 200 pound weightlifter, with blue eyes and short brown hair. They’d been partners for two years. In some ways, they knew each other better than Case’s wife or Avery’s steady stream of girlfriends.

Case’s cock, trapped in his underwear, was painfully hard. Guys had never turned him on, but he was horny as hell.

Stark straightened up and turned to face them. “I’m really sorry about speeding. It’s a dumb thing to do. I know this is a dangerous road, even at 5:00 AM. I’ll be more careful.” He looked from one cop to the other. “Damn. My other shoe’s untied.”

He turned around and bent over again, stretching the worn fabric over his muscular ass. Case tried to slow his pounding heart and rapid breathing. He couldn’t, any more than he could make his hard cock go down.

Bobby stood up and faced Case and Avery. “Want to pat me down?”

Someone else seemed to be reaching between the blond boy’s legs. Case’s fingers closed on the kid’s boner. Stark put his hand on Case’s, pressing it more tightly against his hard cock. “Yeah,” he whispered. “I’ve always wanted to do a cop.”

“This is your chance.” Case and Avery unzipped their uniform pants and pulled their cocks out. Freed from their confining trousers and underwear, they instantly jumped to full attention.

“Jesus!” Stark looked from one cop to the other with wide eyes. Avery’s cock was unusually long and bahis şirketleri thick, with a flaring mushroom-shaped head. Case’s rod was even bigger, with a wide plow-shaped cock-head.

Stark unzipped his cutoffs, let them fall around his ankles, and stepped out of them. His rock-hard cock was smaller than Case’s or Avery’s, but still bigger than average, with a conical head. He stepped between Case and Avery and gripped their cocks.

“You like these cocks, Bobby?” Case asked.

“Yes, Sir!”

“Then get to work on ’em.”

Bobby sank to his knees and wrapped his full lips around Case’s big plow-head. “That’s good.” Case rocked his hips slowly while Bobby licked and sucked his cock-head.

Bobby pulled away and turned to Avery. Case stroked his stiff rod while watching the kid suck his partner’s cock.

It was Case’s turn again. He ran his fingers through Bobby’s long blond hair while the kid’s head bobbed over Case’s cock, stretching his mouth over its wide head and thick shaft. The tension was building in Case’s nuts when Bobby turned back to Avery.

Bobby sucked Avery long and hard, then came back to Case, squeezing his balls, jacking his shaft, and sucking his swollen cock-head. Case’s stiff pole was throbbing when the little cock tease pulled away. Case tried to grab his head, but Bobby deftly dodged and went back to sucking Avery.

Bobby pulled Case closer to Avery and took both their dicks in his mouth. They each put a hand on his shoulders. The cops rubbed cocks while they fucked Bobby’s face. It was unbelievably sexy.

Case was about to come. Avery’s throbbing dick rubbed against his.

Case yanked his cock out of Bobby’s mouth. “I’m gonna fuck your ass.”

Bobby looked both excited and scared as he stared at Case’s rock-hard cock, dripping precum and glistening with saliva. “Got any lube? Your cocks are too big to just use spit.”

“Maybe something in the first aid kit.”

“I’ve got a private place,” Bobby said. “Couple miles from here.”

* * * *

It was a big old concrete block building with a galvanized steel roof and oversized doors.

Bobby unlocked a regular-sized door. “Dad owns this warehouse. An import-export company was renting it, but they went out of business. Now, we just rent the space out for long-term storage.”

Case swung his flashlight around the large room. It was two stories high. Big machines fastened to wooden pallets covered a quarter of the floor. “What are those?”

“Marine engines,” Bobby answered. “Big diesels. Came in two weeks ago. Be here a couple months.” He saw Case looking at him. “Dad made me manager of this place. It’s not a tough job. I check shipments in and out and come by every few days to make sure everything’s all right.” He turned and gestured with his flashlight beam. “Come on. This way.”

They went through a door in the back wall. Inside, Bobby flipped switches, turning on a handful of fluorescent lights in the ceiling.

They lit a small suite of utilitarian offices, shabby from neglect and mostly empty. Bobby led them down the hall into a small room, furnished with a beat-up metal desk, several equally-battered steel filing cabinets, a few straight chairs, and a rolling chair, all from the 1950s. The bench seat from an old pickup truck leaned against the wall.

“My office,” Bobby said. “First stop to the executive suite.” He took a squeeze bottle of lube out of a desk drawer and walked through a door in the back wall. Case and Avery followed him into a smaller room. A reasonably new-looking king-sized bahis firmaları mattress covered most of the floor.

Bobby turned to face the cops. For an instant, Case was afraid the blond surfer would try to kiss him. Then, he unzipped his cutoffs and his hard-on sprang up. He stepped out of the skimpy shorts and kicked them away.

“You gonna wear all that?” Bobby looked at Case’s and Avery’s bulky uniforms and heavy equipment belts. “It’ll be kinky, I guess.”

Case and Avery stripped quickly. Bobby grinned at their muscular bodies and massive hard-ons.

He sank to his knees in the middle of the mattress. “You guys ready?”

Case stroked his stiff cock while staring at the young man’s tall muscular body and long stiff dick. “Yeah.” He moved behind Bobby and pushed him onto his hands and knees.

“Nice ass.” Case stared at the little puckered brown hole between Bobby’s sculpted buttocks briefly, then coated his index finger with lube and pushed it up the boy’s butt. It slid in easily.

“Oh yeah!” Bobby’s ass muscles clamped Case’s finger. “Tight enough?” He rocked his hips, humping Case’s slick finger.

“Let’s see.” Case pressed his crossed index and third fingers into Bobby’s tight hole, twisting his hand while he finger-fucked Bobby’s ass.

“That’s good!” Bobby gasped.

Case reached between Bobby’s legs with his free hand and jacked the kid’s rock-hard cock, smearing the precum coating its tip and running down its shaft.

“Fuck me now,” Bobby said. “Just take it easy. I’ve never had a guy as big as you.”

Case’s wife Liz liked it up the butt. She’d taught him to be gentle. “No problem.”

He lubricated his gigantic tool, pressed its wide plow-shaped head into the center of Bobby’s puckered hole, and pushed forward. When the blond boy cried out in pain and tried to pull away, Case backed off to let him relax, then pushed in further.

Bobby moaned with mixed pain and pleasure, stroking his hard pole as Case’s thick shaft stretched his asshole.

Avery was standing at the edge of the mattress, jacking his rod while he watched Bobby and Case. “Over here,” Bobby said. Avery sank to his knees in front of Bobby with his stiff cock inches away from the boy’s face.

Case fucked Bobby slowly. The kid’s asshole was hotter and tighter than any pussy.

Bobby pushed back against Case’s cock while jacking and sucking Avery’s dick.

“Jesus, that’s good,” Avery said. “You’re a great cocksucker.”

“You’ve got a great cock.” Bobby stroked Avery’s stiff rod while squeezing his balls. “You getting close?” Avery nodded. “Want to shoot in my mouth or save it for my ass?”

“Ass.” Avery stepped away from Bobby.

Case pounded Bobby’s butt, pulling almost completely out, then roughly driving home, shaking the boy’s body.

“Fuck me with that big cop cock!” Bobby gasped. “Shoot your gun up my ass!”

Bobby cried out in surprise when Case pulled out. “On your back!” he growled.

Bobby lay on his back with his bent knees over his chest, lifting his butt high in the air. “Come on. Fuck me good and hard.”

Case moved between Bobby’s spread legs and slid his rock-hard up the boy’s ass.

“Yeah! That’s great!” Case stared at Bobby’s hard cock and bouncing balls, feeling the pressure build in his nuts as he fucked the kid’s tight hot ass. He wrapped his hand around Bobby’s stiff pole and jacked it roughly.

Bobby pushed Case’s hand away. “Don’t wanna come too soon.”

“All right.” Case gripped Bobby’s ankles like wheelbarrow handles and pulled kaçak bahis siteleri them up and over his shoulders, lifting the kid’s butt higher.

“Jesus!” Bobby gasped.

Case rocked Bobby’s legs as he drove into the boy’s tight ass, pulling almost all the way out, then slamming home again. “Ready for a big hot load?”

“Fuck yeah! . . . Shoot in me! . . . Now! . . . Oh Jesus! . . . Oh yeah!” Cum spurted from Bobby’s throbbing cock, splashing his belly and chest, as Case hammered him relentlessly, firing shot after shot of hot cum up his ass.

Avery was kneeling at the edge of the mattress, slowly stroking his own hard-on. Watching his partner beat off was disturbingly sexy. Case pulled out of Bobby’s butt and grinned at Avery. “Your turn.”

Avery quickly took Case’s place.

“Fuck me right now,” Bobby said. “I don’t need any more lube.”

Avery slid his cock all the way up the boy’s butt.

“Oh yeah!” Bobby cried. “Give it to me. Good and hard.”

Case stared at Avery’s flexing buttocks while his partner plowed Bobby’s ass. His cock had grown harder than ever.

“What?” Avery froze as Case pressed his cock-head between his buttocks, then relaxed. “Go ahead.” He pushed back, easily taking Case’s long thick cock.

“Do it hard,” Avery said. He fucked Bobby roughly while Case hammered his ass.

“Oh fuck!” Case gasped. “So goddamn fuckin’ hot!”

“Come on!” Avery’s asshole clamped Case’s driving cock. “Shoot a big load!”

“Here it comes.” Case fired hot pulses of cum up Avery’s ass.

“Yeah!” Bobby screamed. “Shoot that big cock!”

Case finally ran out of ammo and stopped with his cock up Avery’s butt. “You like that, partner?”

“Oh yeah. Being in the middle . . . I’ve never come so hard.”

“Great for me, too.” Case pulled his stiff cock out of Avery’s butt and stood up. “But we better get back to work.”

“Yeah.” Avery bent forward and whispered something to Bobby. Case couldn’t hear the kid’s answer.

Avery stood up and said, “We need to get cleaned up.”

“There’s a shower in the bathroom.” Bobby looked at Avery and grinned. “It’s big enough for two.”

Case looked from Bobby to Avery. “You go first. I’ll wait.”

Bobby jumped up. “This way.” Avery followed him out the door.

Bobby and Avery were taking a long time. Case followed the sound of running water down the hall to the bathroom. He stopped at the door, staring at the shower. It was a big old metal stall with a clear plastic curtain. Avery and Bobby were facing each other, kissing and fondling each other’s hard-ons.

Avery sank to his knees and took Bobby’s cock in his mouth. Case jacked off while watching Avery suck Bobby. He came after a few strokes, catching most of it in his hand. He looked at the glistening fluid, then shrugged and licked the thick creamy juice off his palm, savoring its pungent male taste. He slipped away, leaving Bobby and Avery to themselves.

Later, alone in the shower, Case couldn’t stop thinking about Bobby . . . and Avery.

When they were back in the warehouse office, fully dressed, Bobby asked, “What now?”

Case and Avery looked at each other and grinned.

“Guess we’ll let you off with a warning,” Case said.

* * * * * * * * * *

Copyright © 2017 by Ken James

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, organizations, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, locales, organizations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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