Between Larissa’s Legs Ch. 02

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This story builds to a climax chapter by chapter. You will enjoy it much more and it will make more sense if you read them in sequence and save Chapter 5 for last.


By the time Monday came around, Larissa was still steamed at Judy for acting up and keeping her from finishing up after the office Christmas party. It was lame enough without getting stuck with cleanup detail and that was bad enough without Judy’s antics, jumping on the photocopier and taking a picture of her own butt crack and pussy! As if that crude act was any kind of blow against their selfish and arrogant boss. You might as well moon the building for all the good that kind of kid stuff accomplished.

Larissa was a little annoyed with herself for giving in to Judy and doing the same thing on the copy machine, but it was only one time and she only did it to shut Judy up and make her go home. Chalk it up to the booze. It didn’t matter: the picture got shredded and so it was as if it never happened.

Larissa smiled at Judy when Judy came in on Monday morning but didn’t give anything away. Judy still looked a little rough when she sat down at her desk. There, in front of her, was a little gift-wrapped package. Surprised, Judy opened it as her coworkers passed her cubicle and stuck their head in to say hi! Was it just Judy’s imagination, or were they a little more friendly than usual? It was probably the good feelings carrying over from the Christmas party last Friday. (Judy didn’t remember — or didn’t want to remember — being groped and having her blouse unbuttoned.)

Judy’s face quickly turned beet red and she dropped the opened package in her lap when her panties fell on her desk. Had anybody seen? She looked around. Her boss was standing at the entrance to her cubicle. He had seen everything and his face was red.

“We need to talk, he said in a low but furious voice. “Come with me to the conference room.”

Three cubicles away Judy heard Larissa laughing, not realizing that she was too far away to hear what the boss was saying. This had started out as Larissa’s gentle way of getting even without escalating the differences between them, but she hadn’t counted on their boss seeing it all! Having her panties on display had put Judy in a bad situation! This was not appropriate behavior for a bond rater!

Later that day, at lunch, Judy told Larissa what happened next and complained about all the smart-alecky remarks the men at work had made to her that morning. She didn’t remember being as drunk as she was at the party. But her boss, asshole that he was, told her that she was on thin ice after last Friday. One more step out of line and she’d be fired.

“Well,” retorted Larissa, on the defensive because her trick with Judy’s panties had made things worse, “you kinda asked for it last week. But what do you care? You’ve got a prince charming who will take you away from all this!”

She was referring to Judy’s new boyfriend, Frank, an up-and-coming lawyer in town. The law firm where he was an associate wanted the contract with their employer in the worst way. Bonds were an easier business than stocks but they required almost as much legal work. The legal work was safe, predictable, very profitable, and boring. The executives at Judy’s company would have a cow if they knew that one of their bond researchers was in a relationship with someone actively trying to get their legal business, so Judy and Frank had to keep their relationship a secret. The only thing that would save her from being fired, in that case, is that she was good at her job — she could rate a bond faster and more accurately than even Larissa, who had more education.

“He’s too busy to take me away from all this,” Judy complained. “He wants to be Mr. Hotshot.” That was unfair to Frank and Judy knew it. For a serious, ambitious young lawyer, Frank was spending an unusual amount of time with his girlfriend. They saw each other almost every other night and spent the weekends, well, fucking, mostly. That was really what was worrying her. Judy’s biggest fear was that her Frank was just playing her to get close to the company. If he could land her company as a client for his firm, he would make partner for sure. So far, he had not asked Judy for any confidential information but if he did, Judy would surely give it to him but she’d feel bad about it.

“Speaking of hotshots,” Judy was trying a little too hard here, “Tom’s firm’s senior partner is coming over next week. I’m cooking dinner at Tom’s place. The guy’s single and doesn’t have a girlfriend — never married. Can you join us and round out the party?”

Larissa mentally checked her social calendar. Wide open for the next hundred years. “Sure,” she said, glad for the opportunity to get out. She didn’t have much in the way of expectations for the date. Men who were still alone at the age it would take someone to make partner in a successful law firm were most likely to be gay or workaholics. With luck, güvenilir bahis she thought, he would be gay, impeccably dressed, and charming, so the evening would at least be fun.

He certainly was impeccably dressed, but he didn’t act gay. Far from it. He seemed very interested in women and particularly in Larissa. He was the most handsome, beguiling, and sensual man she had ever met! He was also a perfect gentleman, holding the chair as she sat, always including her in the conversation, and quick to laugh at her rather dry sense of humor. Judging from the gray streaks in his black hair, he was at least forty but his handsome face was boyish and mirthful and his eyes danced brightly. Where Larissa was of medium height and slender, he was taller by a head and broad-shouldered. He wore his Princeton education lightly but his conversation sparkled. As the evening blended into night, Larissa found herself deeply attracted to him. In fact, Larissa noticed about an hour into the evening that her panties were damp.

It came as no surprise and was certainly welcome when, at the end of the evening, he turned to her as they were walking out and said, “Larissa, would it be possible to see you again?”

“Mr. Atkins,” Larissa began.

“Please call me Turner,” he said.

“Turner. I would love that. I would love it if you called me.” Larissa was glad it was dark because she was blushing. They entered each other’s numbers on their cell phones. Larissa had the distinct impression that he wanted to kiss her but held off because it would be too forward.

Call her he did and they began dating. For three months he wined and dined her at the most exclusive restaurants and took her to every major cultural and charitable event in the city. She was ashamed because she only had one gown and could not afford another on her salary, so he bought her another as a birthday gift, and then a third. He gave her a beautiful pearl necklace and a lovely tourmaline friendship ring. All this, without putting the moves on for sex, not that Larissa wouldn’t have welcomed it. He seemed content for the time being, at least, with passionate kisses, long hugs, and occasional touching. She did not mind it when he touched her breasts or caressed her face but she was not used to being treated like this. He was the first to say “I love you”. It was only the second or third time in her life anyone outside her family had said that to her.

Larissa fell head over heels in love with this divine man, who put her every need before his. She began to think that there was a future with him, and with it children, financial security, and an escape from her humdrum existence. But one question nagged her. What is so special about me? Why would he love me? I am good enough looking, mainly because I have a pretty face, and I’m slender enough — ok, I’m skinny, I admit it. Yes, I know I’m smart but when has that ever been an advantage for a girl? Beyond all that, my breasts are small, my legs are like sticks, I’m not fashionable, and I don’t have an outgoing personality. Also, I’ve got a really ugly pussy — I try to hide it but it’s big and sooner or later he’s going to see it. Where would all this lead?

Over time, she put these questions aside and just accepted that he was infatuated with her for his own reasons. Well, why not? She was infatuated with him for her own reasons.

Larissa became a frequent guest in Turner’s luxurious, art-filled home and even acted as the lady of the house when he had parties. (It would not be quite accurate to say that they hung together, because their relationship was still a little stiff and formal.) Going over to his place got her out of her tiny, cramped apartment and gave them more time together but she wouldn’t stay overnight, until she was “sure” about their relationship, meaning a commitment. He didn’t push her but he made it clear that she was welcome to stay as long as she wanted. Maybe for a lifetime! Larissa could hope.

Secretly, Larissa was hoping for even more! Even though he was older than she was by about 15 years, he was by far the most handsome man she had ever dated. (For the record, the other four were nothing special and two were in high school and not really men. Her experience was limited.) This was a man she could spend the rest of her life with! She felt overwhelmed by him, more attracted than she had ever been in her life! (Apart from a brief infatuation with Mel Gibson, when she was in her teens and he was still a hot star.) If he carried her off to his bed, she would willingly submit! She just thought he was so sexy!

And Larissa knew that he took great care of himself. He was always very careful with what he ate, he worked out in a home gym, ran, and swam for exercise, and did not smoke. He sipped wine and she never, ever, saw him get drunk. One day, while he was out of the house, she saw the test results from his annual physical, under a pile of papers next to his kitchen phone. (She wasn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri snooping — she was looking for a phone number!) Cholesterol was low — he was probably going to live a long time! AIDS test negative! Syphilis negative! Wahoo! Now she knew that if their relationship went to the next level, he would probably be safe. (Nobody can ever tell for sure.) Semen volume: about twice average. Sperm count: way above normal. She suddenly felt a little wet between her legs.

Wait a minute! These weren’t the usual tests for an annual physical! Why had they done these tests on his sperm? Was there a medical problem?? What was this all about???

No answers. She was puzzled but it was obvious that he was healthy, disease-free (at least for anything that could be tested for), and very, very potent. The following week she started on the Pill, just in case. No hurry to get laid (she lied to herself), but they seemed to be headed in that direction. It made sense to take precautions — what if they were overcome by desire and there wasn’t a condom within reach? She had never had unprotected sex before but it sure seemed like he was a safe bet to try it, with his negative lab tests. She had every reason to think she was fertile herself and he certainly was.

It seemed like the time would come soon. It did.

For several weeks, she had come to feel so comfortable around Turner that she would spend weekend afternoons at his swimming pool. Larissa had always been nervous about wearing a bathing suit. She thought a two-piece suit brought out her worst features, so the first time he invited her over for a swim she wore a frumpy black one-piece suit. He didn’t say anything but she could tell from the way he looked at her that he was puzzled that she would try to hide her body.

So the next time, she wore a two piece that she bought during her lunch hour just for these afternoon swims (and hadn’t had time to try out in the water) and he seemed very pleased. He often stared at her for a long time, from behind dark glasses, but she also stared at him — he was so manly and gorgeous! At one point, sitting in a deck chair, she thought she saw him staring at her crotch but she couldn’t really tell. What was completely obvious, however, was that he had a big erection! It was tenting his Speedo!

When she got up and saw her reflection in the glass of the patio doors, she could see why! The gusset of her bathing suit had ridden up into her slit and the wet fabric was molding itself tightly to her prominent mound. Her outer lips looked like two bananas stuffed into her crotch, facing each other, a big obscene (to Larissa) cameltoe. Between them were two huge symmetrical bulges, divided by where the fabric had worked its way up between her oversized labia, which always needed to be carefully folded when she put on a bathing suit so they wouldn’t get pinched or stick out of the leg holes or poke out the front, like they were doing now. The fabric was way too thin and it had obvious been designed for someone with a smallish, entirely normal pussy, like her sister. Her sister had always told Larissa that Larissa’s pussy was too big for her slender body. Thank heaven her big clit wasn’t showing! Sometimes it did show through her panties when she was aroused and she would have died if anyone ever saw it.

At first she felt so embarrassed, but she couldn’t bring herself to say anything. She just pulled her wet suit down a little to adjust herself. That didn’t work very well, because as soon as she let go the wet suit clung again to her most private parts, outlining their features with anatomical accuracy. She fiddled with it a while and soon saw that nothing could be done. Turner was watching her curiously.

“Is something wrong, sweet Larissa?” Turner asked in the most concerned tone of voice. He was getting up from the deck chair.

“My suit is too tight,” Larissa said, distractedly. Actually that was only part of the problem, and she knew it. The larger problem was that the fabric was too thin to conceal her very big cameltoe and it actually drew attention to what her doctor would call her vulva.

“Oh, don’t be concerned about that,” Turner said reassuringly. “There’s just the two of us here and you know how much I like you in a bathing suit. Nobody else will see you. I enjoy your body. All of it!” And with that he put his arms around her from the back and kissed her neck.

She felt comforted and wanted, warm inside, sexy for the first time in her life, and like they were sharing a secret, all this together at once. When Turner put one hand under her breast and the other on her lower belly, she did not resist. It felt right. She knew she was going to have sex with him today.

He turned her around and kissed her, passionately, deeply and Larissa melted into his arms, feeling herself tingle all over her body but especially down below, where she could feel a thrill deep inside and a heightened sensitivity iddaa siteleri to contact between her mound and Tom’s leg. She could feel that his cock was stiff and ready for her. She knew her pussy was ready for him!

Turner broke the kiss, opened the patio door and pulled her by the arm through the living room, upstairs, and into the bedroom. They passed by his fabulous modern art collection, past the abstract painted nudes and sensual sculptures. In the past, the erotic art downstairs had made Larissa uncomfortable but today they seemed encouraging!

Hand in hand, they climbed the stairs toward the huge master bedroom on the second floor. It was the first time she had been on the second floor of his house. He led her into the L-shaped bedroom, where they first passed the erotic etchings and photographs just inside, where any casual visitor to the house who might be offended would not see them. In normal times, she would have been put off by her first view of the highly explicit etchings and photographs in his bedroom, but today, in her aroused state, they delighted her!, as if they validated her decision to let sex happen today, and not to resist it.

When they reached the king-sized bed they were giggling like children but Turner stopped her for a moment. “Larissa, are you sure?” he asked plaintively, and added, “and are you ok with….. I’ve got safes if you…..”

“Hush!” she told him. “I’ve never wanted anything more and I’m on the Pill. I trust you!” she said earnestly, having peeked at his medical report, and “I want to feel you inside me!”

Turner kissed her passionately again, obviously relieved. He smelled manly, of clean sweat from the sun and coconut from the suntan lotion. He stripped off his skimpy, Spandex bathing suit and held Larissa to him. She could feel his naked penis moving against her belly, and his hands moving around her back to take off her top. She let him and her hanging B-cups, with their quarter-sized pink areolas, so pale they were almost white, came into view. Turner felt them with his fingers, tweaked the nipples, and then leaned down to kiss them. Then he turned around and sat on the bed, pulling her down with him and suckling on her tight, pink, very aroused nipples. It felt really good to her and she was glad that he was enjoying it — this was the part of a woman’s body men would enjoy most!, she thought to herself.

She was wrong, of course, in Turner’s case. But she thought that way because, like many women, she had come to the conclusion that men liked breasts above all other parts of a woman’s body. That is not quite true.

Larissa did not mind sex — she just seemed uptight because she was unsure of herself but she had a sensual streak in her. When she was aroused, like now, she really wanted it, but she preferred to be covered and for the man to be in control. But somehow this experience was turning out right for her! She was already getting more aroused than she had ever been anticipating sex, although her experience was pretty limited. She just knew that this time was going to be a new experience! Really special! And it was.

She dropped to her knees and took his dick in her mouth. This was the way she had satisfied boys when she was younger and how she always deflected men from wanting to uncover her pussy. (Not that there were a lot of them, either way.) But Turner only let her do it for a few minutes and then raised her back up and kissed her.

They fell back on the bed. By now Turner had his hand over her bottom piece and was stroking between her legs while he was licking and sucking first one breast and then the other. It had been a long time for Larissa and so it was not surprising that her orgasm burst upon her uncontrollably, so that she flopped around on the bed and her face and upper chest turned red as she made mewling sounds and sobbed! When it was over, she drifted back to Earth while Turner kept sucking her breasts and kept a steady thrum over her crotch through the suit.

With a smile he sat up, cock standing upright, and said, “Now I shouldn’t be the only one in this bed with no clothes on!” and proceeded to pull down her bottom piece.

“Oh, Turner!” Larissa cried out in horror. “Don’t look at it! It’s the ugliest part of a woman! Let me get under the covers!”

But Turner ignored her and to her dismay held her legs apart before diving headfirst into her crotch! She tried to close her legs but he was strong and his mouth was already on her, licking all around and into her deep, wet cavern, pulling gently on her massive pussy lips with and without his teeth, and rubbing against her large, now hugely expanded clit! She wanted so desperately to spare them both this crudeness but he did not seem offended or put off. On the contrary, he seemed to want it!

He was licking Larissa’s clit now, over and over, and she was climbing fast to another orgasm! How rude, she thought to herself! I am so embarrassed that he has to see this! And somehow the shame did something to her to make it even more exciting and another orgasm washed over her! It rolled from her sexual center in the middle of her pelvis to the top of her head and the tips of her curled toes!

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