Beth’s Bakery: A New Employee

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This story is another chapter in the erotic adventures at Beth’s Corner Bakery. It is not a sequel to Beth’s Bakery Gets Inspected and can be read as a stand-alone piece. A better understanding of the characters might be gleaned by reading the earlier work first, however.

Beth Mitchell leaned back in her office chair and closed her eyes. It had been another long, exhausting week and try as she might, she could not find the energy to address the pile of paperwork spread out before her. Yet if she didn’t, she would be forced to deal with it tomorrow, which was Monday, also known as the only day her eponymous bakery was closed.

She looked down at the mass of bills, invoices, payroll forms and other documents that occasionally inundate anyone who owns a small business and shook her head. No choice, she realized, she just couldn’t summon up the desire to keep working.

Most small business owners would be thrilled to be so busy that paperwork had to wait and certainly Beth was happy that more and more people were visiting Beth’s Corner Bakery. But there were definite downsides for her and her small staff. The situation was aggravated by the fact that Trish, a culinary school student who worked the front counter most mornings, had to take Wednesday and Fridays off for classes. The result was Beth’s two kitchen assistants had to help out front with the customers more and more. That left Beth to do more of the kitchen work such as preparing dough, decorating cakes, shaping pastries and the like. Belle and Jesse were focused more on customer service and cleaning, which neither of them was too happy about. They both preferred the cooking-related tasks, and Jesse wanted to become a full-fletched bakery chef himself. Everyone was tired and frustrated and cranky.

And it wasn’t just the extra work, but the corresponding decrease in play time. Beth and her staff weren’t just co-workers, they were also lovers. When Beth, after winning a lottery jackpot, had opted to open her own business, she did so determined that both of her great passions – baking and sex – would be met through her new venture. So she staffed her bakery with individuals who shared her enthusiasm for carnal pleasures. The result was that she had slept with every one of her employees, and they had all slept with each other, on multiple occasions.

The arrangement was perfect, but it meant that hiring a new person was difficult. All of her current staff members were people she already knew, or were recommended by friends. She knew she needed to hire someone, but none of her friends or employees knew anyone who she believed would be a good fit, which meant bringing in an outsider, a risky venture.

There was no choice though; the increasing workload left her no time and little energy for sex. She hadn’t been laid in almost four days, and had only averaged sex twice a week for the past month. This was a nightmare for a woman who felt that twice daily intercourse was a perfectly reasonable goal. She would gladly trade some of her extra income for more time to satisfy her super-charged libido.

Beth neatly piled the paperwork into her to-do basket and pushed her chair back from her desk. Stretching her arms over her head and arching her back, she walked out of her office. Belle, her longest serving employee, was standing over the sink, putting the last of the day’s dishes into the drying rack.

“Hey, you done?” Beth called to her.

Belle turned and gave her boss a tired smile. She nodded and ran her hand through short, spiky black hair now matted with sweat.

“Do you need to go, or do you have time to come upstairs? I wanted to run something by you,” Beth asked.

“Yeah, I got time. I’m too tired to go do anything anyway,” Belle said, following Beth as she disappeared through the doorway that led to her apartment above the bakery. Her business was housed in an old two-story Victorian home, with her living quarters on the top floor and the bakery occupying the lower levels.

The two women trudged up the staircase, Belle perfectly positioned to admire Beth’s firm ass as they ascended. Her boss was a tall, athletic blonde who looked like she could have been a starter for the Swedish bikini volleyball team. She kept her athletic body despite spending her days making cupcakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls and other fattening delicacies by being an exercise enthusiast. Her hard, shapely ass proved it and Belle never missed an opportunity to admire her friend’s derriere.

Beth opened the door to her apartment and by the time Belle had caught up, she had already kicked off her shoes and was pulling off her shirt.

“Okay, quick question,” she said to her boss’ back. “Are you just changing clothes, or am I maybe gonna get lucky?”

Beth turned and smiled. The two women had been friends with benefits for far longer than that term had likely existed and now Beth’s exhaustion was overruled by her lust.

“Up to you. I’ve got enough energy for a quickie, if you do.”

“Hell bahis siteleri yeah,” Belle said and pulled off her shirt as she launched a shoe across the room.

The two women headed for Beth’s bedroom, leaving behind a trail of clothing. They were both naked when they fell onto the bed and into each other’s arms, already locked in a passionate embrace, mouths firmly clamped together.

Neither woman had been getting nearly enough sex to satisfy them and since they had known each other so long, there really was no need to words as they set about satisfying each other’s urges. Beth snaked her hand down between their bodies and began finger fucking her old friend, who was sucking hard on Beth’s tits while kneading her firm ass.

“Fuck, I can’t wait. I need you to eat me,” she moaned, forcefully pushing Belle down to her sopping pussy. “Dammit, just lick my cunt.”

Belle complied instantly, ferociously lapping at Beth’s pussy, pushing her tongue past her swollen lips and slurping up the sweet nectar leaking from her boss. In no time, she had jammed two fingers up into Beth while swirling the tip of her tongue around her swollen clit. The long, agonizing wait to feel another person’s body against hers meant Beth was ready to cum almost immediately. In less than a minute, her whole body convulsed and she almost screamed in delight.

Afterward, she had to fight to find the energy to return the favor, but there was no way she would deny Belle an orgasm after having been treated to one herself. So she slid down her friend’s body and, invigorated by the sweet odor and sweeter taste of Belle’s pussy, brought her friend to climax with her lips, teeth and tongue.

When they were both temporarily sated and even a little reenergized, Belle turned to Beth, her arm flung casually over her friend’s body.

“So, what did you want to talk about?”

“I’ve decided it’s time we brought in another pair of hands. We can’t go on like this,” Beth said, nuzzling her face into Belle’s neck and giving her a soft kiss.

“I couldn’t agree more, boss lady,” Belle said, idly tracing circles around Beth’s nipples with her index finger. “But I didn’t think any of us knew anyone who would be a good fit.”

“Yes, that’s the problem. But I think I may have a plan that ensures we find someone who will fit in with our little family,” Beth said.

“You know, maybe family isn’t quite the right word. I don’t like imagining Jesse as my brother. It makes it weird when I’m riding him,” Belle said. “But what’s the plan?”

Beth explained to her friend, who also served as her second-in-command, how she was going to proceed. Belle listened attentively, occasionally nodding in agreement.

“You know, I think that might just work,” she said, yawning as she spoke. “And if I weren’t so damn tired, I’d reward your ingenuity by going down on you again.”

Beth smiled as her friend’s eyes slid shut. “That’s sweet, but how about we both nap for a while. You can wake me up with your lips on mine, if you know what I mean.”

And with that, she too drifted off into a deep, restorative sleep.

The next day, she woke early and headed downstairs to deal with her paperwork and make some phone calls. She and Belle had awoken from their nap shortly before 10 p.m. the previous night and, after a more energetic bout of lovemaking, Belle had headed home to check on her cat and sleep in her own bed. Beth had a small snack before going back to sleep, and after so much rest she was awake and alert far earlier than was usual for her on a Monday.

She spent a couple of hours finishing her paperwork and then made a phone call.

“Hey Anna, it’s Beth Mitchell. Is Kyle in?” she asked when a cheerful female voice picked up after just two rings.

“Oh hi Beth. No, I’m sorry, he’s in court this morning, but should be back by 11:30. Anything I can help with?” Anna said. She was legal secretary/receptionist/gopher for Kyle Bachman, Beth’s longtime attorney and friend.

“Yeah, does he have time to see me today? It shouldn’t take long. I have a few questions for him and want to review some materials,” Beth said, crossing her fingers for luck.

“Well, his first afternoon appointment isn’t until 2 p.m., so if you don’t mind coming over during the lunch hour, I’m sure he’d be willing to fit you in,” Ann said, then added, in a more playful voice, “Is this purely business, or possibly recreational as well?

Beth smiled, picturing the lithe Latina’s hard body and long black hair. Kyle ran his law office sort of like Beth ran her bakery, but as he only had the one employee and she wasn’t complaining, there really wasn’t any problem with it.

“Well, if you and he have the time, it can be both,” Beth said coyly. “Should I just come over, or do you want to call me?”

“Just come by about 11:30. We usually close the office until 1 p.m. for lunch, so we’ll have plenty of time to talk, or you know, whatever,” Anna said laughing.

After she hung up, Beth swung her chair around and canlı bahis siteleri started searching online for the items she wanted to show Kyle. She needed to make sure that she didn’t cross any legal boundaries while conducting job interviews while still ensuring her plan could be properly implemented. After about an hour, she had printed out a small stack of photos, which she slid into a manila folder. Then, logging off, she headed upstairs for a mid-morning snack and a shower.

She walked into the Law Office of Kyle Bachman, P.C. at exactly 11:30 a.m. Anna, who’d seen her drive up, pulled open the door as she approached, then closed and locked it behind her, flipping the Closed For Lunch sign in the window. Then she and Beth warmly embraced.

“Good to see you,” Anna said. “It’s been too long.”

“I know, it’s been crazy lately. Business is booming. That’s kind of why I’m here,” Beth replied.

“Well, he got back about 20 minutes ago, so go on in. And once you’ve finished the business portion of the visit, be sure to give me a call out here.” Anna grinned at Beth and ran her hand slowly across her visitor’s ass.

“Count on it,” Beth replied.

Beth walked through a door at the back of the reception area, pausing to knock on the frame before entering Kyle’s office. He looked up and grinned. He wore a grey business suit, sans jacket, and his tailored white shirt bulged around think upper arms and broad shoulders. Kyle Bachman was a former college linebacker who’d kept his shape in the 15 years since graduating, much to the delight of his wife, his secretary and any number of female clients. Beth felt her nether regions warm as soon as she saw his wide, gleaming grin and short blond hair, not a strand of which was out of place.

“Kyle, you are looking hot as fuck,” she said giving him a hug. “How’s life?”

“Great, especially when beautiful women drop by unexpectedly with the promise of lunchtime treats.” The big man returned her hug and kissed her lightly on the cheek. “But I suppose before we get to the fun stuff, you’ve got some work for me?”

He motioned her to a comfortable looking leather chair. It and its mate generally sat directly in front of his desk, but they had been moved to either side in anticipation of Beth’s visit. Where they normally stood was a Murphy bed, pulled down from the wall and already made up, complete with pillows and silk sheets. Kyle often worked late and had had it installed for such occasions. It also came in handy when his wife visited for a lunchtime quickie, which more often than not also included his secretary.

“Little presumptuous, isn’t it?” Beth said with a grin, pointing at the bed.

“Not at all,” Kyle responded in mock seriousness. “If you weren’t up for it, Anna and I would certainly be taking advantage of this excess amount of free time on my part. It’s always good to have some mid-day stress relief.”

“Yeah, well lately I don’t have any free time. That’s what I want to talk about.”

“How can I help with that? I’m sorry, but I can’t really fit in any dishwashing shifts with my schedule.”

“Very funny. I need to hire a new person,” Beth said.

Kyle shrugged. “Sounds routine. Who will it be?”

“That’s the thing, I don’t know. I wasn’t able to get a good recommendation, so I’m going to have to bring in a complete stranger, as it were,” Beth said.

The lawyer leaned back his chair and looked at Beth, nodding to indicate he now understood the problem.

“Given how you and your staff behave, that could be very disruptive, and legally speaking, extremely dangerous if it’s not handled correctly. I don’t want to think about the kind of sexual harassment lawsuit that might arise if you don’t find just the right person. I take it you are not willing to change your, how shall I put it, workplace relations policy?”

“Fuck no,” Beth said flatly. “But I do have an idea on how to solve this dilemma. That’s why I’m here.”

She explained her plan, omitting no detail, and showed him the photos she had printed off the internet. A good listener, Kyle said nothing until she was finished, and then studied the pictures thoughtfully before he spoke.

“I think it could work. You certainly shouldn’t run into any legal problems if you place the items in question properly. They should be displayed subtly. Not on your desk or even very prominently, maybe next to a plant in the corner or slightly hidden behind some other object. As for the books, spines facing out only. Don’t lay them so that the covers are plainly visible, that’s far too blatant.”

“Don’t worry Kyle, subtle is my middle name,” Beth said. “So, want to fuck?”

The lawyer laughed and shook his head. From the reception area, Anna bellowed an enthusiastic “Yes!”

She came bounding into the room, already naked and threw herself down on the bed, idly rubbing her breasts and pussy while she watched Beth and Kyle undress. Beth, finishing first, climbed on top of Anna and began to make out with her, their canlı bahis tongues dancing while their hands explored each other’s naked flesh. Kyle came around the desk and lay beside the two women, slowly stroking his cock while he watched the lesbian action unfolding before him.

After about a minute, Beth pulled away from Anna and repositioned herself so that Kyle lay between both women. They began to kiss and lick him, working their way down his hard chest and flat, firm abs to his rock-hard six-inch cock. The two women began to jointly worship his dick, running the tongues along its length, sucking his head into first one mouth and then the other. Kyle was moaning, relishing the feeling of a two-woman blowjob. As they pleasured him, they also exchanged kisses with each other, squeezing breasts and even lightly fingering each other.

“Anna, I haven’t had a real cock in me in almost five days. Do you mind if I go first?” Beth asked.

“Five days?” Anna couldn’t believe it; this was not the Beth she knew. “Go for it, baby.”

Beth needed no further encouragement, but quickly straddled Kyle and then lowered her soaking wet cunt onto his cock. She led out a loud sigh and he groaned, while Anna giggled at them both.

Kyle began to rock his hips as Beth matched his movements with her own, bouncing up and down in rhythm with him. Anna lay watching them, one hand twisting her nipples while masturbating with the other.

It didn’t take long for Beth to feel the heat in her pussy begin to intensify, her orgasm beginning to rev up like a sports car hitting a straight stretch of highway. Kyle likewise knew he wouldn’t last long and began making hard thrusts upward into Beth. She tensed as her orgasm broke over her, muscles tightening while she uttered a low moan. Her vagina tightened around Kyle’s dick and he responded by shooting his load.

“Fuck, that was great,” he breathed as Beth rolled off of him.

Anna, feeling left out, crawled between Beth’s legs and began to lap up the mixture of pussy juice and semen leaking from her. She did so with a light touch, respecting the heightened sensitivity of Beth’s pussy in the immediate aftermath of her climax. She had an expert touch and her gentle licking quickly got Beth off again.

The secretary then took Kyle’s semi-hard cock into her mouth, cleaning him to encourage its timely revival. Beth, watching, decided to help this process by pushing Anna down and kissing her hard, then moving to suck on her dark, erect nipples. She knew that nothing gets a man hard quicker than watching two women go at it, and she gave Anna the full treatment, moving from one breast to another while dipping her finger into the hot Latina’s glistening pussy.

The tactic worked and Kyle was soon ready for round two. Anna moved into a doggy style position on the bed, and Beth slid under her so that she could tongue both her pussy and Kyle’s cock while he fucked his assistant. Anna began lapping at Beth’s pussy as well and the office filled with the sounds of vigorous sex. They fucked like that for several minutes, and then Kyle pulled out and flipped Anna, then crawled on top of her and slid his cock back into her. Beth flipped around so that they could have a three-way make out session. When Kyle finally shot his second load, Beth, as Anna had done for her, moved between her friend’s legs and lapped up Kyle’s cum and Anna’s juices. Beth loved how the two combined to form a unique taste on her tongue.

After resting together for a few minutes, Beth dressed and took her leave. “Send me the bill for the consult,” she called out to him as she exited the office.

Back at the office, Beth went online and made several purchases then began composing the help-wanted ad that she hoped would ultimately lead to her finding a new employee. Later, she went for a run and spent the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying the pleasant spring weather.

About a week later, Beth was perusing the first handful of resumes that had been received when Trish called from the front counter that she had a delivery. Beth came out to see a delivery driver, a short woman with a long, blonde ponytail poking out from beneath her uniform cap, standing next to a large box.

“Just need a signature,” she said, holding out the electronic tracking device. Beth couldn’t help noticing her very muscular legs and bright blue eyes. She was a very pretty woman and one who looked like she’d be a firecracker in bed. However, Beth really didn’t have the time or energy for flirting, so she just gave the woman a warm smile and thank you as she signed. Maybe the next time she makes a delivery, she thought as she picked up the box, which wasn’t particularly heavy, and returned to her office.

Placing the box on her couch, Beth carefully sliced through the packing tape and lifted the flaps. Thankfully, the items were packed in bubble wrap and plastic air bags instead of those god-awful Styrofoam peanuts that always created such a mess. She pulled three items from the box and carefully removed their protective coverings. Each was inspected for any damage, then carefully placed back in the box, which was then stored it in the corner. She was now ready, Beth decided, to schedule some interviews.

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