Best Somali Erotica Ch. 04

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“Everything is haram,” Fatima Abdirahman said to herself as she walked out of the mosque located near the train station in downtown Ottawa, Ontario. The six-foot-tall and chubby, dark-skinned and Hijab-wearing, properly robed Somali Canadian Muslim woman took the bus back to her apartment, located in the Gloucester area. During the long ride, Fatima Abdirahman had plenty of time to reflect on her situation. At the age of thirty, Fatima was unmarried, something unheard of in the Somali community. Since things fell through with her former lover Malik Osman, Fatima had been lonely to say the least.

Malik Osman left Fatima Abdirahman to find himself, or something to that effect. The truth is that Malik found himself attracted to Hodan Ahmad, a tall Somali gal from the City of Gatineau, Quebec, whom Fatima was once close friends with. Fatima and Hodan both enjoyed playing basketball and video games. Apparently, Hodan liked Malik, and gave him some of that tomboy pussy, and Malik ended up leaving Fatima as a result. Where does that leave the lovely and forlorn Fatima Abdirahman? Underappreciated, broken-hearted, and severely under-fucked, thank you very much!

Once Fatima Abdirahman got home, she took a shower and dried herself, and then lay naked on her bed. Reaching into a nearby drawer, Fatima grabbed a bag of sex toys which she recently purchased from Pleasures N Treasures, the adult video store which she frequented the most. Fatima had recently purchased a izmir escort bayan Bad Dragon, and one of their signature phallic devices was a huge black dildo modeled after, well, a dragon. Fatima is a size queen when it comes to sex toys, and the Somali gal was about to get freaky…

Fatima lay there, rubbing her erect nipples and fingering her wet, hairy pussy while thinking about her day. Working for Stats Canada seemed like a good idea, until the pandemic happened and now, like most Canadian government workers, Fatima was working from home. The already isolated Somali Muslim gal was now lonelier than ever. Fatima thought about her co-worker Youssef Osman, a tall, handsome young man from the nation of Djibouti, who unfortunately had a white girlfriend named Deirdre something or other. Why are all the good ones taken?

“Deirdre and I are getting married at the end of the year,” Youssef told Fatima as they talked at work the other day, and he showed her a picture of himself all hugged up with a plump red-haired white woman. Fatima smiled politely at Youssef and congratulated him on his upcoming nuptials. For a lot of unmarried women in the City of Ottawa, Youssef Osman must seem like quite a catch. He was twenty seven, had a Master’s degree in Finance from Carleton University, and worked for the Canadian government. As far as Ottawa was concerned, those things made Youssef Osman seem like a winner.

“I wish you and your fiancée the best,” Fatima escort izmir told Youssef, even though her heart winced. Another fine Somali Muslim man who bypassed his lovely Somali sistas to get with a white chick. There are a lot of Somali women who marry outside their culture, but for the most part, they marry Arab men or African Muslim men from other countries. Youssef didn’t choose to be with a Muslim woman. Fatima distinctly saw the silver cross around Deirdre’s neck in the picture which Youssef showed her. The gal was Christian, and she took a Muslim man from Muslim women. Isn’t life great?

Fatima banished all thoughts of Youssef and his white woman, his damn Deirdre, from her mind, and caressed the Bad Dragon. The dildo was huge and quite thick, and did indeed resemble a bad dragon. Fatima rubbed the head of the dildo against her vaginal opening, and gently inserted it. The dildos from Bad Dragon are definitely not for beginners. Fatima recalled seeing a review of a particularly large dildo from Bad Dragon by a skinny red-haired white chick named Lily something or other. Fatima doubted such a skinny bitch could accommodate the Bad Dragon but hey, anything is possible.

Fatima had difficulty getting aroused, so she turned on the TV and watched a porno. Onscreen, the tall, dark-skinned and muscular, shit-talking porn star Wesley Pipes fucked the hell out of some black chick named Jasmine Sky. Fatima fingered her pussy as she watched Wesley Pipes bend Jasmine izmir escort over and work his thick dark dick into her butt hole. Fatima closed her eyes as she masturbated, wishing that Wesley Snipes was fucking her ass instead of that skinny black bitch Jasmine Sky. Everyone knows that skinny women can’t handle huge dicks like bigger women can. It’s a simple fact of nature and anatomy!

“Oh yeah, cum on her face,” Fatima said, watching as Wesley Pipes blew his load on Jasmine Sky’s face after fucking her up the ass in several positions. To her credit, Jasmine Sky didn’t whine as much as Fatima thought she would while riding Wesley Pipes long and thick dark dick. For a skinny bitch, Jasmine Sky took it up the ass like a champ, and Fatima had to give her credit for that. Aroused by the porno, Fatima put the Bad Dragon to good use. Time for the huge black dildo to fill the depths of Fatima’s pussy. Can a black Muslim woman who wears the Hijab handle a huge dildo like a Bad Dragon? Time to find out!

“Oh yes,” Fatima squealed as she straddled the Bad Dragon, and her vaginal muscles clenched around it, gripping it tightly. As previously stated, the Bad Dragon is the king of dildos and it’s not for beginners, but Fatima is the definition of a strong black Muslim woman. Fatima lowered herself onto the Bad Dragon and managed to get most of it inside her vagina. Feeling wonderfully filled up and loving the deliciously hot pain and wicked pleasure she felt down below, Fatima took the Bad Dragon for a ride. When everyone lets you down, you’ve got to treat yourself and take care of yourself. For Fatima, an isolated gal whom both the ladies and the fellas have let down, the Bad Dragon is all she needs!

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