Best Friends Comming Together

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Hey there everyone, my name is Tammie and this is the story of my best friend, Jody and me.

Now granted we have been best friends for years and neither of us ever thought about each other in a sexual way. But that all changed one hot summer night by Jody’s pool.

We were lying out in the dying heat trying to relax after a long day at work. The night air felt good over our bikini-clad bodies, but neither of us really wanted to get into the pool.

We were talking about the customers that had come in to pick up their prescriptions and any difficulties that we had during the day. All day long we both had been trying to get a hold of various doctors but to no avail and we were frustrated. Then the subject turned to sex, and the lack of it.

“I’m sorry but right now if I don’t get laid soon I’m going to go nuts.” Jody said. “I’m wetter then hell most of the day and staring at all the hunks that come in and out all day doesn’t help. What about you?”

“Oh yeah. It’s been too long since me and Kirk broke up. I need to feel a guy inside me again. Now the vibrator helps but god to feel the real thing again.” I said. “God just talking about it is making me wet and horny.”

Jody glanced over at me and I looked at her, both of us had a look of hunger in our eyes.

I could tell her nipples were hard and that she was getting turned on. And I think that she could tell the same thing escort bayan from me.

“Um, I don’t know about you but I’m suddenly feeling really hot. I think I’m going to go take a dip in the pool. You up for joining me?” I asked her.

“Yeah I’m coming in with you.”

With that we both dived in at the dame time making a huge splash.

I surfaced right behind her and pinched her behind as I came up for air. When I did that I felt a rush of liquid between my legs. I knew then that her body was turning me on.

She turned and looked at me and smiled. And to this day I don’t know how we ended up in each other’s arms and kissing but we did. And let me tell you something it got hot and heavy really fast.

We pulled apart and she said, “Lets go over to the steps I want to feel all of you.”

We waded over there and continued to make out and touch each other. She undid my top and pulled it down to expose my perfect 36D breasts. I undid her top to reveal her 38D pierced breasts.

She leaned down and started to suck them and massage them. I couldn’t help but moan. She felt so good. As she sucked my nipples I massaged hers into complete harness. They were at the point of rock hard by the time she came back to kiss me.

As we kissed she continued to massage my nipples and I started to grind my pussy into her leg. I leaned down and took her nipples into my mouth. I played with izmit eve gelen escort her nipple hoop and teased her unmercifully with my tongue.

She slid her hand down into my bottoms and slid a finger up inside my dripping pussy.

“My god you’re so wet. I want more of you. Lets move over to the chaise and strip naked. I want to see you and I want you to see me. I want to devour you.” She said panting with want and desire.

We managed to get over the chaise and strip each other of the rest of the bikinis. By this time we were so into kissing and touching that we didn’t notice the temperature drop from the pool to the outside.

We lay down in a sixty-nine position so that we could devour each others steaming wet shaved pussies.

I have my clit pierced and when she saw that she just went after it with her tongue. I started thrashing around as she licked and flicked it with her tongue. I sucked her clit into my mouth and moaned against it causing a little vibration. I could tell she liked that by the way she continued to attack me clit.

I started to run my tongue up and down her pussy, teasing her with it. Then when I finally stuck my tongue inside her she came like nothing I had ever felt. I couldn’t help but lick up all that love juice. She was doing the same to me and I just came in buckets. I love being eaten out and I always cum hard.

I izmit otele gelen escort was getting to the point where all I wanted was to feel her against me. So I turned around and faced her.

“I want to feel your pussy against mine. I want to grind against you. Do you want to keep going out here or do you want to move to your room?” I asked panting.

“Lets just stay out here. I don’t think I can move. I’m so horny right now.” She moaned out.

I kissed her softly, moved down and turned onto my side. She did the same, and then we slid together. As soon as I felt her pussy touch mine I came right then. I couldn’t help it, she felt so good.

We just started rubbing each other’s pussies with fingers and clits trying to stay together. Both of us bucking wildly. I managed to slide 2 fingers inside her and she slid 2 into me. Feeling that we both started to moan and buck even more.

“Oh my god I’m so cumming right now.” She said as she flooded my fingers and pussy with cum. “God why haven’t we done this sooner? I really love this.”

I couldn’t talk because I was cumming so much and so fast. All I could so was shrug and cum.

When we finally calmed down and disengaged from each other, we just kind of lay there and panted. I some how managed to crawl up to her take her in my arms and kiss her lightly.

After that I really don’t remember much except waking up in her arms outside. We woke up because of the cold coming in and we both decided to go to her room to continue what we had started.

What happened there, well that’s another story. I’ll have to tell you it sometime. That is after I am done cumming so much with Jody.

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