Best Friends Become Lovers Ch. 02

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This a totally true story of my youthful experiences with my friend, and lover, Wayne. Wayne was my first, and my last, male lover and even though I’ve had no same sex relationships with anyone but him I still consider myself to be bisexual. This is the second story of the events that changed our relationship from that of jerk off buddies, to lovers. I expect to follow it with many others as I fondly remember, and chronicle, my relationship with Wayne.


As I noted in Chapter One, my friend Wayne and I had been sexually active with each other since we were in our early teens. He had turned me out, and turned me on, to mutual masturbation one night during a sleepover at his house.

Our sexual activities had become more bold, and more frequent, as we grew older. They really came to a head during the trip to Yosemite National Park with the band and orchestra from our local community college. On that trip, we had our first anal sex together. As I mentioned in that installment, and quite remarkably in consideration of how long we’d been intimate, we had never had oral sex with each other.

This is the story of that event in our relationship.

Several weeks after our trip to Yosemite, in the late spring or early summer, we took a weekend trip to my families ranch property in the nearby mountains. We had been planning this for weeks, in fact ever since our trip to Yosemite, as we were both longing for some private time together. Every time I saw him, I got an ache in my loins in anticipation of this trip.

In order to get ready, and to ensure that we would even be able to get there, I spent many days working on the VW MicroBus that Wayne’s parents had given him for his high school graduation. While this may seem like a strange choice of vehicles for a young man, it was necessary as means to haul Wayne’s band equipment to various gigs. I did the work as Wayne was totally inept mechanically and I am a pretty respectable mechanic having learned the skills from my dad.

On the first day of our trip we got a fairly late start, as we couldn’t leave till after our last college classes on Friday. After going home to pick up his stuff, Wayne came to my house to pick me up. Following the obligatory, “Be careful,” from my mom, we were finally on our way after 4:00 PM.

While the property is only around 50 miles from my folk’s house, it took around two hours to get there as much of the driving was on both paved, and unpaved, mountain roads.

This trip was slowed even more by the fact that VW Vans of that era were notoriously underpowered which made it difficult for Wayne’s van to climb the hills. The altitude, which at our destination was about 6,500 feet above sea level, was also robbing the VW of more and more power as we climbed higher, and higher, into the hills.

As we struggled up the final, steep, unpaved grade on our way to the campsite, I was thankful that I had spent a few days “tweaking” the little engine in the van. The lengthy, and leisurely, drive also gave us the opportunity to smoke a little pot, and have some good conversation, on our way up.

Yes, I did smoke some pot in my youth, a fact that might surprise many of my friends and colleagues, as I became a police officer, and supervisor with considerable rank, in adult life. They would probably be even more surprised if they knew that I had a long- term relationship with another man in my teens and twenties.

Wayne had no idea where he was as had never been to this area before. Once we were to the top of the final grade I told him to pull off to the left shoulder of the road in front of a locked gate. I got out, shooed some cattle away from the area, opened the gate, and he drove in. I then closed the gate and locked it behind us.

Just like that, we were isolated from the world. We were now on family property, with tens of miles between the nearest neighbor and us. Our journey to “nirvana” was still not over though as we still had five miles, and five more gates, to go through before we reached our destination.

We continued on our way till we literally reached the “end of the road”. Here, the road stopped at the closed end of a box canyon. On our right was a small, rustic, cabin, and on our left there was a small pond that was fed by a mountain stream. Mountains, covered with oaks, cedars, and pine trees, towered in front of us, on our left, and on our right. The open end of the canyon, the road we had just navigated, and the cares, worries, and rules of civilization were behind us.

We got out of the van and paused for several minutes looking at the beautiful scenery in the waning daylight. The subdued light of dusk was enhancing the colors of the beautiful scene before us, and creating an almost surreal atmosphere.

The cabin was nestled on the north side of the road, on top of a small rise and under a grove of cedar trees. The pond, which was glistening with reflected color at twilight, was güvenilir bahis contained behind a small earthen dam. It filled the middle of the canyon and was about a hundred yards wide by several hundred yards long Pines and oaks covered the hills on the south side of the valley while the north side was a dense cedar forest. The air was full of the scent of cedar and the sound of a multitude of wildlife.

Our experience in Yosemite had changed me and left me with no qualms about showing my affection, and lust, for Wayne. As he stood gazing across the valley and marveling at the scenery, I moved next to him, put my arm around his waist, and kissed him behind the ear. My hand moved down to rub and gently squeeze his butt cheek as I continued to nuzzle his neck and ear.

He sighed, I could feel his countenance change as he relaxed, and he turned to kiss me passionately on the lips. We kissed for several minutes, our tongues entwined in a juicy dance, and he reached down and started fondling my crotch. I felt giddy, lightheaded, and very turned on, but gently pulled away and told him we had to get camp set up before it got dark. He smiled, gave me one last peck on the lips, and we started moving our gear from the van into the cabin.

When I say cabin, I am using the term very loosely as this is the most rustic of structures. It was built in the 1940’s and served as a barracks at a nearby Army Air Force training base before being moved to it’s present location in the late 1950’s, just after the Korean war. In the 50’s and 60’s it was used as a bunkhouse for cowboys on the ranch but eventually came to be used primarily for recreation.

It is a one-room structure, with a wood burning stove in one corner, a sink, counter top, and cupboards on one wall, and a small pantry on another. There is no electricity and the sink is gravity fed from a pure mountain spring a hundred or so yards up the hill. At one time, the roof was made of canvas but over the years we had replaced it with a permanent roof and composition shingles. Lighting is provided by oil burning hurricane lamps and candles. Some members of my extended family use propane lanterns or even generator powered electric lights for extended stays but I prefer the rustic lighting. There are numerous bed frames with springs that are kept stored stacked in the corner and foam mattresses are kept on the open rafters of the cabin where they are less vulnerable to damage from rodents. There is also a very old, light oak, dining table and an assortment of chairs.

As Wayne and I moved our stuff inside, it began to get dark and I lit the lamps and candles. The place took on an eerie, warm, glow that matched my mood.

We cleaned up the sink and table to prepare our meal and I lit the woodstove both for warmth and for cooking. I also lit a small charcoal barbecue grill outside and softly played some progressive rock (YES, ELP, King Crimson….) on a portable cassette player.

I was feeling quite domestic and was basking in the atmosphere. The freedom of being in the hills without the constraints of society’s “rules”, the pleasure of Wayne’s company, and the anticipation of what was to come, left me feeling like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders.

As I prepared the meal, Wayne was sitting at the table rolling joints. I put some steaks on the barbecue, some beans on the stove, and began to prepare a salad. Wayne lit a joint, walked over to the sink where I was preparing the salad, and hugged me from behind. He nuzzled the back of my neck, pressed his crotch against my buttocks and, since I was busy making the salad, held the joint to my lips so I could take a toke. As was usual, we had only the best pot, and I quickly became very high.

Wayne continued to hover around me, touching me here and there, and even commenting about how good I looked in the warm glow of the of the natural lighting. I blushed, and was flattered but a bit taken aback at being complimented on my looks by another man. Still, it turned me on and made me realize even more how special Wayne was, and how lucky I was to have him as a friend.

When I went outside to turn the steaks, I asked him to come with me telling him I wanted to “show him something.” I took him by the hand, and led him about 25 yards down the hill to get away from the light from the cabin. We could hear the cacophony of sound from the frogs croaking in the pond and I told him to look up at the mountain sky, which was glittering with stars. The Milky Way was so brilliant that it almost looked like a luminescent cloud rather then individual heavenly bodies. He exclaimed,

“That’s awesome. It’s so beautiful up here. I have never seen anything like this and I am so very turned on.”

We kissed and groped each other’s genitals through our clothing for a few minutes. I was so turned on, and so happy to be alone in the mountains with Wayne, that I thought my hard cock would bust the seams of my jeans.

With güvenilir bahis siteleri a sigh, I pulled back far enough to look him in the eyes, and found him looking deeply into mine as well. I brushed my fingers through his hair, along his cheek, and across his ear. He leaned into it, pressed my hand against his face with his, and kissed my hand. Though my head was telling me that having his kind of feeling for a man was so taboo, my heart was telling it was all right, and my loins were telling me it was the most erotic sensation I had ever felt. I took him by the hand, we walked back to the cabin, pulled the steaks off the grille, and got ready for dinner.

I opened a bottle of wine, purchased for us by my oldest sister’s boyfriend, and we sat down to eat.

Dinner was a playful event as we consumed ample wine, kept looking at each other, in the subdued light, smiling, and sometime spontaneously laughing about nothing in particular.

After dinner I began to clean up and Wayne kept touching me, rubbing against me, and making it clear what he wanted to do. I shook my head at him and laughingly told him I wanted to get this done first, as I didn’t want to have to deal with a mess when I was mellow, and sleepy, after messing around.

I’ve always been the kind of person who must have the work done, and everything in its place, before I can relax or play. A regular Type A personality I guess. As we had known each other since elementary school, Wayne knew this and accepted that when I had “things to do” everything, and everyone, had to wait. As I’d camped here with my family many times before, I knew the routine, and how things worked (like boiling water to wash the dishes) and I just got on with it. Wayne asked what he could do and I just told him to sit down and relax. He sat down, changed the music, sipped some more wine, smoked more pot, and we just talked.

When I was done cleaning up after dinner, I lit a couple of incense sticks walked up behind Wayne as he sat at the table, put my arms around him, and kissed him on top of the head. I had never been as comfortable with my sexual duality as I was at that moment and the most tranquil feeling came over me as I pulled Wayne’s head back into my abdomen and hugged him tightly.

I don’t know how to describe it, or if other bi or gay men experience it, but it’s the same feeling I got as a child when I was sitting in my dad’s lap or later when we were hunting or doing other things together. It is a feeling that I only get in the company of other men. An overwhelming sense of contentment, peace and wellbeing that just says, “All is well with world. Everything is alright.” I get a sense of that feeling, and a bit melancholic, just talking about it in this story.

Earlier, we had decided that we would go on a nighttime hike but, always the one to get work done before play, I suggested that we get the sleeping accommodations ready first. I had not intended that we end up in bed at this time, but hormones took over and one thing led to another.

We moved the table over into a corner to make room in the middle of the floor. At first we put two of the bed frames next to each other and laid foam mattresses on top. This looked awkward, and even dangerous, so we instead decided just to lay the mattresses on the floor.

As there were at least six four inch thick foam mattresses in the rafters, and only the two of us, we decided to double them up and make it a bit more comfortable. We laid the mattresses on top of each other and slid them up against each other, in effect, making what approximated a queen-sized bed. I had two extra tall sleeping bags, which I zipped together to make into one huge bag. Just the process of zipping the bags together, as Wayne nodded his approval, made my penis become erect in anticipation of what was to come.

I laid the sleeping bags down on the mattresses, set my backpack with all of my “goodies” nearby, and plopped myself down in the middle. I then reached in my backpack, pulled out a bong, and handed it to Wayne. He put some water in it, handed it back to me, and sat down. I filled the bowl with a pinch of weed, and held the lighter to it as he took a toke. I then took a turn, then he, then I…. until we were both sufficiently wasted.

Wayne looked at me with a devilish grin and, with his palm square in the middle of my chest, gently pushed me back till I was flat on my back. He then lay on top of me, began kissing me, and with our still clothed crotches pressed tightly together, began humping me and moving his crotch against mine. I pushed my hips upward, and spread my legs, so that we were dry fucking through our clothes. I couldn’t believe how erotic it was or how blissful it felt.

We continued like this for sometime, rubbing, humping, and undulating against each other. I was so turned on that my dick was hard as stone and my underpants were wet with precum. I felt like I was getting close, and as this iddaa siteleri was way too soon and I had very specific ideas about what I wanted to do, I told to Wayne to stop so we could take our clothes off.

We sat up on the bed and I unlaced his shoes and pulled them off his feet. I then told him to stand up so I could pull his pants off. He stood next to the “bed” and started to undress himself. I told him to stop, as I wanted to do it. Kneeling on the mattresses, as he stood, I unbuckled his belt and slipped it out of the loops. I then unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped his fly.

As soon as I pulled his pants down around his knees, his erect penis popped up and stuck straight out protruding from the fly of his boxers.

I grasped it in my hand, looked up at him with the most seductive look I could muster, and gently gave the tip a few licks. I had never before touched a penis with my tongue and even this light licking was exquisite. Just having my face so close, seeing every detail, and the “aura” of being in such proximity to Wayne’s genitals was turning me on even more.

Then there was the scent!! That musky, sweaty, scent of Wayne’s genitals aroused me to an even higher level. I had smelled my own hand, after touching my genitals or Wayne’s, and found the odor to be highly erotic, but this was different. This was another man’s scent, and I was getting it right at the source. This is why we were here. This is why we had made this trip. This is what I wanted.

I pulled Wayne’s jeans the rest of the way down and he stepped out of them. I then did the same with his boxers. He took off his t-shirt and started to move toward the bed, as if to lie down but I asked him to stay where he was. He stood before me, naked except for his socks, as I kneeled on the mattress. His crotch was at my face level, I could see his entire smooth body, and I could look up into his eyes and see the expression on his face.

He had an intense, suddenly very serious, look on his face. I didn’t know why but I assumed it was just because he was apprehensive about this new “experience” we were about to add to our relationship.

I myself took a deep, apprehensive, breath, reached around him, placing my hands on his butt cheeks, and pulled him toward me. I parted my lips, and pulled his penis into my mouth, flicking my tongue back and forth across the tip as it slid past. I moved my head back and forth, gently sliding it in and out, making sure that my wet tongue made ample contact with his glans and the underside of his shaft.

Wayne let out a deep sigh. I had no idea what I was doing, was just acting on instinct alone, and merely did what I thought would feel nice were it done to me. It felt nice, warm, and totally natural. I had thought I might have a gag reflex, but there was none. When I was still, with my mouth closed around him, I could feel his pulse through his shaft. I found this to be highly erotic as if I had my mouth around the center of his being.

Emboldened by the fact that I had no gag reflex, and absolutely no qualms or revulsion once I started sucking him, I pulled him toward me and took him deep into my throat, tugging on his butt cheeks, as I swallowed his entire shaft. With each thrust, I could feel the tip of his penis in the back of my throat.

Copying what I’d seen in porn mags, and of course realizing that I was supposed to be “sucking him”, I collapsed my cheeks around his shaft, making suction, as I pulled him in and out of my throat. I looked up and could see that Wayne had his eyes closed, his head thrown back, and his mouth agape. I was actually a bit astounded that I liked this so very much. I knew from his moans, and the look on his face, that I must have been doing something right.

I slid my mouth off his dick and started flicking my tongue across the tip, around his glans, and up and down his shaft. Each time I touched the bottom side of his glans I could feel his butt cheeks tighten up as he reacted to the intense sensations.

I cupped his balls in my hand, gently fondling them, and slid only his glans in and out of my mouth. This brought another breathy sigh from his lips. I pulled him even closer to me and, cupping my hand around his shaft, pushed it up so that his dick was vertical almost reaching his bellybutton. I licked the bottom of his shaft vigorously, moving from top, to bottom, and back, over and over again. I then licked all over his nut sack and balls. This brought my nose into closer proximity with the creases and folds of his crotch, where his man scent lived, and the smell just drove me crazy.

I was so turned on, and leaking so much precum, that a wet spot was visible on the crotch of my pants. My nose followed the scent and I found myself, with my head cocked, licking his perineum, the area between his scrotum and anus, and even venturing a bit into his crack. Wayne’s breathing was sounding quite labored and I could hear him muttering something. I pulled my head back, looked up, and said,


With that serious look he had on his face earlier returning he said,

“What do you want me to do when I cum?”

With a smile on my lips, and a certainty of purpose, I said,

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