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I met Belinda online; we got chatting and had some laughs and shared pictures and fantasies. The more we chatted the more it became apparent that a lot of those fantasies, mutual likes and desires were shared, especially the love of stockings a huge turn on for her but something she had never seriously thought about as she was happily married. Well, not until now something I had never done before either, she accepted the offer.

I was pretty stunned and half expected her to back out but one evening after work I found myself in a posh city hotel room, freshly showered & changed when the phone rang and Belinda nervously told me she was actually in the bar down stairs. My heart jumped & I took a deep breath, checked myself in the mirror & headed downstairs. It was still quite early & there were only a few people in the bar, I saw what had to be Belinda immediately, sat on a stool at the bar, her perfect stocking clad legs crossed, showing the slightest glimpse of her stocking tops under her sexy figure hugging little black dress. My eyes shifted down her luscious legs to her strappy black stilettos and back up her fantastic curvy body, full breasts & soft looking skin. Her silky chestnut coloured bobbed haircut perfectly sitting above her shoulders.

I slowly walked over and gently touched her arm, making her start slightly and turn towards me, I smiled; she was beautiful, her hair perfectly framing her face. ‘Champagne?’ I asked her, she smiled my heart racing as was hers. ‘A bottle of champagne please barman, 2 glasses please’,

‘Right away sir,’ he replied.

I gently moved in and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek and stroked down her arm and gently down to the back of her hand trying to relax us both. The champagne was uncorked and 2 glasses poured, we sat chatting and drinking the champagne both unable to really believe we were actually doing this but enjoying chatting and flirting with each other.

Finally the bottle of champagne was finished, we looked at each other and knew it was time, I took her gently by the hand, helping her off of her stool and we walked together to the lift. The doors opened and I was happy to see it was empty. We walked hand in hand into the lift & I pressed the button for the 4th floor where my room was and waited for the doors to close, once they had I slipped my arm around her waist & gently kissed her rouged lips withdrawing slightly & allowing her to return my kiss. Looking fully into her big hazel eyes I kissed her deeply & passionately, only stopping when the lift all too soon reached the 4th floor & the doors began to open. I took Belinda by the hand and we walked together to my room, I unlocked the door and showed her in to the room.

She checked for the envelope with her name on it on the dressing table and as I closed the door she turned to face me, taking my face in her hands one hand slipping gently down and fondling her lovely arse, the other, sliding down her raised thigh, feeling the silkiness of her stockings then up her hip then anadolu yakası escort back to her neck, stroking it and pulling her in deeper as we literally ate each other’s faces off, till we finally had to come up for some air. Looking at her, drinking in the beauty of her eyes I was already in heaven as the bulge in my trousers was confirming.

Running my hand over her firm arse cheeks again this hot woman was wearing no panties. I felt between her thighs running my hand upwards, stroking the soft hair and her hot moist lips, feeling her shudder slightly & her nipples hardening against my chest. Her hand came down and stopped me, ‘not yet’ she half gasped, half whispered as she tried to gain her composure, ‘you’ll have to earn that first’ and she pulled away from me and moved over to the bed.

I stood and took in the glorious sight of her arse as she wiggled across the room; her seamed stockings perfectly straight down her long legs and the height of her heels accentuating their shape; the bulge in my trousers grew more at the sight. Belinda turned & smiled at me, running her hands down her sides, over her hips, toying with the tops of her stockings, then up over her hips again and to her breasts, squeezing them together, holding my gaze, toying with me, her wanton lips pouting. ‘Take off your shirt’ she confidently asked, as she played with her nipples through her dress, rubbing them against the lace of her bra.

I slowly undid my shirt and slipped it off, ‘now your shoes she smiled and slipped a hand between her legs. ‘Now the trousers’ she commanded, stroking herself gently as I undid my belt and trousers and slid first one leg then the other out of them. ‘Nice’ she crooned, taking her hand out from between her legs on beckoning me forward with her fingers. ‘OK, that’s far enough’ as she stopped me within touching distance in front of her by putting her damp fingers to my lips, my tongue searched them out & tasted their sweet muskiness.

She stood properly in front of me, both feet now on the floor and ran her hands over my arms and torso, stroking and feeling my chiselled chest and stomach, ‘nice’ she smiled, reaching down & feeling the growing bulge in my shorts. Hooking her fingers under the waistband she pulled them down causing my erection to spring out of them. She smiled again ‘very nice’ she purred, cupping my smoothly shaven balls in one hand & stroking my shaft gently with the other.

‘Mmmm’ we both crooned. She stepped away from me again, moving towards the door then turned.

‘My turn’, she smiled and slowly wriggled her way out of her dress till she stood just in her bra, stockings and heels.

‘You like?’ She asked.

‘Of course I do!’ I replied. Sexily she cupped her breasts, fondled them and turned around showing me her back and gorgeous bare arse, bending forward she slipped her bra off, showing off her soft, trimmed pussy. I nearly came right there & then at the sight. Then she turned back around, her breasts still cupped and walked avrupa yakası escort back to me, offering me them one at a time to kiss & lick which I did eagerly, gently kissing and licking each one in turn. Slowly she took me by the shoulders and moved my head downwards, me kissing down her stomach as I went, she increased her pressure on my shoulders, forcing me down so that I had to kneel, trying to kiss and lap at her pussy as I went, the sweet aroma driving me crazy.

‘Not yet’ was all she said as she pushed my head to her legs, ‘kiss those honey, stroke them, feel how sexy they are’.

I needed no more coaching and took my time moving down each leg, gently stoking the soft, silky nylon with my hands, following each stroke with soft kisses; Belinda stroking my head and face when she could. Finally I reached her soft leather shoes, but rather than have those kissed she was eager to move on and asked me to lay flat on the floor on my back, which I did. She used the toe of her strappy heels to part my legs, slowly sliding them upwards guiding me to part my legs enough to give her access to me. Her toe finally reaching my balls, then sliding under me, parting my arse cheeks slightly and sliding under so that I was almost sat on one foot then with the toe of other she slowly moved up between my balls and along the length of my shaft pinning it to my stomach, giggling and smiling to herself.

She looked down at me, prostrate to her attentions, trying to concentrate, looking up at her pussy there calling to me, her breasts bouncing joyously as she toyed with me. ‘Take off my shoes’ and she held each foot out for me to slowly remove, stroking each foot as I did, massaging her toes with my fingers. When Belinda was relaxed she smiled again, and slowly moved her stocking clad feet back to my erection, slowly working up from my balls, first gently with the sole of each foot, slowly and gently up over my smooth balls and cock, flattening them against me, then adding a little more pressure each time, making me harder and harder with each stroke, then spreading her sexy toes feeling my balls between the big toe and the one next to it, massaging first my balls then my shaft.

After a while of this she sat between my legs facing me, stretching her long legs forward and then bending her knees upwards, parting them and placing my hard cock between the soles of her feet. What a sight to behold as her fur covered lips parted slightly, her clit poking out between them, the silky pinkness of her inner labia glistening with her heat and wetness. Slowly she started to move her feet up and down my shaft, wanking my cock, toying with it, feeling it grow to full length and width between her stockings and feet. A feeling and sight I will never forget, slowly wanking me towards orgasm, stroking herself now in time to my moans of ecstasy as a glob of pre-cum formed on the head of my cock.

Again she smiled, but stopped and raised herself up onto her knees, then crawled towards me and over me brushing eryaman escort her now bullet hard nipples against my chest as she moved up and kissed me again; straddling my chest, her feet behind her rubbing my inner thighs and then my cock again, her heat leaving trails of sweet juices over my stomach. She then stopped kissing me & stood up, got onto the bed and called me to ‘get up on the bed with her’.

Once on the bed she lay me back on my back and straddled me again, this time her pussy just above my face her stocking clad legs against my sides where I could softly stroke them. Leaning forward she took me slowly in her mouth, her tongue working at it, covering it in her saliva, lubricating me, her hair tickling my thighs bringing me closer to orgasm. She lowered her pussy towards my lips, tempting me, as I reached out with my tongue to taste her, but only close enough to occasionally flick her lips & clit, but enough that her juices could slowly drip onto my lips. Her tongue swirled her saliva all over my erection, bathing it, readying it for a finale.

Finally she turned herself over and sat on my chest, placing my cock between her feet again, and started wanking me between them; now lubricated my cock slipped nicely between them, and she was able to increase her speed and ferocity easily, forcing groans from me the pleasure outweighing the frustration that I was unable to see what was going on properly. I managed to slide us both up against the pillows, giving me more leverage and enabling me to sit up a little and reach around to play with her nipples and stroke her thighs. Faster she wanked me, drawing deeper moans and groans from me as she went until finally with one deep guttural groan I exploded all over her feet & toes, jets of spunk covering her legs as well as she continued to squeeze every drop she could from me.

When finally I was finished and still gasping she rolled off me and sat herself up against the pillows next to me, one hand stroking her clit the other my chest. She looked down at her feet and legs, ‘well you sure have made a mess of those, sweetheart, now get your mouth down there and clean them up’ she giggled. Not one to make a mess I thought why not and greedily lapped up my own cum from her feet & toes, massaging them with my tongue, taking in my warm, sticky, saltiness, swallowing some and enjoying the flavour as it mingled with the remains of her juices on my lips as she stroked herself some more purring with ecstasy as she did.

Finally I licked the last few drops from her legs and drew myself up between them, my chest brushing her sensitised nipples again causing her to gasp a little. Running my fingers through her soft hair I looked deeply into her eyes and pressed my lips to hers, which opened in response, allowing me to open my mouth and kiss the mouthful of my cum I’d saved for her straight in. She looked a little surprised but responded with her tongue, enjoying our combined taste as our tongues met and danced together, both of us swallowing some and enjoying the taste. My cock was starting to harden again and I reached down and pulled her legs up around my waist, kissing her deeply as the head settled against her wet welcoming opening before slipping into her soaking hole; it was going to be a long, long, night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32