Being with James Again But What Of Ch. 01

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For Gay encounters …

Being with James again, but what of Jackie? © Alex Carr 2010

Of course it was divine to see James again, in fact it had been a cool two years and we had both grown in stature a little, although I soon discovered the old since of humour was still present.

But who on earth that misunderstanding which set us both apart, for it was just that and it is funny just what jealousy can do .

I told him as far as I was concerned he could be the one and only guy for me but try to convince him of that, no way – he was convinced I was having it off with Rick just because he caught us embracing.

“I am a male nurse for God sake,” I said to him ” the guy is dying of cancer and need all the support he can get, I was simply consoling him, can’t you see that, Jim?”

But I just couldn’t get through, he had what he had in his mind and no matter how much I plead with him he would not budge.

But now, in the present he had seen that Rick, a well known former rock star had passed on and there he was standing there tongue in cheek telling me just what a bloody fool he had been, that he had missed me terribly and would I ever take him back.

“Well, James – two years is a long time to be without, I am sure you will know – you did dump me so I assumed that was that, and anyway I was so angry you had misunderstood me.”

“I am just so sorry, what a dick head I was, Pete not to trust you, now I guess you really are with another?”

“I will be straight, Mike, I have been dating a girl called Jackie for nigh ion a year now, it is not the same, well you know I am bi but I know my leaning is less toward girls than fella’s .”

“I see, Pete, then there is no chance of a reunion?”

I was lost for words, I had always thought the world of James, we were bosom buddies to put it mildly and truth be known I still had the kaçak iddaa urge for him, mentally and physically. But I was at a bit of a two and eight, if I dumped Jackie now she just wouldn’t deserve it, we’d slept together, quite successfully I might add, and it all seemed fine and dandy as my old dad use to say.

And yet I felt I was going off lately, feeling the pangs of my former gay relationship teasing my sensitivity, pretending in the darkness of the bedroom, it was James doing all those things down under, when of course pretence can only go so far, the feeling was different, the way she took me orally and her scent was the smell of woman and not a bloke, a bloke like James who had a scent all his own.

Jackie didn’t seem to realise I was going off but to be frank I was starting to loose it, she was beautiful and kind and very considerate when we made love but at the end of the day she was plainly woman and of course there is one big difference.

And when we fucked it was always she who dominated, she who nestled over me making it so very easy and comfortable to slip inside her – and yet all the while, as she swivelled her head from side to side, moved her hips so beautifully to get the very best from out fuck, secretly I still yearned for the feel of James inside me, something she could not give, I dare say we could have got around to using adequate toys like strap-on to solve my need but all guys who have experienced this, and who do tend to be leaning my way, it can never be the same, it is artificial and quite frankly – simply a substitute for a real warm living ripe cock thrusting inside.

Of course (and being kind to dear Jackie) there were many things I enjoyed of her that James could never do, Jackie looked absolutely stunning in her nurse’s uniform, stockings and suspenders and it was a sheer treat when we both enjoyed our regular ‘smothering’ kaçak bahis when she enthusiastically crouched over my face as I stretched out on a thick pile carpet in front of a roaring log fire and for a good thirty minutes or as long as it took for us to madly crave for our anticipated deep fucking afterwards, but not before she tasted herself in a deep sensual French kiss – I enjoyed the most wonderful experience of tasting and licking her sweet wet pussy in so many ways, she budging at ease from one side to the other.

I could hold my breath for a good six minutes having swam a lot but a simple nudge from me on her well proportioned gorgeous hind signalled for her to lift a moment for me to catch some air.

Now I was thinking I wanted James, I really did, it would be divine to be with him again – but I was also enjoying Jackie for her special exclusive pampering – because although James and I have of course smothered each other several times – bluntly a mouth full of cock cannot be compared with wet velvet pussy, not like it is in any way les thrilling and exciting, of course it was, I loved to be tucked between James’s gorgeous round well defined ass cheeks, sucking his balls, his cock and his gorgeous asshole, there was nothing quite like it especially for a lead up to our wondrous fuck.

What should I do, just tell James he would just have to share me with her and tell Jackie too?, although I had a feeling she would not like that one iota, she was entirely unaware of my homosexual tendencies and maybe if I did tell her she would be out of my life anyway, I guess I was simply being selfish and greedy wanting the very best from both worlds.

But now was for now, there was James standing there urging me back, as if instinctively I closed to him, our reactions reflected on just how we both still felt about each other..

As we ripped each other of illegal bahis our clothing it was like wonderful old times just to see him there, beautifully equipped with that wonderfully stiff and throbbing cock I remembered son well, like we had never been away from each other and I found myself instantly on my knees sucking him for All I was worth, he moaning and crying out for me to take him all the way, and I did, it was such a privilege so to do, and when he shot he really shot, exploding like a veritable volcano as I felt his hot creamy fluid fill my mouth and overflow down my neck.

“Fucking hell, it has been so long. Pete – I have been aching, aching for you so very much, realising what a stupid fool I was not to trust you, I am so sorry for that, Pete – will you ever forgive me?”

But I was gone with sheer lust and wanting and could only think of one thing: Just put this gorgeous monster up where it belongs and I will forgive you!”

I placed myself on all fours over the red thick pile carpet and was all ass for him again, wanting the feel of his fuck wedge deeply inside my being, feeling his balls bounce against my ass as he thoroughly fucked me, like this guy likes to be fucked, hard and vital until he let me feel; his cock make that final heaving thrust inside, now I was being all ass for him again, presenting myself for his perusal, Jackie could never quite do this for me and as I heard the depth of James’s moans and rediscovered the thrill of his deep thrusts I knew I just had to have him again and again.

And I am afraid as far as Jackie was concerned, everything worked out in it’s own way. Gradually although still enjoying her very much, a woman can sense these things, she could not sense why but she could tell she was no longer right for me, and unbeknown to me, her new coloured fellow was on hand to remedy all that.

So gratefully I did not have to go through all that, the last thing I wanted is to hurt Jackie, isn’t is funny how things work out? Now I shall devote all my leisure time to James and he has promised never to doubt me again.

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